FC 24 Career Mode

EA Sports FC 24 Career Trailer

The Career Mode in EA SPORTS FC 24 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different experiences as:

How to Play

Career mode is available on FC 24 Home screen as CAREER tab.

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40 thoughts on “FC 24 Career Mode

  1. next update – being able to watch the match through the manager eyes, be able to turn around to the payers on the bench and tell them to go and warm up. need more things like that !!!!

  2. Fundamentals need sorting

    1. Colour clashes
    I lost count of how many matches I played in the same colour as my opponents GK

    2. Career mode
    Let us create and upload our own kits and badges!

    The generic badges were pathetic, not one decent design among them!

  3. Please, add a referee career mode, and a VAR career mode, that the referee made a decision and you can doubt it as a var (and also that you are a referee, and can be called by the VAR.) This would be so fun, please add this!!!!!!!!

  4. I would say add more cutscenes with players talking and actual shooting like bro how the heck can i shoot with my foot twisted like how

    1. Mate I have been posting this for years. Head to head with a mate for transfers, titles, relegations. It would revolutionise it. Old school 2 player mode. Please EA !!!!

  5. I think in the career mode they should add player tattoos more hair options and more scenes on the pitch like when you get injured there should be a cutscene where you get transported to a hospital and they should add a cutscene where your at home recovering and not showing the menu option I feel like that’s just unrealistic and with the fans there should be a meet and greet. That’s what I think TY.

    1. It would be fantastic if u could play with 2 players in a carreer mode. And they fix the camera angle in goalkeeper carreer mode.

    2. Please add managers to the game and make managers transfer and get sacked, that’s the only thing we need for ex if pep ended P5 with city then he get sacked and hire another 5star manager

    3. Definitely more customization in career mode like being able to add tattoos and more hair options and even different body types as you adjust your weight on your player

    1. Could we have a career mode that doesn’t have a 15 season limit please!
      E football and football manager have an unlimited career, if this was the case, I would definitely make the switch!!!

  6. Kunnen jullie in EA Sports FC 24 Nederlandse managers Erin doen want dat maakt het spel veel leuker en inderdaad een var

    1. Maat er zijn genoeg Nederlandse managers. Erik Ten Hag, Mark van Bommel, Alfred Schreuder, Patrick Kluivert zijn er al een paar.

  7. please is fifa 23 available for android get me right i dont mean fifa soccer i mean original fifa 23 that have modes exactly like ps5

  8. Please we want like 10 different voice commentary not just PETER DURY

    And let it be flexible like PES
    Like what I mean is I don’t know why FIFA is hard to get not until you buy it, I don’t know why why is difficult to get FIFA

  9. Please add VAR and dont forget to build it for us android 13 users coz we get difficult to play on our phones

  10. I haven’t played FIFA in years because the only mode I would play is player career mode and it has been neglected for to long

    I think you should be able to create a player that can play in more than 1 position. For example I could make a player play CB but can also play CDM. It seems a bit weird how your player can play in only 1 position yet real life football players can play in multiple positions.

    Also why does your player always start a game but never come on as a sub?? I think this would be a good idea too

    I think the system used to make Alex Hunter better through training, playing matches and pro boosts should be put into player career mode. I think it’s wrong the only way your player can improve is through just playing games, there has been so many real life footballers who improve in between seasons from training alone.

    If all of my ideas were put into the next game I would definitely buy and play it again

    1. Most of your ideas has already been implemented, you can come on as a sub and every other thing you mentioned, the only thing remaining is your contract actually running down

      1. We should be able to negotiate terms in player career, wages and contract length, playing time.
        Manager career build a team from scratch with “updatables” like stadium, endorsement deals nd investing that money back in the team.

  11. I would like the Hungarian league to be included in easports 24 fc.
    In carrier mode, you can become a sponsor for your own team, have more intense cheering and new goal celebraties

  12. World cup/Euro’s/Nations League and Copa America maybe they can put a story in player career mode like important decisions. And you can buy houses and cars with you money you earn from your salary and that you can have bad and good relationships with your family.

      1. I want more rights and rights for the career mode with a player, for example, we can comment on the purchase of a player or say that we have a problem with a player and we want that player to leave. thank you

      1. Please in ea fc 24 instead of ankle tape can you just make the bottom of their socks white like in real life

    1. I think Referee career mode should be a great idea but i think VAR is unnecessary because FIFA is a computerand the computer have technology and so they will have everything right.

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