FIFA 21 Wishlist

FIFA 21 Wishlist

Write your ideas and wishlist for FIFA 21 here at FIFPlay. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 21 game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 21 and FUT 21 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. I’d like to get the whole feel of running an organization like you used to on MLB. And make it harder to make a profit like real life. If you get demoted or take over a team that just got demoted you should almost have to sell a few players just to make sure you have enough money to make it through the year. Should be able to change ticket prices, option to spend money on marketing events to drive ticket sales up for games. Take a team like Sunderland for example, they can’t fill their stadium right now because it’s too big for league one. But in the game the stadium is full, the atmosphere is the same that shouldn’t be the case. Take a look at games like MLB and NCAA basketball I feel like they have the interactive way to control everything and make upgrades.

    Last would it be possible to be able to create a new team and start in the lowest league? Customize you’re own stadium, kits? As well sponsorships.

  2. All the fifa fans would be happy if ea escalated the amount of icons in ultimate team as well as making more championats it will be fascinating not only for the players but also for ea

  3. Volta :
    Volta was a huge success in FIFA 20, so i think Volta should be there in ultimate team. Like having your own team of players for Volta and having Volta matches (5 v 5).

    Career Mode:
    I would like you to add two new modes:
    Agent Mode
    Owner mode
    In agent mode you become the agent of a player and lead them throughout their career and in owner mode you can create your own team and manage all the finances and transfers of the team.
    Please make career mode more realistic.

    Please add the VAR to at least to single player modes if not to multiplayer modes.

    Graphics : FIFA has brilliant graphics even though it cannot match PES, but graphics of few players are very bad. Please try and improve this.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty good but the shooting animations need improvement. The freekicks and penalties gameplay has improved.

    Leagues : At least two more leagues from Europe like Romanian league and Greek league should be added to FIFA 21. Please do not forget to add Indian Super League to FIFA 21.

    Kick Off : New All-Star teams like Nike All Stars and Adidas All Stars and classic teams . New Kick off menu and cut shots.

    Practice Arena : Please bring back all the epic features of practice arena that were there in FIFA 14.

    And please don’t forget to add the stadium editor where you can customize your stadium and manage sponsers as well as banners.

    Last but not the least, please avoid scripting.


  4. Hello,

    Thanks for opening this channel to let us share our thoughts. I have two suggestions.

    -It will be great to have a play mode in which anyone can use any player to create a team to play off or online. Because getting icons / legends is way to hard for gamers, specially younger ones who like this game a lot, but get frustrated when they realize they can not use big stars.

    -Also, gamers would appreciate a lot if Fifa 21 has free online game options, since playing against friends, rival mode, etc. online is expensive and not many gamers are willing to pay or are able to pay, I am talking again about the younger players.

    I appreciate your attention.

    Jaime Solórzano

  5. please change the animations of goalkeeper when he recives the ball from the players because this is repeated and not relaastic !!

  6. I think they should bring back the old legends team in the kick off mode
    Also, practicing your pks and fks in the practice arena
    Maybe put like a mode of penalty shootout
    Putting the concacaf champions league
    And also the gold cup

  7. 1. Customize and build stadiums with income as an owner of a club
    2. Maybe an owner mode?
    3. more customization options for managers
    4. ADD ALL COUNTRIES to World cup qualifying matches and scouting regions!
    5. Custom teams! Maybe start a new team as an owner!
    6. ADD USL to American side/league?
    7. Expand player career mode. Too simple. get creative here.

  8. my new icon wishlist
    gomez 91
    lahm 93
    totti 93
    de stefano 94
    patistauta 94
    rivera 93
    cantona 93
    forlan 93
    fowler 94
    beckenbauer 94
    revilino 93
    xavi 93
    xabi 93

  9. Improvements for career mode:

    1. Stadium editor
    2. FIFA Club World Cup
    3. Some use for wages (for example, buying a house or a field that can improve your training performance)
    4. More Leagues
    5. More question and answer options at press conferences
    6. Clubs and teams ranking
    7. Realistic player faces
    8. Calcio B and Brazilian teams fully licensed
    9. Juventus
    10. See Libertadores winners while you are in Europe
    11. See Champions and Europa League winners while you are in America
    12. Send base scouts to more countries
    13. Animations of arrival at the new club, both of the manager and of the players hired
    14. Add Conmebol team to their respective leagues
    15. More manager clothes
    16. Player clothes
    17. Tatoos
    18. Possibility of CPU managers being fired or changing clubs
    19. New animations after winning a title
    20. Woman carrer mode
    21. Bug Fixes

  10. To the player career they should add the option of negotiating the contract as a player . They could add press conferences before and after the match. the ability to set a morale if we are satisfied in a given team would also be cool and the opportunity to enter from the bench the opportunity to criticize the trainer and a short cut scene in which he says that we heave to leave the club .

  11. Position training in career modes, more tactical options, user com players more itelligent (not just watching the ball goes near), team creation(career mode), more options in press conferenses etc etc. More improvments to the offline players.

  12. Fifa Clubs should include real players and as you go up the leagues better players go into ur squad
    Example if ur in div 10 should include lower league 1 players and as you go up u acquire better know players.
    And you should be able to add classic football boots to ur prop such as total 90s or F50s

  13. Allow more than one position for custom made players. When selecting their position, allow a 1-2-3 ranking for their position

  14. Fifa 21 should include classic teams that could be used to put into career mode. Teams like

    Manchester united 99 treble squad
    Arsenal invincibles
    Chelsea under jose 1st time
    THAT barca team

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