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  1. Just bought Fifa 2014 for PS4 was looking forward to it. But what a big disappointment, I mean in Fifa 2014 on PS2 you went to game mode and selected season and you played the season as you do in the real football world. But now they have upgraded it so they say the players look realer, but now they have got rid of what made it a great game and have just killed it, all you do is play online, but if you want to play offline just like all the newer fifa games you go to the tournament mode play the season to the end then go in play the cup games etc all separate from each other one at a time. Fifa 2014 for ps2 was a great game, so I have thrown fifa 2020 and 2021 in the bin and got rid of my ps4 got my ps2 back and am playing fifa 2014 again. Happy times. I will never buy another EA Fifa game again. Biggest crap out there. Gone backward instead of forward. Just geared up for online play so screw those who don’t want to play offline.

  2. Hi just wondering can you play a normal season offline on fifa 2020 in tournament mode as you can’t on fifa 2021. I mean like go to select your team then the league just say the premier league and then play it through like a normal season with the cup ties in it like a real football season. As this is why I got rid of fifa 2021 as you couldn’t do this, load of crap. As not everyone wants to play online do they. The last time I played a fifa game was Fifa 2014 on PS2 and you could play a season with the premier league, FA cup, Carabou Cup and Champions league all in a season like a real football season. Not play the premier league to the end, then come out go into tournaments mode again and then play say the fa cup, come out go in again and play the carabou cup in and out just pointless. Fifa has gone backward rather than forward.

  3. Hi just wondering can you play a normal season on fifa 2020 as you can’t on fifa 2021. I mean like go to select your team then the league just say the premier league and then play it through like a normal season with the cup ties in it like a real football season. As this is why I got rid of fifa 2021 as a load of crap.

  4. When i was playing Ea cup online in the final, the guy quit on me at 4-0 and I did not win the cup, what’s up with that Fifa is that a glitch

  5. Why When I shoot towards the goal before penalty area , I cant see the goalkeeper and and my player celebrates the scoring , it is very weird , is may be the camera speed or something wrong

  6. Hi
    We want option in career mode for ground pitch clean without spots in it and weather when windy is like snow and cant enjoy playing it is toomuch snow it is not like actual like other climate realistic, also hope add other options in accebity colours like red and blue ,
    Good new step of fifa 20 you can control brightness and contrast

  7. Hi, does fifa 20 have a stand alone UEFA Europa league game mode in it, like the champions league mode in fifa 19? So I can do it without going through career mode.

  8. For me , fifa is all about playing with friends.
    I think that fifa should add online friends championship, you know!!. Like 6 or 7 friends and play against each other , home and away like a league, at the end the team with more points wins the league. I think this would be awesome.
    Other idea is for us to be able to play co-OP against our friends playing co-OP as well, like 4 friends 2 vs 2, and not just 2 friends playing co-op against random people online…

  9. Fifa career mode player must be like the journey, the referee must be upgraded cause he put foul in a situation that is favorable to the cpu and when the same ssituation is favorable to you he don’t make nothing, fifa 20 must upgrade everything cause fifa 19 sãs the worst

  10. Kick off:
    Fifa World Cup
    AFC Asia Cup
    Fifa Street
    FIFA World Cup
    AFC Asian Cup
    Fifa Street
    Add custom fixtures in knockout mode so you want to play aginst another friend instead of one you don’t want play with.
    Example: John doesn’t want to play with jack and jack wants to play with Andrew John Wants to play with Paul. Please add it you have to listen to your community. You must add Fifa Street mostly Fifa Street if you want people to play fifa again instead of fortnite. Fifa 17,Fifa 18,Fifa 19 are the same thing it’s just adding systems that’s awesome but you didn’t think about new game modes or game modes that the community want they want Fifa Street I have a PS4 and I can’t play fifa Street because it’s in ps3 the only way I can is if ea make a new Fifa Street or add Fifa Street in Fifa 20 I’m 13 and I was playing fifa since I was 5 years old my first Fifa was Fifa 10 and I grew up and played every single fifa. Thank You

  11. UEFA europa league
    fifa club world cup
    caf champions league
    and many more .come on guys lets be more creative and think outside the box not yhe same old things

  12. Me and my friends used to play local tournaments but we all live so far away now – how about having online private tournaments so it’s just me and my friends.

  13. Tournement must have custom calendar for matchday fixture in custom tournement mode. Also edit background colour in disiplay like time & score VAR. 5 trophies will added like Champions League trophy, Spanish cup trophy and more.

    Kick off mode:
    Add UEFA Europa League group stage, semi final (home & away), and final.
    Add World Cup in cup final mode

    Add UEFA Europa League tournement like UEFA Champions League tournement in FIFA 19.
    Add AFC Champions League and AFC Cup (Asian Tournement)

  14. No soy mucho de jugar modo carrera de manager pero juego mucho al modo carrera de jugador, esta muy abandonado y para el fifa 20 tienen que arreglarlo. Por ejemplo, que el jugador empieze a los 17 años y no a los 20, que obtengas mas de 1 oferta de transferencia en el mercado de fichajes por que cuando te llega 1 oferta ya no te llega otra mientras aceptas la primera, mas tipos de pelo o color de pelo, que dejen a tu jugador cobrar faltas. Tambien estaria chido que hubieran entrevistas tipo el camino y que tu jugador tenga fama de ser buena o mala persona, tambien algo que seria muy muy realista seria que si no has jugado para tu seleccion y tu jugador lleva cierto tiempo en una liga pueda jugar para la seleccion de esa liga, por ejemplo tu jugador es mexicano y no a jugado para mexico, si lleva 5 temporadas jugando en un club de argentina puede jugar para la seleccion argentina, quiza tambien que tu jugador tenga cierta quimica con los copañeros por ejemplo si no hay buena quimica no te pasar el balon mucho y no te dejaran cobrar tiros libres o algo asi.

  15. He dejado infinidad de mensajes con respecto al FIFA 19
    Cosa que siempre se ha podido en versiones anteriores.

  16. Para modo carrera : entrenadores con real face ya creados dejarlos coger para modo carrera , tipo lopetegui , Mourinho , low … Sería bastante real poder coger un mister para modo carrera con real face

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