FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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139 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Wishlist

  1. More Eastern Europe teams,
    Russian League,
    Ukrainian League
    Greek League
    Red Star, Ludogorets, Qarabag etc in Rest of the World.

    Create a team in Customise mode complete with Kits, Badges, Sponsors. Can remember doing this years ago in Fifa 98 creating my school team!

    Unlock or purchase Classic teams like Brasil 70, Holland 88, England 90, France 98 etc

    More International Teams with Generic International tournaments added.


  2. Career mode obviously needs work but being realistic in that EA will primarily focus on ultimate team. as a minimum just do some minor things that used to be in career mode like:

    – ability to use a map of the world to choose a country and choose available managerial jobs. Tired of being offered the same jobs with no ability to randomly go and manage in the MLS for example.

    – ability to upgrade your stadium

    – ability to improve your backroom team like medical staff

  3. Fifa 21 should focus more in African players and African players deserve more radings and also the leagues i want to play in Linafoot the Congolese league but like it a disaster

  4. Please bring the journey back …
    With some improvements in career mode..
    Juventus and camp nou back in fifa and var to be introduced..

  5. At the end of every season in Career mode you should be able to change your kit , home , away , third and goalie also add goalie away kits . Make career mode REALISTIC !!! I don’t want unrealistic transfers like Alexander-Arnold to Roma for 30 million . In career mode you should be able to request funds and make an agent mode . In general make a club , stadium and kit creator and editor to current kits . Add VAR and Camp nou , Allianz arena and stadium , juventus and National League , Russian , Greek and Fifa Club World Cup

  6. VAR is needed, most definitely. Also more cinematic at half time and full time for analysis with presenters similar to commentators but more in depth of weak defence or praising also.

    Something I keep writing to EA Sports about is the ability to have two offline players on the same console to be able to do a career mode with separate teams within the same season at the same time. Similar to tournament mode but with budgets, media and transfers included. 5 years I have been asking for this relatively small feature but somehow goes ignored.

    Career mode needs more player growth, more team training rather than individuals.

    Put some youngsters on the cover of the game. Using world class players all the time is old, repetitive and boring. Not to mention discriminating on less skilled players.

    Volta/FIFA Street is stupid and pointless within a FIFA game itself. A story similar to Alex Hunter’s would be nice to make a return but after the first one, they went extremely boring. The story needs more excitement, more execution, more rewards and more cinematic. Maybe even a setting to use First Person when on the bench or coming out of the tunnel at the start of the game, lifting a cup/trophy, arguing with a referee.

    Fifa/EA needs to listen to it’s fans more or it will continue its low-average ratings.

  7. In career mode , a players stats should be continous and build up.
    Example salah scored 19 goals 7 assists in 19 /20 season
    15 goals 10 assists 20 /21 season etc until they leave your club.
    We should also have an all time top scorer stat for your club and appearances which you could beat.
    Ie when you create a player you retire him at 200 goals 500 appearances and that name stays in the honour role until beaten

  8. Please add 3 beautiful stadiums from Turkey. Vodafone Parc(Beşiktaş JK), Şenol Güneş Stadium(Trabzonspor Kulübü), Türk Telekom Stadium(Galatasaray SK) Fifa has too many players from Turkey. If These 3 stadiums are added, FIFA’s audience in Turkey will grow. In addition, these 3 stadiums are the stadiums of the teams that have the largest audiences in Turkey.(Trabzonspor, Beşiktas, Galatasaray)

  9. Stadion Ausbau und Neubau privater Bereich wo Autos Häuser usw gekauft werden können champions League und europa league quali so realistisch wie möglich machen mehr kleinere europäische ligen Kalender überarbeiten zb planen von Trainingslager oder Freundschaftsspielen ,Turniere, sponsorentag, jugendtag, fanclubtreffen,usw.
    Sponsoren, Verhandlung über Saisonziele bzw buget
    Vereinsumfeld oder auch hallentuniere im winter.

    Wäre cool LG Michael

    1. Juventus is on FIFA 20 but is under a different name. They will be unable to add the actual name due to licensing which has been obtained by Pro Evolution Soccer.

      You can find them in Serie A with a black and white emblem but it will not look or read like Juventus.

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