FIFA 21 Career Mode

The Career Mode in FIFA 21 is a game mode that offers you the chance to play through a lifelong football career. Career Mode is split into two different areas, Manager Career and Player Career. Learn more on Career Mode.

FIFA 21 career mode contains some brand-new features based on the community wishlist for career mode. Here is the list of these new features.

New Features

Here you can find all the new key features of FIFA 21 Career Mode.

  • Interactive Match Simulation
  • New Match Launcher
  • Player Development
  • Player Postion Conversion
  • New Active Training
  • Player Sharpness
  • Player Feedback System
  • Team Schedule Planing
  • New Transfer Options and Improvements
  • Additional Improvements
  • Broadcast Improvements

Read about the Career Mode new features at EA website.

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34 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Career Mode

  1. Career Mode – I miss the catalog option to manage whatever international team I want based on my home country. 1 season in no offer from USA. I’m concerned I’ll never get an offer from them. I enjoy scouting and developing young USA talent over years, then trying to win a World Cup with them.

    1. I just want to find out if David beckham is on fifa 21 career mode cause have been looking for it but I can’t find him please kindly help me out

  2. In fifa 21 career mode you should be able to play with a friend but your friend manages 1 team and u manage another. And you can watch their games when your not playing. And your game only advances when you both click advance

  3. – new kits after every season like in real life
    – more tactical stats
    – communicate with your players at your own time
    – attend more interviews but say what you want
    – upgrade stadium
    – get sponsors
    – man mark settings
    – Var
    – nut meg system
    – diving system

    Don’t disappoint EA please ❤️

  4. For your pro player career mode it would be nice to be able to edit your home and away kit of whatever team you are playing for. Often when I play away I have to change my ankle tape when it would be easier if there was an home/away kit pre loaded for your player.

  5. Starting as a substitute player in player career mode. also attending interviews before and after matches in different roles. making arrangement with contracts with new managers before joining new clubs would be fun.

  6. You should make every single icon available for kick off and career mode on all consoles and place them on free agents so you can add them to which ever team you want.

      1. How do I get icons in career mode for fifa21 or do I have to wait for an update got the soccer aid team and I hsve reset all squads and still no luck

  7. Bitte auch in Fifa 21 Russische Ligen, weil auch Russische Ligen in Champions League und in Europa League spielen!!

  8. there should be a fantasy draft where every player is a free agent and then all of the clubs have a giant draft.

  9. 1- deveria ter mais times no jogo, tem muitos times tradicionais que nem aparece no jogo como estrela vermelha, APOEL, zenit e tambem times africanos.
    2- deveria ter mais ligas como a russa a uruguaia,ucraniana entre outras.
    3- deveria ter mais ligas licenciados. por exemplo não tem nenhum time brasileiro totalmente licenciado, o brasil é um país com muitos fã no fifa, mas eles estão cada vez mais saindo do fifa por causa que nao tem time brasileiro licenciado.
    4-ter mais seleções no jogo, há muitas seleções tradicionais que nem estão no jogo como Gana e japão.
    5-ter mais estádios licenciados.
    6-ter mais jogadores licenciados, há muitos jogadores famosos que não estão licenciados como Frankie de Jong, Bruno Fernandes e Arthur.
    7-Quando for jogar modo carreira ter uma equipe sub-23, mesmo que ela só possa fazer amistosos e mini torneios.
    8-Ter a Liga dos campeoes da Ásia e da Concacaf.
    9-poder marcar amistosos no modo carreira.


  10. اگه بشه در کریر تیم رو اداره کرد عالی میشه مثلاً در فصل های بعد چند طرح برای لباس بیاد و ما از بین آنها انتخاب کنیم،بتوانیم استادیوم خود را بازسازی کنیم

  11. Career mode needs to have for fifa 21
    1) team creation (with draft systen or salary cap)
    2) reserve team (games to actually improve fringe players)
    3) academy players actually having to play well to get a change
    4) watch simmed games to be able to make subs and tactical changes
    5) sponsors choices, tv deals and kit design
    6) training ground updates
    7) meetings with owners
    8) signing of staff (am, trainers, med, dof)
    9) realistic emails (more variety)
    10) be able to set up layouts for free kicks/corners

  12. I would Like to see a kit editor after the season and I would like to see a sponsor contracts and kit sponsors contracts and I would like to see a new leagues and a new championships leagues like Asia champions league and club World Cup trophy and a pallon,dor winner.

  13. Please have Career option to be co-op . There are many people who would like this mode and will pay more for the mode . Please include it !!

    1. Co-Op Career Mode is a must! Have wanted this for some time now. I used to go to a friends house to play co-op in this mode but have now moved away and would love to still be able to do this remotely. I know it is possible on share play but am hoping an update patch at some point will include an actual co-op option. It must be so easy to do from EA’s pov. Come one EA!!

  14. Bring back old feature in career mode like additional funds , future fee , keep all features already and this is a big one but club creation for career mode is a must please just like pro clubs when you can create all aspect of a club but bring that to career please it will be so good, CLUB CREATION IN CAREER❤️❤️❤️ Just try make it bet te r instead if the same or worse cause I always live this mode just make it more creative

  15. Player career mode

    This is the current game mode I play so will do this list atm, manager career mode is awful and I choose fm mobile over it! I will do a list for that at some other point

    1. Natural traits – at the beginning players should be able to choose a natural trait that they have from the start e.g speed strength vision set pieces, feel like these are things that can only be trained to certain amount in reality
    2. Youth trials – would’ve good to start the game with a youth trial, where all the prospects in your chosen country are playing against each other and depending on how well you perform, results in what level of team you get e.g English trial, you get a 10 you get top prem offers, you get a 6 or 5 championship and so on
    3. More offers – it seems like this year it’s gone from one extreme to the other, I get no offers! My player is 67 overall and for the first part of season got no games and was just simming and training, then I got a game in Europa league played well and suddenly getting picked for every game, it’s so unrealistic my 67 overall has benched martial. So a loan would be ideal, any team in the lower divisions or Scotland maybe would take a youth Man U striker, also one time had a player at 87 playing for hibs and no club would sign me, in real life he would have been picked up long ago
    4. Reserve teams, would be happy to play for one club if there was a reserve team where you could build yourself up to being first team quality. I don’t feel like it would have to be anything to complicated either. You just play the same games the first team play but it’s against the other teams reserves and it’s in a random empty stadium
    5. Think there should be individual and team training, the training atm is awful and doesn’t make sense. In normal career mode I skip it altogether, it’s far too easy aswell. Like the free kick one where I just press r1 and suddenly mata is there taking them and my free kick overall goes up, nonsense. Or the fact I need a player to score before I get points on crossing even though the cross was perfect. There is so much potential with training, even something like FIFA 10 would be great and also and team training where you can build bonds with teammates and maybe have mini games. Manager sees your trying hard and performing well so offers you place in the team
    6. Interaction with manager – think there should be instructions of what they expect before every game, and maybe individual players to look out for in the opposition and just what he expects from you! Would be good to have a little dressing room scene
    7. Also things like your debut should be a big deal and maybe there should be a stress bar and you have to calm your player down otherwise his first touch is shocking
    8. My player should be punished for things the AI do, like if I call for a pass and the AI give it to a defender that’s not my fault! Also positioning should not be punished so badly, I understand if I am just standing there but not if I’ve just cleared the ball. Also if you get injured the rating should be suspended until your player gets up, my player literally broke his leg and his rating dropped to 5 because of positioning
    9. Feel like there is so much opportunity for cutaway scenes that just are not utilised and they would make the game a far more personal thrill! As I mentioned before manager conversations, player conversations aswell, maybe even like signing autographs after and fan conversations. Would be good if on your home screen there was like 3 bars with manager, player and fan relationship and you had to try keep these all green
    10. Would be great if you had a status as well like if it went from youth player to club legend to global superstar
    11. I think selecting which teams your player supports aswell would be good
    12. Difficulty would be a good idea aswell, meaning if you don’t want to deal with say fans you can opt out or the stress thing, so it’s simpler for younger players and harder for older players who want to be challenged by a game

    I know this is a long list, been playing this game for a long time, since FIFA 98. I doubt they will do any of this but this would be a dream, if I wasn’t currently shut in my house I probably wouldn’t even play the game cause the game mode really is awful. Why creat new game modes like colts when you don’t have other game modes right. Also could ultimate team not just be a desperate game at this point?

  16. Please Like the story of a child then grown up to become a legend strengthen the best team and become an icon in a country and can lift the world cup trophy for his country which is divided by the legend

    Serve un kit creator, possibilità di cambiare kit sponsor dopo una stagione, poter cambiare divisa portiere e pantaloncini e calzettoni per non averle uguali alla avversario durante partita, aggiornamento costante scarpini, poter creare scarpini nuovi con loghi Nike Adidas etc, migliorare i kit per avatar allenatore, introdurre prestiti con obbligo o diritto di riscatto, trasferimenti più reali ( non è possibile vedere una società mediocre acquistare cr7,), possibilità di creare nuovi stadi grazie a nuove sponsorizzazioni, introdurre squadre under 18 o 23 per poter migliorare i propri giovani facendoli giocare in campionati minori, poter modificare la posizione di un giocatore adattandolo ad un ruolo non suo ma che dopo un po di tempo lo sarà, migliorare il più possibile la grafica rendendola più realistica possibile, rendere il game play più fluido e meno veloce in modo da poter permettere ai calciatori di poter pensare alle giocatecon più calma rendendole più realistiche nei tempi di gioco, dare al giocatore in possesso palla più opzioni di passaggio grazie a movimenti dei compagni studiati sui vari schemi di gioco presenti nella vita reale, rendere il game play più creativo con giocate di maggior fantasia, allo stesso tempo però mantenere la tattica di squadra come perno fondamentale, tifosi e striscioni più innovativi uguali a quelli che si vedono in TV, adattare il tifo e la presenza di tifosi allo stadio in base all andamento della squadra, poter ricevere offerte di lavoro da altre squadre in base all andamento della propria carriera, tenere una specie di archivio con tutte le statistiche dei giocatori e delle squadre riguardanti le varie stagioni precedenti, migliorare effetti meteo e farli incidere sul gioco durante la partita, aumentare il livello di infortuni ed avere uno staff medico, migliorare lo scout di giovani giocatori in giro per il mondo, introdurre il VAR, arbitraggi più reali con giusta distribuzione di cartellini, avere un roaster di arbitri magari reali da alternare, cambiare telecronisti nella versione italiana, mettere magari piccinini e adani insieme, possibilità di cambiare kit e sponsor e nome della Juventus (Piemonte calcio è inguardabile), reintrodurre il camp nou, Allianz arena e Allianz stadium, più license degli stadi italiani e francesi (tutti sarebbe meglio), rendere più reale il morale dei calciatori in base a numero di partite giocate, in base a brutte prestazioni, attriti con i compagni o allenatore influenzando così il morale della squadra, apportare un numero maggiore di domande e risposte nelle conferenze stampa e nelle interviste, possibilità di far parlare anche i calciatori durante conferenza stampa e interviste post partita, introdurre più reazioni dei giocatori rispetto falli, fischi contro, sostituzioni non gradite, aumentare numero esultanze attribuendole ai rispettivi calciatori come nella vita reale, rendere la modalità carriera più manageriale con introduzione di collaboratori tra cui medici, preparatori atletici, uomini mercato, staff per squadre giovanili che seguano perfettamente tutti i miglioramenti dei giovani facendoli crescere al meglio, l’allenatore deve essere un manager e trattare direttamente sul mercato delegando i rinnovi di contratti, dei prestiti ad un uomo del proprio staff, migliorare grafica stadi, volti giocatori, terreni di gioco e luminosità dell’ambiente in base alle condizioni climatiche

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