FC Mobile

FC Mobile

EA Sports FC Mobile is a mobile game developed by Electronic Arts, which allows players to build and manage their own football team. The game features real-world players and teams from various leagues around the world, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and more. Players can compete in various game modes such as leagues, tournaments, and head-to-head matches against other players.

Release Date 26 September 2023

New Features


Rendering & Visual fidelity upgrades:

  • Upgraded pitch grass colour, rendering, and visuals for your players to dribble, run, and slide through.
  • Feel the energy of the stadium like never before with upgraded crowds, banners and flags.
  • Fog and weather effects take on a whole new level of immersion and realism.
  • New lighting and lens flare effects add a cinematic feel while you’re on the pitch.
  • Feel the satisfaction of scoring a goal with improved goal net physics.

Experience realistic stadium SFX and live on-field audio commentary:

  • Hear the crowd cheer for you like never before and feel the thrill of the Stadium Announcer reacting to the match as it unfolds.

Immersive Broadcast Experience, incorporating new dynamic cameras and impactful replays.


Dynamic Game Speed: Re-defined ebb and flow of the game.

Elite Shooting System: A more realistic shot system that better reflects real-life trajectories and rewards smarter shooting decisions.

True Player Personality: Reflecting authentic player traits with more attribute impact and animation diversity.

Immersive Broadcast Experience: Improved goal replays and dynamic camera angles.

Impact Controls: New controls like Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock-On.


Create your own UEFA Champions League journey as you take one of the 32 qualified clubs from the Group Stages to the Finals.

Play the UEFA Champions League tournament with fully authentic teams, a new broadcast package, and a thrilling trophy celebration as you etch your name in football history.

Unique UCL commentary supported in 10+ languages to bring the most immersive match atmosphere.


Make your team stand out! Customize the look of your team by personalizing your players’ appearance from kits to boots. Club crest, ball, kit, kit style and number can each be adjusted to your preference.


Experience our latest training and ranking system. Unlock each player’s potential using a customizable player point system.

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  1. Can I have free 94 players it’s my birthday pls I am at a milestone and I am not getting much for my birthday

  2. It would be awesome if you could add a feature to increase the speed of AI matches. Adding options like x2 or x3 speed would provide a faster-paced and dynamic game play experience.

  3. Yeah its amazing but on my ihav a small issue , why is it that in PSG team ashraf Hakim is excluded on the team and also Antony is also not there in Manchester united thank you

  4. I’m not able to use substitutes while playing gane it appears to be blank without any players to sub.. and I don’t find option to set subs in team

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