FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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185 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. 1)Realistic transfers, sick of playing it and then two years in becomes unplayable because camavinga has joined Fulham or martinelli plays for Newcastle and a million other shocking transfers

    2) lifetime stats for players goals and appearances like they do in nba2k so you can break club records, it’s simple and easy and would make the season actually still matter when it’s over

    3) youth squad, play training matches, create set peices again.

    4) more realism in the financial part, everytime I play two seasons in my team has 200mil to spend, makes no sense, have some kind of financial restrictions

    5) better opposition managers, picking decent players in the right position, tatical changes in game and changing based on the opposition.

    6) more personalisation with managers and kit creator.

    This is mostly basic easy stuff to do and has nothing to do with improving the gameplay, this could all be done so easily. Just don’t be lazy fifa

  2. 1. World Cup 2022
    2. Flashlights storm from the spectators’ stand when kicking off at the beginning of the important matches.
    3. More realistic player movement and gestures.

  3. I think fifa 22 should have 700 million when you start career and I think fifa 22 should have good pack and they should make it

  4. VAR
    Real ref faces
    2nd player career
    Built-in story-mode for player career
    You can work out like NBA 2k
    More realistic transfers
    Create your club
    Create a new kit for a team that already exists

  5. Fifa is a very good game but i got some suggestions
    We never see the medics come out when a player injures at least let us see them for 2 secs please
    You know just for fun when the ball goes out for a throw in and the ball is near the coach or a player that is warming up can they help the players with the ball to play their throw in

  6. 1) fixing transfers where you are a League 1/2 club and want a PL youngster to join (ex. Curtis Jones), rejects offer every single time. He isnt going to play for Liverpool first team every time at his age. Not just him but any PL youngsters refuses to go out on loan to a lower league team.

    2) EFL Championship, League 1&2 Stadiums Licensed
    Currently in Champ- 8/24 licensed stadiums
    League 1 – 3/23
    League 2 – 0/24
    It is in any case annoying when example Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth all came down last season, this season they are in the top 3 (Norwich and Watford have basically got promotion), leaving just 1 out of a possible 3 new stadiums for FIFA 22 due to the PL license needing ALL stadiums in the game. Bournemouth are on the verge of winning promotion via the playoffs meaning NO new stadiums would be added which is annoying for fans wanting more realisticness to the game, you don’t see the stasium all that often BUT you know you are playing at that specific stadium.
    3) English National League/North&South
    Needed, no words other than that.
    4) Alternate GK kits
    Clashes in career mode, clubs, etc.
    5) Kit changes
    Team that you are playing has red shirts, white shorts and white socks – your team has blue shirts, white shorts and blue socks, ability to change white shorts to black/blue (etc.) to avoid clashing, they do it in real life so why not on here.
    6) Stadium capacity
    If losing nine games in a row, lower attendance.. if doing well sell out games (with exception of barriers splitting home/away fans).
    7) Stadium expansion if not licensed stadium

  7. 1. second polish league
    2. VAR
    3. reffere simulator
    4. licenses for all stadiums
    5 Club creator something similar to alex hunter

    1. 1 ligue algérienne
      2 VAR
      3 simulation des joueurs
      4 OMAR pour remplacer pierre menés
      5 les clubs changent de maillots et sponsors
      au fil des saisons

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