FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20 Career Mode

The Career in FIFA 20 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career. Learn more on Career Mode.

New Features

The Career Mode in FIFA 20 has some brand-new features. Below is the list of them:

Career Mode Female Manager
Manager Customisation

In FIFA 20 Career Mode you can create and customise your manager with more options, you can also change your manager’s body type, skin tone, clothing, and hairstyles, and create female managers for the first time in FIFA game.

Choose Your Path with Your Decisions

From press conferences to squad rotation, the choices you make in FIFA 20 Career Mode will have a direct impact on your team’s morale and performances.

Manage Moral

Rotating your starting 11. Shortlisting transfer targets. Managing wage expectations. Every choice you make affects your squad’s morale, form, and even their OVR ratings.

Face Media

Inspire your team with the answers you give in new interactive press conferences before and after key moments in your season.

Career Mode Player Conversation
Player Conversation

Keep your team spirit and manager rating high by discussing your players’ concerns and solving their problems in one-to-one chats.

League-specific Themes

Enjoy immersive experiences in some of the most-played leagues within Career Mode with dynamic UI reflecting the authentic branding of the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, MLS, and UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Turn Performances into Potential

Take control of your players’ potential OVR with Dynamic Player Potential. The better they play on the pitch, the higher their potential will grow.

Career Mode
Live News Screenshots

See your best moments represented in the Career Mode News Feed with new Live News Screenshots that highlight the memorable moments from matches you play.

How to Play

The Career Mode in available in FIFA 20 > Play > Career menu. Below is the list of new features in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

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  1. Hi in fifa2020 career mode when going to matches is there an option where you watch the match instead of playing in manager mode or sim thank you

  2. In career mode this year in fifa20 20 when it comes to playing matches will there be an option to watch the match rather than playing or doing sim .mode like you used to do thank you

  3. Update the faces of important players like Lukaku, Talisca, Burak Yılmaz. Please

    Players retire at an early age. This is very bad. Let them be reborn at age 18, or we will adjust the age of the players. This is really important

  4. Me gustaría que mejoren las celebraciones que sean más reales, que cuando estés con un equipo de segunda división vaya poca gente a los partidos y a medida que vas ganando y subas de liga que vaya más gente a verte, molaría mejorar las escenas de entrar al campo cuando haya un partido muy intenso que sea una entrada a lo grande y que la afición muy intensa… Etc

  5. I’ve been playing fifa for years. They’re slight changes to career mode but majority of it is on manager mode. Player mode is the same, you either play or you don’t, While when you was playing as Alex Hunter in Story. You would be on the bench and then come on. Would like to see fifa do what they did with Story mode with Hunter and put it in to Players career mode.

  6. Meu desejo é que o FIFA 20 tenha mais clubes, mais ligas, mais seleções, mais estádios e realmente represente o futebol mundial. Que se melhora as possibilidades de gestão do clube, que se adicione competições importante do calendário do futebol mundial (mundial de clubes, Copa das confederações, Mundial sub-20)…clubes como Peñarol, Nacional, Olimpia, Estrela Vermelha da Sérvia, Steaua Bucuresti; seleções africanas (Argélia, Marrocos, Nigéria, etc).

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