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  1. Who thought it would be a good idea to make a game where you can’t defend , the passing is bad , game is slow, you can’t score from corners, who asked them to change the former penalties and free kicks , ea sports shouldn’t be making this sort of mistakes, this fifa is terrible been a nightmare since I got it, I really hope they drop a patch the fix the game play & again the defending is total shit

  2. I wish i could get a refund for this joke. The worst FIFA game i have ever played and i play since 2002. Defending and containing is really crap so as heading (so in defence as in offence) and the goalkeepers move like statues. I really regret buying this garbage!!!

  3. I find the gameplay in FIFA 20 much more clunky and awkward than 19. My main concern is the defending, every game I play online seems to have over 6 goals. So difficult to defend, so easy to run past the last defender or hit a simple through ball past the defence. Go in for a tackle and even my James milner looks like neymar as he easily shimmies past.

    EA please make defending a bit easier by reducing the stand tackle animation or something, or at least increase defending AI. I’m not saying this because I’ve lost lots of games, my record is very similar to 19. It just destroys the sense of realism when it’s like basketball and there are constantly scorelines of 6-4 etc.

  4. I got a penalty at the beginning of 2 games and both times the opponent left i was awarded a draw as i hadnt taken the shot. I think i shouldve been awarded a win in both situations. I was using my loan players and lost games with them as it still takes a game off them. This is bad sportsmanship and you should get the win if your opponent leaves as a penalty is given. Thanks

    1. Totally agree, this has happened to me a couple of times. Also winning games a couple of times, servers go down and then get a DNF!

  5. Make no mistake friends you can buy fifa point better than the defensive line. more speed . Make fewer mistakes and, most importantly, more powerful servers
    shame to you shame to you

  6. The worst gameeee playeeed fifa20 succkkks the game have a horrible handicaaaap and delayyy is in every gameeee poor serveeers why dont do anything easport????

  7. How many more games do I need to win and at the end of the game it freezes or kicks me out and end up losing!!!!! Not good enough Fifa always EA server.

  8. Worst FIFA title to date.

    EA falsely advertised the game. Released the game without the career mode features and tricked customers into pre-ordering, downloading (which removes the ability for a refund), and ultimately lied about fixes (over a month of waiting as of the writing of this post). Where is the apology? Sitting in the shitter with EA’s customer service.

    Trash company, never buying a game from them again.

  9. So it’s been now nearly my 10th game that I’m losing connection to EA servers and ironically I’m getting loses too, winning a match at 80th minute by 6-1 and I Lost connection all of the sudden.. Wtf EA????

  10. How can EA make a game that costs minimum 60£(I paid 80£) and put out this garbage. Defensively it is so poor but soo poor that it is actually unbelievable. I understand now why people been say this is the worse they’ve played, cause it actually is. I’ve never rated fifa so badly in my life, and never thought I would do it but I was wrong. I’m so upset for this. No matter how much you enjoying it there is always something wrong, or because defensively is a joke, or because there are bugs, or servers are crap, now pukki scores hat-trick every game you play against(even knowing that you play with a different person every time) the guy always scores no matter how. Let me guess, just cause he scored 2 goals against City, we make him now the scoring machine of fifa 20. Shooting is bad, attacking not great but way better than defense. It is just not real guys. If it wasnt for Volta Mode which is actually good, I would uninstall my fifa 20. I hope changes will be made and hope to change my mind with the changes cause in a year time if I feel like nothing has been fixed, you know I’m switching to PES. And again I ask 60£ for that?

    How bad this game been made this game this year?Defensive is the biggest joke, mistake after mistake, hard to believe really(thought last year was bad). Attacking way better than defense but not great. Shooting is miserable sometimes. How can EA charge at least 60£(I paid 80£) and put out this garbage. Now makes sense why people are saying this is the worse fifa they played, cause it actually is. Bugs happening frequently. Other thing is, how can Pukki(just because he scored 2 past City) score hat-trick or poker every time you play against(knowing you play a different person every time), it’s just not real. I’m even lost words. Disgusting and disappointing what you guys been doing. Well, good things is Volta which is actually cool, otherwise I would just uninstall the game right away. Hope changes will be made in the future, in a year time if I feel like nothing has been done, you know I’m buying PES. 80 quid wrongly spent

  11. Ok I had spent some time to read the user reviews here and totally agree with most of them , this is the worse FIFA game ever produced. I noted something when my opponent mistakenly pass the ball to my goal keeper , he can’t hold the ball with hands !!! any body noted that ???
    More over, Defending is really a joke , shooting on goal is far away from real , sprinting with ball is not stoppable , player reaction so slow.
    Am so disappointed.

  12. Please fix the In game connections don’t say it’s on good latency when in game it’s clearly not, I have 5 seconds delay where as he’s running through my players because of it, extremely annoying and unplayable

    1. Questo è il peggior fifa di sempre, ti puoi impegnare quanto vuoi sulla difesa ma poi I tuoi difensori gli prende un malore ad ogni passa filtrante, non sembra neanche realistico né come si difende né come si attacca.. Speso 90 euro per un gioco fatto veramente male.

  13. I wont rant or list faults about the game or EA as i will be here all night…..

  14. Absolute and utter garbage. Like everyone else who posted here totally agree. I thought i was the only one. But fifa 20 is aweful horrible disgusting and total bull****. Very slow. And some ppl say it’s realistic i mean come on. League 1 football play better footbal than this. Its a horror show. Honestly i am so annoyed that they have ruined such a beautiful game. Fifa 19 is much better

  15. Well… were do i start with this game :-/
    Il be as polite as i possibly can as ive wasted so much anger and frustration on this game, aswell as time and money… but nothing else can be said other than its fuckin garbage.
    The controls and passing is inconsistent and wayward, too many shots are either unrealistically saved, hit the bar or post or are blasted wide, defenders missing tackles or just running off from opposition players are just a few of the many hundreds of faults…. but i think the worst is how slow n laggy the game is, EA should be ashamed and embarrased.
    Ive noticed alot of people on here complain rightly so about the vs attack…. PLEASE BOYCOTT IT FOR YOUR OWN SAKE! Fifa and EA always favour the big spenders who do nothing except spend all their time and money on this game aswell as sucking the dicks of fifa and EA executives, so unless you wanna do both those things there is no place for us little spenders 🙁 also how can u trust a company that deletes negative posts from people about its game and where the conspiracy theorys about the game were laughed at only to be true!
    Sure… EA and fifa make alot of money from people, but thats all they have. They are faceless, soul – less, non existant “people” who hide behind a company name and are more than happy to just take everything they can from anyone.
    Just be safe in the knowledge nothing lasts forever 🙂 and one day fifa and EA’S rotten thieving empire will topple down on top of them, whilst we stand back and watch them get crushed and choke on the rubble.
    Also with any luck, maybe some of them will be raped 😀

  16. ” FIFA” : we ve been very busy helping out rebounds etc…
    6 000 000 million rebounds later …

    My FIFA ratings
    FIFA18 FIFA19 FIFA20
    1/10 -5/10 sh** not even worth a number ..

  17. Its really s***.worst game experience i have ever had.the players dont react fast,fast players abnormally accelerate,no chance for headers on target,1 on 1s are abnormally hard to be scored,the whole team dont move forward and it takes time players join the attack.its fully shit even more than 19 but 19 is still better than this.also team defending is awful and the defenders make many mistakes in 1 2 a pro player and im honest with you.its really worst version.i think its time to switch to PES.i think best fifa version was 18

  18. Switching to Pes after about 13 years playing Fifa, am gutted fifa has gone down the route of the most unrealistic ridiculous skills being produced. It’s actually pathetic a 5 star skilled player can dribble all their way through your team. It’s almost like it’s gotten worse every year since 2013. Save yourself the money switch to any other football game other than FIFA 20. Shame that there is only two football games really.

  19. Please ea update this game! Worst fifa I’ve played. Was fine before the updates and now it’s awful! Defenders have turning circle of a bus. Players don’t react quick enough to a loose ball. Shooting is awful and heading at goal is non existent. Going back to fifa 19 if this isn’t sorted out

  20. Please try to correct one mistake that we found with a friend.. When you play friendship game on line with a friend you can’t change football players and also the game doesn’t let you choose the new tactics..

    I hope you can correct this issue..

  21. Having the same issue as many my career pro should have 3 star skill level and doesn’t even have 1 … I cannot perform any skill moves with him ….

    Please sort this asap disappointing

  22. Why on earth on player Fifa career mode once you get 3 star skills you can’t actually do any skills anymore..???
    Thought is was a glitch at the start when I was with Sunderland,so started again with Benfica and the same has happened again.
    Very very poor thinking of selling this crap game and going back to fifa 19
    Please sort it out

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