FIFA 20 – How to Improve your Interceptions

Interceptions Guide in FIFA 20

Interceptions is a Player Attribute in FIFA which determines a player’s capability to cut off the opposing team’s passes. Performing interceptions is crucial in FIFA 20 defending. Improving your interception skill will help you to ruin your opponent’s attacks and dominant the game.

In this post, we will be reviewing some techniques and methods which might help you cut off your opponent’s passes and possess the ball on the pitch.

Tactical Defending

A tactical defending could help you prevent successful passes by your opponent. Foreseeing your opponent’s moves and blocking their passing paths by putting your defenders on your opponent’s passing lines will block their passes. Don’t forget to chase attackers’ ball and follow their passes to intercept.

Defensive styles with narrower width and moderated depth could help you on interceptions. Fast build up offensive style also will help you to make your opponent confused while your player move fast and this could assist you on interceptions. These settings can be adjusted in custom tactics option.

Buttons and Controls

FIFA 20 pro players are totally familiar with all FIFA 20 controls and buttons. You also need to be good at defending in order to do successful interceptions.

Cutting off the passes can be done by holding R2/RT when your defender is on a passing line. Using the Right Stick (R/RS) will also help move your defender and put his body to possess the ball when a pass is on its way.

Defenders with High Interceptions

Your player selection is also important for interceptions. Choose players (especially defenders) with higher interceptions attribute rate. Check out the best players for interceptions in FIFA 20, these players are good at cutting off passes.

Remember practice makes perfect, do regular practices and work on interceptions to make your gameplay skills proficient in cutting passes.

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