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  1. Objectives
    objectives are a great way to earn rewards, either for players, icon swaps, season rewards, milestones etc. but i also feel that this affects game play drastically in rivals. it affects it by putting you against people who felt they need to drop down divisions to complete the objective, it also changes the way that rivals is played, now it is not a way to use your best squad to move up the ranks and play against similar players. it is simply a way for people to complete objectives which destroys game play for everyone.
    I propose that there should be a new game mode in fut. this should be an objective game mode, so all the people that want to do their objectives such as icon swaps, players etc, will be put together at a similar levels and in separate sections for example if you are wanting to do icon swaps, you will be put against another player who is doing the same. so the game play will be more balanced in both modes. note that i believe this should only apply for objectives that need to be completed in rivals and not squad battles. however i do not believe this should include daily objectives, and depends on what weekly objectives there are.

  2. I am fed up of ultimate team!!

    It’s like I am stuck in a never ending cycle of division 10 win a few get a few skill points and then lose until I have none because you match me against teams in Divisions higher than me and with players I can only dream of owning.

    Stuck where I am I never get chance of any decent players to give me at least a chance or earn enough to buy anything decent.

    I also think there is a Fifa algorithm going on where you intend me to lose because I haven’t changed the team etc…

    Ultimate team is crap, i

  3. I hate this game don’t get it. It’s a disgrace. Manager career is supposed to be good? How is it good?!? It is impossible to do good. My worst starting player is and 83 overall, and they always have full stamina and 85 team morale, AND CAN”T MAKE IT TO THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! HOW?!?! It’s honestly worse than fifa 18. Actually, it’s the worst fifa ever. I did another career mode where I won the champions league and premier league, and know what my reward was? getting sacked because I offered a 68 overall player a release clause of 20,000. That’s it. The game itself is super unrealistic. The a.i can score goals from anywhere they want to, and you can’t score at all because the keepers are all on steroids. The free-kick thing is a joke. You can’t knuckleball it and if it is a strong shot, it has less accuracy. Fifa 20 sucks save yourself by not getting it.

  4. Worst fifa I have ever played! The career mode and graphics are great fair play but ultimate team and the game play in general is fucking broken. Is there any point of having referees in the game? Because they fucking do anything! The amount of times the player gets more of the man than the ball and the ref does not do anything. The amount of people saying the same things, you do updates and don’t fix anything anyone asks for. Sort it out.

  5. I’ve always played fifa because there have been some good games over the years.
    Unfortunately fifa 20 hasn’t pushed on from fifa 19 which was one of the better games.

    I play a lot of career mode and it never seems to change. I normally create a player and take him on a journey as close to a normal pro would experience.
    So why then can’t we have more control over our careers. All we can control is transfer and loan requests and to retire. There should be more control over our feelings eg: unhappy because of game time. Unhappy because we are being played out of position. You should also be allowed to speak to clubs and state your interest in joining them but leave it up to them whether or not they want you. Things like that should cause certain reactions with your current club and team mates which could have a positive or negative impact. We should always be able to ask for pay rises or contract extensions. It gets boring when we play season upon season and nothing changes. Let us have more control over our players.

  6. Absolute waste of time. Passes dont go where you play them (you can see where on trainer and it still goes completely the wrong direction), pace is useless (you can be Mbappe vs Parejo and it will literally be the same) and it seems everyones goalkeepers are world beaters except yours.

    No point in playing a game that doesnt even try to hide its scripting

  7. This is the worst f*** game I’ve ever played, I can’t even play FUT in single player mode because for some reason I’m disconnected from every match I ever try to play offline, Fifa does nothing about bugs or issues players have with the game because they haven’t actually changed anything for the past 5 years except that, now momentum decides the entire game, definitely go Pes instead

  8. It seems like the writing team….. sorry, meant to say the developers, try to outdo themselves with just how bad the game can get.

    Scripting…well, the whole gaming community has commented on this. So all I will say, is why not get some of the writers from a sitcom involved? Put a little comedy spin on things?

    I think our best hope is that Konami can get the same licenses, so that we can play a proper game for once.

    Please, give up.

  9. When i play CO-OP match with a friend, we picked a Team with 4 stars and we meet a team with 5 stars, and I think you should play with the same stars your team is

  10. When the games good it’s fun

    Sometimes part way through a game or sometimes for the whole game:

    Attackers either don’t make runs or better – pretend to make runs and just as I pass stop.

    Players can’t make or control simple 5 yard passes. A recent addition is them just passing to a completely different player whose got defender in front of them.

    If the opponent gets past a midfielder all of them stand there with their dicks in their hands instead of tracking back to help the defence

    Defenders do not mark (and neither does anyone else) I’ve witness a player walk towards the front post and rooney literally just watched him like he was an eighty year old woman stripping. Honestly it’s just embarrassing it’s like fifa have never watched a game of football.

    If a defender makes a tackle, the ball will go to the opposition

    If a defenders gets the ball, they will not respond until the opposition has taken it back

    Goalkeeper will make 0 saves and has even been known to dummy the ball for the opposition

    Defenders will run away from the ball

    It will take too long to switch to the defender next to the ball, so the opposition jogs past them while they pick their nose

    All players will be weaker and slower and have slower reactions than all opposition players. Weaker to the extent that I’ve seen my headliners traore swatted off the ball with ease and I’ve witnessed my baby pirlo throw Virgil van dijk to the floor. Not fouls obviously, but if u touch someone in ur box it’s an instant pen. Course if u get fly kicked in the other box it was just strength.

    Opposition can score multiple ridiculous outside the box bangers

    Opposition goalkeeper stops shots irrelevant of placement or range

    Opposition defenders need only run behind a player with the ball, brutally hack at them and they will magically gain possession.

    Apart from match fixing the worst feature is almost certainly when u try to run past someone and instead bounce off them. There’s a reason this isn’t a thing in real life so why it’s been added to fifa I have no fucking clue.

    I’ve started thinking of it like “why tf didnt you pass when I pressed y?” “Because then you’d have been through on goal and might have scored, and we can’t have that – ur supposed to lose this game.”

    “Why is rooney just falling over at random like he’s wearing fucking heeleys” “Because if he stayed standing like he would in real life, you’d have kept the ball, and we can’t have that – your supposed to lose this game”

    “Why is headliners smalling getting swatted away by di Maria?” “Because if he didn’t, they wouldn’t have a free goal and we need that to happen – your supposed to lose this game”

    Why did van der sar fall over and parry that trickling deflected pass for a corner with his bellend instead of picking it up? “Because if he hadn’t they wouldn’t have got a corner, and then when u collected it and tried to clear it it wouldn’t have deflected off someone and straight to them for another free goal”

    Why wasn’t it a foul when u beat someone, passed it and then promptly witnessed the end of a career and possibly a life as pirlo gets two footed from behind by van dijk at full pace? “Because your supposed to lose this game”

    When the things I’ve talked about start happening it’s possible to win the game, but only if u play tedious midfield possession and it’s still very very unlikely. If u do win it doesn’t feel like victory, it feels sour. Like being forced to listen to shit country music and then being treated as cultured, I just feel dirty and corrupted. This is the beautiful game we’re talking about and I’m witnessing it’s special needs inbred cousin slober all over its exposed deformed hermaphroditic genitalia. And I worked hard to be able to pay for it.

  11. From all fifa, 2020 is the worst, you can’t enjoy playing you have to try to defend in all the game, worst design system to defend tell the engineer he took all the fun from the game
    I highly tell all my FIFA people not to buy next game if is that bad

  12. What can I say about fifa 20…

    Pace – means absolutely fuck all considering if the opponent has Joe Gomez and Davidson Sanchez who seem to be the most motherfucking fastest defenders on the planet.

    Passing — Doesn’t work at all no matter what way you’re telling your player to pass you can bet it’ll go straight to the opposite team or it’ll go behind

    Goalkeepers – just stick anyone in goal it really doesn’t matter considering they can save anything that comes at them anyways unless your name is jordan Pickford who seems to be a fucking beast, weather you’re shooting long range, short range or even attended a Jew goal best believe he’ll save it

    Defendering – pfft nonexistent, can’t even clear a ball from your own box without it ended back at the opposite team or they just won’t put strength anyone that’s coming your way to attack

    Attacking – good luck! Players doesn’t even fucking make runs anymore so best believe you’ll have to dribble past everyone in order to score ( unless they have Gomez, Sanchez & Pickford )

    So in conclusion – EA you need to take a leaf out of rockstars book and take about 4-8 years to make another Fifa


  14. Wrost game you see you’r rattings going to be down and p2p only prime icons also wanted money and lowers over can’t playing in Vs attack and not b possible FIFA master because there’s all highr over playing all time without break we can’t playing with her so please made a new and game is not bad but your system is worst

  15. please take this game off the market its that bad!!! the lagging online is so rigged it freezes then speeds up times 100 and all of a sudden I’ve conceded a goal despite not being able to do a single thing about it. the definition of an unfair game. and the goals are always bs anyway, would clearly never go in in real life, so why would they on the game? makes no sense no excuses a 100% crap game save your money

  16. Honestly as a new player I enjoyed the game at the start now that my team better now I have tried FUT Champions. This is ridiculous… You stand no chance it keeps putting you up against ridiculous teams, my overall is 84 and I keep getting put up against 88 and 89 and even then it looks like they have bronze players on the bench because most of their players are 87-96. There should really be some kind of matchmaking. Also I feel like there’s no need for ranks as the only matches that really matter are the first 5 you ever play after that it’s up to the game who wins. You’ll be doing fine for 20mins then suddenly your players are doing what they want completely opposite of what you are doing and last but not least goalies turn retarded sometimes. But I guess that’s just a method to get people to buy packs to make their team better.

  17. I hate when you are winning or whenever you are playing another player, he/she constantly freezes the game. I play seasons online and the whole freezing thing is killing me. FIFA NEEDS TO FIX THIS ISSUE SO the game can be played fairly. It’s super annoying especially when you are competing with someone in a lower division that doesn’t have experience and uses the freezing feature or whatever it’s called to win the game. If FIFA 2021 is going to be like this I won’t be playing FIFA anymore and would try PES. ITS JUST NOT FAIR

  18. it clearly doesn’t matter what quality team you have to win or loose so what the hell is the point of ultimate team???

  19. Hey EA,


    You created a game that promote more manual defending and stuffs. But your freaking serves are performing like crap!

    Disconnection, game freeze like seriously. What is wrong with you guys when so many complaints about your serves and nothing was done?


  20. is the game programmed so the worst team wins on ultimate team? seriously asking because i cant come to any other conclusion as to why i constantly dominate games and loose, then i seem to win whenever i get dominated

  21. i would love if they could add one more option to the after match conference, something like
    “we lost the game because there is so many bugs in this fucking shit game”

    Seriously, how can you not have done anything about all the bugs that still are? its so pathetic, one of the most popular games ever made and its like you never actually finish the making of the game. i get so angry.. its fucking unbelieveable


  23. I don’t know if there is any point even posting this comment as It seems our feedback doesn’t even get listened too. At the beginning, we were talking about how bad this gameplay was, and yet we are still discussing it and nothing seems to have fixed or taken on board.

    I am now getting tired that only anyone that plays online, rivals or fut champions are the ones that get rewarded, not everyone plays these modes because of how bad the gameplay is.

    this stops the ones who only play SB or play friendly mode lack of rewards, not the best icon swaps as you only give 4 icon swaps cards and yet rivals and champions get 8 this is not acceptable what you should do is have 12 icon swaps or sb or rivals and if you do rivals then you cannot do sb and vice versa this gives everyone who buys your game the same chance to get there pick of player. also the season objective you do more objectives for rival and fut champion players than SB and this should not be allowed. you need too look at this and give enjoyment back to these players. you should make another mode like SB but with the same rewards as fut champions. this cannot keep happening like myself I am going to lose out on the FRED storyline card because I won’t have enough points to gain it as I don’t play on any other mode. you need to stop thinking about how you can make money and think about the community that built your platform and give back to this community. please act upon this and do something about it and really act on this feedback giving to you

    1. The worst game that has ever been made. I sincerely despise every person that took part in developing and publishing this game. This is the most pathetic game made. Gameplay is horrendous and inconsistent. All is based on luck, playing ultimate team is just painful, not fun and stressful. This game doesn’t bring pleasure or relaxation but only anger. Tried playing squad battles, but this game mode is also ruined. When completing icon challenges, keep conceding last minute header goals from players shorter than 5’10. This game is a scam to drain people of their money. Pathetic EA, just PATHETIC!

  24. Fifa 20 is the worst game I have ever played in my life ( all games Includes). EA I a billionaire company and they can’t fix very small problèmes in the games. Also the game will always decide who is gonna win . You can either win 5 games in a row and lost 10. A full Tory team can be beaten by a 10k team. For sure I will go with PES 21 next year.

  25. I played fifa since 98 ,,!!! FIFA 20 the worst !!!pure trash! I broke the game CD
    I will buy PES 20!! I never imagine do something like that !! But is imposible to enjoy fifa 20!! I always get mad for all the game inconsistency

  26. Defending is not a thing anymore. Please fire that Brilliant guy who came up with the idea of not be able to defend in FIFA 20. They were most probably high when they were creating the defending part of fifa 20. I can’t believe I wasted $70 on this crapp. I don’t think you guys care anyways.

  27. I have played FIFA since FIFA 14 and this is one of the worst games I have ever played. There are so many mistakes you can’t tell if EA even care anymore. This is honestly the most annoying FIFA and if FIFA 21 is gonna be the same you won’t see me queuing up to get it.

  28. I have waited 5 years since the last edition that I purchased. Nothing has improved. I would avoid this game at all costs. It advertises to fans of football but if your’e a true fan you would be better off picking up a ball yourself or getting sky. This is again the last one i will buy for along time. Gameplay is below par and the stats have no meaning as any player can catch up with any other regardless of speed. Goalkeepers decide which games they should try and which games they throw it into their own net. I am so disappointed. Ultimate team is one of the worst creations. its addictive and plays people into spending their hard earned money to line EA’s pockets if i could get any money back i would love to but i Know i shall get no response to this.

  29. i dont think ive actually played a game before where it doesn’t matter if you are better or worse than your opponent to win the game. the worst game ive ever played and ultimate team is straight up scripted you can tell at the start of them game if you will win or not by the momentum. such an embarrassing joke of a game

    1. Bought the game for $25 and it isn’t even worth that. The computers in pro clubs have stolen the ball from other teammates. They run into each other, and can’t kick the ball more then 5 feet half of the time you ask for a lead pass. The goalie will run around for 10 seconds and then kick it to the other team over and over again.

      Ultimate team is just as bad as pro clubs. Doesn’t matter how much power you put on a pass it will do whatever the game feels like. 3 bars could pass it 3 ft could go, out of bounds you have no idea. You can make a tackle and the ball will go back to the person over and over again.

      Seemed to care more about the animations and changing some of the graphics then the game itself.

  30. The career mode is a joke i have like 10 solutions who can make it so mutch better and I dont even work with the game as you Do

    1 if you are a talent you should get on from the bench and get 20 minuts or less as a start!
    Also get 3-4 quest to Do on those minuts like in the Journey mode.
    From there you will either get more or less minuts if you play good or vad

    2 you should be able to simulate some games and jump in if you need to try to win! And the player should be playing even if i simulate.

    3 how realistisc is it that a 87 rated player wants to join à mutch worse team who has no ambitions like that team he is a star player in. He even goes from litr 275k/w to 120k/w i dident even have to Pay him more.

    4 if a player i have scouted and he becomes great he never tries to leave my shitty team he is happy with his 14k/w and to get shitty passes from worthless players

    5 if I take à team from Sunday leauge Im never able to get a better arena. I would like to invest som earnt money to build maybe from 5000 to 15000 and more later on instead of investing in olaters

    6 A team would not be interessted in letting his starplayer go so easy make it harder to get them.

    7 make the player career more fun! Add in more like if i play good that my agent can tell me that ” Lazio are very are here to night to see you play and they are very int to buy you!”

    8 as manager i I would also like to negociate my terms in a contract”

    9 as à manager i would like to be more involved in setting tickets Price and so on

    10 if we play bad as à team it would be realistic if the stansnings are à bit less maybe if my maximum is 25.000 and we are last in the standing we wouldent have more than maybe 12-17 k on our games and you could rate the fans on how understanding and faitful they are even if there is bad results. Also the ticketprices could have an affect how happy the fans is and so on!

    Hopefully you read this and so something about it some of them are more work and Some of them are easier to adapt / Mattias

  31. Ich spiele Fifa auch schon etwas länger. Ich werde mir auch kein weiteres Fifa mehr holen. Ich spiele im Moment Fifa 19, weil der Karriere Modus echt kein Spaß macht. Auf Legende bin ich immer erster weil es zu leicht ist. Wenn ich auf Ultimativ spiele sind die Gegner auf einmal doppelt so schnell wie Messi, Sancho usw. Ich wollte einfach mal n Feedback geben. Und anscheinend bin ich nicht der einzige der so denkt…

  32. The FIFA is going backward there are a lot of bugs and most important thing is offline gameplay and Kick-off : the defender is as stupid as cow . Every 10 games goalkeeper made mistakes. There are easy ways to score and there are weird balls that forward cant score

    At all its a big trash and the player who is worth than you can beat you
    As a FIFA player that play FIFA 20 it makes me disappointed

    Fifa Importance more financial things than gameplay

  33. this is by far the worst game ive ever played in my life ever! ultimate team is an absolute joke. it doesn’t even seem to matter who has actually played better, the game just decides everythings going to go against you and you dont stand a chance. the glitches are laughable and pathetic and they happen constantly. honestly please learn how to make a game because everyone deserves a better football game than this massive pile of embarrassing shit. goes without saying this is by far the worst fifa ever!

  34. Il gioco peggiore al mondo e per altro ruba molto di più di un gioco d’ azzardo!!!
    Sono un giocatore di fifa da oltre 10 anni ma a malincuore ho deciso di abbandonare definitivamente per le continue truffe dei pacchetti e dell’ ultimate team in generale, è una truffa continua dal gameplay ai pacchetti a tutto!!
    Consiglio vivamente a tutti di starne alla larga….

  35. Hi E.A i have a problem with the game fifa 20.When i get through ultimate team and go to rivals when i press the button to get in the rivals or the fut champions and generally in the online section automatically gets disconnected without any message.My internet connection is stable and very good.Can you do something about this!!!!!!!

  36. Horrible game! 94 pace vardy or moura cant even outpace slow defenders. Spent $200 on packs and can barely stay on division 6 when i have always been in division 1. All they care about is the money. You will never be able to enjoy and be a real competitor unless you spend thousands of dollars. The most retarded game i have seen. Make it fun for everyone!!!

  37. Worst fifa ever. The whole game is rigged…. how can someone score 3 goals in 10 mins left in game…Lazy gameplay and the online is already set winner even if ur good shitty players somehow can score. Make this game more skill based than fuckin rating based. smh this game is by far worst game of 19-20

  38. The worst Fifa of all time EA sports should be ashamed it is just lazy the whole game is just lazy it stinks from game play to the manager mode which is the worst, buying players is painfull to the plain boring annoying press conferences whoever came up with that should be fired. All EA sports care about is making money from the FUT payer packs and the UT mode is boring and lazy from EA again the whole game is broken. Iv been saying for years I am going to stop buying fifa but after this joke of a game I mean it. It is about time EA started letting propa football people design this game cos whoever is currently designing these games aint got a clue what football fans wont from the game. The journey story game mode is just pointless no one wants that crap in a football game. Biggest waste of money iv ever spent on a game I am done with Fifa after this joke been playing the series since 1996 and it is sad just how bad it has got it is too painfull to play.

  39. I like the game play…Its competitive enough for me atleast…(I only play Carrier)
    1. But, I like a more realistik feeling, so the fact that a player can go through a referee is disgusting….
    2.Also, while the number of injured players in still small (unrealistic) for the span of full season, also the injury manner is strange players with head injury will always touch their feet! Moreover there are no stretchers, medics etc.
    3. When u play carrier mode, a manager cannot get a new team in the beginning of a season, u also cannot leave a job my mutual consent, I thnk this should be fixed, atleast for one to be able change clubs without having to quit 3 matches in a season…
    I thnk there is a lot to improve in carrier mode…I like the gameplay a lot and I would not like to see it changing….the competitiveness is good….

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