FIFA 20 Volta Football

FIFA 20 Volta Football

FIFA 20 feature a new street soccer game mode which is called Volta Football. Volta mode takes you to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game.

What is VOLTA?

Volta means ‘to return’ in Portuguese. This means in FIFA 20 that it takes the game back to the streets with an authentic small-sided football experience. VOLTA moves you from the roar of the stadium to the rhythm of the streets in football playgrounds all over the world as you build your player, pick your gear, and express your own personal style.

FIFA 20 Volta Football


Express your style in VOLTA with a custom-built gameplay system grounded in football realism. Inspired by the authentic small-sided form of football played in streets, cages, and futsal courts across the world; VOLTA gameplay immerses you in the flow of the street with new tools including simplified flicks and skill moves, new flair animations, and even the option to use the wall to your advantage.


VOLTA Football gives you countless ways to customise and personalise your player. From how they dress, to their hairstyle and tattoos, and new celebratory emotes, create your male or female player and showcase them across the various game modes in VOLTA Football.


Show off your style in VOLTA Football by equipping your player with the latest vanity items ranging from shirts, shoes, and sweaters to different tattoos and hairstyles. Unlock more vanity items as you progress through VOLTA by completing in-game challenges.


VOLTA Football brings football playgrounds from all over the globe to life. From an underpass in Amsterdam, to a neighbourhood cage in London, to a Tokyo rooftop, VOLTA Football lets you taste the regional experience of the global game.

Play it your way

Customisation is at the centre of the way you play VOLTA Football. Play 3v3 Rush (No GK’s), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal. In addition, VOLTA offers different sizes of arenas and environments with and without walls, giving you the freedom to play the beautiful game the way you want.

VOLTA modes

Here are the game modes you can play under the VOLTA mode in FIFA 20:

VOLTA Kick-Off

Take your favourite professional teams back to the streets and compete in a number of VOLTA locations and match formats. Play PSG vs. Lyon in Paris, the Madrid derby in the streets of Spain, or Chelsea vs. Spurs in a London cage.


Build up your VOLTA team by playing through Single Player Matches against community generated squads in a variety of formats and locations. After each victory, recruit a player from the opposing team and build your squad up in terms of both skill and chemistry.


Take your unique player through a narrative driven experience, where you face off against various legends of street football from around the world. Earn rewards, customise your player, and recruit for your squad, culminating in the VOLTA World Championship tournament in Buenos Aires.

VOLTA League

Play your way through promotion and relegation with the online VOLTA League. The new player versus player formats places your team against others online, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.

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  1. Played the closed beta, and the first thing I went too was Volta.. Sooo disappointed, I was thinking it was gonna be like the old fifa streets, where you’d have specific skills that actually panna other players or over their head tricks or going around them. But it’s pretty much exactly the same as kick off mode, the only difference is, the pitch is smaller and there are less players. I think its quite pointless to be honest, because you’re pretty playing the same thing as house rules games, like when I player scores the other team loses a player, its exactly the same as that in respects to how many players you’re lefy with. It needs to be like the old fifa streets, where there are different tricks, rather than the same ones you use I any kick off game. Seems, absolutely, pointless to me. everything is good, the detail in creating a person is amazing. But Volta needs to invite new tricks or get gone, cause I won’t be posing that in fifa 20.

  2. MORE HIGHLIGHTS. postmatch

    5 post match highlights in a 9 goal match is silly

    It used to be better before.

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