FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League

FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League

FIFA 20 features the UEFA Champions League throughout the game. UEFA Champions League is available as a game mode in FIFA 20 under the Play menu. You can play the UEFA Champions League season 2019-2020 under this game mode.

The Champions League and its exclusive content are also available in the following FIFA 20 game modes:

Special FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League players are also available as in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Check out the complete list of UCL Players in FIFA 20.

How to Play UEFA Champions League in FIFA 20

UEFA Champions League game mode is available under PLAY menu. Once you go to this game mode, you will be asked to select your team. After selecting your team, you can save your progress and continue the tournament.

FIFA 20 UEFA Champions League Groups and Teams

Above is the team selection screen including the teams list you can select from.

UCL is available to play as multiplayer mode (on the same console), you are also able to simulate your matches. You can customise your squad as well as your game settings such as the half-length, game difficulty and etc.

UEFA Europa League

By finishing up in the 3rd place in your group under the Champions League game mode, you will be demoted to the UEFA Europa League season 2019-20 and will continue your European journey from there.

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  1. It’s any way to download previous save game on championship mode on xbox one ? I can save any progress but it can’t download previous ? Example: I lose first match in knockout stage and I want repeat but it can repeat only second match If I fall off championship.

  2. PC FIFA 2O

    why is it that anytime i try to go online it says ea servers not available at this time. try again later. even they give me a link which does not work “”
    also i would love to play champions league and europa tournaments but i cant access them. customized tournament crashes the moment i hit save. help me out.

  3. Terrible game, terrible menus, terrible options. Played Fifa since International Soccer on the Sega Mega Drive. This is the worst one by far.

    Back to Fifa 19 for me.

    1. Figured this out this AM. You have to go into your personal profile settings. Inside there you’ll see a button marked DELETE. Go in there and you can delete your past Champions League tournament.Once you do that, you’ll have a fresh tournament to play.

  4. Champs league on PS4 Fifa 2020
    I won the CL final with Dortmund but the game does not progress from there and then I am replaying the CL final.
    I thought it would go back to the start as I am not in career mode, but it just sits there.
    Any ideas be appreciated, thanks


    1. Like many others I am stuck after playing and winning the champions league (Ajax). I am tired of replaying Barcelona in the finals. Same thing happened after playing the copa libertadores for the first time. I won the tournament and am now stuck playing Sao Paulo vs. Flamengo. Why can’t this be solved since it is happening to numerous players???

      1. Figured this out this AM. You have to go into your personal profile settings. Inside there you’ll see a button marked DELETE. Go in there and you can delete your past Champions League tournament.Once you do that, you’ll have a fresh tournament to play.

  5. Why can’t we play online on UCL mode or any other leagues like Spain or England. We want to play UCL tournament but with my brother online. How can we do that ?

    1. Hi Darragh melvin here i need our help here on the Xbox live to update flfa 20 career mode to man united can you bring in VAR in for us because we don’t have it yet on my profile on the Xbox the Flfa team thanks for help flfa 20 up date thank you very must

  6. I want to ask why the online squads DOESN’T UPDATE in UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in kickoff mode. I don’t understand if it is the bug or not but I want to get a reply as soon as possible. It doesn’t even update new people in the squads or update ovr, formations, tatics. It have recently made me felt confusing and I want a SPECIFIC and DETAILED answer.
    Thank you

  7. Help

    I am currently playing Champions league.I got to the semi final and lost.Problem is the game will not allow me to choose a new team but wants me to re play the semi final again.
    This keeps occurring.I replayed the semi and won got to the final and the same thing occurrs.
    Is there a software fault?

  8. Is there a reason why we can’t use custom squads in Champions League? When I go to Champions League Mode it says you have to continue with the Squads EA has or it will reset all squads back to default.

    1. This is the old champions league group stage. Shouldn’t Fifa 20 have this years champions league group stage. When will it come. Or will Ea Sports be dumb and always put the same old group stage and disappoint us all.

      1. Having the same issue on my career mode with rangers…..for some reason i have last season’s Europa league group and not this season’s

  9. Well I think it’s s*** can’t even play champions league online what’s the point who what’s to play against computer ,, on pro evolution they had champions league online but Fifa does. Not why even take the rights of pro evolution if you just going to not play online load of crap and coop season should be able to play champions league online online to you just do nothing every year it’s not competitive enough it’s a load of crap we pay 70 pound for a game that no different to the last one we played it’s a joke you care more about updates on ultimate teams because you make loads money of it get kids to spend all there money on players it’s a joke no champions league online coop season boring just play season gets so boring should be cup game to play all the time FA CUP champions league online English league cup just ball s***

  10. There should be more commentators in the game .This should be a way to provide more options when one plays the game we truly love and admire.In fifa 13 i think , there was an option for referees to officiate the game.Personally, I am tired of Martin Tyler and Allan Smith’s voices . There are many English commentators and it should be Fifa ‘s priority to deliver our requests

  11. Will there be a way to qualifi for the champions league like the draw etc as an example if a danish team has to qualifi how do they qualifi for the CL?

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