FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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26 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. Make an exclusive world cup game with a new game engine. Add classic teams so we can play with legends in kick-off mode. I think you should make other sports games you haven’t tried yet, maybe baseball, tennis, or bowling. Also remember a mobile wsop poker game that was fun, why not try a full blown video game with 3d poker pro characters.

  2. Το fifa θα ήταν 10 φορές καλύτερο αν υπήρχαν τα παρακάτω:
    Στο manager career mode:
    1. Να μπορούσες να φτιάξεις το γήπεδο της ομάδας σου όπως ακριβώς σου αρέσει!
    2. Να μπορούσες να ζητήσεις λεφτά από τους μετόχους της ομάδας (στην οποία είσαι manager) στη μέση της σεζόν.
    3. Να μπορούσαν να σου κάνουν προτάσεις για συνεργασίες διάφοροι σπόνσορες, ώστε να κερδίζεις περισσότερα χρήματα.
    4. Να μπορείς να αλλάξεις το σήμα της ομάδας σου.
    5. Να μπορείς να φτιάξεις μια δική σου ομάδα
    6 .Να μπορείς να φτιάξεις την φανέλα της ομάδας σου όπως σου αρέσει!
    7. Να μπορείς πριν αρχίσει η αγωνιστική σεζόν να κανονίζεις φιλικά με ομάδες από όλον τον πλανήτη!
    Έπειτα όσο αναφορά όλο το υπόλοιπο παιχνίδι:
    1. Να φτιάξετε λίγο το gameplay
    2. Να μπει σύντομα η Ελληνική league (super league)
    3. Να διορθώσετε τα γραφικά σε κάποιους παίκτες!
    4. Να υπάρχει VAR στις κρίσιμες φάσεις του αγώνα και στα offside!
    Αυτά είναι τα πράγματα που εύχομαι να γίνουν από την EA όσο το δυνατόν πιο σύντομα!

  3. 1. Better player career mode.
    -Take the “Alex Hunter” mode, and make it fully customizable, basically a story mode for player career mode, instead of Alex Hunter.
    -Full transfer layout for player career mode (Choose what teams you’re interested in going to, and where you could fit in at the interested clubs)
    -Learn, adapt, and play in different positions (and play in areas that match what you prefer to play. No going from being a CAM/RW to a CB)
    – Overall adjustment for every season played, like actual Fifa does when rating players off their prior season. ( Like a players has an overall of 83 to begin with, and based off your first season, in the second season your overall will go up (max of 10) or down (max of 5), just to make it more realistic (number of points for an overall will change based on a players age).
    – Be able to start off in a youth team for a team you choose to play for.
    – Able to go on loan for a maximum of 4 years (ex. James Rodriguez).
    – Be compared to legends and have nicknames given to you player based off of; team, country, and number.
    – Be able to be transferred to and from Asian clubs (ex. J-league).
    – Bring more countries to have manageable or play for the country (ex. Japan & Korea).
    2. VAR (only for Manager career mode, FUT,Online seasons, Pro Clubs, or Kickoff)
    3.Better Defensive CPU for Manager/Player career mode.
    4. More Manager faces (ex. Ole & Koeman)
    5. Play as a Manager for Manager career mode instead of creating a manager
    6. Kit customization for later years, and be able to save many created kits as presets for multiple later years. And make a smart AI to make kits for all other teams.
    7. Sponsorship (Nike, Adidas, Puma)

  4. So personally i think for career mode you should be able to have new sponsors E.g Liverpool are sponsored by Nike but i want to change it to adidas also you should be able to make Kits for each season your managing that club and the other teams kits should change aswell.

  5. Sliders for player and CPU stamina effectiveness during matches, with one end representing almost instant stamina depletion and the other end representing virtually infinite stamina preservation.

  6. Fully License the whole EFL Leagues
    Pitch invasions
    New stadiums likes of The Den Pride park Ewood park
    Option for West Ham bring back Upton Park
    Broadcast Sky Sports and Fully license cause of already partners
    For Half Time Crossbar Challenge
    Show Club Mascots

  7. 1- referee career mode
    I think this would be fun cause it’d be something different and new to have the experience in basically deciding the game
    2- better hairstyle customization
    We should have better hairstyles and be able to customize them like you can in the pes series cause that would make your character more detailed
    3- import my face
    I heard they got rid of this a few years ago and tbh idk why I mean the faces would look so much better and not every my player would look the same
    4- more realistic injuries
    Ik fifa isn’t about injuries but it should be like how it is in real life if there’s blood or just more like explanation in the injury also there should be like a cutscene of you going to the pediatrician and like check up on your progress
    5- story mode in my player career mode
    Ik that in FIFA 17 they had the my journey thing and that was really cool cause they had like an actual story line they should have that but like have choices if like you go outside the playing field
    That’s all I have hopefully some of these get put in next year

  8. make co-captains so that if you sub your captain off, the co-captain gets the armband instead of the person that replaced the captain. also, a referee career mode would be great and goals that are scored in added time aren’t just marked as 90′ and 45′, but rather 90+2′ or 45+4′. one more thing: in career mode, cpu managers should be able to be fired if their team isn’t performing well.

  9. i think you should check your extra time on the end beacuse its was extra 2 minites and 2 mins past and from his football area he sooted the ball and end it up scorring at 5 extra mins while its was et 2 mins

  10. I know that Fifa 21 only just came out but I think that there are more things i would like to see in the future:

    Referee career mode
    I would like to be able to referee games as a completely new way of playing the game. Having this as a career mode option would be great as it means that there is something to play for

    This has been a large part of modern football and even if it changed 15%-20% of decisions, I would love to see it in the game

    Updated commentary
    I would like to see more commentary options. (Gary neville & Jamie Carragher) AND BRING BACK MARTIN TYLER AND ALAN SMITH

    Price control
    In career mode, I’d love to have more control over ticket pricing, merchandise and food pricing as this could change the path of your club… Too expensive = no fans. Too cheap = No profit

    Training optional
    I’d like the training to be optional because it take so long to get between matches. If training is off you should be able to select what grade your players get each time instead of i being Ds if you have never played it before.

    Updated supporters
    I’d like to see new chants and new faces for supporters

    Unhappy supporters
    If your team is 3-0 down with 20 minutes to go, i’d like to see your supporters leave (not all of them, just a few) I would also like to see less fans turn up for games if you have bad form. i don’t mean when you look at the financial page, I mean appearance in the stadium

    Trophy room
    In career mode, you win lots of trophies (mostly) so i’d like to be able to see a trophy room if possible

    I know that blood is graphic but it should be optional… this is not what this section is about. Players should get cramps if they are played too much or too little. This would only mean that they should be subbed off for the game that you are playing

    Loans update
    Loaned players should not nee able to play against parent club

    Keeper kits
    Manchester United have a yellow kit (the only one in the game) but they also have a black kit which should appear in the game… I’m certain that most teams have multiple kits.

    CPU Managers can get fired
    If a team was underperforming, the manager should get fired and be replaced with another manager. There are managers at the moment like Pochettino who are not managing a team and there should be 5/10 extra managers who could replace other managers. this should not happen too often.

    More realistic Derbys
    There should be more aggression in Derbies. El Classico is the same as Everton Vs Southampton even though El Classico is one of the top 5 football derbies.

    Career mode creations
    Create a club a stadium and chants in career mode. Grow the club from the bottom or start at the top. You can get a mixed team of gifts from other clubs, free agents and made up players. Or you can make all of your players.

    Kit customisation
    i understand that it may be impossible to change the sponsor or supplier but surely we could design a kit or use an older kit at the start of each season in career mode. This would make player shirt sales more realistic and if you really wanted to, you could make the Spurs kit blue and the Chelsea kit white.

    Stadium Expansions
    If you controlled Bournemouth and won the title, you would most likely what a VISUAL stadium expansion. It could cost a lot of money but you have to decide if it is worth it.

    Non football moments
    If it is Christmas day, You should get the decision of having fun with the team or going to your family. This could alter your moral and could effect gameplay.

    Set Pieces
    In training, you should be able to create set pieces. From a corner, you might get the tall player to run to the penalty spot from the 6YD box and the faster ones to break forward to the front of everyone. These can be applied in games.

    Easier to score Penalties
    It should be optional to keep the target from moving and the keepers should not ALWAYS guess the right way.

    More edit options
    Why are the coats mostly horrible. You should get to select what you wear in the rain and have more options for creating players and managers

    There are most of my ideas.

  11. Please add new cool things to my player career mode. Keep adding new things to manager career mode. I think its the most played out of 2. But my player is the same a last year add things like we have in manager career mode and for example you can use the money you earn, position change, weak foot and skill moves upgrade.In manager career mode you can talk to your players and to press confrences but you should be able to do that in my player too and you can be subbed on if your not starting.

  12. 1. Random Selection Match mode like in PES where you can choose

    2) TEAM
    3) LEAGUE

    2. New improved graphics

    3. New fan models

    4. Classic kits

    5. FUT Icons playable team

    6. New story mode


  13. 1. Random Selection Match mode like in PES where you can choose

    2) TEAM
    3) LEAGUE

    2. New improved graphics

    3. New fan models

    4. Classic kits

    5. FUT Icons playable team

  14. Can online friendlies have the same amount of options as normal kick off

    House rules
    Champions league
    Home and away
    All the options you’d normally have in kick off

    It’s disgraceful that all you can do is first to 3 wins in an online friendly

  15. -Be a Referee mode- I think ”be a referee mode” will be a really nice addition in FIFA we never had it and if you were to add it in I think people would have a lot more fun with career mode, right now all we have is the manager and player and when you do the same careers every new game it would get boring, it would be a really nice addition to FIFA and it would make all FIFA fans happy!

  16. We used to have “Player Manager Career mode” it was a way to control what happens to your team while you also play with all the players you want on your team. It was hands down the best mode option in fifa 12 but it was removed and it should be brought back as a option it was just to good to be removed

  17. 1. VAR
    2. Customize your own kits , sponsors , kit supplier , colour , logo e.t.c in Career mode
    3. Be a Ref in Career mode
    4. Bring back Golden Goal
    5. Sign sponsorship deals in Career mode
    6. Stadium expansions in Career mode
    7. Create your own Stadium from scratch in Career mode
    8. Create your own Club chants
    9. The Journey part 4 Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker battle it out for the final England place for Qatar 2022
    10. Edit player hairstyles in career mode
    11. Women’s super league in Career mode
    12. 3D and HD matches in Career mode
    13. Live updates from Sky Sports news in Career mode
    14. Commentary from Gary Linekar , Mark Lawrensen , Ian Wright ,Chris Kamara and Ian Cheeseman
    15. Play the Season live in Career mode right here right now for the most realistic look.
    16. UEFA Nations League
    17. FFP
    18. Be a Physio in Career mode
    19. Be a Linesman in Career mode
    20. Fans booing the team and leaving when their team gets whitewashed

  18. -We would like more leagues in Fifa, for example Cypriot league has almost every year for the past 10 years a team in the Champions/Europa League group stage.
    -Career Mode transfer logic has to be fixed. It is not logical that all teams are willing to sell their best young prospects for 10 or 20 or 40 millions depending on their rating while in the real world the teams want 100-200 millions.
    -More options for buy-back, special bonuses, buy and loan immediately and staff like that in transfer negotiations in Career mode

  19. Just a few ideas for the next one.

    – CPU managers get fired for bad performances
    – Better fan reactions to what is currently happening during the game
    – In player career mode you should have the ability to negotiate a new contract. I find it frustrating and super unrealistic that the only way to get paid more is to move to a different club. You already have the building blocks in the form of contract negotiations as a manager im not sure how easy it would be to retain this function ifor this idea but its something I’ve thought about for the past 3 games now.
    -Also in player career when editing your player that you play as I’d really like to see some form of tattoo menu added. You have it in Volta and other games career mode adding it here would add another fun layer of realism.
    -Trophy room/ Team museum would be a cool idea. This is I’ll admit super extra but the first person on the forum really got me interested in this. Its a way to look through your team’s history and success. You could have the game store screenshots of big matches to display in this area. This isn’t a super important thing I just liked their idea.
    – Financial Fair play option that you could switch on before starting a career would make the game more realistic if you like playing without having to face a super stacked super team I know you kinda did that in fifa 21 but I just witnessed Harry Kane go to Barca for $155million idk seems like that move would realistically never materialize.
    – Another idea I’m kind of taking from Marc, shoutout to Marc you had some pretty interesting ones, would be to include a kit editor. Now personally in career mode that may be difficult due to Licensing and whatnot but it could freshen up the game so that after an in-game decade Liverpool or PSG for example aren’t still running around with jerseys from 2020.
    – This is more a gameplay stance but goal keepers really need to be upgraded so I’m not scored on every game because my made an unrealistic sliding play to disarm an attacker. Like I have never seen that in an irl game, probably because the keeper would be benched faster than he can say sorry.
    – Marc said something about press conferences idk if he forgot that its already a feature in the manager career or if he wants one included in player career. I can totally get behind the play career press conference it would make your player seem more like a real person rather than a 2-D emotionless avatar. Also side note here but are you able to get these choices voiced? Because its not like there’s a bunch of them so I can’t imagine it would take longer to produce.
    – Something small but one I would really like to see is stat keeping for your player’s national team performance while they’re still playing not when they retire. Idk if you’d also be able to have announcers recognize national team achievements mid game say you score your 25th goal in your national career and they talk about it since it is a milestone.
    – I haven’t played enough 21 yet to see if you’ve fixed it but also with national team call ups I see in the news articles when it says its my first call up when realistically its like my 10th please get rid of that id rather never see a news update about me being called up for the 20th first time than see it every month. Its a small thing that makes no sense.
    – If you get traded and face your old team can you make the moment more impactful like if the team traded you away, which by the way would be a cool idea you could switch on before starting a career, or you left because you weren’t being considered crucial on return have the fans cheer or something if you were a fan favorite but if you left for money you’d be the villan and on your return every time you were on the ball you’d be booed.
    – I like Marc’s idea of including womens leagues into the game. The idea of making it a career mode is interesting but admittedly a lot of work which would probably increase the game file another 40 gb.
    – And for now at least last thing would be buy back option and option to buy on loans. I know you have option to buy in manager but I’m thinking expanding it player career would only be logical.

  20. – Different goalkeeper kit selection!

    – Teams should be able to make more than 3 substitutions in pre season friendly games.

    – Fans leaving the stadium if bad results continue.

    – More realistic player faces

    – Realistic injuries (Blood, Cramp etc)

    – Loaned out player can’t play against parrent club

  21. – More female national teams (Iceland, Nigeria, Korea, Brazil (authentic), Italy, Cameroon)
    – Youth teams which can be managed for talents and to scout players
    – Female Football Leagues (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, England, Sweden, Norway, USA) with all features as men’s career mode.
    – Kit editor
    – Small teams play very defensively against big teams
    – no AI transfers of club-loyal players (e.g. Inaki Williams)
    – Sponsors
    – Seeying player stats for players that are out on loan in other leagues
    – More statistics of players (like in FIFA 10): passes played, tackles etc.
    – All time statistics of my players (goals & assists of every year)
    – More manager customization
    – Buy-back-clause or loans with buy-option function in transfers
    – More names awailable for creating players
    – No more unrealistic youth player names and faces. Names often don’t match the faces or country of origin.
    – Ability to train every stat including skill moves, weak foot and work rates as well as every other stat
    – Position training
    – Player Morale and performance should be affected (not too much) by things done and said by manager as well as fan and board opinions
    – Youth Tournament with team selection deadline and player pool including U21, U20 or U19 eligible first-team players
    – Trophy room
    – CPU Managers Fired Due To Poor Performances
    – Sanctions like Financial Fair Play!
    – At trophy celebrations the whole team should be present and not just the 11 players + benchplayers
    – More aggression in derbys
    – VAR stuff
    – Press conferences

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