FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 21 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 22 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 22 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 22 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 22 separately here in this link.

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9 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Wishlist Manager Mode
    1) Add training matches and let the coach choose the sides of those matches
    2) Should add more variety of trainings, each player needs to have focus points where they want to improve
    3) Please add training for players to change their positions. And for created players please add all positions. Like we dont have LW, CM, LWB those positions when creating someone. I like to create players and play career mode. I would definitely want that to happen
    4) Add more strategy into play. Please let the manager observe the oppositions previous matches and players they selected frequently. Show the opponent stats and form also, since these are available to real life managers.
    5) Add communication between managers and players. Managers most important role is to motivate a team to win, which fifa lacks
    6) Add more managers achievements rather than his teams.

    Player mode
    1) Please add training for players to change their positions. And for created players please add all positions. Like we dont have LW, CM, LWB those positions when creating someone. I like to create players and play career mode. I would definitely want that to happen
    2) increase in height. if a player is 17 years old he can grow till 20-22
    3) control of gym workouts
    4) media exposure and speculations
    5) personal life + family pressure
    6) money and what things he can afford with them
    7) brand exposure, getting spotlight. attending award events, and conferences
    8) more things outside the playing life so that the gamer can feel like his game affects his outside life-family-girlfriend, kids etc
    9) Interaction with managers need to be more
    10) player career mode can start from as early as 14 years old.

  2. Again… time after time EA!!!!
    Implement Kit creator!!!! Or at least be able to add clubs and Kits!!!
    Stadium builder would be nice too!
    LA Liga is very popular around the world and would love to see Segunda B… but it might me too many clubs for you guys to handle that is why PES is able to offer imports so I don’t know why EA can’t do that too.
    FFS GK kits needs to be implemented so many damn times does it clash with the other clubs kits.
    What I don’t understand with you guys at EA is it so hard for you guys to see how many people play career mode and wants what we have been asking for the past few years?
    SO [email protected]#$% tired of playing the same kits year in year out!!!!
    Glad I got PES so when I get tired of Fifa21 then I can go to PES and create kits and import the clubs I want on there to play with….
    So once again as many players have begged for I hope you guys at EA will finally implement what all career mode players want!!

  3. I think u should make career mod more like the journey.And people would like to see their character at the press conference speaking with an actual voice.but not like Fifa 20 ,where its only the manager to speak and without a voice and make it more real.I would even prefer fifa19 coz of the journey.

  4. – Start a career with a calendar already on the move.

    – Have a league for youth teams with different teams from around the world, to observe the performance of our players.

    – Observe completed matches of the other teams, to study and make a strategy against those teams.

    – More Asian countries to send scouts from the youth categories.

    – Choose a real manager with gameface.

    – Extend the limit year of the game. (2050 maybe)

    – Customize the uniforms for each season.

    – Managers retire over the years and retired players take their place.

    – The coach changes between clubs.

    – Edit the potential, the stars of the skills, the dedication to attack and defense and the international reputation of the players we create.

    – Special tribute or cutscene for a player who is retiring.

    – Statistics of the previous seasons of the players.

    – CPU can also change the position of the players.

    – Just like the FM, having a hall of idols, favorites and legends of the club.

    – With some serious injury, the player is force to retire.

    Sorry for my bad english 🙁

  5. – Kit customisation after every season
    – Stadium upgrades
    -The ability to import kits and stadiums
    – Sponsorship deals
    – Choice to remove unwilling to relocate
    – In development plans still grow unselected attributes, albiet at a slower pace

  6. Scene colloqui con le società per essere ingaggiato come allenatore nella modalità carriera, la possibilità di fare domanda come allenatore per qualsiasi squadra di qualsiasi campionato e più realtà nei posti disponibili di allenatore es. (una squadra prima in classifica non può essere nell’elenco delle squadre disponibili per essere allenate). Più campionati giocabili come quello russo e la serie b anche se non con licenza ufficiale ma con i giocatori reali

  7. – Different goalkeeper kit selection!

    – Loaned out player can’t play against parent club!

    – New leagues and new teams to Rest Of The World group.

    – More realistic player faces

  8. – Youth teams which can be managed for talents and to scout players
    – Female Football Leagues (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, USA) with all features as men’s career mode.
    – Kit editor
    – Small teams play very defensively against big teams
    – no AI transfers of club-loyal players (e.g. Inaki Williams)
    – Sponsors
    – Seeying player stats for players that are out on loan in other leagues
    – More statistics of players (like in FIFA 10): passes played, tackles etc.
    – All time statistics of my players (goals & assists of every year)
    – More manager customization
    – Buy-back-clause or loans with buy-option function in transfers
    – More names awailable for creating players
    – No more unrealistic youth player names and faces. Names often don’t match the faces or country of origin.
    – Ability to train every stat including skill moves, weak foot and work rates as well as every other stat
    – Position training
    – Player Morale and performance should be affected (not too much) by things done and said by manager as well as fan and board opinions
    – Youth Tournament with team selection deadline and player pool including U21, U20 or U19 eligible first-team players
    – Trophy room
    – CPU Managers Fired Due To Poor Performances
    – Sanctions like Financial Fair Play!
    – At trophy celebrations the whole team should be present and not just the 11 players + benchplayers
    – More aggression in derbys
    – VAR stuff
    – Press conferences
    Now wouldn’t that be great!! 😀

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