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  1. I wish y’all could add something for career mode where past careers can load into the new fifa 20 like transfer where I left off on fifa 19 and transfer that to fifa 20

  2. Really enjoy the slower game, it makes it more realistic than running like Bolt. However, I have noticed a few glitches regarding the goalkeepers. They missed so many easy stops, and their aerial game is not on point. In addition, in the 433(2), the midfielders exchange their position very often; therefore; while leading an attack you can have a defensive midfielder in the role of the central midfielder, which makes it more likely to miss. Furthermore, the shooting is very inconsistent.
    Ps: Please do not speed up the game, the pace is perfect and real.

  3. Since it is the 20 year of fifa I think y’all should add the best soundtracks of all the fifas and add it to this fifa that would really be amazing like retro soundtracks that would be awesome please consider this EA thank you

  4. I was very disappointed with the Volta came mode. It seems to be similar to pro clubs where you level up your player with the skill tree. So why not add a pro club version to it. It would be awesome to play 3v3 Volta pro clubs with your friends instead of you playing as all the characters. I feel like this would not be a very difficult mode to add since both Volta and pro clubs are already on the game. Also how are you gonna bring back a fifa street like game and not include game breakers and all the crazy skill moves that were special to fifa steet. Please add these please

  5. Volta Football is good. Ultimate team I like how you can get xp and win rewards. The pack opening I like more the the previous FIFA’s. Career Mode for the Player. Can y’all make that more better. Need something new instead of old for that one. The Manager one got all the improvements but what about the player. Can we maybe get some Interviews after the match and press conference. You know something good. Also still need to be VAR in this game. If you guys plan to make it more life like. Make it for the leagues everyone likes to play like Premier League, La Liga, MLS, Serie A, Ligue 1 and especially for cup tournaments. Champions League, Europa league, FA cup, etc. Glad to see the new systems in the game. They are good. Plus some of the new Celebrations. I believe you guys can make VAR happen in this game. Just make it simple for now until the next FIFA. So here’s the idea for VAR. Penalty and no goal decisions and same with red cards. 3 easy ideas. The ref goes to the TV watches what happens and he decides. If it should be a penalty or not, goal allowed or disallowed and red card or no red card.
    So far keep it up and make FIFA great again.

  6. I feel like for career mode if you have a created player they should also have press conferences just like the managers should. Letting them know how the players feel even just like the journey. And I think when you are playing a game with your own made player if the weather changes your player should automatically wear the clothes for that weather for example, if it’s snowing the player should wear a long sleeve shirt and gloves instead of having to put it on your player which takes a while for every game. And you need to fix the practices for your made player to upgrade because the particular practice isn’t the same as the picture pls fix this EA

  7. CLosed Beta Reviews

    Fifa 20 VOLTA Career

    -On the Skill Tree
    After the stat bar increases to the next level, the number doesn’t change or increase. It just remains the same.
    This has happen for every stat. My stats are completely at the same level as when i started. The only increase comes from skill points earned , but not any growth from the stat bars filling up.

    -Defending Skills Game 2
    You cannot achieve max points even with 0 errors.

    -Defending Skill Game 5 (alley match 1vs1)
    The CPU keeps scoring in your goal and doesn’t try to go for his goal. Every goal CPU made, it awarded me the actual point and him with 0 points.

    -Story Mode 5 of 5 Amsterdam
    I had to exit game because it froze on me. When i restarted I was kicked back to the tokyo matches, but I still had the skill points that I had required.

    -Story Mode Champion Match 3 of 6
    When the match was started I wasn’t able to play at all. The game was in like a spectator mode and i couldn’t control my character or any of the team.

    I restarted the game, and when i logged back into story mode, the game said i had completed the story mode. I didn’t get to complete or see the ending.

    But upon checking the map it still shows South America with an (!).

    Other team stats also went down
    “Myd” 72 to 70
    “Big T” 80 to 77
    “Peter” 78 to 72
    {this one of the biggest errors}

    -Error in finishing the South America Championship
    Everytime i get to match 5 or 6 and win. I receive a server error

    Thank you for giving the chance to be a part of the closed beta.

    The other links to submit my feedback were not valid so i posted them here.

    I will continue to provide further feedback

    Thank you again

  8. New player switching (ball or player) a great update. However very hard to dribble past AI on prof mode, players like Salah seem slow, ‘knock on’ while sprinting seems nerfed overall gameplay too slow. Matchmaking matched settings needed for UT, Assisted crossing must end to prevent pro player volley YouTube header goals. If I use manual crossing match me to an opponent with same settings, reward a lot more coins for beating an 84 rated team with a 78. Not played Volta as I was switching between 20 and 19 to see the differences

  9. Really enjoyed the slower gameplay in kick off and career mode. A few dodgy red cards where players have barely been touched from behind and also some of the passes directed are a little wayward. Seem to have cut out the diagonal ball a little which is abit gutting.

  10. Since the update I feel like the game play has been speeded up slightly, I think this should only be done for ultimate team and left slow for game modes such as pro clubs and career mode to give it a more realistic look and feel. Fifa vault is also very good and feels amazing!! BUT I also wish EA added tattoos into pro clubs a similar feature to the one on UFC 3 as I feel like this would be an amazing feature to make my pro look even more real

  11. Will their be any VAR for all game modes. It would help a lot with fouls, penalties, free kicks, red cards or offside. Just by making the game more real. I like how pro clubs is so far. Have 5 different play styles. I usually play CAM,LW,RW,CB or LB. I like my idea of having VAR in the game. It will be something that no other soccer game would have. Also have players do coin toss with the ref and exchange flags with the other team. I’m just throwing ideas. The game is looking good so far. Just need a little bit more things in the game. This is my feedback to you EA

  12. Finished one season of career mode, get a little bit in to the second season, and all of a sudden, several young players are 99 rated, with 99 rated stats. Not sure why.

    1. Did a small amount of testing, and the exact moment the ratings jumped, was when the transfer window ended the second season

    2. I am a big fan of EA and i play for too long and i am asking as a big fan Can I get FIFA 20 Beta please i recieve emails from the games.

      With all atention,Tiago Teixeira

  13. Team photo before the game. Short players in front, taller in the back. Better visual

    Youth academies ??? Would be cool to see young players go through U18 and U23.

    Youth National Teams

    Haircuts, especially for the black players
    (Marcus Rashford, Dele Alli)

    During the rain (Track suits on the sideline)?????

    Mauricio Pochettino in big matches?? Always in a track suit in every match

    International Tournaments (Gold Cup not South American Cup, UFEA Nation league, Africa Cup Nations, Copa America, AFC Asian Cup)

    USMNT only plays in Seattle in the game.

  14. Can I suggest you be able to play another human as it’s better to gauge the game than v AI on easy mode
    I would like to see less game modes like volta and that extra power used to make fifa the game it could be.

  15. The shooting is inconsistent the sprinting speed also seems slow at times.Unresponsive at key moments and still conceding after kickoff too often.Still think alot has improved over last year.Hopefully things will get sorted out for release .

  16. Experienced some bugs on the training of Volta Football where timed finishing meter would go all crazy. Experienced a crash of error ce348478-0. Music changes by itself sometimes. Volta, was not as expected and does not bring back the old fifa street experience which i guess everyone was looking for. Pretty slow movements in kick off. Wrong rating for Alexander Arnold in Liverpool.

    On kick off:
    Whenever a team would kick off, crowd would react like there was a missed opportunity. Crowds are not loud enough. Liverpool doesn’t have any new crowd chants.

  17. Passing is absolutely terrible, player movement is horrendous, the pace the players have is off, 95 pace sane is literally getting out ran by Coleman. Sane feels like he only has 70 pace. I was so hyped about getting the closed beta but its not even good was disappointed honestly I’m not even playing the beta any more…smh

  18. This is turning out to be the worst FIFA I have played. So robotic and slow. Every tackle is a yellow card or red card. No off the ball movement, every shot gets blocked. You can never run faster than AI players. If AI has to score a goal, it will score any means necessary even if your player has score for AI. Really frustrating, if this is how fifa20 will be then I am out!!

  19. what have you done to the set pieces…surely too shit no one wants these absolutely dier . (once figured out pros will spam them)players are too sluggish, and defending switch icon poor just stood there !

  20. Loving the new Volta mode, although several service errors and unable to progress within the story mode after Amsterdam. Very frustrating.

  21. Consider adding a search button for players that are (for instance) rated above an 80. it is much easier to find players from the user end.

  22. Volta mode was horrible! In order to switch players, do I have to go through the whole roster? Because thats how it feels like. And holy fuck they move like they just shit themselves.

  23. I am unable to open my packs from rivals, it says your experiencing issues with the store but I’m able to open other packs???

  24. Career mode issues :

    Whilst being on an unbeaten in ten game run, my popularity has reduced to 55 despite being ahead of target. Only downside was overspending transfer budget.

    Some player ratings incorrect I.e joelinton is 69

    Youth players are requesting to leave the club after only 3 months of not starting a game, despite being ten ratings below position competition.

    Ultimate difficulty still too easy , undefeated with Newcastle united. Too easy to defend against most teams.

    Press conferences should be actual speech. Seems very dead having just silence.

    At kick off whistle the crowd make a sound as if just missed a shot.

    Crowds should be louder the better your team performs / popularity of manager and quieter on the other hand.

  25. Enjoying the fifa 20 beta. However, issue is the 30,000 coins being granted to use for the beta aren’t actually being credited into my club, so twice now i have missed out (60,000, and probably more to come unfortunately). So, i am unable really to buy many good players as there is not enough time to earn the coins to get a good team so i can’t properly test the new FUT with decent players sadly.

  26. Pro clubs has several glitches. The numbers keep glitching back to the number 1.
    Sometimes the full stadium does not load and we cant see the fan’s or seating. It’s only the pitch

  27. Probs one of the best betas I’ve played really good beta, slight bit off lag which u expect, love the new game modes on ultimate team and the xp system, would just be good if I could open my packs from squad battle, it’s just saying issue with the store.
    But all together ea you’ve done good

  28. Enjoying Volta gameplay. Not the story or characters but then I never liked Alex Hunter or his mates that much either. Keeps crashing though after one or two games, disconnected from server or whatever and I have to go back through the awful cutscenes all over again.

  29. It would be nice if you make the supporters leave the stadium when they already know that they are going to lose. And please bring camp nou(stadium of barcelona) back…one of the biggest stadium in the world!

  30. So far I like the beta and I play ALOT of Fifa. The game play does seem slower which I like, it’s less of a button mash and more if a tactical game. The pace seems to be finally balanced between runners op and last year when turtle defenders could catch speedy attackers. I still find shooting to be maddeningly inconsistent but at least they aren’t blasting shots over the top from 1 foot. I’ve only experienced pk’s once and I couldn’t figure it out at all. More explanation please. I’ll report on Volta next time in a couple days.

  31. Really glad this is the beta and there is still time to fix all the problems. Tackling is still shocking the way you press the button (in my case square) and they lunge ages later even when I ain’t the player. The movement off the ball is nonexistent. There like statues, now if you play Pes, they move about like real people. And seriously what is the point of the tactics and roles? They do absolutely nothing. I mean 4 different tactics is shocking. No wonder the whole fifa community keeps raging on these games. They do the bare minimum every year. One or two new things, but it’s just papering over the cracks

  32. Goal keepers need worked on a lot – slow coming out, even if ball is going out he runs to it and lets it go out,

    Players very slow movement like robots,
    Tactics are the same no really improved even if it let u edit ure own formations like u was running the team

    Would like to see close offsides giving so mates at Fifa nites can argue if it was onside or not

  33. Got a beta code with Volta included. I found Volta extremely boring and found gameplay in kick off much worse than FIFA 19. To improve on the beta, I think that you should be able to choose what game mode you would like to try alongside Kick Off, as I would have much rather tested Ultimate Team as it is the mode I play the most regularly on FIFA 19. If this was implemented then I would have played the Beta for longer and wouldn’t have deleted it already.

  34. The beta is really bad, players movement is too robotic and shooting gets blocked way too frequently and too easily by defenders. The goal posts look terrible, they look like a tiny little cube the players looks way too tiny on the pitch and the gameplay is a little too slow please fix those issues, crossing is bad, and the auto switching is terrible, players just stand and jog when they could have easily make a play on the ball. Shooting and crossing feel broken please fix.

  35. Very disappointed to see that players can still disconnect from server when ahead by one goal within first 5 minutes of play and win games without playing full match – I will not be spending any money on this bug as it spoilt Fifa 19 and the money I spent was a waste because of this. This will ruin FUT for FIFA20 if not fixed

  36. Can we please get a “next goal wins” option at the end of 90 mins? My mates and I love the new house rules but pens are a complete lottery so we always skip those as it feels like a shallow victory. Would much prefer to determine a winner without a clock. At the moment we just end the game without saving – we miss out on the stats and it was all a bit of a waste of time!

  37. let the fifa 20 mobile be as fifa 15 ultimate team (android / ios) with better graphics and online season as it had fifa 15 on ios
    Do not make shit like fifa 17.18.19 mobile

  38. Por favor que haya el modo volta para Nintendo Switch!!!

    Please have the volta mode on Nintendo Switch !!!!

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