FC 24 Volta Football

FC 24 Volta

VOLTA Football is a game mode in FC 24 football game which focuses on street football and futsal where you can create your football character and improve your character by playing matches and skill games.

VOLTA mode is available as both single-player and multi-player in EA Sports FC 24.

Cross-Play Feature

FC 24 Volta’s cross-play feature revolutionizes gaming by enabling users to compete against each other seamlessly across various platforms. Whether you’re playing on a console, PC, or even a mobile device, the cross-play functionality brings players together, fostering an inclusive and connected gaming community. With FC 24 Volta, the boundaries of gaming platforms vanish, empowering gamers to challenge opponents from different devices and experience the thrill of multiplayer gaming like never before.

FC 24 VOLTA Football will have new features and improvements. We will have the complete list of its new features here soon.

Volta Football will also have the following game modes:

  • Volta Arcade
  • Volta Squads
  • Volta Battles

More details and updates will be featured here once official informations are revealed … Stay tuned!

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  1. Would love to play volta but every time I try to load it up it gives me a message that “there was an error accessing server data” and I would love a solution for this problem.

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