FIFA 20 Co-op Seasons

Co-op Seasons

In FIFA 20 Co-op Seasons game mode, anyone can play with a friend online against two other friends anywhere in the world in 2v2 ranked online play. Start from the bottom and make your way to the top of DIV 1, win a League Title and reach greatness together with your friends.

How to Access Co-op Seasons in FIFA 20

Co-op Seasons game mode is available under ONLINE menu in FIFA 20.

How to Play FIFA 20 Co-op Seasons

Enter Co-op Seasons mode, go to New Co-op Seasons, select a friend from your Friends list, then proceed to invite them to play and start your season. Take note that your friend needs to be online at the same time as you to play a match.

Co-op Seasons Divisions

There are five divisions in FIFA 20 Co-op Seasons mode. The lowest division is DIV 5 and the highest is DIV 1. Each division has maximum 10 games to play.

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16 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Co-op Seasons

  1. Hi.
    I got a question. Me and my mate, we play co op seasons and always when we play the “red” player stronger then the “blue”. I mean the red pass faster, better shoot better etc. The blue after the kick off can not reach the the other theams players. It is any answer for this? Why this is happening?


  2. My mate and I just won the division 1 title, and the dude quit so we didn’t get to see the trophy and we thought the history might have it but the lads can’t see the history

    1. I’ll play! I’m currently looking for a 2vs2 partner! I play div 1 seasons and I’m pretty good lol. Anyone still playing fifa20?

  3. Yo. Why does an ea server drop result in a loss? It seems like the stability of the servers for co-op is particularly bad. Please ditch Volta, all the ultimate team (ie., the pokies), and the side games until you’ve sorted the basics..

  4. Hey everyone, we’ve been starting a 2v2 FIFA community online so we can all try to play 2v2 Co-Op seasons together. FIFA used to allow people to set up 2v2 matches, now its left to the fate of the random “searching for opponent…” menu. Come follow us and join our battle to change FIFA 2v2 back to the way it once was.

  5. Hi

    Can two players use the same PS4 console to play online in co op mode against other friends using another PS4 console?
    I.e. 4 players (players 1 +2) on console A and (players 3 +4) on console B.


    1. Having the same issue… do you know why is that? I can see it on my single season but not in coop…

  6. I can send invites to my friends but they can’t do the same and it says I am offline or unavailable …

    Please help

  7. Buenas tardes:

    Por favor, me gustaría que en el modo coop de fifa vuelva a poder jugarse las copas que se podían disputar hace años del modo temporadas..para mí el jugar solo divisiones en coop no tiene el mismo aliciente que jugarse una copa..creo que somos millones de personas que jugamos a este modo a parte del fut y por lo menos en mi opinión me gustaría que hubiese más modos en los que poder disfrutar del modo cooperativo..espero que lo mejoren

    Un saludo

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