How to Play FIFA 22 Career Mode as a Manager

FIFA 22 Career Manager Mode Guide

Learn how to create a manager in FIFA 22 Career Mode and start your career as a manager.


To commence your career in FIFA 22 as a manager, you need to choose MANAGER CAREER when starting a new career.

Select a Manager

After selecting MANAGER CAREER, you will be asked to select a manager (avatar) and continue to edit and customize your manager character (avatar). This customization includes the following steps and options:

Select a Manager - FIFA 22 Career

Personal information regarding your manager – Take note that you will NOT be able to change this information later:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nationality / Region – Country name
Edit Manager - FIFA 22 Career

Here you can edit your player’s head type, appearance and features, including:

  • Face – Face types & shapes
  • Tone & Complexion – Head and face skin tones
  • Eyes – Eyes types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Brows – Eyebrows types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Nose – Nose types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Mouth – Mouth types incl. mouth size, position & protrusion
  • Cheeks & Jaws – Cheeks & Jaws position & fullness
  • Chin – Chin size, protrusion & fullness
  • Ears – Ears size, earlobe, protrusion, helix & pitch
  • Hair – Hair colour & types (short, medium, long & accessorized)
  • Facial Hair – Facial hair types & colour (moustache, beard & etc.)

Data regarding your manager clothes:

  • Inner Top – Choose a clothing worn by your manage underneath their top clothing.
  • Outer Top – Choose a clothing worn by your manage above their inner clothing.
  • Outer Bottom – Choose a trouser.
  • Outfit Accessory – Accessory item for your manage outfit.
  • Socks – Socks types/colours.
  • Shoes – shoes types/colours.

When you finished customising, save and advance by pressing Options/Menu button. Then you need to select your club type:

Choose Club Type - FIFA 22 Career
Authentic Club

You can choose to manage an existing club from FIFA 22 clubs database which are coming from the real-life clubs. You can see the club’s brief information and history, including their transfer budget and club worth which could be important for you as a manager.

Don’t forget to go through the board expectations as this could affect your career if you cannot fulfil them. For example, the domestic & continental success are expected critically in a club like FC Barcelona, so managing such as club could be tough while their financial resources are low.

After choosing your authentic club, you need to customize your career settings for the following matters:

  • Match Difficulty – Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary or Ultimate
  • Half Length – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 or 20 Mins
  • Currency – Sterling, US Dollars or Euros
  • European Competitions – Enable/Disable (UCL, UEL and UECL)
  • Transfer Window – Enable/Disable (First summer Transfer Window)
  • International Offers – Enable/Disable (Job offers for national football teams)
  • Negotiation Strictness – Strict/Loose (Set the club and player strictness to negotiate transfers).
  • Financial Takeover – Enable/Disable (Receive an influx of clash at the beginning of your career).
Create Club in FIFA 22 Career Mode
Create Your Club

If you choose to create your own club, you are required to enter your club details as follows:

  • Club Info – Name, Nickname, Short name and Abbreviation.
  • Replace Team – A team from real world that will be replaced with your club.
  • Rival Team – You need to select a rival team to your club.
  • Kit, Crest and Stadium – Kit & crest of your club must be customized and cannot be taken from FIFA 22 clubs, but your stadium needs to be selected from FIFA 22 stadiums list – You can customize your stadium’s stands, pitch and atmosphere.
  • Your Squad – You need to edit your team rating, age, transfer budget, board expectations etc.
  • Career Settings – Settings such as match difficulty, half length, currency etc.

When all set, you need to save your progress and carry on. Then you will officially become the manager of your selected club. Next, you will receive some pre-season tournament invites to play some friendly matches and potentially won prize money which could help you to increase your transfer budget for future. This invitation can be skipped, by this could be a good opportunity for you as a manager to get to know all your players, experiment with different tactics and get your team ready for the actual season.

FIFA 22 Career Mode - Pre-season

You can select a tournament and see which teams you will face on, the tournament difficulty and how much of prize money you could receive by winning the tournament title.

Start Your Job

You can now start your job and manage your club. In the main screen of FIFA 22 Career Mode, you can see tabs and options to manage your club and play the game. These are the options and their functionalities:

Central - Career Mode

This screen is your central hub for your club. You have the following option under CENTRAL tab to control and manage your career:

Training Day / Play Match / Advance

Using this tab you can play or simulate matches and training, and continue your season according to the season calendar. You can simulate your training and matches by press R3 button (Quick Sim). Remember that simulation might not have a outcome that you can get by playing training or matches by yourself.


Here you get notified about your messages including emails and chats from your players. Select this option to go to your Inbox and Player Chat page to manage your message. Pay attention to your notifications, because some important messages arrive in your inbox anytime. You can delete or archive your messages there.

Standings / Top Scorers

Here you can view the standings and fixtures of your league and other cups & tournaments you are in. Top scorers lists of these competitions are also available in this section.

Weekly Schedule

Your weekly schedule can be accessed here. You can change and modify your activities under this section. Team sheets and schedule rules can be also changed here. You can also access to your season calendar here. You are also able to simulate all of your activities to a selected date (by Sim to Date option).


Here you can help your players grow to reach their full potential. The Development Plan option allows to plan your players growth. Assigning roles, changing kit number and putting them in stating line-up are also available in Development section.


This section is to manage your squad for the following options:

Team Sheet

Customising your team sheet, including, formation, tactics, player roles and instructions.

Squad Hub

Squad Hub allows you to touch on and review your players’:

  • Status
  • Stats
  • Development
  • Financial

Edit Players

Use this option if you would like to edit your players body types, positions and kits.

FIFA 22 Career Mode (Transfers)

You can find players to transfer to your club here. This section has the following features:

  • Scouting Players – Which allows you to scout players by seeing their list in any position or a selected position. You can also select these players from here and send them to your shortlist if you are interested.
  • Search Players – Search for a specific player you want to buy, load or scout.
  • Scout Instructions – Manage criteria of players that you are looking for.
  • Transfer Hub – Access to your Shortlist, Sent Offers, Received Offers and Transfer Listed.
  • Transfer History – A history log of your club’s transfers as well as the other clubs.

Office section has the following options:

  • Notification – All notifications from your office
  • Finance – You financial overview, reports, transactions and budget
  • Board Expectation – Expectations from your managing board including your confidence rating, youth development, brand exposure, financial, domestic and content successes.
  • Youth Staff & Youth Academy – To find new and young talent for your club
  • Edit Manager – Edit your manager appearance (Name & nationality are not editable)
  • My Career – Your career summary (Overall and by season)
  • Browse Jobs – Check out if there is any potential managerial jobs
  • National Team Job Offers
  • Resign from National Team
FIFA 22 Career Mode (Seasons)

Under Season menu, you can access to:

  • Calendar – Your complete schedule and events.
  • Team Stats – Including in-depth statistics for all the teams.
  • Player Stats – Featuring in-depth statistics for all the players.
  • Standings – Standings and fixtures for the current season.
  • Settings – Game settings (half length, difficulty and etc).

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  2. This mode is stupid cause managers don’t play the games nor do they control the coaches actions on the pitch so this should be called everything mode cause your the manager gm coach and the player and the goalie.

    1. Yeah man! I’ve gone through so much settings and in the end i have to play as a player in a match. Side select is a must to proceed with the match!

    1. Have you not played FIFA? Yes go to your rival’s team submit an offer. In some cases they will refuse because you are in the same league in others they’d agree because they need the influx of cash

  3. Board expectations of a league 2 team to finish the season with 25 mil after starting with 1 mil? And there’s no way to stop from being fired, I can’t believe this amount of neglect goes into such an expensive piece of shit game, you guys ain’t serious, such a simple, small problem and no fix, I’m glad I only have this game through ps+, If I payed full price for this heap of trash I’d need my money back ASAP, With all the money this game makes you and you still can’t fix small simple things, scumbags.

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    i have a problem with Manager Mode with first Summer Transfer window.
    When i disable the first Transfer Market, still so many transfers occurs every week even if the Transfer window is closed.
    I play on PC, can anyone help me with this please?

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  10. Of you are a manager for a small club like in Japan, cab i move to a big club like Barcelona or do i need to go to a “ bigger “ league to show that I can to good work?

    I need help!

    Should I continue in my Japan team till I get the job offer, or should i go to Porto or Ajax?

    1. Big clubs mean better leagues, which means better reputation.
      Simply put, to prove youre good enough for barcelona you will need to go to porto/ajax. Much better chance than if you stay in japan.

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