FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League

FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League

FIFA 20 is expected to feature the UEFA Champions League throughout the game.

UEFA Champions League will probably be available as an individual game mode in FIFA 20. It will be available under PLAY menu. The UCL game mode allows you to play the actual UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 season starting from the group stages.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League and its related content are also available in the other game modes of FIFA 19, including:

  • Kick Off mode
  • Career Mode
  • FUT

Special FIFA 20 players also will be available as special items in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

This page will be updated with the latest news on FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League feature, its content and all UCL Players items.

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  1. Well I think it’s shit can’t even play champions league online what’s the point who what’s to play against computer ,, on pro evolution they had champions league online but Fifa does. Not why even take the rights of pro evolution if you just going to not play online load of crap and coop season should be able to play champions league online online to you just do nothing every year it’s not competitive enough it’s a load of crap we pay 70 pound for a game that no different to the last one we played it’s a joke you care more about updates on ultimate teams because you make loads money of it get kids to spend all there money on players it’s a joke no champions league online coop season boring just play season gets so boring should be cup game to play all the time FA CUP champions league online English league cup just ball shit

  2. There should be more commentators in the game .This should be a way to provide more options when one plays the game we truly love and admire.In fifa 13 i think , there was an option for referees to officiate the game.Personally, I am tired of Martin Tyler and Allan Smith’s voices . There are many English commentators and it should be Fifa ‘s priority to deliver our requests

  3. Will there be a way to qualifi for the champions league like the draw etc as an example if a danish team has to qualifi how do they qualifi for the CL?

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