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  1. First and foremost, fifa you’re not fooling anyone. The scripting in this game is insane. Your matches are set and done before the game even starts. You give absolutely shit players a sense that they can actually be good at playing fifa so that they keep playing and spending. My defenders LITERALLY run away from attackers. STOP interfering with the game and get it back to where when you were actually good you’d go unbeaten a while. It’s sad to see you taking advantage of us loyal players. Going to PES next year for sure.

  2. Nothing in this game works, never ever are they gonna patch this pile of shit game. Nothing is ok, when you do ok in wl and are about to get the best rank you’ve ever gotten. Why not give you absolute cancer and noway of passing defenders. They catch up with you, Mane has 90+ in pace but a centreback has 60 and catches up, counter attack and goal. EVERY TIME, I get disconnected even if I have really good internet and gets a loss although I was leading 2-0. THIS GAME NEEDS TO GO IN TO THE BIN, Fifa 18 was the last kind of fun Fifa, not to realistic and not to much bullshit. Have good forwards that can finish and agile. I have Mane and Prime Henrik Larsson as strikers and they can’t even hit the goal in the six yard box.

  3. This game is such a pile of shit.. EA you should totally ashamed of this disgrace to the game of football.. I played a game today where i played a team of prime icons and TOTY’s and the guy i was playing was absolute shit, i had over 20 shots on target, he had 2.. And i lost 2-1.. After 90 minutes of being the better player.. And then just 2 crazy shots from prime R9.. Disgusting. Pro evo is way better this year and its the one im buying next year for a fact

  4. Guys please fix this game, it is impossible to defend, that is the main issue, to take the ball back, the carreer mode it is impossible to win, it is a nonsense, fix the defense

  5. What a pile of dogshit! On FUT one player can dribble past a whole team. “Made the shooting easier”… it? My shots are closer to the conner flag than the post and all my shots on target are hitting the posts.
    Opponents forward managed to teleport through my defenders body a couple of times to score insane goals. And lost a few games on weekend league cause the ref is high on something calling pens for some clean tackle or when their player just walks into the keeper. Very disappointing

  6. I play Pro Clubs a lot, and what’s more irritating is the passing hasn’t changed. And CPU is garbage. I used to get a lot of through balls and lobs and now I can’t even get a nice through ball or lob to the player that’s open cause it’ll go right in front of me. No matter how much power I put it won’t go to the correct player so that DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE FIXED. And theirs time when our defense won’t defend or steal the ball from our opponents, but the other teams CPU will defend push us, tackle us and defend. FIX THAT ASAP!!!!

  7. My god EA how do you live with yourselves after producing this pile of garbage. Pointless tackling, defenders shoving you from behind when through on goal and nothing given, people spending fortunes on the game to get all the best players then when your beating them you lose control of your team and they run away from the ball. Pointless crossing as you can rarely score headers. I could go on but I’m getting bored with all the faults. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME OR FIFA 21 as you will only be disappointed

  8. After latest update 2 days ago it seems nothing dramatically change in carrier mode. Now in world class i can win very easy like the past years fifa but in legendary the same problems(of course I’m not touching ultimate mode). No matter how good I’m playing, even when the opposite team in not strong at all, i can loose the game very easy. There’s no middleground here. Or you can win very easy in world class or you have to play 5 hours just to win the worst team in the premier league in legendary mode. This make fifa 20 a very boring game. Every year since 2012 i hope that this will change but i guess is very difficult. The only good thing with the latest update about carrier mode is that you can score goals more easy and not see the ball hit the goalpost most off the times.
    Here’s some funny scenes in carrier mode with my team Stoke City in premier league:

    1. Yup. I plyed ultimite difficulty. Since the update it is impossible to play on ultimite. Legendary is too easy and ultimite is impossible. So unbalanced.

      But as long as they are making money from kids buying packs they wont care anout career mode.

  9. am so much disappointed in fifa 20.manual defending isnt working for me,]
    fifa should be fun to play.return AI defending.kindly revert to how it was else i quit fifa 20.

  10. First of all I thoroughly enjoy the game.

    However I must make the following complaints:

    *referees/fouls: other than blatant and poor slide tackles, what the referees call fouls in the games is wildly inconsistent. I know this sort of resembles real-life football but this could be improved.

    *Player chat: often makes no sense at all. A player could be happy or very happy but still threaten to leave…?

    1. I enjoy the game but the following things really bother me:

      *Player chat – a player can be happy or very happy but threaten to leave over game time.

      *Referees/fouls – fouls given/not given are wildly inconsistent. This sort of resembles real life but could be improved.

      *Free kick shooting – this is very, very hard. Needs to be easier.

      Otherwise enjoyable. Thanks 🙂

  11. Am I the only feeling that the commentators are very depressing when I am losing? Their comments impact my performance very negatively.

    I mean, commentating should be neutral, right?

  12. You would think the more advanced technology is the better a game will get? Fifa are going backwards – it’s meant to be realistic yet…. one player can skin your whole team doing mad flicks and soo unrealistic stuff – been playing fifa for years and every year am playing less and less now because how the gameplay is, doing skills should be scrapped or at least like the older games a lot lot lot harder to do you see these videos online and just pathetic. Bring back pass and move good gameplay 2009 fifa has been the best one to date. Gonna move to PES next year if it’s not changed.

  13. This fifa actually f****** suckings. Like seriously EA way to go f*** your loyal customers by making a shitty gameplay with absolutely ass defending, stupid goals and basing the gameplay off ground passes to score goals. Like seriously if you didn’t want players to score headers or off crosses then why even keep that shit in the game. Unbelievable waste of money. Also your Volta addition is absolutely terrible and makes for an even worse game. Unreal EA.

  14. This game is a huge embarrassment to the sport of football. Fuck you EA and your mediocre management of the game. It’s a broken game that they released. Even the beta was better than its current form. Such a shame that a multimillion dollar worth company distributes shit quality games. They can’t even fix simple shit in the game. Please sell the rights of FIFA to a better company. It’s clear that y’all don’t care about the customers that play the game. Money hungry rats.

  15. Let me start of by saying i love the idea of fifa ultimate team; when your watching league football and you think you would love to see such a player play with such a player.. Hence why i love playing fifa and FUT. I cannot inderstand how EA could F**k it up so badly.. Some mastermind obviously thought “You know what would be cool? If we make the game so that if you tackle a player, you end up in a worse position than if you didn’t! And also if a player pumps money into the game we will make him really good no matter how useless he is! Oh and you know what would be unbelievable? If we make it so that when a player absolutely turns a defender, the defender becomes 100% faster than them and it was all a waste of time… Actually lets make defenders faster than wingers and strikers all together!” Cannot understand how much of a mess fifa 20 is.. Its mindblowing.. Surely these people have at some stage watched a game of football in their lives? Anyway this is the last straw for me, Fifa 18, Fifa 19 and Fifa 20 have all been nothing short of terrible and refuse to reward the player, only the buyer. Im switching to PES from now on, EA have made enough money.

  16. I played FUT Champions and desperately needed a win. My opponent gets two red cards within the first 10 minutes of the game and rage-quits the game at the score 0-0. I don’t get a win because the score is 0-0. But just that’s ridiculous why should I be punished just because my opponent is a sore loser? I haven’t had the time or chance to capitalize on my opponents silly red cards. You need to fix this – if you quit a game or don’t show up in real life you lose 3-0 – it should be the same in Ultimate Team and FUT Champs

    Best regards

  17. EA Sports should be embarrassed by their annual armed robbery that is FIFA. This game has been out for nearly 4 whole months now and all the minor errors in various gameplay modes that make it almost unplayable remain unfixed. Let’s start by commenting on the fact that handballs aren’t called in all competitive online games yet somehow they occur a dozen times a match? What genius thought that up? We continue to have a legalized gambling and pay-to-play system in FUT. People cheat and use false starting formations to get perfect chemistry often playing cdms as strikers and strikers as cdms to achieve perfect chemistry then instantly switch on kickoff. The best most entertaining game mode, Pro Clubs, is still almost pointless because you can’t have any sort of normal tactics due to the default tactic glitch that has your width and depth settings at 1. Lets not even get started with all the glitches that make all of your AI players, including your RB, lefties and have half of your AI playing in incorrect positions. Then there are the goalkeepers in Pro Clubs who can’t catch a ball to save their lives and at least twice a match lose their minds and come flying out of the box to play a long ball they’ll never reach in a million years. How is it that year after year you continue to bleed people for money with the game and all the bonus content yet you don’t even try to hone the game and fix the glaring issues at hand? Is it because your company is morally corrupt and can’t give a shit about the dishonesty involved in taking people’s money for an unpolished product? Is it because we live in a world where government policies help protect pathetic companies like yourself and allow you to swindle extra money from people with microtransactions and pay-to-play systems? Yes to both. I can only hope someday you’re held accountable EA for the heaping pile of shit you sell customers that earned you a whopping 4.95 billion dollars last year. Thanks for nothing.
    -Josh (Just another idiot who’s been buying this broke ass product for the past 20 years because of his love for soccer)

  18. After last update the game is unreal.Specially the ultimate level the cpu players (in career mode) are FLYING!!!!!!!

    You made an awfull update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This is 1000% true. Its freaken insane. For the first in years I felt like I hate this game. I’m a division 1 online player and the mode is not unreal but makes it seem like I know nothing.


    2. Yup. I have just traded the game in today because of this. Embarrassing.

      Since the patch the cpu is incredibly overpowered. Ultimite difficulty is now impossible to play.

  19. I have never played this game but it is already shit. You have turned my friends into addicts and “sbc” is the most commonly used word on our chats. Kindly fuck off back to israel you cunts.

    Many thanks,


  20. From the latest title update I got a few new faces but not all of them (for example parades, choupo-moting from PSG are missing and a few Faces from Racing club is also missing). Please help.

  21. This game is so bad I completed my daily objectives this morning and when I went into the challenges it said I hadn’t completed any disappointing. Fix this because fifa used to be one of my favourite games but its went downhill

  22. Definitely the worst game I have ever purchased. No other game is scripted against you. No other game will disconnect you and tell you that they are reviewing what happened when clearly they are not. If anyone is thinking of getting this game I would not recommend as it’s not fun to play and the lack of content released really is a joke

  23. by far the worst fifa to date, no longer will I spend any time of fifa.
    *Speed is nonexistent, I can break past a defender only for the AI catch up to me and steal the ball, mind you. AGAIN defenders can catch up to wingers or forwards with 90+ pace, a joke of a game.
    *AI can make every pass and intercept every ball and yet as a player I can’t do either.
    *AI positioning is worse than 6 year olds playing the game. Wingers do behave as wingers, CM dont know how to attack nor defend. CB stare or wait till the opponent is past them to chase them, your team doesn’t hustle on defense instead half the team is on the halfline slowly jogging back.
    *new update ti ultimate gameplay breaks beyond measure of gameplay. It’s all about counter attacking.
    *team philosophies do not exist, player loyalty either. I mean Trent wouldnt dare leave Liverpool, yet he first to in summer window. Barcelona’s tiki taka, Liverpool’s gegenpressing and teams style…none. list is too huge, going to PES from now on, they also allow mods and gameplay is 10Xs better.

  24. this is not a football game, but rather this is a combination of figure skating and athletics where speed and unrealistic skills making a mockery of the beautiful game.
    Piss boring game format- you can play in the 100% laggy H2H, the arbitrary VSA, the unrealistic world tour (try beating 120 rated Ajax from 4 nil down) or the events that are designed for getting gamers pay for the players they want.
    There is no opportunity to gain resources to grow your team and paying is your only option.
    there is no championship to be won, no customization, no respect for the rule of the game (referee can blow for half time or full time when the ball goes out for corner) and not even commentary FFS.
    Player switching is horrible, defender can walk along the attacker as if they are teammate without realizing the need to do anything.
    Not gonna spend a dime on this crap

  25. I second the comments above on the gameplay…ridiculous and illogical especially some passes are involved. I’ve been playing FIFA for the last 10 years and this is the worst in terms of gameplay. And WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED that the SBC for TAA disappeared when it still have 26 days to go?????????? WTF happened!???!!!! I did 1 set yesterday and have another set to go but it went missing this morning. A check with other friends confirmed this. Please provide an explanation on this!! SCAM or WHAT!!?????

  26. The worst fifa I had ever seen it’s a joke… ea you need to fix your servers you are just taking money from us you need to improve this fucking game especially after the fucking update u did before almost 2 months the game became a shit and still ea didn’t recognize that this game is completely broken you know because of who? Because of you guys because u r still buying fifa points and spending money please guys stop giving them money please stop otherwise they will not fix this broken game

  27. Career mode:

    Defending is terrible. The opposition does one stepover and gets passed you with ease (this includes EFL2 players)
    Passes keep getting intercept , but the AI can pass with no problems.
    The penalty crosshair aim, which keeps moving makes it impossible.

  28. Seriously, FIFA 20 is the worst ever, so unrealistic, defense is BULLSHIT and I still don’t understand why Nigeria isn’t yet in FIFA 20,although Nigeria played the last world and also one of the best team in Africa. I just
    don’t understand why FIFA isn’t getting any better.
    However, the graphic is really good but the game’s art of play is totally rubbish. I enjoyed fifa 19 better. Seriously, please do your home work well enough, I’ve never missed any year buying FIFA since 2007 but i must say that im totally disappointed with FIFA 20. Please fix it.

  29. Last fifa I had bought was fifa 16. I quitted at the time because it was getting worst every year. Decided to give it another shot with fifa 20. Lol. The game has managed to become such a ridiculous scam. Totally unplayable online with the incredible amount of button lag 99% of the time. I won’t be calling out all that’s been said before. It’s already well documented why this game is the garbage it is. Anyway, done with the game. Will move on to PES.

    1. It’s a shit game bro only children they can play it we are loosing matches against amateurs just because of the button delay and shit servers

  30. After the new update for pc(13/1/20) the game is much unreal. Long pases from the other half going through very easy,shoots are going in from difficult angles and dribling with players which have low drible stats is very easy. Is much faster than before and this makes the gameplay unreal.I dont know why they do all these changes. The game became much worst than before.

  31. Fifa 20 worst FIFA ever. The only reason i can think for such a bad gameplay in career mode is that they want to force you to spend more cash (for them it’s not enough the money we gave to buy the game) and play only in ultimate team mode. Very unrealistic. It’s like a lottery. The machine decide if you win or if you lose. Bye bye EA sports.

  32. Terrible game. Iv been buying fifa since the first game. There have been some bad games, and this is just another failure. Its terrible. I play on ultimate difficulty. I only play career mode. At first I said to myself that I would never buy the game until December since the game is never released in working order. Now Iv decided I wont buy this game ever again. The problems with this game are well documented so I wont even go into it. Goodbye from a once loyal fan.

  33. I’m not able to play against friends in friendlies on ultimate team. Everyone I send an invite I get kicked out of the game mode. Please fix this issue.

  34. Ich verstehe es nicht wenn ich bei rivals spiele und eine Stärke von 89 habe und Chemie bei 90 ist und ich 18-20 mal alleine vorm Torwart stehe und der hält alles sogar die gelupften Bälle gehen nicht rein und dann kommt der drei mal vor mein Tor und dort geht alles rein muss ich ganz ehrlich sagen läuft da einiges schief und mir macht es langsam kein Spass mehr das ist genau das selbe Problem wie bei FIFA 19 und das muss mal behoben werden

  35. That byline goal glitch needs to be fixed its absolute garbage everybody who uses it clearly can not play the game at all

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