FIFA 20 Tips (Guide & Tutorials)

FIFA 20 Tutorials

FIFA 20 guide, tips and tutorials. Here you can find tips and tricks for FIFA 20 and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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4 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Tips (Guide & Tutorials)

    1. @Samuel:
      Was interested too in this topic, cause i remember playing with d-pads on a controller at Fifa.
      Was coming vom PES and was used there to play with this input.
      But did not found anything, how it is still possible with PS4 and Fifa 20.
      It might be possible playing on the pc.
      In Fifa 20 you need the d-pad for tactics.
      Playing with the analog sticks takes a few days/weeks and then you have forgot the old used digital ones.
      @Clyford Brutus:
      this depends on a lot of things. Your Formation, workrates of the players, tactics.
      Then you can animate a striker to run (or any other) by pressing the L1-Button.
      I suggest you learn (offline against weak CPU) ALL the 90 control commands which are on this very good site.
      Then you will discover some more elements for your topic.
      No easy way to get better in Fifa 😉

  1. Hi!
    My name isClyford. I wanna know how you chase a player who’s running towards your goal. It’s hard to play against my brother just of that cuz he knows how to make a player retrieves the ball as fast as posible (while making his player runs fast). I would like to know this technique?

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