FIFA 22 Wishlist

FIFA 22 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 22 here at this page. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 22 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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242 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Wishlist

  1. I only play FIFA for manager mode nothing else.
    Plan and simple these are the small things that would make the world of difference.

    1. Add FIFA Club World Cup tournament
    2. Better trophy celebration, each play gets a medal then lift the trophy.
    3. Include a Bus Tour with the team
    3. Manager has trophy cabinet in his office
    4. 3D tour of trophy Room
    5. End of season lap around the pitch
    6. Option to make players club legends then buy a statue for that player and place outside of the ground
    7. Sky sports transfer deadline days
    8. Getting Gary Neville and Jamie for commentary
    9. When a club wins a trophy in the next season actually mention and act like they are already the current holds from the previous season
    10. Option to play as an actual manager i.e have the chance to be Jurgen Klopp

  2. I love the stadium customization, and the weekly objectives are great too also the game play kinda improved a bit. I wish in next fifa you can add the following:
    1. Regarding the FUT Champions
    a. the prizes all year for the fut champions like how it is in the tots, so one can actually choose if he wants to play or no, because its usually a disappointment most of the totws.
    b. make entering the fut champion more valuable and worthy. Through tournaments as it was before with a special card.
    2. Regarding the events
    a. decrease please the number of events. Its too much. And all focused in increasing the pace of some players. I believe that OTW, Futmas, TOTY, FutBday, TOTS are enough
    3. Regarding The Card Rates
    a. return the winter upgrade that was so cool
    b. UCL cards should be with +1 rate
    c. give the players their pace right specially defenders, and if they are lower ratings, just make their positioning v. Bad, and same goes for strikers, don’t make the game only about pace
    d. i suggest for chemistry to have a value, each 1 equal to 10% of the players ability. That would make players be sure they make a player at 10 chem. And will decrease a lot the rb/lb playing as cb
    4. Regarding the SBC
    a. proper icon SBC at the end of may like fifa 19
    b. Icons required on big icons sbc, so even if one get a non playable icon, it could worse some coins
    c. POTM sbc, if a player already got 2 POTM, there should be a special sbc for those who have the older version.
    5. Regarding the Menu
    a. Return the my club tab please

  3. More MLS stadiums, if not all. Most MLS teams have either built new stadiums in the last 5 years or massively renovated them.

    Add continental play for North America. Even if it’s not the actual CONCACAF Champions League, just make a generic tournament for North American teams to play in.

    Club World Cup. It would be awesome to play career mode for a non-European team and be able to play Europe’s top clubs.

  4. Customize the Goal Nets. NOT just for FUT!

    Ability to select different mesh styles from the settings menu.

    Type: Triangle / Rectangle
    Tension: Loose / Tight / Regular
    Color: White / Black / Red / Blue / Green / Combined colors
    Mesh: Square / Hexagon / Small square / Old, Vintage style
    Depth: Short nets / Deep nets

  5. Hi,

    Very important for gameplay:
    1. Make the 4-th substitution available in extra-time.
    2. Re-balance the efficiency of tactical formations. 4-2-3-1 Narrow is used by 95% of pro players (with full backs stay back, one cdm stay back and cutting lanes, cam and st stay forward and wingers+full backs+ one cdm with conservative interceptions). So, try to make 4-3-3 or 3-5-2 systems to be efficient also.
    3. Pace is much too important for center backs (example: Shaw is much better than Maguire as CB for Man UTD, despite having lower or similar overall rating)
    4. Free kicks (indirect and direct) are quite hard to manage and sometimes very predictible.
    5.Overhead bicycle kick should be done easier while risking to make a foul or lose possesion attepting this move.
    6. In Fifa seasons, kits give me headaches. I only choose white because it is the only ”safe” colour. While playing with blue or varions of red, sometimes the oppenent has a very similar kit colour. And guess what, they don t press mutual exit…
    7. Long shots should be a way to score…more often.

    i) Add U19 team with stats (not playable) in career mode
    ii) More pre-defined avatars for manager (around 50 options)
    iii) Add created players in national teams in offline mode
    iv) Add full legendary teams to play in friendlies (offline and online): Brasil 1970, Ac Milan (1989 and 2005), France 1998,Real Madrid (1960 and 2002), Barcelona 2009, Manchester United 1999 and even old versions of Hungary, Uruguay (in the 30s), AJax, Benfica etc
    v) More stats in fifa seasons: Goals scored and received, team used, goal scorers, assists by player etc
    vi) More national teams, expecially Japan and more african countries, Brasil with real players.
    vii) Make someting with license for Boca Juniors,River Plate and Juventus Torino.Or at least make smarter names. For example Juve instead of Juvetus.Piemonte Calcio is…..a bad choice
    viii) Improve database for commentary.All the time they say the same things. Just pick and record around 1000 unique statistics for top 200 players in the world. Example: ”Oblak, a great goalkeeper. How lucky Slovenia is, having Handanovic and Oblak born in this small former yugoslav country. And I also know a very lucky portugese team, Rio Ave who trained Oblak and Ederson,what a chance!”
    ix) Make an online hybrid between seasons and FUT. I like to play in seasons (i play in first division for years) but I really dislike FUT because all that complexity do not improve my FIFA skills and I don t want to play against people who spent more time or money, not necessary better, but just having better squads. So I would like the possibility to make my own team with a total predefined number of stars. So I would like to be allowed to create a squad based on my style of play and compete agains similiar players with same stars.
    x) Put four central characters on the main poster (and cover of the game) instead of just one (Reus, Mbappe etc). There should be: one big player in his prime, one legend approaching end of career, one wonderkid and one player with outstanding fair play in last season:
    Example for possible cover for 2022: Kante (or Lewandowski) + Luis Suarez (or Ibrahimovic) + Bellingham (or Pedri) +Simon Kjaer (or Rashord)


  6. First,
    Maybe, there is no “rule” for how many times referee will whistle, when the game is end;
    but, In reality Referee
    1st half, finishes with 2 whistle not 3;
    2nd half, finishes with 3 whistle.
    Please fix it, If you can…
    More realistic grass, weather and shadows…
    The same supporter faces and fan moves in the game; this makes game looks cheap&old tech. Please work more on them.
    Please change at the beginning of the game start. At the begining, there are lots of unnecessarily “press A” button phases.. ex. everytime “choosing language” is very unnecessary.
    It can be change in settings..
    Please change at the beginning of the “training before game” section.. at least, you can give us an option that for changing training cam angle.
    Or If we can begin “training before game” in that empty stadium. That would be nice..


  7. FIFA 22 on Google play store
    And you can take your youth to play a match
    Adding woman’s club leagues

  8. They should add the ability to see the stats of your international teams players as well as your clubs. Maybe create a U21 feature in Career Mode where you can send your youth players to play for a U21 team, so they can experience and level up before moving to the first team. They Should make the Women’s CL a side tournament you can do with the best women clubs in the world. Lots more of ideas

  9. Dynamic Fan System
    this is work like this:
    When my team is too bad in games the fans on the stadium must be less right? we need this feature.
    Also if my team plays like unimportant matches stadiuim must have less fans.
    Face Scan for PROCLUBS and Carrer Mode.

  10. There are a lot of things you can add:
    2.carrier mode- under 21 team, customise my stadium and kit, half-time talk with the players.
    3.bring back the journey, but improved. leagues, stadiums, national teams, faces.
    5.referee mode. impvrovements- more fan’s songs, flags, traspassing into the pitch…

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