FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. Since I first started playing Fifa as a little kid I had dreamed that the Algeria national team could be on Fifa. I have such a passion for Algeria that I would literally break down into tears and cry of they made it onto Fifa. I love this game and will be a fan for life. If you add Algeria to the list I will be forever grateful to you Fifa.

  2. Career Mode
    Hello FIFA, for Career Mode can u make something for us to get a partnership with a club. U know? Like how Man City and the other big clubs are doing in the real world. So that we can easily sell or send a player on loan to the partnered club.

    Editing Mode
    Can u change a players attribute by 10s like PES. So that it’s a faster process for editing.

    Would really appreciate if u make the above happen.

  3. Can u add the Edit Player part like in 20 however, in 20 it only gives the option to change numbers. I’m asking if u can create it back in 21 with also the option of changing positions as well as numbers please.

  4. I want Brazilian League full licensed because is one of the best leagues in the world. Maybe, a Clubs World Cup. Of course, Argentina’s 2nd league because there are lots of players with a big potencial. Mateo Bajamich, Bruno Amione and more. A better Player Career Mode. Example: I start my career in Derby County and then I make my career in Barcelona, Man City or other clubs. When I am 36 y.o I want to choose my last team (in this example, Derby County). I want the money I win to be useful in player’s life. Segunda B from Spain. Cerro Porteño, Olimpia, Nacional de Uruguay and Peñarol to be at least in Rest Of the World. U23 an U20 National Teams. LEAGUE POINTS. Sometimes, I am not league champion with 99 points. I don’t know if EA thinks that I am Klopp in 18/19 season. Change kits shirts. The machine can make it too. Cheer on the players in the dressing room before the match. Free Agents can be more time in that list of free agents. I ALSO WANT FREE FUT DRAFTS but without receiving coins or rewards.

    I hope EA read this


  5. Hello, I have been a big FIFA fan for the past decade and half.

    Career mode is by far the most interactive and creative mode so far. The new interactive features make the game great which is very appreciated. But is there a way EA can implement a shared season mode with 20+ users?

    For example, Madden has a franchise mode where a user can pick a team and draft or use the current or initial squads. Throughout the course of the season, they play other users on certain match days, this goes on into post season and eventually into championship/ playoffs.

    Is there a way FIFA and EA can implement a similar system where you can get 20+ users to manage a team in a league and play a whole season? I feel like this would be a great success and very popular game mode.

  6. Bom dia

    Minha sugestão é para o modo carreira como jogador

    Seria interessante se tivesse no modo carreira jogador direcionamentos específicos mais técnicos e táticos dos técnicos quanto a nossa função na partida.

    Exemplo 1… sou um segundo volante e o técnico me passa a instrução que ele quer que eu fique mais recuado pra apoiar na defesa e na saída de bola ou que prefere que eu saia mais como meio de ligação aparecendo na área como elemento surpresa.

    Exemplo 2… eu sendo um ponta, direcionar se quer que eu fique mais no ataque ou que volte pra apoiar a defesa.

    Dessa forma seriamos avaliados pelo técnico de acordo com nosso desempenho dentro das funções que ele estabeleceu, fazendo sermos preferidos ou não para aquela posição.

    Poderia ter treinamentos táticos também de acordo com a visão tática de cada técnico além de treinos técnicos direcionado pelo próprio treinador de acordo com o que ele identifique como nossas deficiências técnicas.

    São minhas sugestões para o modo carreira dos jogadores.


  7. Clubs Pro, por favor!!! es la modalidad de juego preferida por millones de seguidores del juego en todo el mundo, nos gustaría que dejase de ser un corre calles y se convirtiese en un verdadero simulador de futbol. No basta con poder editar perfiles de jugadores manejados por la AI del juego y algunas tácticas, que esta muy bien pero además se debería rebajar la velocidad del juego y hacerla mucho más real, incrementar el cansancio de los jugadores después de un sprint así como el cansancio acumulado a lo largo del partido, poder realizar sustituciones como en el fútbol real y bajar o subir los valores de técnica de los jugadores manejados y creados por los participantes y la AI según su entrenamiento semanal así como deberían disminuir esos mismos valores del jugador si no se juega durante un periodo de tiempo ( perdida de forma y técnica ) como en la realidad, el juego tiene muchas mejoras por delante y los seguidores incondicionales de esta modalidad les estaríamos muy agradecidos y aumentaríamos nuestra fidelidad al juego.

  8. I feel like ultimate team has been getting a bit stale so the best way I think to freshen this up could be to have a new mode which combines ultimate team and pro clubs so that you play weekend league with friends.

    This would be done by each player controlling a certain position the same way we do in pro clubs however instead of using your own pro we would use players from ultimate team. So instead of levelling up your pro playing games you would improve your players by buying better players for each position from weekend league rewards or other divisions etc

    I feel like this would make ultimate team more exciting as well as making pro clubs more competitive and progressive


  9. I hope that we get a look like euro 2020 look like
    More afrikan teams and mybe afrika cup?
    Marocco team.
    Algerian team.
    That the commentary knows what and how many trophies you won in careermode.
    More real snow look like pes and his weather system.

  10. 1- Arrival of VAR System
    2- Select a team in Career Mode and then select the league-specific interface menu of the team
    3- Other players’ reaction to the referee if a player gets a ball
    4- seeing a card as a result of a player deceiving action
    5- A player taking off his shirt after scoring a goal
    6- The player or coach on the bench is shown a card after a foul.
    7- Changing the capacity and shape of the stadium
    8- The postponement of the match due to weather conditions
    9- Penalty for playing without spectators due to the reaction and actions of the fan
    10- Getting bad results and decreasing the audience
    11- Do not have a full audience in every match, some places remain empty
    12- Resigning coaches in other teams
    13- Turkey TFF 1st and 2nd league, please come
    14. Ziraat Turkey Cup the license you received
    15- Have at least 2 lower leagues in each league
    16- Get a referee license

    These are my wishes, please develop a little more Career Mode. Please review my requests

  11. In Fifa 21 – Does Pro Clubs have a way to display Free Agents players vs those who are already in a club during drop-in games?

    Scenario: You notice a player who is dominating in drop-in matches (e.g striker) and wish to recruit them to your own club as you don’t have a gun striker. It would really good if you could send them a request to join your club during halftime or post-match.

    You could have it that icon appears above the player’s head during the Drop-in matches.

    Note: Free Agents – people who don’t have a club to join but are seeking one.

  12. I wish that you fix up the career mode and make it like a real career with a story mode like nba 2k. With contract negotiations and building your player from unknown to legend. I’m tired of playing the same career mode year after year. I hope that changes and you change it

  13. I think you should add more tattoos for the players ,
    And add an option of adding tattoos for player that we create like in manger mode , pro club

  14. Well I’d honestly like to see a lot of creation in fifa, like creation of stadiums, boots, as well as designing our own kits.
    Preferably these in career mode could be posed in such a way that you build your stadium using the money you earned during the season by winning competitions and all.
    Thanks for your time and i hope these changes could considered.
    All the best

    I’d also like to see a lot of creating your own club from scratch from the logo, the kit and all just like the old fifa’s used to do. I’d also loke to see being able to put your own playlist in fifa.
    And preferably id like to see a lot of african leagues in fifa like the south african teams in fifa not just Kaizer chiefs and orlando pirates. If these reforms would be made id really be pleased.
    Thank you

  15. Good day,developers of EA Sports!When switching ps3 games to ps4 the Creation Centre mode disappeared.Could you return it to FIFA 21 ps4 and ps5? I really miss this mode it should be in the personalization section.As for the Ultimate team mode, there should be players not only from include Spain,England,Italy,Germany,France,Portugal the Netherlands, but also Ireland,Poland,Romania,Denmark,Norway,Sweden,Switzerland,Scotland,but aiso countries from the Rest of World: Russia,Ukraine,Greece,Croatia,Czechia.The form and team editor Mode Kit Creator must be in FIFA 21 ps4 and ps5.

  16. More player faces updates. Players like Cucurella and Ezequiel “Chimy” Ávila. Spanish and Italian clubs have lots of animated faces. Sure this will get updated as we are spoiled with many already.

    Career mode needs attention.
    -More job oppertunitys that come to your table when you do well or when you don’t meet set targets get fired, or get jobs to save clubs from relagation to build your reputation. Make the manager role more interesting.
    -Deal more with players and agents with unexpected situations that you have to deal with as a manager. Fight to keep players and sponsorships, deal with owner and fans more
    -End of year player awards. Club awards
    -I think that new career situations should appear as a season progresses, especially after 1 season game becomes stagnant.

    Thanks for the game

  17. 1.In fifa 21 I would like to request that the free kicks to return to the way it was in fifa 19 because the way it is now it’s a bit complicated and less fun.
    2.Also it would be better if there was an opinion to create teams or leagues in the game.
    3.In the career mode allow the editing of the team kit and the club sponsors.
    4.Also allow the renovations of the stadiums in career mode.
    5.About Volta, make the option of playing offline and also allow the creation of Volta teams and players.
    6.Bring back the story mode like the journey

    thanks for your time and I hope you take my suggestions in to consideration.

  18. Well I’d honestly like to see a lot of creation in fifa, like creation of stadiums, boots, as well as designing our own kits.
    Preferably these in career mode could be posed in such a way that you build your stadium using the money you earned during the season by winning competitions and all.
    Thanks for your time and i hope these changes could considered.
    All the best

    I’d also like to see a lot of creating your own club from scratch from the logo, the kit and all just like the old fifa’s used to do. I’d also loke to see being able to put your own playlist in fifa.
    And preferably id like to see a lot of african leagues in fifa like the south african teams in fifa not just Kaizer chiefs and orlando pirates. If these reforms would be made id really be pleased.
    Thank you

  19. 1. There is literally clipping already in the trailer for FIFA 21. That says something.
    2. You can’t do more than 5 training sessions a week. You should be able to add as much training as you want.
    3. On years where there is no world cup, do stuff for copa america and euro.
    4. Custom tournament rules

  20. Hello,
    I would like to ask if you still have an opportunity to change our team names. I would be very grateful for that.
    Best regards

  21. I’m not going to repeat other people’s requests, but the only thing I really want that I haven’t seen here is dynamic transfer values for league position too. If a club gets relegated, I want the players who are clearly too good to play a league down push for transfers. Irl these players go for much less than their actual value. Look at Ake from Bournemouth. If they stay up he’s worth more than the £40mil they managed to get.

    Or look at Arsenal, if they missed out on European football at all, I’d assume a lot of those stars will go. Fifa has lacked transfer requests for a long time.

  22. I hope in the official updates of the game that will be released later, the match commentators will pronounce the names of new players and young players.

    I wish the official update would include the names of new players and young players of each teams

    It means , like the pes game (English Commentary Callnames pack), the pronunciation update of the commentary will be published

  23. EA has been disappointed ..sadly

    I still want to play FIFA
    But please make it more releastic
    More tactical

    In career mode ..
    You can develop your own team
    By building your stadium and after each season you can design your own kits …..also the manager should talk to his players when he wants

    We want to see them walking out the bus into the locker room

    We want the latest soccer boots…and as well as their latest facial features

    Please EA …all the best!

    Better ball physics

  24. Ok, i have said this for the last 4yrs or so, why can’t we bring in STRECHERS for when someone gets badly Injured, makes it more REALISTIC instead of cutting scenes or walking it off. STUPID

    Would be nice to see updated commentary and new commentators also. Maybe bring back Clive and Andros townend for Domestic Comps only but keep MT and MK. Awesome pair.

  25. I hope the statics also know the comment and how many times they scored and the comment plays on it and that it is tracked and also of the trainer where it was successful

  26. Good evening,developeps of EA Sports!Can i write my wishes for FIFA 21?In the personalization section there should kit creator, edit kits, edit team, edit player,create team,create coach,create referee.the number of created players is not limited, the year of birth should not start from 1970 but from 1934 to our time.Also in the personalization section there should be free modes clubs profi and Ultimate team.In the game settings section,you need to return the name and surname of the referees.In Fifa 16 this function has disappeared,it must be restored again as for.Also in fifa 21 ps4 and ps5 should appear 2 divisions of Portugal and the Netherlands.the female coach in the career coach mode,it sholud not be in the men,s mode,and the women s mode, the career of a coach.The creates names of coaches and referees should be in the game settings section.If you do not have time to make these modes in FIFA 21 ps4 and ps5,then in FIFA 22 these modes must be in mandatory.We need to think not only about profits,but also about the people who play in FIFA.Please do not ignore any more requests from the players. Sincerely,Alexey

  27. 1. Simulation like in PES
    2. More realistic victory celebration
    3. Before the match, the players are shown standing in the tunnel
    4. FUT ICONS team playable in the game
    5. In the House Rules ability to choose game

    1) Without goalkeeper
    2) With 9 players
    3) With 7 players
    4) With 5 players
    5) With 3 players

  28. Hy i want to ask you will you put all club who someone plays the Champions League 2 times in a row so they are not in your game such as FC Red Star Belgrade and I wonder if you will add more teams to the rest of the world
    it wouldn’t be bad to put you on
    Fk Partizan
    Nk Osijek
    Nk Hajduk
    Nk Rijeka
    so I’m wondering if you could let me know although most would be happy to put the former 1991 Fk Red Star champion thank you for your understanding igramo ponovo kvalifikacije za ligu prvaka pa da znate posto ne pratite u ime svih stavite nas zasluzukemo da budemo u igrici hvala

  29. Fans should wear black coats except for matches played in summer, it is totally unrealistic for ALL fans in EVERY stadium to wear their club’s jerseys.
    You should add tattoos to players who have them in real life.
    You should add a lot more faces, especially in English football, there are too many no-faces in the English tiers
    Add more EFL stadiums, you shouldn’t just add teams’ stadiums just when they’re promoted to the premier league, add more stadiums in the EFL League One and Championship

    Add EFL Championship play-off commentary.
    Add Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux commentary for the premier league.
    PLEASE update Faces/figures of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Bergwijn, and Davinson Sanchez.
    The speed of gameplay should be like FIFA 19 because FIFA 20 had a bit slower pace to it.

    All players should either have the General running style or the way Mbappé runs, regardless of their height, because those 2 running styles look the most realistic. All the other running styles look awful, like for players who are like 6 foot 2 and above have a slow running style even if they have a high pace. The General running style I think is what is called for the players who are 5 foot 11 and it look the most realistic of how players run in real life.

  30. Hello bring back the practice mode of FIFA 15 but instead when you pick a team have all the players at your disposal so 11 vs 11 but the other 11 can be the players on the bench vs the starters and have it in career mode too. More gloves selection for goalkeepers more boots/cleats selections!!

  31. would be nice to have a Season league not just rivals, there must be more than one server?

    In Rivals please would you do fair match ups – not fun as a nubie when you have a team with max 82 and your matched up with a team that has 90+ rating
    So match up players who want to use a team of 90+ match up with a team of 90+ as mentioned on lvl 10 not fun when there is no match up of similar teams

    Set the game that players cannot quit, and if they do you win ..not them

    Only allow to pause the match for subs, too many pauses allowed in the match

    I hope to see some of these suggestions used
    Kind regards

  32. hello. the only thing i want is for there to be a mini scoreboard of scores around the league when playing matches in career mode. just like what the premier league does.

  33. – Add online career mode like in nba 2k and madden
    – Maybe add leagues to pro clubs
    – Add more asian and african national teams and add national leagues competitions like the african cup
    -Add contract negotiations in player career mode and give us the ability to go free agent
    – Give us an option to start at youth level for player career mode
    – make us customize stadiums
    – Bring back trading in fut and divisons
    – Remove the unnecessary special cards
    – add subs to pro clubs
    – add more leagues outside europe
    – add more hairstyles like fades, waves, etc.
    – not let anyone on a pro clubs team have the same number as each other
    – bring back juve
    – change teams kits every season on career mode

  34. Alot of my suggestions are for Manager and Career mode but can still be implemented in the game itself.

    1. Fix the “Edit Player” menu to remain on the selected team instead of returning to home menu.
    2. Once a player is transferred give them a realistic number ie their current number or closest too within realism
    3. National team selection is 23 players so keep the kit number within 1-23 like the World Cup and other tournaments. Generate numbers on positions potentially? 1 GK 2,3,4,5 DEF 6,7,8 MID 9,10,11 FWD etc.
    4. In Player Career mode have option to negotiate Wage, Contract length like in career mode.
    5. A new kit sleeve option is 3/4 or rolled up sleeves which can expose wristbands. Players like Ronaldo, Mbappe and Sergio Ramos often do this.

    These are just a few of my thoughts.

  35. Change Engine it’s horrible remove Tournament Mode and Get licenses for Copa America,Euro 2021,AFCON and Add Some nationalists into the game.

  36. EA Should Put A Lot of work into pro clubs
    Imagine Having Actual Wages , UCL Tournament , Crossplay , Max Skill Points go up from 110 to about 160 , Ways To Upgrade Your Character faster ( Obviously have to play for it )

  37. (I translated my previous post to make it read to more people)
    I decided to create this post to share ideas that I would like to be added in Fifa 21
    1. General
    1.1 Editor: To make up for the lack of licenses from some teams or leagues it would be nice to have an editor that allows you to import jerseys, logos and player names to make the gaming experience more realistic
    1.2 Running commentary: it has become too repetitive, I would like more sentences added
    2. Career mode
    2.1 Risk of Exemption: absolutely to be adjusted! it is not possible that all the objectives achieved except one/two suffice for a waiver
    2.2 More control over my club: it would be nice to choose a sponsor who, based on the matches won, gives me a candle amount of money, you could add social media to comment on purchases, match results and the morale of fans for example
    2.3 Upgrade of the stadium: when you start a career in a low league team obviously you choose a small stadium and it is bad then play a semifinal of the Champions League in that same stadium, it would be interesting that at each promotion or goal (qualifying in UEL, UCL; winning a cup/league …) become bigger and more spacious
    2.4 League points: to be adjusted! who comes first on average makes 105-110 points and the first four are almost always above 85 points, this is not realistic and above all makes it almost impossible to win the championship
    2.5 Loans: Loans should start to be more important in the career, almost no player accepts the loan and then it would be nice to have the loans with right of obligation and redemption
    2.6 Spring: everyone would love to have a more interactive spring where you can see the performance of your players and things like that
    2.7 More career years: it’s true 15 years are many but if I want to make 12 years of career player then I will only have 3 years to be a coach, I would then put another 10 years
    3. Player career mode
    3.1 Team choice: it would be interesting to have the possibility to choose in which team or championship to borrow or be sold
    3.2 Scenes: you could insert scenes depicting the player when he changes team for example
    3.3 Interviews: It would be nice to have interviews after the matches like Alex Hunter’s Journey
    3.4 Social and Sponsor: this idea is linked to point 2.2, it would be nice as a player, have the opportunity to comment on results and goals on social media and also to sign an agreement with sponsors , type Adidas
    For the moment it’s all in case I come up with something I’ll post another comment

  38. Ciao!
    Ho deciso di creare questo post per condividere delle idee che mi piacerebbe fossero aggiunte in Fifa 21
    1. Generale
    1.1 Editor: per sopperire alla mancanza di licenze da parte di alcune squadre o campionati sarebbe bello avere un editor che permetta di importare maglie, loghi e nomi dei giocatori per rendere l’esperienza di gioco più realistica
    1.2 Telecronaca: è diventata troppo ripetitiva, vorrei venissero aggiunte più frasi
    2. Carriera Allenatore
    2.1 Rischio Esonero: assolutamente da aggiustare! non è possibile che tutti gli obbiettivi raggiunti tranne uno/due bastino per un esonero
    2.2 Più controllo sul mio club: sarebbe bello scegliere uno sponsor che in base alla partite vinte mi dia un cero quantitativo di soldi, si potrebbero aggiungere dei social media dove commentare gli acquisti, i risultati delle partite e il morale dei tifosi per esempio
    2.3 Upgrade dello stadio: quando si inizia una carriera in una squadra di serie bassa ovviamente si sceglie uno stadio piccolo ed è brutto poi giocare una semifinale di Champions League in quello stesso stadio, sarebbe interessante che ad ogni promozione o traguardo (qualificazione in UEL, UCL; vittoria di una coppa/campionato…) diventi più grande e spazioso
    2.4 Punti in campionato: sono da aggiustare! chi arriva primo in media fa 105-110 punti e le prime quattro sono quasi sempre sopra gli 85 punti, questo non è realistico e sopratutto rende quasi impossibile la vittoria del campionato
    2.5 Prestiti: i prestiti dovrebbero iniziare ad essere più importanti in carriera, quasi nessun giocatore accetta il prestito e poi sarebbe bello avere i prestiti con diritto di obbligo e di riscatto
    2.6 Primavera: piacerebbe a tutti avere una primavera più interattiva dove puoi vedere il rendimento dei tuoi giocatori e cose del genere
    2.7 Più anni di carriera: è vero 15 anni sono tanti ma se io voglio fare 12 anni di carriera giocatore avrò poi solo 3 anni per fare l’allenatore, metterei quindi altri 10 anni
    3. Carriera Giocatore
    3.1 Scelta della squadra: sarebbe interessante avere la possibilità di scegliere in quale squadra o campionato andare in prestito o essere venduto
    3.2 Scene: si potrebbero inserire delle scene che raffigurano il giocatore quando cambia squadra per esempio
    3.3 Interviste: sarebbe bello avere le interviste dopo le partite come succedeva nel Viaggio di Alex Hunter
    3.4 Social e Sponsor: quest’idea si ricollega al punto 2.2, sarebbe bello da giocatore, avere la possibilità di commentare risultati e gol sui social media e anche di firmare un accordo con degli sponsor , tipo Adidas
    Per il momento è tutto in caso mi venisse in mente qualcosa posterò un altro commento

  39. Bring on the option to create a club from scratch, building your own new stadium like in Madden and add women leagues.

  40. Probabilmente non leggerete mai questo commento perché avete di meglio da fare invece di soddisfare le richieste dei giocatori di FIFA che spendono soldi su questo gioco. Io gioco a ultimate team e la cosa più scontata da dire come problema riguarda il gameplay lentissimo e sempre lo stesso che ti obbliga a verticalizzare e mai a fare un cross perché il portiere riesce sempre a prenderla… Un altro problema riguarda le stats false che non sono rispecchiate nel campo ad esempio quando Neymar oro batte di fisico cuadrado tots ecc… mentre per le carte la prima cosa sono gli swap che propongono icone vergognose ad eccezione di due o tre che ci vogliono 2 mesi per farli e carte con3 di piede debole proposte a MAGGIO.
    Invece per quanto riguarda la carriera allenatore il primo problema è la difficoltà del gioco che quando viene aumentata fa diventare più “stupidi” i propri giocatori e fenomeni quelli comandati dalla CPU. Vergognoso il fatto che campionati come la seconda divisione italiana e squadre come la Juventus non abbiano stemmi e maglie ufficiali e propongono delle coreografie oscene per non parlare degli stemmi indecenti che non arrivano neanche a somigliare quelli originali mentre invece squadre della QUARTA categoria inglese e TERZA categoria tedesca hanno stemmi e divise ufficiali solo perché ci siamo ridotti a chiedere delle licenze per avere la propria squadra del cuore con divisa e scudetto originale. E infine sistemate la carriera giocatore perché vedere il proprio giocatore con 1 stella piede debole è osceno e inutilizzabile in questo gioco. Spero che aprirete gli occhi.

  41. Please upgrade and update
    Crate A league player club please FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 New feature manager and player mode

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