FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. 1. For a player career mode, if I sim a game my player should still play in the game and accumulate stats instead of missing the game altogether. No one wants to play the worst teams in every league it’s not that hard. I can’t believe it is 2020 and this isn’t in the game already when other sports video games have had way better my career player modes. It’s almost like Fifa doesn’t even look at other games to see how shitty their player career mode.
    2. you should be able to request a position change when the coach is playing your player as a striker on the LW with Eden Hazard playing ST even tho he’s a LW instead of just being able to request loan, transfer, or retire.

    3. Fifa is one of the best video games to play but it’s almost like you guys don’t want people to play it anymore because the gameplay just gets worse and worse while all the career modes and other gameplay modes just get worse and worse. Honestly you should hire me to run the career mode at Fifa if you want to see some improvements instead of some tech nerd who never actually plays the fucking game and doesn’t realize how fucking easy half the things you could fix to make this game a million times better

  2. me gustaria
    que agregaran una mejora arbitral en los partido
    agregar a la liga 1 de peru
    recuperar la licencia de la juventus

  3. hi ea sports i know you probably won’t read this or any other of these comments but i still am going to write this. top 33 things that need ti be added
    1. more stadiums
    2 ability to change logo or jersey
    3. expansion
    4. you should be able to get mad at your manager in player mode
    5. you should be able to talk to your manager
    6. you should be able to talk to your players FIRST
    7. club world cup and confederations cup
    8. VERY IMPORTANT if a players gets injured they should STAY ON THE GROUND!!!! right now in fifa if a player gets injured they stay on the ground for a moment then get right back up and score goals even thought they are injured!!!! and then they walk of the field perfectly fine. they should stay on the ground then be carried of by a stretcher
    9 the medical staff should come on if someone is injured
    10. watch the entire draw for competitions
    11 trophy room
    12 make the transfers more realistic. for example if you are a bad team and have enough moeny you shouldnt be able to sign really good players
    13. it should hard yo sign good players
    14. decorate the office
    15. more commentators
    16. add the commentator who commetated lewandowskis nine minute miracle. because he gets really excited like” OH MY GOODNESS YOU JUST CAN NOT BE THAT GOOD!!!” the other commentators on fifa just sya oh it is a goal with no emotion
    17 the commetators should be able to say more things
    18. stats for your players
    19. the youth development goals are ridicouls and confusing make them more reasonible
    20. more hand balls
    21. international offers are ridiculous. one week you get an offer from canada the next week you get an offer from france then one week later you get an offer from india. very unrealistic.
    22. bring back streets to stadiums
    23. VAR
    24. more national teams like croatia luxembourg algeria senegal ghana angola tunisia costa rica iran honduras and more.
    25. you should be able to schedule friendlies
    26. if you bench a player who is crucial for one match they get very mad at you even if it is the last match day and you have already won the title.! very unrealistic.
    27. show snippets of the locker room at half time.
    28 give a speech at half time to your team
    29 give a speech when you reitre and when you move clubs
    30 show clubs and fans arriving at the stdium
    31. a big glitch that you need to fix. i player is mad at you for not starting them even though they are INJURED
    32. you should be able to type your own answer in interviews
    33. the last names of the youth players are ridiculous. one of them was van leuwueen from the usa or something like that

  4. Modo carrera Manager:
    *Poder ingresas a los campos de entrenamiento algo asi como “el camino”.
    *Aparecer en las premiaciones al momento de ganar una copa.
    *Mas cinematicas despues de ganar una copa, por ejemplo llegando a la ciudad en el autobus celebrando, en el propio estadio, entrevistas con medios de comunicacion junto a jugadores claves.
    *Hablar con administrativos del Club.
    *Mas variedad de preguntas en las entrevistas y mas fondos de escenografias.
    *Tener una sala de trofeos para poder ver los que has ganado o que al final de la competencia mires los trofeos logrados ese año como en fifa 12 para ps2.
    *Administrar economicamente: cuerpo medico, estadio, entrenadores, etc.
    *Si aceptas una oferta internacional que haya mas protagonizmo
    *Un poco mas de años para dirigir.
    *Añadir algo al final de tu carrera no solo un correo donde te anuncien que es el retiro, tener alguna cinematica con tus mejores momentos, los titulos conseguidos o algo que le añada ese toque.

    ●Quitar el bug que existe cuando juegas cuando tu contrario anota pero no celebra o tu propio equipo, me ha pasado mucho en modo carrera mayormente con las selecciones.
    ●Añadir un poco mas de instalaciones del club al que dirigas, no importa que sean las mismas para todos los clubes pero seria algo innovador.
    ●Tener un torneo como el Mundial de Clubes para enfrentar los ganadores de Libertadores y Champions League.
    ●Añadir algunas selecciones Africanas como Senegal, Nigeria, Argelia, Ghana que han ido a mundiales anteriores. Selecciones como Costa Rica, Japon, Croacia, Ucrania o Bosnia, licenciae algunas otras que ya han adquirido como Colombia, Peru, Paraguay para sacarle mas provecho a la licencia de la copa del mundo mas alla de solo cada 4 años.
    ●Licenciar estadios como: Do Dragao (Porto), Da Luz (Benfica), Jose Alvalade(Sporting Lisboa), el estadio del (PSV), Stade Louis II (Monaco), estadios colombianos, argentinos, para sacarle mas provecho a campeonatos Sudamericanos, estadios Mexicanos de primer nivel como BBVA (Monterrey) o el Estadio Akron (Guadalajara) nuevo escaneo del Estadio Azteca (America y Mexico)

  5. Big subs benches, like it’s more realistic.
    In career mode, when a team makes an offer for your player. It’s possible to ask for one of they’res in exchange, plus money if need.

  6. I would suggest fut draft which can be played with your friend. Either 2 users on 1 screen or online. Two squads on 1 screen, and you take your turn choosing players. First, you get to pick position and player out of 5 and then the other person can pick from the remaining 4. And then the other way around. And then you can play a match.

  7. I think there should also be a half time tram talk added to manager career mode. For player career mode the player should be able to request for other things like wage increase or more game time and also should have the moral feature and also go into negotiations with his manager and the team offering to buy him. The player should be allowed to hire and fire agents that will help find him better deals. Sponsorships for players should be added.

  8. 1.) We like to see the ordinary freekicks and penalties in fifa 21 just like the ones in fifa 19.
    2.) Also like to see the medical team running in the pitch attending to injured players.
    3.) We want to see players that have injuries and those suspended not playing the next games of the UEFA
    champions league semi-finals just like what they do in FIFA 20 semi finals (if a player is given a red card
    during the first leg of UEFA champions league, you will see him in the next leg match without a red card and
    this same applies to injuries)
    4.) I also like to hear the voice of a coach during a press conference when playing the Manager Career Mode.
    5.) we want to see new cool celebrations and skills.
    6.) More formations in fifa 21 we want them.

  9. I would like to see more handballs on Fifa 21 just like in Fifa 19, because Fifa 20 dosen’t have much handballs
    I would like to see the video assistant refree aka (VAR) in fifa 21

  10. Pleez EA sont leave PES overtake you. You make world cup games but PES brings a much wider variety of national teams making tournament mode and career mode better.

    Japan, South Korea, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, and the cherry on the cake is CROATIA who played in the world cup final and whose Modric won the ballon dor.

    Look at all the the world class player who dont play int football in career mode Mane,Koulibaly,Mahrez,Ziyech,Mazrouri,Iwobi,
    Ighalo,Son,Partey,Modric,Rakitic,Rebic,Perisic etc.

    If official licensing is a problem then make generic teams at least how do you explain India, Bolivia,Venezuela who have not played world cups in a long time. Just this adjustment can make all FIFA fans more than happy.

  11. I want to be able to create my own club in FIFA 21. For example, let me come up with a logo name and teams. For example, to create a new club.

  12. There should be some sort of currency in player career mode to upgrade or unlock things. This could be based on wage, player value or just playing the game

    1. Endorsements from brands like Nike or Adidas is Career node. Custom boots from those brands or conferences with them also.

  13. Fifa Ultimate team

    Additional change player position cards

    LM > RM
    RM > LM
    LB > RB
    RB > LB

    allows us to be a little more creative with hybrid teams.

  14. sponsorship deals and new apparel are needed in career mode 2021. so as not to get bored. sales of this game will definitely be very rapid if there is this feature in career mode. Thank you very much. please consider our input

  15. I want in career mode there is a selection of sponsors, a new Aparel and contract negotiations with sponsors or Aparel that will be used in the next season. if it were in career mode it would be very good. so that we gamers who can’t go online can play without getting bored using offline mode in career mode.

  16. for fifa 21 in career mode.
    1) that there may be sponsorship offers for the club.
    2) change training so the whole team can train.
    3) that the stadium capacity can be expanded
    4) return the confederations cup in career mode


  18. Similar to be a pro Id love to see be a ref starting off reffing in lower division games getting ratings then moving up leagues an on to finals in the cup competitions

  19. To fifa

    Career mode

    1.Pls add kit editor
    2.pls add Stadium creator
    3. Pls add sponsorship deals
    4. Pls show coaches leaving their current club add join another club pls this feature would be cool
    5. Pls add more features to transfer negotiations like an option to by on loans and more accurate release clause
    6. Pls add more realistic youth players
    7. Pls add kit editor

  20. There can be only one thing that players want: Edit and create mode.

    Many leagues are not in the game and they cannot be there for one reason or another. By putting create a team mode and create a league mode this will solve the problem. Players will create and add the teams they want in the game and they will enjoy it the most…

  21. I am asking for a mode where we can play with friends. FIFA is a game where we only go against friends. Pro clubs is just boring. Take NBA 2K’s park as an example. EA can make their own version of a park in Volta. This would ensure that more people would play FIFA 21 just to play with friends. Volta Park would be a game changer.

  22. Hello Fifa,
    i made a mistake,when i started playing Fifa,i had a wrong name for my team.So it would be very nice,if you give fifa players a another chance,to make a new name for your fifa ultimate team.
    Thank you very much

  23. Hola me gustaria que mejoraran los cimentaristas , estaria bueno que pusieran selecciones africanas en el juego como las de gahna , nigeria , senegal y argelia y que tengan sus uniforme o camisetas originales y sus jugadores verdaderos tambien , que mejoren el modo carrera , que traigan ligas sudamericanas como la uruguaya , ecuatoriana , paraguaya, etc. Tambien estaria bueno que licenciaran las selecciones como uruguay y brasil que tengan sus jugadores y sus camisetas de verdad

  24. I need one thing even though i know gameplay will be the same as fifa 20, i need classic teams.There is no football – fifa fan who wouldnt enjoy playing with his favourite classic team.I mean if 2k can do that why wouldnt EA ?

  25. Dynamic player stats, that can fluctuate heavily, based on player performance or form. Just take a look back at the last 10 years at the same player ratings on the fifa series and you can see how players can progress and regress, this is exactly why teams enter the transfer market every year, even Liverpool will spend on improving their squad this year despite finishing 20 points clear or whatever it’ll be by the end of season. Look at Nicolas Pepe for instance at Arsenal, bought for 72 million would his stats reflect that fairly on the basis of his real life performance? In game, I feel this aspect is not accurately represented I know in NHL they have “fog of war” which is better than what we have in fifa, but still not a fair likeness of real life, maybe the consistency statistic that was removed a few seasons back could be reinstated and used as an algorithmic multiplier? I always feel once I’m 2 or 3 seasons in that there’s no point in buying new players because my team has everything I need in it, based on overall stats, this isn’t how it actually works in rl

  26. I want the commentators of this game to have more complete commentary with the more pronunciation the names of players from each team

  27. Requests for Career Mode in Fifa 21:

    1. Better stat tracking and display. Both after each game and as a season goes on.
    2. A trophy room where you can see all of the silverware your club has, including the trophies they had acquired before you arrive.
    3. More dynamic commentary about the seasons as they go on, cups, player development, and statistics.
    4. Either use more real youngsters for youth programs or durastically improve your generic created Youth Squads who often look silly and have ridiculous names (I had one recently named Lewis Lewis, same first and last name).
    5. Include more MLS stadiums and more stadiums in general.
    6. Stadium creator
    7. Kit editor
    8. Sponsorship negotiations that would alter finances and expectations. For example a sponsor could say they want you to make it to a cup final.
    9. The ability to somehow make your manager argue with a ref about a call, even if only shown for an instant.
    10. Dynamic board expectations. For example, if you were expected to avoid relegation at the beginning of the season, but halfway through the season you’re in first, the expectation should change in accordance with your performance.
    11. As many others have stated, way more youth development without us having to train players individually.
    12. The 5 player training system is super dumb. Make it so we train the whole squad by default so everyone will improve a bit even if they aren’t playing every game. Youth players especially, should be automatically improving just by being present on the first team.
    13. Assistant Coaches with specific boosts for players.
    14. More media drama: We should be asked about what other players and coaches have said about our squad. We should have to address statements made by our players. There should be a “scandal” where a player is caught partying the night before a game or something and their perfomance drops a little.
    15. Players should be more aware of their own fatigue and not demand to be played when they are gassed.
    16. We should have way more options for how we respond to player conversations and how it affects the player/team morale/and board expectations.
    17. Show a parade/news broadcast/some kind of celebration after the trophy raising for a cup or league title victory.
    18. Fans should rush the field if a team wins a big upset/a league trophy/a cup final at home
    19. More dynamic fan visual and crowd noise.
    20. Simmed game summaries should include more stats to give us an idea of how our team is performing. Specific performances beyond who was subbed in/out and who scored. I want to see things like pass attempts/completions per individual player, distance ran, possession locations, saves, corners, etc.
    21. Biggest wish is that there were more statistics kept track of and available through career mode. I want to know how many goals the striker I signed 5 years has scored with me. I want to know how many clean sheets my current goalkeeper has in our years together. I want to know what my midfielders passing percentages are. How many touches do they take a game? How many tackles has my RB gotten in his carrer? Etc. Games like NBA 2k20 have incredible stat tracking so I know it’s possible in games like this.

  28. Rating suggestion: Pulisic has been the best attacker for Chelsea by far since the break, and one of the best attackers in the league. His rating of 79 is not sufficient or how well he’s played. I suggest around an 84-5.

  29. Here are some suggestions, I would like to see added to FIFA 21 PS4 Game.

    1. English Conference League.

    2. English Womens Super League.

    3. More different commentators, and more varied commentarys. at least 5 teams including John Motson, and Alan Green,Jonathen Pierce, Sue Smith, Alex Scott.

    4.Friendlies brought back.

    5. Also Retro Fifa Versions released on disc of old classic teams, of international teams, and old classic English club teams.

    Best Regards


  30. I would like to see more realistic pitch design in the lower tiers on FIFA 21 career mode make them look like league two pitches not perfect like they are in premier league .You could do with adding the conference leagues to make your player career mode last a lot longer , training the players is too easy to create unrealistic valuations In the players it’s like a simulation mode at the minute where seasons and training pass you by and just becomes a bore. You should be able to start as a school boy prodigy In the player career mode which isn’t that easy that you just become a legend from the off , I’ve played fifa since I was a child I once gave up and moved to playing pro evolution soccer because of the poor changes to the game , with the costs of the game rising each year is it not fair to the customers and players that you listen to what they want as supposed to just focusing on ultimate team which again is a mode that’s becoming costly and repetitive …please make some vast changes and give us a game that’s attractive,lasting and enjoyable

  31. 1. Please make winning the league or champions league a bit more difficult

    2. Big teams must not drop points versus small mickey mouse teams

  32. You guys have dropped as the best soccer sports game this year you should really think of bringing back The journey and adding a twist to it like maybe Alex hunter battles a health sickness but through playing soccer and remembering that he has fans and family the love him he gets past the challenge his faced with

  33. Please put a story mode. Or a realistic career mode just like in NBA 2K. Please do not update every time online game. If not on Fifa 21 then please if you can try to do it on Fifa 22. I will wait patiently but please. It is for all the players that are playing Fifa so please if you can do it then i will be very greatfull to you.

  34. I have one suggestion for FIFA 21. Why not take advantage of the controller speaker to produce pitch orders. It could be used to voice coach and bench orders to players and add an extra depth to the game. Hence, it would be a good representation of the empty stadium, this season.

  35. The thing fifa is missing is a need to play with the bronze/silver players of the game, everyone has 93+ teams and then about ten+ 99 players come out eventually
    There needs to be a weaker mode like when you first start playing the game, start with a bronze 60 rated team and to build it is more difficult
    Now I buy Fifa and I have an 82 rated team before I’ve played my first game
    Have it similar to the draft/squad battles side games, have another called like road to riches, weak team which requires winning many games before your team can improve
    The people who want to play their team of eleven all 99 stat players can do that on regular online and this allows a section for bronze/silver players to actually have a purpose in ultimate team rather than being squad builder merchandise

  36. I want to see them bring back the Creation centre which was featured in FIFA 11.

    I want the ability to create a custom team with created players that can be used in multiple game modes.
    That is pretty much the number one thing I want to see them bring back.

  37. A mí me gustaría que metan la segunda división B y la tercera española, que mejoren el modo carrera con poder editar más el equipo como el slogan o editar las equipaciones, también que en el modo carrera se puedan crear amistosos para que sea más real porque así puedes hacer un homenaje a un jugador retirado o para pretemporada, que se pueda editar tu estadio, y que EA Sports ponga un modo carrera online.

    Lo que más me haría ilusión son las ligas de segunda B y tercera división española.


  39. Poner más ligas de la concacaf para poner la liga de campeones de scotiabank como la liga de guatemala, la liga de costa rica, la liga de nicaragua, etc. Seria más interesante jugar otros tipos de torneos en el fifa

  40. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Staff
    2. Kit creator
    3. Stadium creator
    4. Edit stadium ticket prices
    5. Transfer funds request
    6. Injury list
    7. Arrange Friendlies
    8. Player signing cutscene
    9. Crest creator
    10. More outfits
    11. Integrate Social Media
    12. Player Trophy achievements
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Player chants
    15. The club official sponsors
    16. Practice Match with team in the training ground
    17. Legends allowed or disabled in Career Mode
    18. Use Real Manager, Create Manager or Use Icon Manager
    19. Add more cutscenes e.g. Derby day, Changing room, winning a major trophy etc
    20. Treble Celebration

    Player Career Mode

    1. Managers faith in you over 100%
    2. Create Agent
    3. Post game conferences with the reporter
    4. Allow player to have a second position or third e.g. My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more positions to Player Career e.g. LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Talking to the best players on the field e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in the Journey
    7. Edit Commentary Name
    8. Mentor ability with the team
    9. Player chat with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import real player’s faces to your player
    12. Integrate Social Media
    13. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should be able to choose a team where you want to go on loan/sign to and you’re team will have to discuss with the team. If it wend well, then wait for the day to come. If not, then choose another team except the team that you chose before.
    14. Player Trophy Achievements
    15. Manager’s Important news
    16. Own player signing cutscene and presentation
    17. Skill tree
    18. Testimonial Ceremony


    1. Create ball
    2. Practice Match in Practice Arena like in FIFA 15
    3. Allow player to play in Euro 2021
    4. Bring back the Journey. If not, add Story Mode
    5. Set piece in Practice Arena Piece
    6. In the old FIFA days, there was Create Set Piece. You would make the turns the player would do and then make the Set Piece. There was a button which allowed you to save the Set Piece so you can push the button and use it in matches when there is a Set Piece
    7. Create Trophy in Create Tournament
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
    10. Face Update ft Ronaldo, Neymar, Garnier, Rodrygo, Mane, Ansu Fati, De Jong, Håland, Messi, Arthur, Greenwood, Rodrygo etc
    11. Referee Career Mode 12. Substitution rule: leave to the nearest point
    13. Under wall block
    14. Opening Ceremony for Cup Finals
    15. Celebrities in Crowd: Club Legends and Former Stars
    16. Team Arrivals
    17. Field Invasion
    18. Health Care


    Toosie slide – Drake
    Yummy – Justin Bieber
    The Prince ft Bigty – My Gad
    Bruno Mars – That’s what I like
    Clean Bandit – Solo


    Fifa 21 Standard Edition
    Fifa 21 Champions Edition
    Fifa 21 Ultimate Edition
    Fifa 21 Legends Edition

  41. Hi . I have been plaing Fifa since Fifa 2002. I have couple of suggestions.
    1. It will be very cool if you can pick a team from a different year like , Barca or Real Madrid from 2000s. In addition i think that you can make it so you can play 1 season in career mode with old teams. We all miss the legends and we can’t play them in career mode. It will be very cool to play 1 season in career mode lets say with Real Madrid during the galactico era against Barca.
    2. Make more statistics after the game . Like how many km did the players ran.
    3. Make more interactions with the coach and players.
    4. Fifa is about realism of the sport. Make simulations in game possible, or bad referee calls like offsides , corners and etc. In that way the game will feel even more realistic.
    5. Focus on improving career mode. Let’s face it guys “We” play career mode more than online teams . So i think its about time to make something inovative in career mode. Something to feel the real game.

  42. *There are many ideas from former fifa editions that should return to the game:
    1)the journey – it was fun and add a realistic boost to the game.
    2)practice set pieces and practice games: the practice arena of fifa 15 – you could create a set pieces at the practice and use them in the game, that was awesome!
    3)tickets price – change tickets price in career mode.
    4)the option to choose one of the best stadiums in career mode, like allianz arena, anfield, bernabeu…
    5)option to buy with fifa coins old umiforms of teams for kickoff/career mode like in fifa 19.
    *Moreover, there are many ideas that make fifa 21 awesome:
    1)when injured, the medical staff rush for carry you to an ambulance with a golf car and spray your leg.
    2)VAR and Coronavirus modes – add realistic issues to the game, optional desicion ofcourse.
    3)dirty reactions: argue with refrees or take off t-shirt celebration and get a yellow card, jump and try to get a fake penalty/freekick.
    4)add classic best teams from the past like barcelona 2009-2010, ajax 94-95, real madrid…
    5)more leagues and international teams(licences).
    6)improve goalkeeper gameplay and reactions.

  43. insert var ….medical staff should appear trying to take care for the players…..also the bench should appear during last minutes

  44. When playing player career mode, instead of playing the team u like. Why not pick for a league u want and let the game pick a club for u. That way its more challenging to be picked by a top class team.
    And dont have the option to pick the number of your shirt but instead request the no. then the manager approves depending on your performance during recent games.

  45. I only play career mode, mainly pro career, and it’s so undeveloped. Why aren’t international games separately counted in the career history screen? It makes no sense I can’t see how many caps and goals I have for my country.

    Transfer offers don’t appear unless you request a transfer which isn’t realistic at all.

    Despite being a lower rated player you will play even if there are players in the team much higher than you. In my latest save Chelsea bought Demebele for close to 80 million and he never got a game unless he was coming on as a sub.

    That’s another thing, my pro gets subbed off every match regardless of how he is doing, around the 55-60 minute. Why?

    Haven’t played the career mode yet, where you manage teams, but it received bad reviews so I’m not sure I will. It’s a real shame EA seems to only care about the online side of things these days. Career mode used to be great.

  46. I have a few ideas that will make the game more fun.
    ▪when a player plays badly in a game, he argues with the fans as the fans boos to the player and the player kicks the ball toward them.
    ▪In player career mode have the option to comment to the decision of the line-up as you where not picked.
    ▪show story line of mangers and players attending the press.
    ▪when winning the player of the year should have a award ceremony or something.
    ▪show players warming up when playing a big game.
    ▪create more clubs focusing more in Africa, teams like Mamelodi Sundowns,etc.
    ▪actually doing something with the wages you get.
    ▪the game should be more like the journey.
    ▪attend interviews after a match.
    ▪when injured, the medical staff rush for medical assistance as they carry you to an ambulance.
    ▪ when playing player career and playing for new club have a little background as the commentators establish your background and stuff.
    ▪for once promote south african football, we did a good job hosting the fifa world cup in 2010.
    ▪teams with mascot supporting their team.
    Thank you for putting these ideas under concederation .

  47. If it where to be possible the south african kit and all other must be original like Spain’s kit for example.
    If a player is injured than put the medical staff collecting the player for medical assistance.
    When playing player career make a option where you can comment to the manager if your not in the team-sheet.
    In manager career make a story line when attending the press conference.
    Before a big game show players actually warning up.
    When a player performs badly in a game show the player aruging with the fans.

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