How to Play FIFA 22 Career Mode as a Player

FIFA 22 Career Player Mode Guide

Here is a guide to creating a player in FIFA 22 Career Mode and starting your career as a footballer.


To begin your career as a player in FIFA 22, select PLAYER CAREER when creating a new career. Then, you will be asked to either CREATE YOUR PRO or CHOOSE REAL PLAYER:

Create a Pro - FIFA 22 Career

Create Your Pro

Using this option allows you to create your player from scratch. By selecting CREATE YOUR PRO you will need to select a player avatar first, and then enter your player’s details as follows:

Select a Player - FIFA 22 Career

Personal information regarding your avatar (Virtual Pro):

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Known As – Name appears on your kit
  • Commentary Name – Can be selected from commentary name database in FIFA 22
  • Team
  • Kit Number – Preferred kit number
  • Nationality / Region – Country name
  • Birth Year
  • Birth Month
  • Birth Day
Edit Career Mode Player - FIFA 22

Data regarding your player:

  • Body – Physical appearance and information of your player. This includes your player’s weight and height which affects their attributes (Acceleration, Agility, Balance, Jumping, Reactions, Sprint Speed, Stamina, Strength) and the effect will be shown in real-time as you change – For example, more weight increases the strength but decreases Acceleration.

Your player’s position details which will affect your pro’s attributes depending on your selections:

  • Position – Forward, Midfielder, Defender or Goalkeeper
  • Role – Position’s Role
  • Preferred Foot – Right/Left

Here you can edit your player’s head type, appearance and features, including:

  • Face – Face types & shapes
  • Tone & Complexion – Head and face skin tones
  • Eyes – Eyes types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Brows – Eyebrows types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Nose – Nose types, colours, shapes, position, separation, protrusion & rotation
  • Mouth – Mouth types incl. mouth size, position & protrusion
  • Cheeks & Jaws – Cheeks & Jaws position & fullness
  • Chin – Chin size, protrusion & fullness
  • Ears – Ears size, earlobe, protrusion, helix & pitch
  • Hair – Hair colour & types (short, medium, long & accessorized)
  • Facial Hair – Facial hair types & colour (moustache, beard & etc.)

Customize your player’s kit & accessories including:

  • Boots & Accessories – Boots, Socks & Ankle Tapes.
  • Gloves & Wrists – Gloves, Left Wrist & Right Wrist.
  • Kit Fit – Waist Fit (Tucked In / Untucked), Kit Sleeves (Short, Long, Undershirt or Turtleneck Undershirt), Jersey Fit (Normal or Tight).

Your player’s animation for:

  • Goal Celebration
  • Set Piece Style
  • Running Style

Once you completed customising your player’s details, click Advance (press Options/Menu) to continue. Then you will need to select a Club for your Virtual Pro.

Choose a Player - FIFA 22 Career

Choose Real Player

You are also able to choose a real player instead if creating your own. Select this option and choose your favourite player from their club in real world.

Next, you need to customize your career settings for the following options:

  • Match Difficulty – Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary or Ultimate
  • Half Length – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15 or 20 Mins
  • Currency – Sterling, US Dollars or Euros
  • European Competitions – Enable/Disable (UCL, UEL and UECL)
  • Transfer Window – Enable/Disable (First summer Transfer Window)
  • International Offers – Enable/Disable (Job offers for national football teams)
  • Negotiation Strictness – Strict/Loose (Set the club and player strictness to negotiate transfers).
  • Financial Takeover – Enable/Disable (Receive an influx of clash at the beginning of your career).

Save your player career settings & progress.

Archetypes FIFA 22 Career Mode

Attributes & Perks

At this phase, you can allocate your attributes. This requires Skill Points to unlock attributes and archetypes. At the moment, you most likely have only 7 Skill Points. So, depending on your position and your preference, go ahead and choose a path to increase attributes you would like to. This can be also done and customised later.

Assign the available perks to your empty slots. Learn more on Perk system in FIFA 22 if you’re not familiar with it.

Completing this part will finalise your player creation and you’ll be starting your career next.

Start Your Career

You can now start your player career by playing matches and training games.

Career Mode CENTRAL

This screen is your central hub for your Virtual pro and your club. You have the following options here:

Play Match / Advance

Using this tab you can play (or simulate) matches and continue your season according to the season calendar. Take note that simulating matches will affect your player growth and the outcome would not be as good as if you play matches


Here you get notified about your messages including emails and chats from your players. Select this option to go to your Inbox and Player Chat page to manage your message. Pay attention to your notifications, because some important messages arrive in your inbox anytime. You can delete or archive your messages there.


Here you can view the standings of your league and other cups & tournaments you are in.


Play training games to earn XP and boost your rating.

My Pro

Here you can customize your Virtual Pro data and access the following options:

  • Edit Pro – Edit your player details and appearance except their name, nationality, team and birth date.
  • Notifications – Notifications and messages
  • Player Growth – Your player’s profile, attributes, archetypes and perks
  • My Career – You career summary and status
  • My Actions – Actions regarding your career.
  • Edit Players – Edit your teammates kit fit, boots, accessories and other details.

Under Season menu, you can access to:

  • Calendar – Your complete schedule and events.
  • Team Stats – Including in-depth statistics for all the teams.
  • Player Stats – Featuring in-depth statistics for all the players.
  • Standings – Standings and fixtures for the current season.
  • Settings – Game settings (half length, difficulty and etc).


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