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8 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Game Modes

  1. I just want to say everything you guys are doing is awesome! Please keep up the amazing work however hear me out do what you guys do best and keep doing it for FIFA 23 however make a mode like in NBA 2k where online parks are a thing, Where friends and Randoms of other players meet up in a big arena with lets say 6 fields where people can walk up to and sign on for a role or position and play the other team complete online bring your character from Career mode and bring him online to the fields and play with friends and make new friends. i feel like it’ll open the doors for more players to come back or try out FIFA like it did with NBA. Example my father huge hockey fan but soon as my park happened on NBA and he tried it he plays NBA every day and every chance gets which I never thought would happen. And you see other members who play NBA 2K only for the online my park aspect and i just feel like it will give you Guys at the FIFIA team a huge new breath and players and make the community even bigger then it already is which is kind of crazy as its so big as it is and the thought of it coming bigger is kind of eye opening. But that’s just my thoughts of observation and listening to all the community and playing each game from FIFA to NHL to NBA. Thanks for anyone whom has read this far and please enjoy.

  2. I hope you’re restoring legacy defending back to all the modes because the other type of defending is messed up.

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