FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 Career Mode

The Career Mode in FIFA 22 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career. Learn more on Career Mode.

How to Play Career Mode?

Career Mode is accessible from FIFA 22 HOME > PLAY > CAREER (New Career/Continue Career). Select this game mode option and choose whether you want to play this game mode as a player or a manager.

Before starting your career as player or manager, the system will ask you about the squads update in FIFA 22. If you are looking to play with latest squads updates (updated players and teams with latest changes in real-life), you can download the latest and use the current and updated squads. If you are willing to use the initial squads (updated at FIFA 22 launch), you can choose use initial squads.

Next, you need to choose whether you want to play as a manager or a player:

Manager Career

By playing this mode, you will take all the managerial and tactical aspects of your squad and you will be responsible for helping your club achieve strategic and business objectives across a variety of categories. Learn how to play Manager mode in FIFA 22 Career.

Player Career

By playing Player Career, you will be a young player and work your way up through the football world and become a legend. Eventually you may choose to retire and continue your career as a manager. Learn how to play Player mode in FIFA 22 Career.

Career Mode New Features

Here are the key features of Career mode in FIFA 22 game:

  • Club Creation & Customisation – There are more customisation options in FIFA 22 Manager career mode which includes customising your club Identity, kits, crest and stadium customisation such as even customising your pitch pattern. New Squad Builder in career mode will help you create your squad easier. Board Priorities will give you the ability to alter the priorities of your club’s board of directors. These priorities may influence the goals you obtain in all categories.
  • New Additions to Player Career – These additions include, Coming On As A Sub which let you to come into the game from the bench. Manager Rating, which is a system that determines how confident your manager is in you as a member of the team. By achieving all new Match Objectives successfully, you will solidify your starting position. Player Growth, which is redesigned putting the growth of your generated players in your hands. Additionally, Perks become available as you level up, and you can take up to three with you into a match.
  • Dressing Room Atmosphere
  • Transfers Updates
  • Expanded Stories
  • Dynamic Tifos
  • Authenticity

The complete details of FIFA 22 Career Mode are available at EA Sports website here.

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  1. I am creating a player in Career mode to start in a 2nd Div English side, he is the youngest i can make him (24) but he is straight away rated 69 OVR and is the best player on the pitch. In just a few training sessions and matches i am already over 72 OVR this is totally un realistic. At first transfer window i was valued at over 40 million £. No matter what i try i cannot be younger; i want to create. 16-17 year old and be maybe a 45-50 OVR and work my way from there. The progression is way too fast and from being a no body i could be one of the worlds greatest strikers all within 1 season but then where do i go from there no club in the championship or 1st Div is going to be able to afford a nearly 80 rated striker so i go straight from 2nd division to a premier league club again not realistic. I hav also played the Beta for FIFA 23 in the Same way and there have been some nice touches to try and make the experience more immersive but the fact that i again start as a 69 OVR player means that my progression is way too fast and my rise through the ranks is not even a challenge so the whole thing kind of misses the point.
    I don’t want un realistic goals but i would like to have to work a bit to get my progression in a more realistic way. Why do i get punished e.g. as a striker if my team don’t manage 55 percent possession; how is that even slightly a reflection at how i performed. I even played game where i smashed goals needed, got my overall rating well above needed but because the team never ended up with 55 percent possession i lost some progress, not that it mattered in less than half my first season and force subbing myself by not training so I wasn’t starting eleven i still ended the season as golden boot striker with over 20 goals and i was 80 OVR rated without even trying and was offered £50M + to play at Brighton. How is this even remotely realistic as a first season 2nd division striker??
    Come on guys really!!

    1. you should create a player in settings before entering career mode(in create new player), this way you can modify stats of your player, but anyway also if you’re 1 OVR in 3-4 seasons you’ll be op if you train every week

  2. Sorry you feel this way, but a handball is a handball, “Penalty to rangers”. We have coded the game so that if the ball hits the arm or hand it is a handball. The commentator glitch should now be fixed as Martin Tyler has had the sack for not saying his lines right.

    But for real if you are losing because of these handballs maybe turn them off or just get better and dont let them shoot from the edge of the box or in the box. 🙂

    1. Hey guys.. why is it that in career mode I can’t play a full match.. it always starts be 60min in I feel ripped of to be honest

      1. Its because you’re subbed in you have to do your objectives to get in favour with the manager to be a regular starter, Like mbappe didnt start as a regular starter he was a sub

    2. Jag skulle vilja att man kan gå i pension när man vill. Att bli så gammal man vill.
      Att man kan vara 45 typ

  3. I really like to see an infinite career mode. I really like to develop an unknown name to 90+ rating world class player and that’s how I like playing this game. For example I’m at the 15th season of my career right now and I won’t be able to see my wonderkid reaching 90+ rating because of the season limit. I really don’t get it. Why do you guys put a limit to career mode? It’s stupid.

  4. I have fifa 22 pc, while playing fifa career mode as piemonte calcio, i found that too many silly meaningless handballs are happening in penalty box and the commentators call it freekick instead of penalty. This is very frustrating and this commentary bug should be fixed with immediate effect. Please look into this on high priority as this is ruining the gaming experience.

  5. I can’t create a new career even tho I’ve already started one. It doesn’t give me the option to do so. Now Im stuck with some joke career that I want to change, but can’t.

  6. really like the game but there are some issues like:

    – regen/youth academy players not having numbers
    – in manager career, the scouts don’t find many players toward the year 2028-the end of career
    – in manager career, you should be able to ask for more money as a manager and it would benefit the team

    that was my dad I know some of these won’t even reach EA but he just wanted to say something anyway I love the game and I’ve been playing since Fifa 14 and it just helps coming home from school and jumping on FIFA but I will say the past few Fifa’s haven’t been as good as Fifa 14,15,16 and 17.

  7. In Career Manager mode, when a player has a contract that is running out I renew the contracts but still get notifications that they are being contacted by other teams, and inevitably get picked up by the other team even though I have renewed the contract. There are no options to further negotiate once I have recently renewed, so I just lose the investment. Don’t recall this being an issue in FIFA21.
    This is for the players I inherited with my first team in career mode- don’t know how it will perform with players I have signed on my own accord once their contract terms come up.

  8. I suggested this last year so ill add it again this year to see what other people think and what will be added in fifa 22.

    I’ve been a fifa player career for years now.. and i can tell you the game mode is really under developed. Here are things that should clearly be taken into account and added to the game in order to make them more fun and enjoyable. A season in player career where you play every single game could easily take from 8-10 hours.. so in a career where you start at 16 and retire at 35 could easily take over 200 hours of gameplay. There is no way one can enjoy 200 hours of gameplay with the little features the game has.

    From 2011-2013 i played PES and i can tell you PES career in those years has been better than every single career mode fifa has ever launched including 2021, which is crazy considering they are games 9 years apart. Here are the things i feel FIFA 2022 career mode should have to make it enjoyable and bearable for 200+ hours of gameplay.

    1- When you join a team let’s make a cutscene where you’re actually presented with the team and have the shirt/press conference style.. it could be a 30 second cutscene.. much better than a news letter on your right where you don’t even get to live it and sometimes it glitches out.

    2- Make it so there are cutscenes throughout the season where you see your manager talking to you and your teammates to motivate you if you’re over performing or under performing.. also add press conferences at the end of games if you were MVP or at least from time to time to make it feel somewhat realistic.

    3- Being able to come off the bench.. you’re either a starter or you don’t play in this game which is stupid. If you’re a youngster who wants to earn a spot you should be able to come off the bench in any team. PES has this feature and their new games are shit, don’t know why FIFA can’t add them.

    4- POSIBILITY OF BECOMING CAPTAIN. I can’t stress how important this is.. i can spend 10 years in a club and be 96 rated… and the closest player to me be 70 with no impact, and even new signings would be placed as captain before me. I can not become captain no matter how much impact i do on a team even if its bringing them out from division 4 all the way to the treble.

    5- Reactions. I can score a champions league goal winner in the 120th winner and my player do some whack ass celebration and my teammates react like i scored the 8-0 goal vs a 2nd tier team… let’s add some excitement to the goals, fan reactions, music, coach reaction.. make it seem like its an actual final.

    6- Celebrations are so whack.. I want music and players running around.. i want MY PLAYER to hold the trophy and go up and celebrate with the fans… every celebration is the same and it’s tiring. Have a different music in every celebration.. different ways to celebrate so each trophy is not the same.. different celebration cutscenes would be awesome and add excitement to them.

    7- Contracts.. even if this is just for aesthetics… i could be the world player of the year in season 7.. 99 rated… but if im in the same team i would still be winning the same 5k a week you start with… what? Every 3-4 years you should get contract extension offers and your wage increase.

    8- Scenes of outside the football world to make it more realistic.. player signing fan autographs.. players in the bus before a big game… players in tv shows.. MAKE ME WANNA PLAY GOD DAMMIT.

    9- Trophies.. lets make them as close as possible to the real trophies… some of them look so ugly currently .. i get it you can’t have them because of rights but atleast try making them some what close to reality or appealing… German cup, spanish cup, spanish supercup are among some of the trophies which are just sad to look at.

    10- Persona trophie… cutscenes when you win these.. PES in 2012 had cutscenes for ballon d or, Uefa player of the year… add the same to player of the season with PFA awards in the premier league for example and cut scenes when winning the other personal trophies mentioned above.

    11- Apply the same things as above to international matches. I can win the world cup in the 90th minute and have a shitty celebration..

    12- CHANGE KITS. Imagine staying in the same club for 20 seasons and seeing the same shirts over and over and over and over… lets make it possible for us to choose between different shirts… or maybe have 5 presets of different past year uniforms switch around in the seasons… it gets tiring and really boring.

    13- More possibilities to customize your character… Tattoos.. more hairstyles.. shoes… accessories.. etc…

    These are my recommendations and things id love to see cause honestly after 2-3 seasons the game just gets boring and tiring, there’s nothing new and nothing motivates you to want to unlock new cutscenes or stuff like that… i need more details in the game, stuff to switch things around… FIFA should really listen to use who play the game and buy it every year expecting something different.. instead we get the same shit over and over again and its sad.

    Please listen to the community for once EA,

    Thank you.

  9. In FIFA 22 (if not then FIFA 23) Career mode could EA just add:

    A better negotiation tool. Allow us to do “add ons”, “clauses” and if its august could we make a pre-contract Agreement if we pay a fee for next season. If theres a prospect thats breaking through i want to be able to sign him and loan him back so i dont stunt his growth.

    Add better scenarios such as “transfer requests” that breaks the internet like they used to in FIFA 12. Out of nowhere Wayne Rooney used to hand in a request in August and it would spice up my career mode.

    Add a speculation scenario (like in FIFA 11) so when you shortlist or “declare interest it creates buzz and unsettles players.

    Add back retiring scenarios for legendary players or players who are calling it quits at the top of their game. I dont want to see Messi’s regen out of no where without Messi getting a decent send off.

    Add back chemistry into the tactic area. I shouldnt be able to just sign a random guy and play him next game without him gelling into the team. Especially if they are from overseas.Gameplay

    Please add back referee strictness, i enjoyed not being to guess what kind of decision a ref will make.
    I want emmersvive cut scenes that involve the bench when you miss or players on the touch line reacting to a near miss (it happens now but the animations are poor).

  10. Please make player career mode on FIFA 22 more easier to progress, I played an entire season and I got to and overall rating of 70! By now I should be on at least mid 80’s and that’s after I’ve done all the training and hitting all the targets

  11. Will we be able to set up leagues or tournaments with various teams from ALL leagues use randomly drafted players? So I could BUILD my own Arsenal team using my favorite players?

  12. An option when you start your career that players who retire (ronaldo, zlatan etc) come back to their first team (malmo, sporting). You dont want to play a few seasons and all game faces/real names are gone. I dont want to play with fake names and fake faces. Also, you never buy old players (because they retire and lose value) so you never play with ronaldo, messi, zlatan etc… i want to play with zlatan at ajax and ronaldo at united when they are young. Also do the same thing with legends. Bring kaka,Ronaldinho, Henry, Lahm, iniesta xavi back to their first team. Its gives me so much more choice during my career. It will make career breath again. And if you dont like this option just dont select this option at the start of your career. Guaranteed that players will love this

  13. 1) Solo international management
    2) Change throw in takers (why is the 6 ft 3″ striker taking the throw in!?), like you can with any other set piece
    3) More emphasis on youth teams in career mode to help players develop, build up match fitness
    4) Include individual GK drills in career mode
    5) Reducing the sensitivity of handballs
    6) More variety of job offers in career mode – Not having every team from one league available to apply for despite some of them being top of the league. MLS jobs never come up?!

  14. Revamp the youth scouting system. It should be more like NCAA 14 where each country has a new batch of players each year and you scout them to unlock their abilities to see how good they actually are. A player choosing your team should be determined by your team prestige, league prestige, coach prestige, coach experience, playing time potential, training grounds rating, location to home, scout rating, etc. The top countries should have the biggest player pool and smaller countries have smaller pools. Also, if you can fix the glitch where youth players in year 3 and beyond have noodle arms that would be great. Currently they look like 110lb 7th graders and it ruins the experience. Thanks for listening!

  15. Please EA sports should maintain the offline career mode because most fifa game lovers are in bad network areas.

  16. Adding the youth teams or some sort of controll over that will be really helpful. In that case new players can get game in youth leagues

  17. I wish see in fifa 22 that we can do manager career mode multiplayer in ofline mode .
    (Select two diffrent team in one career )

  18. I think EA should do an online career mode. This can be very interesting. My idea is that there is a host who start the server and everybody choose a team. They would tranfer players from eachother. When they want to simulate a round they all have to agree in that. When a player is missing from the server they can’t continue the career mode. I think this can be fun with your friends.

    1. Because of the lack of depth in career mode especially in the releastic department I’d have more personal features for a player career such as something to spend your wages no just on houses cars jewellery etc stuff that would improve training outside like how hard Ronaldo works outside of his club let us buy a gym for our house saunas etc and when we move to a different country for a new club we have to buy new houses cars and gyms so much more could be added to this but you get the idea at this point in fifa there has to be more outside of what we have

  19. EA I think manager career mode should have the option to make a new kit for every new season and we could have it more realistic where you can drive to the training ground or the stadium or a plane when you play European games I think that will boost career mode it will be fun I will appreciate it if EA put it in the game

  20. Please add the Nations League, Better Gameplay(simlar to pes) and Create Kits, Add PL2 and make youth acaadmey reall in career mode. Make it easier to get a good High rated natioal team. Make Player Prices = real transfer prices. PLease make this more real.

  21. Career mode be a pro:

    It needs to feel more like you’re an actual pro. The animation in manager mode where they negotiate the contract add that to be a pro.

    Allow players to let managers know if they aren’t happy with their positions and allow players to change positions if they want.

    make the news better every start of the season they put the same headline like my pro is just signing with the team he’s been on for two years.

    1. Yes! Yes! and yes again, I mainly play Fifa for the player career now, on top of what you said they also need to add clubs buying you too without needing to hand in transfer request!

  22. Pls put youth leagues like u15 for the start and continue in u17 u19-21-23 put relationships with teammates other footballers coach girlfriend friends and others and it will be really good if you could put ARIS THESSALONIKIS from Greece

    1. Please EA put a career mode have a girlfriend or put a airplanes, train, a busses and cars please

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