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FIFA 21 Cover

Who should be the main FIFA 21 cover star? Vote for your favourite footballer to be on FIFA 21 cover. Choose a superstar from the voting list below and click Vote to submit your vote.

If your favourite footballer isn’t listed here, drop us a note at our Facebook page or Twitter account so we can add them to the list.

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Who Should be the FIFA 21 Cover Star?

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418 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Cover Vote

  1. I think it would be best if EA gave us the opportunity to customize the cover player regardless who is voted as the favourite. This is so, so that we eliminate staring at players we probably don’t even like while the game is loading

    1. Messi should be on the cover in fact he is about to retire so we should give him some favor and respect .

    1. Hi mr mbappe i may live in the us,but i am your biggest fan i really hope you get to be on the cover of fifa 21. If you check this please write back it would make me soooo happy.Please run all over OM for me,
      thanks Charles
      P.S. don’t use the email address it’s fake

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