FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20)

FUT 20 - FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) is a game mode in FIFA 20 that allows you to build and manage your own club using any players and managers, and a collection of various types of cards such the club items to play offline and online matches and earn rewards to improve your FUT club’s quality and budget. What is FUT?

In FUT 20, you will be able to create your own using any players and managers that are available in FIFA 20. By playing FUT matches and game modes you will earn rewards (coins and players) and improve your club.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the most popular mode in FIFA, played by million of people all over the world every day.

What’s New in FUT 20?

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team:

FUT Friendlies

As a new feature, you can play against your friends in FUT 20. There are 3 ways to play friendly FUT matches:

  • Couch Play – Match up against friends’ squads, the TOTW, Clubs, select community teams, and more alongside up to four friends.
  • Play Online – With this feature, you can take on a random member of the wider FUT community online. Search for a particular House Rule or a set shortlist of Favourites to help you jump into a game faster.
  • Play a Friend – Play against a friend and their Ultimate Team online in standard or House Rules.

The FUT Friendlies mode has an in-depth stats tracking system that records a range of statistics from the head-to-head matches you play. Additionally to keeping track of the scores, new opposition scouting reports help you identify where you might find gaps in your friend’s style of play.

Refined Objectives

The objectives in FUT 20 are revamped. Now you have Season Objectives in FUT. By completing a range of objectives, now you can earn XP and progress to level up. The higher level you go through the season, the better rewards you can get. These rewards can be from players to packs to new club customisation options and you can upgrade your club with different rewards all season long.

You can get rewarded for Milestone moments in your FUT Club’s journey with long-term goals to aim for throughout the season.

New Squad Management

The Squad management and Squad Building Challenges have a redesigned Squad Screen in FUT 20, enabling you to access your Active Squad, the Transfer Market, and Club Content quickly from one location.

A Mode for All Play Style

Whether it’s taking on your mates in FUT Friendlies, the AI in Squad Battles, the online FUT community in Division Rivals, or the elite of the elite in FUT Champions, there’s a mode for every play style and skill level.

Squad Battles Enhancements

Complete weekly games on your schedule with the removal of the daily match cap, allowing you to climb the ranks on your terms. Also, in the Featured Squad Battle, balance risk and reward by rematching and replacing your score each week in an attempt to earn more points, push yourself higher up the leaderboards, and gain better rewards.

How to Play FUT

Playing FIFA Ultimate Team is quite simple. All you need to do is to select the Ultimate Team mode under FIFA 20’s PLAY tab.

Game Modes

FUT 20 has single and online game modes. By playing these game modes you will be able to earn rewards including, coins, players and other FUT items. These game modes are available under SINGLE PLAYER and ONLINE tabs. Here is the list of FUT 20 modes:

Single Player (Offline)

  • Squad Battles
  • Single Player FUT Draft
  • Squad building Challenges (SBC)
  • Single Player Season
  • Team of the Week Challenge
  • Play A Friend’s Squad
Online (Multiplayer)

  • Division Rivals
  • FUT Champions
  • Online FUT Draft
  • Online Single Player
  • Friendly Seasons

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