FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 20 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 21 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 21 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 21 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 21 separately here in this link.

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84 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1-You should show the medics taking players out of the pitch
    2-They should show whats happening in the locker room
    3-they should also take negotiations in a plane,the managers house and so on

  2. Olá,eu espero que vejam meu comentário sobre o FIFA 21 para mim.

    Eu simplesmente amo o modo Carreira do fifa,sempre eu jogo offline,espero que a EA veja meu comentário.

    1- deixe as simulações dos outros times serem realistas,isso ocasiona em equipes serem invencíveis no campeonato e a equipe mais fraca sempre perder,realismo mas simulações.

    2- coloque novamente a simulação por minuto a minuto quando formos simular alguma partida no modo carreira,a simulação do FIFA 20 ela já vai direto ao fim da partida,coloquem minuto a minuto novamente.

    3- Deixe a gente ter muitos jogadores na categoria de base,o limite do atual são 16 jogadores na base,aumente esse número de jogadores.

    4- coloque empréstimo com opção de compra no final,isso tem muito na vida real.

    5- remova as imagens que ficam quando vamos responder uma coletiva de imprensa ou um jogador,deixe conversarmos sem saber se a resposta é boa ou não.

    6- deixe as negociações mais realistas,se formos negociar com um time rival,teríamos chance nenhuma de acerto.

    7- deixe os valores de jogadores promessas mais realistas,um jogador de 70 de over ou um pouco mais,se tem 16 anos ou um pouco mais, faça esse jogador ser caro,e deixe o valor da multa do jogador mais realista.

    Muito obrigado pela compreensão,espero que tenha isso no FIFA 21, obrigado!



    When you sign a player,it is not guaranteed to fit in with his team mate. Adding a Chemistry system like in FUT will be more realistic with some extras of course. Also You could add mentoring in the training hub. Mentoring system Will be based of performance and Will either strengthen their Bond of Will break it.


    -Let’s just say maybe like Mesut Ozil Joined Chelsea from arsenal, Like in FUT it Will start as Orange But if he plays good, It Will be green. Also When he joins, if like Chelsea bought Alexis Sanchez or Mario Gotze
    They Will recognize him and their chemistry Will start as a green
    -Contract Extensions system Will be removed for the Conversation System. The Conversation System Example ia Below.

    1.Go to Squad hub
    2.There will be 2 options See Team Morale or See The Team
    3.Click Team Morale
    4.On the team Morale hub there Will be A menu like the Squad hub but different. EXAMPLE BELOW


    -Player Photo- Abraham:

    5.Here you could see mentoring progress and can have a Team talk or just talk with a player

    So of you click a player it will show the option to talk to the player, Then it Will show the option Formal or Negotiation. In formal, the player Will come alone, not with his agent and wearing a formal shirt But, if it is the Negotiation type, the player Will come in a suit and he Will talk with his agent.

    -Talk about performance
    -Offer Captaincy
    -Change of position (if you forgot the player will be suprised and Will lower their Morale By a Little)

    Player Demands Type
    Note: This Talk will only happen if the player in the Conversation page in messages say that they want to talk to you , They will say what type of Conversation so when you open the Morale hub and click on the player, There will be only 1 option and that is Talk with player. There will be no option to choose the type of Conversation.

    -The player will talk first, and demand something
    -you just choose to Say yes,no or negotiate (if Negotiation type)
    -if the player is Happy with the talk they will say thanks and will shake your hand (if Negotiation type)

    Formal (Captain)
    -Talk about Team
    -Talk about the Captain’s opinion about Transfers Including Recommended Transfer targets
    -Talk about performance
    -Strip off Captaincy (Decrease in morale 2 levels down For example very happy to content)

    -Talk about wages
    -Talk about contract
    -Extend contract
    -Release ( 1 screen after to show if you really want to release the player)
    -Offer new role


    -Team Talk automatically before match and at half time (before changing lineup), you can praise about last match performance or Motivate if in a losing streak.

    -On half time there will be an option in the team to see the Team lineup to substitute player or just change the lineup or talk to player.

    -Players will respond differently, depending on some factors

    -Any Players with a prospect, or sporadic role will respond either Very happily thanking you or they will say sorry and beg you to give them another chance if they play bad

    -Crucial or important player will say thank you and will accept your critique when they play bad

    -Rotation players will say that they are thankfull that you give them play time and will say sorry and accept your critique when they play bad

    In the menu you can see what the player are doing, they can be talking to other Players or just chilling. Youngsters will mist likely be talking to Their mentors or will talk to other youngsters, they will sit alone while being sad if they play bad

    Players with low reputation will have a Commentary name but will not be announced.
    If they build up their reputation like scoring goals. The commentators will recognize him and as they build their reputation will say their name more often and with more excitement


  4. Hello guys!
    I’m from Romania,and I love that you added the Romanian League.
    For career mode in FIFA 21 I want to:
    1) I want you to add at least 5 more fully licensed European Football Leagues.I would love to see the Greek League and the Turkish League;
    2) I want you to license more competitions.Like Cups and Supercups in other leagues;
    3) I want you to license at least 20 new stadiums.I would love to see the Camp Nou and many more;
    4) I would love to see a trophy room;
    5) I would like to see a longer career;
    6) I would love to have a personal life as a manager.Let’s say that with your wage as a manager you could buy a house or a car.Have a personal life like a girlfriend;
    7) I want to edit a stadium.Like make personalised banners;
    8) I would love to see sponsors.You could sign contracts with them and after each match you would earn a fair amount of money.And it would depend on the popularity of the club;
    9) I would love to edit your stadium.Like upgrading it and improving its capacity.Or improving your training camp and the further you upgrade it the better the training sessions are.Editing the ticket prices,or the shirt prices,etc.To say it simplier,add more stadium facilities and be able to upgrade them;
    10) Change the fixtures.How would you expect to have a league and a Champions League match in the same week and have your players fit;
    11) Have a real club history;
    12) Be able to buy and own a club;
    13) Be able to make chants that the crowd would sing during the match;
    14) Be able to choose from real managers;
    15) Make the faces of the players more real.Like you could inspire from PES.
    16) Add more animations for players.Like if they miss a penalty they could cry or something else;
    17) Add loan with purchase because it’s very popular in real life;
    18) Improve the stats and pottential of players over 30;
    19) I would love to see to play career mode with your friends;
    20) And last but not the least eradicate scripting.How can you miss an open goal with Messi in FUT.This thing is getting sometimes out of hand and I’m not the only one that knows about scripting.Other players from around the world and even you know about scripting.Like we say “If the game doesn’t want you to win,you won’t win”.
    Anyways these are the things I hope would be added to FIFA 21!

  5. For the player career
    – Be able to spend your wages on something, boots, tatoos, hairstyles etc, then you have an incentive to go for money rather than your favourite club
    – Be able to have an actual contract with a club, goal bonuses etc, with contract length, if you’re not performing you are let go
    – Improve the keeper controls, way too inconsistent atm,
    – Have a trophy cabinet
    – be able to break records, for clubs as well as leagues, top scorer, most appearences etc

  6. Secondo me per migliorare questa carriera ci vorrebbero :
    1) i prestiti con diritto e obbligo di riscatto
    2) i valori dovrebbero essere più realistici per esempio Ronaldo é 93 es in un anno diventa 88 c’è non ha senso piuttosto il cambio di valore dovrebbe essere basato sui gol porte inviolate e assist e lo stesso per i giovani tipo foden in un anno fa un +6 però secondo anche qua dovrebbe essere basato come ho detto prima .

    1. I’m romanian, I love that they added our romanian league. I would love to see the real National Cup, SuperCup in the game (for career mode) maybe some stadiums idk, but the domestic cups are more important to make the league as real as possible.
    2. Add 1 or 2 more european leagues. I don’t wanna be rude and upset people that are not from Europe, but you all got to agree that european football is in the centre of attention and it’s no. 1. So I want so much the GREEK LEAGUE in the game. Maybe they could add another one as well, maybe the UKRANIAN LEAGUE idk..but I insist for the GREEK LEAGUE. They need to add all european leagues in FIFA games first and then they could think adding other leagues from other Asia, Africa, that are not in the game all ready.
    3. More in depth stuff in career mode for you as a manager. For example the ability to speak with the board and tell them: “If you want me to qualify for a european competition or battle for the first places in the league increase the transfer bugdet so I can buy better players.”
    4. Another thing I WANT SO BAD in FIFA 21 Career Mode is the idea of customizable kits. (keep the original colors of the team’s kit and the original logo, we just want the option to select a different design for the home and away kits). Also the idea to have a different sponsor on the kit. For example your team plays well, has good results, maybe qualifies in a european cup and then with good results and so on, you catch the eyes of a big sponsor such as Samsung, a big car brand, beer or soda company, a big company in general like Amazon, for example..idk. The company will tell you that it wants to sponsor you and you can accept or decline the offer. The bigger the company, more money you get added to the transfer budget.
    Peace Out! 🙂

  8. A few things…

    Career mode;
    Trophy room – a visual where you can see all the trophies you’ve won
    Real team history – having the teams history in some tab, would be great to build on current history and see where you’ve taken the club in regards to most successful in the county
    Longer career – should be able to continue further along your career
    Wage meaning – have some more of meaning behind your wages, would be good if you could use your wages to upgrade your manager or have a life style tab where you can buy a new sports car
    Manager mentality – could link with wages and life style – you have a girlfriend or have nice things your manager is happier and vice versa
    Own a club option – would be good to follow Beckham.. Going from player or manager to owner, could also link with player wages! Once at this point tho your would invest into a club and what they win/sell you get to decide how much goes back into the club.. Would have fan happiness also so you could have fans happy with there owners like at Liverpool or not so happy ones such as Newcastle. Be able to decide on ticket prices, employ back room staff, build better training/young facilitie
    Better player potential generator – would be great to bring in a 62 rated 18 year old from Salford who wasn’t thought of as much and surprise the odds in him becoming a 50mil player, as it is if you are young and play in a small league your potential isn’t very high
    Some more I’ve thought about.
    More input into training
    Actually be able to view international career record
    More options with finances
    FFP into the game
    More teams from other leagues to increase quality of continental competitions
    More international teams
    More international competitions
    Be able to manage just international and attend games get reports about your national players
    Players have dual nationality and be able to choose from multiple nations
    More clauses in player contracts
    Sponsor contracts
    Have a manager sim mode – be able to make tactic changes and subs etc..

    Ultimate team should have a better structure so those who spend spend spend don’t make it boring for everyone else and have feature where you can develop a player on ultimate team for instance high priced training cards which add perminent increases

    Probably think of more but career mode needs massive restructure

    1. Thisis good, really the aspect of having something to spend money on, not just manager also career mode, like hair, cars, better boots, get brand deals as a player so you acn do adverts get more money and so on so on

  9. Hello, I would love to put online career mode to play with your friends, it would be epic! what do you think about my idea? write me!

  10. Several more ideas (last ones I write)

    An option to renew the loan of the ceded player if the player and both teams agree, both for players assigned on my team, and for players of my team assigned on others.

    Receive players in part payment when the AI ​​makes offers. It is an option that never uses AI. To be able to negotiate which player in part of payment we want for one of us.

    Being able to have all the negotiation options when the purchase or renewal negotiation is delegated.

    Increase the duration of the race in career mode: 15 seasons is very little, especially for globetrotters. The real managers retire about 40 years and are valid for 25 to 35 years.

    Be able to choose existing managers. Have the possibility to use Guardiola, Mourinho, Zidane, and any other that appears in the game.

    Improve objectives, which are there are very repetitive and sometimes impossible to meet, since they do not depend on what one does (for example, increase the holders of fertilizers).

    As for the GAME PLAY …

    That there are errors of the referees, and that these errors influence the mood of the public and the injured players.

    That there is the possibility of an option that allows sporadic incidents to occur in the matches (especially if the morale of the team is low). For example, expulsions for foul play such as elbows, insults or shoves.

    That the players communicate during the game with the bank asking for change if they are tired, for example.

    Change and offer various champion celebration screen options. It has always been the same for several years, and has very little emotion, especially for the three substitutes who are left by jumping childishly.
    Also the players, when winning a competition like the Champions League or an important league, hardly seem happy. Assimilate more to reality, that they cry, jump, run, throw, etc.

    Have in each league that does not have a second division a handful of teams from the second division that can go up and down to give dynamism to those leagues. That although they are not playable leagues, allow a minimum mobility and rotation of the teams. I guess with 5 teams it’s more than enough. That would generate rotation, dynamism, renewal and freshness to those leagues.


    As the same of players in real life, managers must have contract with tems.
    Negociations like players, increase or decrease salary deppending your performance, and use that “money” to improve the manager.
    The performance may condition offers: If the objectives are mostly met, renovation will be possible (if you like). If the objectives are fulfilled more or less, renovation deppends of the team.
    If the objectives were mostly not achieved, you have to be fired or not renovate the contract.
    Is not realistin, and a little unacceptable, that you play with some bad tems, not winning leagues or being in good positions, not meeting objectives, not winning cups, and in any case to run to direct to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Chelsea.
    You must demostrate very good results to get there.

    We need offers of other teams more offten. Currently, there are a very few, and very little possibilities to change of league.
    It would be great to have at the start of every season teams at least 6 different leagues offering work, and this teams must be a little better or worst than the one currently used.
    And very important: receive offers from the country of origin of the manager much more often.
    Many time we want to get into one league, and never, NEVER EVER, be able to do it because there are no offers or how to apply.
    Having the possibility of applying in any league in any country, and being accepted or rejected according to performance, would be ideal.

    As important as have contract, it’s the possibility to quit. This should harm the reputation, but It would have to be a possibility, being able to go to lower level teams.

    One thing that would be very interesting is that the managers of the other clubs also change teams according to their results. Except Ferguson or Wagner, none is 15 years on the same team. They are often fired, or are hired by better teams, etc. This would give the game a lot of realism, and it would be a great novelty for the news section.
    The same as outstanding players who retire, remain as AI managers.

    At last, an edition mode inside the career that bring us the possibility to change (in negociations) the advertising in the stadium, the shirt, even signing contracts for the clothing and advertising that it carries. Also this edition mode it would be nice to allow us to design the shirts even each contract with sportswear brands.

  11. A few more scouting countries eg Wales
    Be able to change youth player looks eg Hair
    Be able to change youth player playing position
    Be able to change youth player stats eg Height, as you don’t want a 5ft8 CB

  12. Manage Team area:

    Teaching a position to our players. Modern football had many players that starts in a position and learns to play in another, because the coach demmands it.
    It could be a especific section of training and tooks one or two seassons to get the new position (in relative relation with the original) and must tooks player playing the position, not waiting in the bench.

    Realistics signings: Its far unrealistic that players from Africa or Europe sing in southamerica. Many times we see Russian, Arabic, Africans or central european players signing in all teams in other regions. It may be fixed.
    Also, players that play at Europe could be return to his country when he gets 33 years old or more, to finish his career in his country.

    More stats of players, and this stats from his performance playing impact in his growing or decrease.

    More loans and better loans: It couldn’t be that only young an bad players could be loaned. It’s reccurrent in real life that players are loaned, for many motives. If a good player is not playing in one team that have several good players, it’s logical to get him loaned to play more time, even if he is very good player.
    I think that every player that is not in the main team or the beanch, must be available to get him loaned to a team of the same (or more or less) type.

    In this way, we must have an option to offer player to any club, not only wait to an offer.
    Also, and option to renovate the loan if the team and the player wants it, either player or IA.

    And the most important: loans must have and option “loan with purchase”, that is very common in real life.

  13. Here are some ideas for Youth Academy (Basic Forces in spanish)

    An option allow us search by position (DFC, DFD, MI, ED, DC, or everyone). Search must be realistic. If I need some position (like teams in real life) I would like to search that one.

    Stamina: is not realistic that every young player ever have very low stamina. Its the opposite to real life: young player have more resistance than olders.

    Second Team: I’d be great to have a second team to train young players, and they can grow at this second team until the are ready to play in first team

    Available to search in any country, even this countries that haven’t leage in game. Maybe a topic like “rest of the world”.

    Names and lastnames: Ever the same, several players with the same name, a few surenames, and names that not exist in real life, almost in south america. An example: Emigidio is not an Argentinian name. There in not Emigidios here.
    More names and lastnames, based in realistic ones.

  14. Add an Ownership mode so that you can act as the “owner” of a club and make all decision. For example, hiring coaches, adjusting marketing budget vs player wages, increase the costs of ticket prices etc.

    You already have many in game sponsors so perhaps you can add a feature where you can sell advertising rights to those sponsors already in game. You likely can’t change jersey sponsors from year to year but this would be a different way to allow customization.

    These are just a few ideas but this would make the mode so much more enjoyable. Bringing a club up from the bottom divisions to the premier league would be much more dynamic as you add layers.

    The game is so stale right now its unbearable. Obviously a complete overhaul is needed for transfers, youth program, player growth, club finances, finding new players, and a million more.

    Hopefully they fix it some day but doubt it’s anytime soon 🙁

  15. What about a live update of the UEFA Coefficients list at every next season. So that for example you can get more UCL and UEL tickets for your league when the teams in a league are doing a good job in the UEFA Leagues.

    Note: This was already a feature in PES when they had the UEFA Licenses until 2018.

    Example starting season Eredivisie acceslist (2020/2021):
    1st: UCL Play-Off
    2nd: UCL Qualifies
    3rd: UEL Group Stage
    Cup Winner: UEL Group Stage.
    4th: UEL Qualifies

    Possible Eredivisie acceslist (2024/2025):
    1st. UCL Group Stage
    2nd: UCL Group Stage
    3rd: UCL Qualifies
    Cup winner: UEL Group Stage
    4th: UEL Group Stage
    5th: UEL Qualifies

  16. There should make a hybrid of the manager we had long time ago, should be able to make a club from the bottom up, should have sponsor contracts, manage the match tickets to get more revenue, able to expand your club facilities in a game friendly manner without complicating the gameplay, stadium upgrades, like expanding the size , upgrading the grass etc

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