How to Support Your Goalkeeper in FIFA 19

Supporting your Goalkeeper in FIFA 19

Your goalkeeper is a part of your defence. The goalie is controlled by AI in FIFA 19 unless you take the full control of him, but it does not mean that you are unable to support your AI-controlled goalkeeper, in fact you support your goalie and control him partially as well.

Like in the real life, a good team with good defenders concede less goals. We are gonna go through some tips here which can help you support your keeper when playing online and offline matches in FIFA 19. Let’s get started:

Form a Good Defensive Line with Highest Chemistry

It’s important how strong your defensive line is. Pick up the your best available defensive players for your starting 11. Make sure you place your defenders in their right positions. Pick up defenders who mostly could cover your goalie weaknesses. For example, if your goalkeeper’s speed is low, choose defenders with higher speed and pace and place them closer to your keeper, or if the keeper’s diving isn’t great, choose the defenders (CB) with higher jumping and heading attributes.

Defence chemistry to support Goalkeeper

Do not forget about the chemistry, specially when playing FUT. The chemistry between each defender themselves and the chemistry between them and the keeper do really matter. Make sure you get the highest possible chemistry rate (100%) when placing your defensive line.

Work on Tactics

Using the dynamic/custom tactics in FIFA 19 will help you to defend way better. This will also benefit your goalkeeper to safeguard your goal. Choosing the Defensive and Ultra Defensive tactics will help you to secure your goal but that’s not everything.

Tactics that back your goalie

By going to the Custom Tactics screen you can customise your defensive tactics when playing a game. In custom tactics screen you can set your defensive style to make it balanced or putting pressure on your opponent’s attackers. You can also adjust the Width and the Depth of your defence. The narrower width will bring your defenders more to the center which means they will be more concentrated in front of your goal. Giving less depth to your defensive tactic will adjust your defender to be deep in order to give less space behind their back, so they will stay closer to your goal.

Get Familiar with the Goalkeeper’s Control

You can fully and partially control your goalkeeper in FIFA 19. Fully controlling your goalkeeper wouldn’t be a good idea unless you want to play in Be A Pro: Goalkeeper mode, but it is recommended to partially control your keeper when it’s needed specially when playing online matches.

To do so, you need to know the controls very well. Below is the list of these controls:

Action PlayStation Buttons Xbox Buttons
Rush Goalkeeper Out △ Press and Hold Y Press and Hold
Move Goalkeeper R3 Press and Hold + R R3 Press and Hold + R
GK Cover Far Post R3 Press and Hold R3 Press and Hold
Switch To GK Press Touchpad Press Touchpad

Rush Your Goalie Out

You can move your keeper to go out of his line in FIFA 19. This can be done by holding △ (PS) / Y (XB) button. But be careful how and when you do it, because this could be quite risky. Rushing your keeper out is usually recommended in 1 on 1 situations.

Sacrifice your defender to block shots

Use Your Defender to Block the Shots

One of the best ways to support your goalie is to block the shots before they reach your keeper. Engage your defenders to tackle your opponent and block their shots or long shots so the ball won’t be able to trouble your goalkeeper. The more pressure you put on your opponent the less chance you give them to shot. Try to block their shots by putting more defenders in front of them.

Send defender to cover the open space of your goal

Cover the Goal Using your Defenders

Sometimes you need to put your defenders bodies on the line to support your goalie and prevent conceding goals. Move your defender to the more open space of the goals when your opponent is attacking your goal. This method also can be done when your opponent is taking a set piece such as a free kick near your goal or when they are taking a corner kick.


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