About FIFPlay

FIFPlay is a football gaming community website, which stands between football gamers and football video game developers, and endeavors to deliver the best ideas for the football computer-game from the fans to the game developers.

At FIFPlay you can give your feedback, ideas and suggestions for the famous football video-games such as EA Sports FIFA Series, Konami Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and Footballtainment Football Referee.

As an online magazine for FIFA, PES and other soccer games, FIFPlay publishes other related content regarding football, football management and refereeing games including interviews, articles, reviews and online surveys.

The goal for launching FIFPlay website is to help football game developers like Electronic Art, Konami and others in creating their products based on the fans’ needs, ideas and vision.

FIFPlay is NOT an official website of EA Sports or Konami Entertainment.