FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 Career Mode

The Career Mode in FIFA 22 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career. Learn more on Career Mode.

Career mode is expected to have some new features in FIFA 22 game. We will have the all new features and the latest news listed here in this page. You can also write your wishlist for FIFA 22 career mode and share your ideas with the community.

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20 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Career Mode

  1. Will we be able to set up leagues or tournaments with various teams from ALL leagues use randomly drafted players? So I could BUILD my own Arsenal team using my favorite players?

  2. An option when you start your career that players who retire (ronaldo, zlatan etc) come back to their first team (malmo, sporting). You dont want to play a few seasons and all game faces/real names are gone. I dont want to play with fake names and fake faces. Also, you never buy old players (because they retire and lose value) so you never play with ronaldo, messi, zlatan etc… i want to play with zlatan at ajax and ronaldo at united when they are young. Also do the same thing with legends. Bring kaka,Ronaldinho, Henry, Lahm, iniesta xavi back to their first team. Its gives me so much more choice during my career. It will make career breath again. And if you dont like this option just dont select this option at the start of your career. Guaranteed that players will love this

  3. 1) Solo international management
    2) Change throw in takers (why is the 6 ft 3″ striker taking the throw in!?), like you can with any other set piece
    3) More emphasis on youth teams in career mode to help players develop, build up match fitness
    4) Include individual GK drills in career mode
    5) Reducing the sensitivity of handballs
    6) More variety of job offers in career mode – Not having every team from one league available to apply for despite some of them being top of the league. MLS jobs never come up?!

  4. Revamp the youth scouting system. It should be more like NCAA 14 where each country has a new batch of players each year and you scout them to unlock their abilities to see how good they actually are. A player choosing your team should be determined by your team prestige, league prestige, coach prestige, coach experience, playing time potential, training grounds rating, location to home, scout rating, etc. The top countries should have the biggest player pool and smaller countries have smaller pools. Also, if you can fix the glitch where youth players in year 3 and beyond have noodle arms that would be great. Currently they look like 110lb 7th graders and it ruins the experience. Thanks for listening!

  5. Please EA sports should maintain the offline career mode because most fifa game lovers are in bad network areas.

  6. Adding the youth teams or some sort of controll over that will be really helpful. In that case new players can get game in youth leagues

  7. I wish see in fifa 22 that we can do manager career mode multiplayer in ofline mode .
    (Select two diffrent team in one career )

  8. I think EA should do an online career mode. This can be very interesting. My idea is that there is a host who start the server and everybody choose a team. They would tranfer players from eachother. When they want to simulate a round they all have to agree in that. When a player is missing from the server they can’t continue the career mode. I think this can be fun with your friends.

  9. EA I think manager career mode should have the option to make a new kit for every new season and we could have it more realistic where you can drive to the training ground or the stadium or a plane when you play European games I think that will boost career mode it will be fun I will appreciate it if EA put it in the game

  10. Please add the Nations League, Better Gameplay(simlar to pes) and Create Kits, Add PL2 and make youth acaadmey reall in career mode. Make it easier to get a good High rated natioal team. Make Player Prices = real transfer prices. PLease make this more real.

  11. Career mode be a pro:

    It needs to feel more like you’re an actual pro. The animation in manager mode where they negotiate the contract add that to be a pro.

    Allow players to let managers know if they aren’t happy with their positions and allow players to change positions if they want.

    make the news better every start of the season they put the same headline like my pro is just signing with the team he’s been on for two years.

    1. Yes! Yes! and yes again, I mainly play Fifa for the player career now, on top of what you said they also need to add clubs buying you too without needing to hand in transfer request!

  12. Pls put youth leagues like u15 for the start and continue in u17 u19-21-23 put relationships with teammates other footballers coach girlfriend friends and others and it will be really good if you could put ARIS THESSALONIKIS from Greece

    1. Please EA put a career mode have a girlfriend or put a airplanes, train, a busses and cars please

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