FIFA 20 Online Seasons

FIFA 20 Seasons

FIFA 20 Seasons mode allows you to play against users online in a divisional mode, promote to higher divisions and win your division’s title. This online mode also as Cup Matches within which offer you multiplayer play-off tournaments.

What is FIFA 20 Season Mode

FIFA 20 Season mode is an online divisional game mode in FIFA 20 which allows you to play with your favourite club against other online players within your division and earn points to go promote to higher division and win the title.

Online Seasons mode in FIFA 20 offers ranked online matches and the most competitive gameplay. As you play through 10 games per season, try to earn enough points to avoid relegation and gain promotion to the next division — or even win the division title. It won’t be easy! Higher divisions mean tougher competition and promotion thresholds, so get ready for a true football challenge.

How to Play FIFA 20 Online Seasons

Online Seasons game mode is accessible in FIFA 20 > ONLINE > SEASONS screen. After entering this online game mode, you will see the following options:

Play Match

You can play online matches under this option. Below are the choices you have under this option:

  • Search – Search for an opponent with a similar team star level and division to yours
  • Change Team & Kit – Change your team & your kit
  • Match Making Settings – Define your settings for the match making in case you need to change it from the default settings. Here are the options you can modify:
    • Controls – Specify controls. “Any” matches your custom settings vs any opponent. “Manual” will lock your controls and find an opponent using the same as your.
    • Club Quality Matching – Turning this setting to “Restrictive” will try to find a club that exactly matches your club’s quality while.
    • Club Type – When set to “Any” you will have no preferences to playing vs Club or International teams. “Match Mine” will only match up with someone that matches your choice of a Club or International team.
    • Guests – “Any” sets no preference playing against a solo player, or someone with a guest. With “Match Mine” set, if you have a guest, you will only play an opponent with a guest, if you are solo, you will only play someone solo.
  • Controller Settings – Change your controller settings.
  • Your Team Custom – Your team management (Players, Formations, Roles, Instructions and Tactics)
Play Cup Match

Where you can play a Cup Match if available. See the the Cup Match for more details.

Current Division

In this window you can see your Records (W-D-L), number of game remaining, projected plan, your current division’s progress. When you select this option, you can see your Season and Cup results.


Your current (FIFA 20) seasons all-time records and titles.

Leaderboards / World Table

Leaderboards for your Seasons and the world’s Top 100. World Table shows a total of Online Season players in the world and its breakdown for each division. It also shows which divisions unlock which Cup Matches.


Seasons mode is divided into ten divisions where you start from the bottom, the DIV 10. A win earns you 3 match points, while a draw has 1 PTS and no PTS is given for a loss. You have maximum 10 games to play for each division. Each division has its own point requirements for winning the title, promotion and holding.

Here is the list of divisions (DIV 1 to 10) including their point requirements.

Tier Pts to avoid Relegation Pts for Promotion Pts to Win the Title
DIVISION 1 14 23
DIVISION 2 12 18 21
DIVISION 3 12 18 21
DIVISION 4 10 16 19
DIVISION 5 10 16 19
DIVISION 6 10 16 18
DIVISION 7 8 14 17
DIVISION 8 8 12 15
DIVISION 9 6 10 13
DIVISION 10 9 12

Cup Match

Cup Match is an occasional knockout tournament mode inside the Seasons mode which allows you to play against other online players to win the tournament title.

Within Cup Match mode you can play different knockout tournaments when they are available and you are qualified for them.

Tournament Tree

A Cup Match starts from the Round of 16 and it gives you four matches to win the title. All of cup matches are in play-off format, which means a loss knock you out of the tournament. Here is a tournament tree of a Cup Match – The road to win the tournament title:

  • Round of 16 (R16)
  • Quarter-Final (QTR)
  • Semi-Final (SEMI)
  • Final (FINAL)

There are 4 different tournaments available in Cup Match mode. Except the “EA Shield” tournament, the rest need to be unlocked. You need to be promoted to higher division to be qualified for higher Cups. See the list below to find out how to unlock them:

Tournament Min. Requirement / Unlock
EA CUP DIV 7 Promotion

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58 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Online Seasons

  1. I would like to play a co-op match / season. I`m currently in Division 2 online, but i`ll reach 1 for sure. Xbox players, add me up : NoStress87

  2. i am struggling to understand how i can never catch up to my opponents attackers even though we start running for the ball at the same time, they just speed past me. But their defenders are able to outrun my striker (Mbappe for God’s sake) even though he is way ahead of them in the beginning of the sprinting dual.

    am i just not good enough or is there an acceleration button apart from R2 that i don’t know about???

  3. So anybody knows how to reset (or if is even posible to reset) the season records? Like, to start from 0… in D10 (and of course, BEING ON MY SAME ORIGIN ACCOUNT)?

  4. I think FIFA should be flexible for all fans in online season some people play legacy while some tactical I think is ok to allow both..secondly I think FIFA should give us the option of selecting jerseys and weather cos sometimes the sunny weather makes u not see anything at all…especially when the jerseys are a bit similar…

  5. I have never been the greatest player but I was half decent and always found Division 5 or 6 in seasons was about my level but in the past two months I just can’t win a game! Not even in Division 10! It’s really depressing and frustrating me as I can’t put my finger on why! I’m thinking of giving up the game as getting beat or scrapping draws literally every game is not fun at all.

    Anybody else suffered such a drop off a cliff form problem?

    1. I am in Div 1 and I’m doing very well. My overall record is 68 wins and 22 losses. Im in my third season in Div 1. The games are competitive but very enjoyable
      I havent played a cup match yet. Does anyone have any info on the EA Shield games? Whats the format etc?

  6. I have data and when I try to access “play online” button it keeps saying “please connect to internet….”

  7. I am in division 4, trying to play for a promotion. I was beating someone 3-0, and they quit right after I scored my 3rd goal. However, the game gave me credit for a loss and them credit for the win. How is this possible??

  8. Hi,

    Does any one know how to update online seasons quad in fifa 20..

    I used to play with france. But I am missing may players. There isn’t any decent right back.

    I try to add players into team sheet. But that specific players I added doesn’t reflect onto the squad in online season.


    1. The online squad is not the same as your made up squad
      This is done to level up the playing field so the france you pick is hìjust as strong as any other france

  9. anybody wanna duo on season ? i would rly like to try and play duo on this game and score some sweet goals! 🙂

    feel free to add on Origin: Rallan91

    1. Any idea how to add a guest onto seasons? Me and my mate want to play as a 2 on Xbox one! No idea how to link it together

  10. Does anyone know how to come out of cup match. I am in Premier Cup and don’t find any online participants in that. Want to go to EA Cup instead.

  11. Hry guys,
    does anyone know how do I choose to be at home stadium in season DIV? I play away every time and I don’t know how do I change it 🙁 Thanks

  12. Question on this (SEASONS MODE)
    ”Search – Search for an opponent with a similar team star level and division to yours”

    Is ”Team Star Level” referring to the team you select (i.e Barca 5 stars or Cardiff 3 stars), OR is it the star level of you as a FIFA player (wins/losses/draws/tropies)

    1. It depends on the star level of the team you choose. like you mentionened, barca 5 stars, some laliga123 3 stars..

  13. Anyone know why I cannot see current season in season mode as everyone I select to view it doesn’t show and I have to come out of game to start again

  14. It is all acceptable and reasonable up to division 5 and 4. But then you see a lot of skill difference and cheating start slightly from division 4. You have people with (lost connection) glitch: when you lead the game, they leave and the game wouls not count for you. Another thing, I know that I am not really good at fifa, but I can play and beat strong opponents. However, I saw players (especially in division 3) are really invincible and their teams run all the game defensively and offensively with full stamina ?!!!!

    1. If they leave the game, you get 3 points lol about the full defense full attacking stamina, sometimes happen, i think it is fifa trying to compensate some division differences

  15. I had change/customized some players for mu favourite team…change gloves boots jersey type etc.

    I cant seem to upload these custom settings in online seasons and cup matches. Help

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