FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs

As an online game mode in FIFA 20, Pro Club allows you to create or join a virtual club with your friends and play online matches using your Pro player that you created in Career Mode and play 11 v 11 games.

By playing Pro Club mode, you can compete in 10 games per season with your Club and try to gain promotion through the league divisions. Create and grow your online Pro by competing in Club or Drop-In matches. Drop-In matches are a great start to grow your Player. When you’re ready, look for a Club on the Recommended Club screen that lists the people who follow you and which Club they belong to. You can also create your own Club and invite people you follow to join.

In Pro Club mode, You can either join a club or create your own club and to play ranked online matches. Drop-In Match menu in this mode will allow you to drop in to a random match and play online with other people who drop in to the same match session at the same time. Your Pro player will grow and improve his stats (OVR) throughout the matches you play.

As the Manager of a Club, you can access the Transfers screen to review Club invites. As your Pro grows, review your stats and progress under My Pro.

How to Access Pro Clubs in FIFA 20

Pro Clubs game mode is available under ONLINE tab in FIFA 20 title screen.


FIFA 20 Pro Clubs is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One only.


Here is the live Pro Clubs Leaderboard categorised by platform:


What is Virtual Pro Experience in Pro Club?

Your Virtual Pro earns XP after you complete League/Cup Matches. Earning XP will increase your Virtual Pro’s OVR rating and attributes. Two kinds of XP can be earned: Base Match XP and Bonus XP.

What is Base Match XP?

Base Match XP will provide a number of XP to your Virtual Pro which is calculated based on its performance rating during the match. Each match rating is scored from 0.0 to 10.0 and provides a specific number of XP. These XP points are then given to each of the Virtual Pro’s attributes, based on whether that attribute is considered Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary for that position. Primary attributes gain 100% of the XP awarded based on the match rating, while Secondary is 70% and Tertiary is 30%.

Below is the list of match ratings and the XP earned with each:

Match RatingBase Match XP

For example, if your Virtual Pro earned a match rating of 7, which gives him with 950 Base Match XP. This means that all Primary attributes would gain 950 Base Match XP, all Secondary attributes would gain 665 Base Match XP, and all Tertiary attributes would gain 285 Base Match XP. Match ratings might not always be whole numbers. Partial ratings, such as 4.2, are rounded down to the nearest whole number rating in terms of calculating the XP given. So the 4.2 would round down to a 4.0 and provide 600 Base Match XP for the Virtual Pro.

What is Bonus XP?

Your Virtual Pro can earn Bonus XP in a match by completing specific actions. Bonus XP works differently than Base Match XP, as it is only applied to specific attributes based on the type of action that was completed. Here is the full list of actions and the attributes that they will give Bonus XP to:

Goal Inside The Box

  • Finishing – 40 XP

Goal Outside The Box

  • Long Shots – 50 XP
  • Shot Power – 20 XP

Hat Trick (3 Goals Scored)

  • Finishing – 75 XP
  • Long Shots – 75 XP

Penalty Scored

  • Penalties – 150 XP

Free Kick (FK) Scored

  • FK Accuracy – 200 XP


  • Short Pass – 10 XP
  • Vision – 25 XP
  • Long Pass – 10 XP

Second Assist

  • Vision – 30 XP
  • Short Pass – 30 XP

Key Pass

  • Vision – 30 XP
  • Short Pass – 30 XP

Successful Short Pass

  • Short Pass – 3 XP

Successful Long Pass

  • Long Pass – 4 XP

Successful Cross

  • Crossing – 5 XP

Key Dribble

  • Dribbling – 25 XP
  • Agility – 15 XP
  • Ball Control – 15 XP


  • Marking – 5 XP
  • Standing Tackle – 5 XP
  • Slide Tackle – 5 XP
  • Aggression – 5 XP


  • ·Marking – 5 XP


  • Interceptions – 10 XP

Header Win

  • Jumping – 5 XP
  • ·Heading Accuracy – 10 XP

GK Shot Caught

  • GK Handling – 10 XP
  • GK Reflexes – 10 XP

GK Shot Parried

  • GK Reflexes – 10 XP
  • GK Positioning – 10 XP

GK Penalty Save

  • GK Diving – 50 XP
  • GK Handling – 50 XP
  • GK Kicking – 50 XP
  • GK Reflexes – 50 XP
  • GK Positioning – 50 XP

GK Cross Caught

  • GK Positioning – 10 XP
  • GK Reflexes – 10 XP
  • GK Handling – 10 XP

GK Clean Sheet

  • GK Diving – 30 XP
  • GK Handling – 30 XP
  • GK Kicking – 30 XP
  • GK Reflexes – 30 XP
  • GK Positioning – 30 XP

For example, when you score a goal with your Virtual Pro from outside the box, this will give your Virtual Pro’s Long Shot attribute 50 Bonus XP and their Shot Power attribute 20 Bonus XP.

How high can I raise my Virtual Pro’s attributes using XP?

Each attribute can be grown using Base Match XP or Bonus XP until it hits the attribute cap. Once an attribute has reached its cap, the only way to increase it further would be to purchase Traits, using Skill Points, as detailed later in this article. How high an attribute can grow from XP is determined by the Virtual Pro’s position and, in some cases, their height and weight. The attributes and the limits they can grow to with XP are detailed in a PDF, which you can download here.

What are Skill Points?

Skill Points in Pro Clubs are used to obtain Traits to improve your Virtual Pro. Your Virtual Pro will start with 15 Skill Points and can continue to earn them by playing League Matches and Cup Matches.

How can I earn Skill Points?

Skill Points can be earned in League Matches and Cup Matches. Your Virtual Pro can earn up to 110 Skill Points. 95 of those Skill Points can be earned from playing matches, while the other 15 are the initial Skill Points given to your Virtual Pro when you create them.

For the 95 points that are earned by playing matches, they are rewarded to the Virtual Pro after playing certain matches. The table below shows when Skill Points are earned by the Virtual Pro.

FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Skill Points

For example, let’s say that a Virtual Pro completes his 10th applicable Pro Clubs match. The Pro would have the 15 Skill Points from creation, 14 Skill Points awarded from previously completed matches, and the 5 Skill Points available from 10th match for a total of 34 Skill Points. After completing 100 applicable matches with your Virtual Pro, you will no longer be able to earn additional Skill Points.

What are Pro Clubs Traits, how do I get them, and what do they do?

Pro Clubs Traits are unique abilities or attribute boosts that you can get with your Skill Points. Buying traits allows your Virtual Pro’s attributes to increase beyond the attribute caps. The details around each of the traits and what they will unlock for your Virtual Pro can be found in-game.

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  1. Hello from Russian Cyberfootball Proclub League. Please give to us more gamemodes. Access to volta with your proclub player will be great.
    Something like ultimate cards in proclubs will be great. u have to earn coins for buying players (wich will play on bot position), customization items like tattoo, earnings etc

  2. Good evening gentlemen of EA,

    I am a humble servant and loyal subject to Pro Clubs. Starting from the bottom and working our way up to glory and righesnous.

    However there are a few things myself and my team believe would excel our kingdom of Pro’s to Val Haala.

    1. Custom team tactics, just like Ultimate team but with the ‘Any’s’

    2. More personalization to Pro player and club. This could mean packs to open for new interesting stadiums, custom crowd chants, team celebrations and ‘Any’ names and looks.

    3. More upgradable attributes. This is purely due to reaching 100 games and receiving no more skill points. Needs more. Even for hatricks or winning divisions etc.

    We hope this may be of some help and look forward to competing in this year’s spectacular.

    Good day, Custurd

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