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  1. Buongiorno,
    con la presente si richiedeva l’aggiunta di nuovi volti per quanto riguarda la serie A.
    Poiché rispetto ad altri campionati giocatori con overall superiori a 80 hanno il volto computerizzato.
    A mio parere dovrebbero essere aggiunti volti reali a giocatori di rilevanza superiori alle valutazioni di 80. (vedi Candreva,Bonaventura, Romagnoli, Musacchio, Chiesa, Berardi, Biglia, Meret..)

    Certi di una Vostra considerazione

  2. Love the fact that Women’s football is taking more and more part in Fifa! Especially with the update of female managers. Can’t wait for the recognition of Women’s club teams in the next few years.
    Would love to see Womens international teams to be apart of career mode management. I think it’s an important inclusion and seems like the obvious recognition for the women’s football world. The standard has been at its peak for years and I think it’s time FIFA includes this in Career mode!

  3. Worst Fifa I have ever played. Bought games since 2006. Wow. Can’t even explain. The other team got a red card and the game froze one of my players? This game is ridiculous. Absolutely awful.

  4. Fifa , poserem vam se na igricu 2017 fifa najbolja , a ova 20 , nemožeš loptu izbaciti normalno van 16 metara, noge i ruke igrača kao lopate od snijega kad presjecaju loptu. Stadion sirok 50m a dug 100 a vi napravili da ga igrač pretrči za 2 sekunde. Motore imaju u guzici.Slobodni udarac kad izvodiš da bi dao go moras biti inžinjer informatike. Poserem vam se na ideju i zamisao igre. Nemoj tecto nazivati fudbalom to je sprdačina.

  5. Vocês deviam ter vergonha dessa server aqui no Brasil. Os últimos jogos que perdi foi devido aquele leg maldito… Péssimo… Tô desanimando jogar esse jogo. Nunca mais compro outro fifa

  6. I have bought the game 3 months ago and since then I could not access FUT. I have PSN and can play regular seasons and Pro Clubs online but every time I go on FUT and try to apply changes to my squad or play in any game mode I get kicked out to the main FIFA20 menu. Please fix this as the main reason I got the game is to play FUT.

    Please note that I play in the Middle East servers.


  7. I find it do annoying that in career manager mode there isn’t a single white male that we can select for our profile. I did notice one white person and didnt realised it was a woman so now Gareth Southgate has had a sex change. What is more I cant even change this now.
    I think I understand why EA have done this. I guess it is to advance the cause of kicking racism out of football . While that is an honorable reason I think it is also missguided. You shouldn’t try to force things on people like that. It gets their back up. 80 percent of your buyers in the uk are going to probably be white, this is not being fair. This policy is likely to back fire and that is bad news for some of us in the real world. Things are bad enough now in some ways. Yes I am white English so you might argue that I come from the wrong perspective but my partner is non white and from another country.
    Incidentally I have been buying EA fifa games since 97 and I dont really want to stop now but I can tell you that Iam starting to feel a bit disenfranchised here and I’ve got a feeling I’m talking for many others to. Rein it in guys.

  8. EA, are you playing this game? Nothing makes sense. The game feels broken. Shooting still doesn’t make sense. Walk in the box and and press circle and it magically fly’s past the keeper – meanwhile the other player is skillfully trying to pick a corner and their 99 rated shooter can’t hit the next from the top of the box… Terrible. Scripting is so evident and does nothing but frustrate players. Tackling makes no sense. Game feels like a chore. It’s not fun. When I’m scoring or beating opponents it’s not fun. When I’m losing it’s bc the game feels stacked or unfair. Not fun. I don’t mind losing to an opposition who’s better than me. But when I’m dominating possession and out shooting the opponent 2:1 and still lose. That’s not fun.

    Fix your game!

    2nd comment:

    What was so bad about your original build on this game? Why have you patched the game to oblivion?Just go back to the original build for this game and reduce the scripting. You’ll have a decent/playable game on your hands.

  9. Honestly fifa, what is up with the scripting? I can not for the life of me figure out why my defenders LITERALLY run away from attackers that have the ball. What happen to actually being good at Fifa and maintaining a decent semi-undeafeted record? You just script the game and make it easier for completely trash players to have a sense that they’re good at it? Stop the scripting, and naming winners before the game even starts? Please go back to the old ways that when you were good you’d actually destroy anyone in your path.

  10. Dear EA, Fifa is such a beautiful game. I enjoy the realism that you brought in the game. But I think you forgot to scale the stamina for 20 minutes game, because it drain as if I was playing an 8 minute game.

  11. FIFA is no longer fun. Everything that was once enjoyable about the game has been removed to the point of no return. The requirement to be incredibly accurate and proficient with the controls in order to even just get by in the game is absolutely disgusting. Each year it gets progressively worse. EA thinks that by making it more “realistic” it makes it more enjoyable when the exact opposite is achieved.
    The game is irritating and frustrating that I dont think I will ever buy the game again.

  12. The defending on this game is horrific, literally to switch between players is so painful. I’ve smashed two controllers in a space of 1 week. You need to revert back to fifa 2017 defending.

  13. It’s the same game as last year and the year before and the years before that. No one gives a shit about the small things you guys do to just barely update the game from last year. No way I am ever buying fifa again. 30 is still too much money for this game. If you are on the edge of buying this just go with pes

  14. I’m playing fifa for more than 20 years and never been more disappointed and maybe that was the last game I’ve played.
    Always the stupid loosing games were around but today was the worst and now thinking what is the point.
    Imagine I was 3-0 ahead playing ultimate teams in word class mode. Not to mention the first 2 stupid goals then the last one at 89 minutes, my goal keeper started the game then I was literally trying to catch the free rolling ball for 10 seconds with my defender and the player was just running next to the ball and didn’t catch it till the attacker came and scored a goal. Seriously if I have to lose a match why not just doing it without me wasting my time playing a dumb game. I’m programmer myself then I was thinking how stupid could be the code to do that? All that happened after a 3GB update.
    One more thing that I’m just wondering, how come after playing ultimate teams from 2013, the best player that I got from packages was pique?! God knows how many packages I opened all these years.
    I know it is just a market for you and don’t care about the players and probably that was the last fifa I tried.

  15. Pro Career has been refreshed but only on its looks. It’s still the same as every other Fifa out there. How come I’m still not able to negociate with the clubs that are looking to buy your player? I mean they offer you X amount of money and that’s it. Take it or leave it. No squad importance, lenght of contract, nothing. Whatsmore, the Edit tool is not working properly. I change the jersey number and it only allows me to use it for one match. Then the system just changes it. The same goes for that new option that allows you to change your position on the pitch. Not working at all.
    All in all I’m ok with the game but please, give it some more thought to this things man. They’re fucking annoying.

  16. Slechtste fifa ooit gemaakt met de grootste gelukt factor het lijkt soms net of het spel alleen maar over geluk gaat dus alle game developers die hier aan hebben gewerkt sorry maar jullie kunnen niet veel

  17. This game is absolute trash. I thought after FIFA 19 it couldnt be worse, but oh my was I wrong. This is the worst game I have ever seen. EA give out patches that does nothing. It’s only are EMPTY WORDS. The servers are absolutely HORRIBLE, the delay is massive. Even the menus are lagging. EA have made a new twitter account, that is supposed to communicate with the community, but once they get questions they are gone. No one should buy this game, it doesnt reward people that grind. You dont get any good rewards, even if you are elite or top 100 in weekend league. This game is absolutely shocking. It’s also really bad for your mental health. So stay away and save your money.

  18. You should the entire 23 man roster available as subs in international games in career, tournament, custom tournamen and kick off.

  19. Something majorly wrong with this game.. Very scripted.. Everything wrong from day one.. How did I go from a division 2 to struggling in division 7 or 8…why did ye have to mess with things.. We all can’t be wrong.. All we want is fair competition with each other and no bullshit.. Been playing this game long time so know what I’m talking about.. Fifa be dead next 10 years if not fixed… Prefer to be beat 19. 0 and know I tried my best rather than this tripe..fucking nerds making these games and haven’t a ckue

  20. Great, I have done some objectives and yes I am 100% sure that I did them right but it just says I havent done it, has this happened to anyone else?

  21. Honestly goalkeepers in pro clubs make lots mistakes and i prefer fifa 19 gameplay. Fifa 19 was super unbelievable at saves. EA have to fix it soon! I already started to play fifa 19 btw.. Thank you so much. Hope you fix the problems.

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