FIFA 20 Dribbling Guide

FIFA 20 Dribbling Tutorial

Dribbling is crucial when playing a match in FIFA 20. Without carrying the ball and passing your opponent, you won’t be able to score in FIFA 20. The better you are at dribbling, the easier you can control the game.

The Active Touch system in FIFA 20 will help you to control the ball a way better. This tutorial will teach you how to get better at dribbling at controlling the ball at FIFA 20.

Basic Dribbling Controls

Before getting to any advanced stages, you need to know the dribbling controls of FIFA 20. Below is the list of these control buttons. Memorise the buttons and get familiar with them. The Practice Arena is a good place to try them and do some dribbling exercise.


Action PlayStation Buttons Xbox / PC Buttons
Move / Dribble / Carry the ball L L
Protect Ball L2 LT
Skill Moves R R
Sprint / Fast Dribble R2 + direction RT + direction
Slow Dribble L1 + L LB + L
Face Up Dribbling L2 + R2 LT + RT
Let Ball Run R1 + direction RB + direction
Shield/Jockey L2 Hold Down + direction LT Hold Down + direction
First Touch/Knock-On R2 + R + direction RT + R + direction
Stop Ball R2 + no direction RT + no direction
Jostle (Ball In Air) L2 LT
Stop and Face Goal L1 + no direction LB + no direction
Disguised First Touch R1 Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball) RB Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball)
No Touch Feints R1 + L RB + L
Fake Pass ▢ then X + direction X then A + direction
Fake Shot ◯ then X + direction B then A + direction
Time Your Shot ◯ + ◯ [Timed] B + B [Timed]

Basic Moves

As for basic dribbling, you need to be good at these moves:

  • Carrying the ball (L stick)
  • Skill moves (R stick)
  • Protecting the ball (L2/LT)
  • Fast dribbling (Holding R2/RT)
  • Slow dribbling (Holding L1/LB)

To carry the ball and pass your opponent you can just use the L stick. Using the R stick will also help you to do skill moves. Getting familiar with the skill moves will also help you a lot to perform the dribbling very well.

The first thing you need to do for dribbling is to protect the ball (Using L2/LT button). Sprinting (Holding R2/RT button when moving) will also assist you to pass your opponents. Sometimes you need to do slow dribbling (By holding L1/LB button) in order to make more space for yourself to take a shot or pass the ball.

More Advanced Moves

To move on, you need to do more advanced dribbling techniques:

  • Face up dribbling (L2/LT + R2/RT)
  • Drag Back (R1/RB + L Flick ⇩)
  • No Touch Feints (R1 + L) / (RB + L)
  • Fake Pass (▢ then X + direction) / (X then A + direction)
  • Fake Shot (◯ then X + direction) / (B then A + direction)

Face Up Dribbling will help you to the most control of the ball while facing the goal. To perform this technique, use L2/LT + R2/RT buttons. Drag Back technique (R1/RB + L Flick ⇩) allows you to quickly switch to opposite directions when there is no open space for you to move into, which is way faster than manually turning around.

No Touch Feints (R1/RB + L) is very effective when you have a player running through and you are controlling them, it will help you let the ball roll through and maintain speed for your dribbling. Fake Pass and Fake Shot are good techniques to take over your opponent. By doing fake pass/shot, your opponent will go after the passed/shot ball which was fake, so it will give you more space to pass them.

Do More Skill Moves

Performing more skill moves is crucial for dribbling in FIFA 20. Get familiar with all the skill moves and make your fingers comfortable with using them. Take note that the skill moves are categorised based on the players Star Moves.

Have More Dribblers in Your Team

Player with higher DRI (dribbling) attribute will perform better dribbling. Try to have at least two players with high dribbling rate in your team if you are playing FUT 20. Otherwise, choose your best available dribblers in your team for the positions that you need to dribble the ball more often.


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