FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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317 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. Hello please could you:
    1. Add 5 subs to fifa 22.
    2. Add more play modes like UCL, EUROPA and others to season and maybe online friendlies.

    Thank you,
    Kind regards.

  2. Please bring back the color light bar on PS5 dual sense to indicate player 1 (blue) – player 2 (red) and so on. Or at least a possibility to turn it on for those wanting to.

  3. Play tournament mode in DAYTIME DAYTIME DAYTIME (in game’s setting).

    Now one can’t change the match time and can only play match in night.

    Why I can’t change the match time in settings as before.

    Please have it back so that I could play the match with the sunset, not in a ” black hole” background.


  4. Got an idea for FUT Draft. I think it’s getting a little boring now the current layout of it. So I’ve got an idea for maybe later on in the game or even Fifa 23. When choosing your draft team. You are stuck with that formation/team, so what if, once you win a game you get to swap a player out. So for example I have a mid 70 rated player. I win a game I get an opportunity to swap him out. Trouble is it’s a gamble, you might get a less rated player but you might get a higher rated player.

    Could make FUT Drafts a bit more interesting.

  5. Is it possible that you’re adding teams such as Malmo and Hajduk Split, without adding more famous European clubs like Crvena Zvezda(Red Star Belgrade) or Partizan.
    For instance Crvena Zvezda has won the Champions League 1991 and 1992 Champions league semi finalist and the Club World Cup. Also, you’re missing so many national teams. Also you’re not adding national teams such as Serbia, Croatia, who are all ranked much higher than a lot of other countries.

  6. You should try to bring back in game legendary balls like adidas fevernova, nike geo merlin etc. Instead add some stupid colored “no name” balls. In FUT we get bored with 4-5 balls who look good. When you bring back to life legends, bring them back with their iconic boots not with those jokes of boots

  7. More interaction between the player and the manager in player career mode. It would be nice to be able to react somehow to my managers decisions of concerning my play time. For example ask for more minutes, ask for better salary and stuff like that. It would be more realistic to have more personality for the player.

  8. To allow to make specific name and ratings for players in create a club that would allow more control and maybe make it more fun

    It does not matter if you don’t listen to me

  9. For FUT, It would be awesome to have only gold rare and non-rare players mode. No team of the weeks, team of the year, sbc players, orange cards, purple cards, fucking rainbow cards idk. Why spend money on these cards and make EA richer, when next year, you will have to buy a whole new squad?

    A mode for people who don’t have to spend BIG money on packs and just grind out for EVERY single player in their squad with the coins they EARN (don’t be a bitch and buy coins online). I hate going against some shithead with 93+ rated player in each position. Let them all verse each other with their stupid players on steroids.

    Just matchmaking against other gold rare/non rare squads! Simple is better. COME ON EA

  10. Hello again, so was wondering if u bring back all the details of EDITING the players please, so for example in 21, u can only change numbers. In Fifa 22 can u create the editing of players with numbers, nationality and positions please. Because when on 21 it always goes back to menu after changing one player, I’ll prefer if u can bring back the mode where u can edit the whole team without going back and forwards please.

    I know when 22 comes out the whole squads on there will be updated, but sometimes for entertainment purposes it could be cool to experiment their positions in future. Thanks

  11. Hi,
    Few thought and ideas.

    I see a big problem with the increasing number of “supercharged” players. I must confess having 3 myself but the highest is rated 92. My team is rated 86. It’s so borring now that the Fifa year is coming to an end. In FUT I don’t think I have meet a player with a team rated less than 94 in a while now. People I clearly used to beat I cannot any more since that important last second touch by my CB no longer has an effect on the opponents superman players. It just destroys the game. The best would be there were now un-regular cards, but I can accept a few with a slight improvement. But this orgie of supercharged players is just not fun anymore.

    I doubt FIFA would listen. It’s a game in itself to get these supercharged players. Drive traffic. Any Product Manager how lowers traffic will probably rather shoot him self in the foot before he takes away these supercharged players. One idea could be to make a FUT league where they simply are not allowed.

    2. In the stats view one can see number games goals assists etc. Add percentage columns, Please. That way you can compare your players better. For example
    Games Goals Goals % ….
    100 10 10%

    3. Also for each column you can present FUT and Squad Battle number separately.

    4. Make it possible to search on player attributes, say I want to buy a player with really good passing skills, then I want to be able to search: pass > 85, Speed > 70 which should list all matching players. This should not be an issue if EA built their databas in a smart way. There are only 17000 different player cards, thats nothing to a database.

    5. The really cool thing would be if you could search with the help of a spider where you draw up the spider and only players matching outside the spider you created will be listed.

    6. It shall be possible post bids for a player. Not as now on listed players where the seller sets the starting prize. You should be able to post a purchase order for a player, if someone who has the player they can sell to that prize.

    7. It would be really cool if you can short sell players. (upto a certain limit, for instance 50% of your cash + player worth)

    Yeah I know. really, I should be a FIFA Product Manager!

    Also I have a question: Why does EA on one hand endorse youtube channels that are clearly involved in coin selling schemes? On the other hand ban people that sold a player under prized to a friend? Very strange. Double standards.

  12. All I really want is to be able to change the goalkeeper kit in the create a club career mode, it doesn’t make sense that you can create a home and away kit but not a goalkeeper kit.

  13. For be a pro careers they should introduce an agent in actions so that you can ask your agent to attempt to secure a move/ loan to a club of your choice. I hate putting in a request and hoping for the best. Obviously the club might say no if your not good enough…

  14. Career Mode


    1. Fan indicator
    This would allow the player to see if they are liked by the fans. This will also give the board a decision if you are under performing for the club.

    2. Players Want Away
    If a club comes in for a player, they player should also have an input too. For example, if Barcelona put a bid in for Foden. The parent club maybe approached by their player if they know an offer is on the table to try and persuade the club to sell them.

    3. Achievement
    There should be an achievement for playing an entire career mode.

    4. Opposition Scout Report
    Before you play/sim a match, you should have a scout report of the form of the opposition and formations they last played.

  15. Been asking for tattoos for created players to be added into the game for years now. Why can the give us the ability to add tattoos to our created players for career modes etc.

  16. One important change on carear mode I would love to see on fifa 22 , is the ability see your team play on the pitch rather than just the simulation that a just allow you see dotted spots running on a football pitch – when jump into game, you won’nt even find the highlights of the simulated match.

    I will really love it if the players play the game on the pitch and you see them but your controllers are not used to control them rather your control pad is placed on CPU (at the middle).

    And I would also like a situation where one can load his carear mode team against another player’s carear mode team. We use to have something like that on PES.

    Please, suggest this to them, I am sure carear players on fifa 22 will find it more fun and interesting.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  17. So i have heard they are Replacing the Commentary team this season, however can i request for MARTIN TYLER AND ALAN SMITH back or DEREK RAE AND ALAN SMITH PLEASE. it was a lot of fun back then, but obviously, can u update their announcements, don’t want the same stories. LOL

    Can u bring back the RUSSIAN LEAGUE and a Ref League sounds good, if not then can u create more realistic ones like this season they are participating in please.

  18. Hi there,

    I’m a huge career mode fan and I like the fact that FIFA 22 has Create a club. It would be nice to have sponsors and those sponsors set a budget and you have to choose your sponsor maybe for 3-5 years. Example:

    Sponsor A
    Transfer Budget: £20 000 000 per season
    Objective: Win the league
    Duration: 3 years with option for renewal

    Sponsor B
    Transfer Budget: £15 000 000
    Objective: Win 3 Cups or Win the League
    Duration: 5 years

    It can be generated sponsors from FIFA just like the generated players. It would be nice to have a sponsorship on the front on the kit. Hence, generated sponsorships.

    When I start a career mode. I like to retire with an old player preferably from the league I like to play in.

    It would be nice to have feature like that, when a player retires they can also be able to start their own team.

  19. Hey, I think a champions section should be included in the team select area, where users can choose from the last 10 teams to win in each major league like champions league, prem etc. Having classic teams would be a welcomed addition. I have been out of the loop a bit, last played fifa 19 so I’m not sure that hasn’t already been

  20. You should implement a program that calculates the ping and internet connection. Have set parameters in order to qualify for game play.
    If one’s connection goes below the set parameters that player should get the loss and be punished for it.
    This is to prevent players to manipulate the connection in order to gain advantage.
    If you have internet you can always get better internet. I have, because I enjoy playing this game.
    But not again toxic hacks.

    Another issue is player lag however they are implementing the glitch wether with bots or other means i dont know.
    It has become a norm in every game i play. The game starts fine normal player movement/dribbling/passes/shooting/ tackles all normal. In fact im in total control of the game. And all of the sudden all is gone.
    Cant shoot/dribble/pass/tackle nothing the opponent just unleashes and walks all over and scores anywhere from 5 up to 12 goals. The opponent goes from not being able to touch the ball to god like player.
    Yea if anything should be fixed and implemented that is something to fix these issues. The game has become boring.
    Even playing the #Beta 22 is the same thing. I won maybe 4-5 games out of 20-30 games played all because as soon as i get into opponents third my players suffer electric amnesia like electrocution.
    Why would i invest $99 on the game that is already hacked.

  21. Please can you add more black people hair styles for player career mode. And for created club career mode can you add sponsors that would be great

  22. 1) We(as a coach and squad) should talk about our opponents and their tactics and weaknesses before match. İt can be in a training area or dressing room.

    2) We(as a coach) should give face to face feedback to the chairman every month.

    3) Also there should be press conferences for transfer rumors.

    4) Players should talk to face to face the coaches when they are happy or unhappy.

    5) We(as a coach) can watch other matches summary in news section.

    these can make Fifa-career mode experience realistic and precious.

  23. I would really like a Multiplayer career mode and have done for years, it would be a great addition, even if it was limited to 2 players.

  24. It would be better if we made manager offers to the teams we want after playing 1 season in career mode, it would be better if we navigated and selected all the leagues, not the teams you suggested.

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