FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 20 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 21 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 21 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 21 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 21 separately here in this link.

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39 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. When editing players, we shouldn’t have to go all the way back to the beginning and find the team, it should stay with the same team.

    Please add the Ukrainian league as they are one of the up and coming leagues that have very talented players and while at that we should be able to send scouts to every single European countries especially to Ukraine.

    Also add the Spanish division Segunda B… I understand there are many clubs in that division, however there are many of those clubs that use to play in Liga Smartbank and Liga Santander and allow the chance to become a smaller club to reach to Liga Santander if not at least create a club.

    I don’t know how many years now I have been requesting this but it looks like a lot of people want KIT CHANGES!!!! and GK KIT CHANGES!! and Third Kits creator!! There are way to many clubs that clashes with the GK kits!!

    We should be able to turn on and off the weather for a stadium… A club in Southern Spain doesn’t have snow
    and which have a Town Park as a stadium ex. Extremadura.

    We should be able to change the sponsors… clubs should be able to have the options to choose the sponsors that offers them after a season or sign a contract with a sponsor to gain funds.

    We should have the option to build the stadium and also be able to add a position to a player. Now a days the players in real life switch positions all the time and when a player switch positions then the colors should change too during the team hub.

    EA get your act together!!

  2. Career mode needs an overhaul
    – Training overhaul: have a practice pitch where you can mess around with players (e.g. 5 on 5, training drills, different scenarios, etc.). Need to be able to grow more than 5 players at a time, maybe have a screen where you can allow set players to work on different skills (much like how it’s like now for 5 players, but for the whole squad). In this, you can also grow skill moves and weak foot. Also, have the ability to hire coaches. The more expensive the coach, the quicker players stats grow.
    – Youth system overhaul: the current system is so aged. It’s time to have a simulated youth league, where players can grow. Youth players just sit in your squad unused and not growing at the moment – it’s a broken system. Also make sure these youth players can use the training as mentioned above.
    – More interactive stats: Have stats over all seasons you’re in management, it makes it more personal. Have more stats to look at (e.g. tackles, shots on target, passes, etc.), it tells more of a story.
    – Transfer system overhaul: Needs to be way more involved. Different types of transfers (e.g. payments made in installments, add ons, etc.). Make it easier for your players to be loaned/sold too – it’s way too hard to loan out your youth players at the moment.

  3. 1. It would be cool to have icon regens in the start of career mode cause who doesn’t?
    2.Managers can get sacked and change clubs (I summed 5 years in career mode and Pochettino was still spurs manager)
    3. Big teams can sometimes get relegated, like Leeds in 2001
    4. Small teams can win the league, like Leicester in 2016
    5. You can change the kit
    6. You can change sponsors
    7. Teams only get 100+ points in very rare cases, like Liverpool in 2020 (future prediction
    8. People with pace actually beat defenders on the wing
    9.fix glitches like the champions league or Europa League trophy missing when you win it
    I hope these issues are fixed for FIFA 21.

    8. YOUTH TEAMS (U18, U21, U23)

  5. I ask for two things that would be simple to implement (1 is simple unsure about 2) and add a lot to the game. And I don’t think I’ll buy fifa until one of these are added.

    1. Track more stats. Track stats from season to season for players, teams, managers and leagues. Players and teams total goals, games, trophies won etc. This would add long term objectives to achieve instead of pointless season after season. This was a feature in previous PES Master Leagues (not sure about previous fifas or current PES).

    2. More third kits or the ability to choose different shirts/shorts/socks combination and GK. There are still too many instances where colour clashes occur and simply choosing different combinations would help a great deal.

    1. 1) Track career stats for your players even if it is just while they play for your squad.

      2) The ability to see what role your loanees would play on the team you send them to, and being able see their stats while on loan in the squad hub.

      3) Acknowledge career milestones of players in career mode first goal, 100 club appearances, etc.

      4) Return of loan with option to buy in transfers

      5) manager hiring and firing in all leagues

      6) Ability to sign sponsorship deal to generate increased income, upgrades to stadiums, ability to build new grounds.

  6. 1. Adding the South African leauge(PSL)
    – also the Afcon and CAF
    2. More national teams such as:Croatia,Algeria,Ghana ect.
    3. A story mode in player career and for you to start in the u18 sqaud before make it to the senior sqaud same goes for internationals duties u18 world cup.
    4. In player career the option to negotiate your own contracts when siging to a new club (story mode).
    5. The option to present a new siging to the press in Manger career mode
    6. At half time or before and after matches to sit in the locker rooms as a manager and talk to the players
    7. To actually train as a team in both Player and Manger career maybe schedule training day wich you can attend to as if you going to a match with the option of simming trainng if you dont want to attend.
    8. In player career to actually have a pregame warm up and then head to lockers and then kickoff just like in NBA.
    9. And if they could try make Fifa street/Volta like NBA the hood

  7. In manager mode for you to upgrade stadium to make it bigger a lot of people would love that.

    If your managing a lower team make it harder for them to win.

    Players slipping when it rains.

    Dive button.

    More realistic.

    More money in transfer windows.

    For you to ask owners for more money.

    For lower teams who have just come up from a lower league make them slightly better than they are because they are constantly going down then coming back up the same three always.

    I don’t have that many injuries would like it to increase a little bit to make it more realistic.

    Training I would for you to train the whole team in a short match like in the journey and for the manager to train all the players in the weakness.

    To manage the senior teams (under 16,17,18) and so on.

    And for you at the end of the season change the colour of the away kits and the style of the home kit and the sponsor even.

    Change players hairstyles during seasons.


  8. Make player carrer better. Add contracts. Post match interviews. Talking to teamates and manager. Talking to the media. Would also be Nice If you could become a captain as a player

  9. Career mode –
    1- please make managers sign contracts and depending on progress should be fired or extended.

    2- Also other coaches should be able to change teams if they get fired.

    3- New coach’s shouldn’t be able to start with top teams. Work their way up to better their teams or get offers from top teams.

    4- should be able to make stadium upgrades with season budget after each season.

    5- more manger upgrades with wages earned. What point in making money and not be able to buy anything.

    1. 1)online career mode feature where say you and 3 friends can create a local server and compete with each other in career mode format
      2)The ability to design new kits each season you progress
      3)U21’s squads will be useful if a player isn’t performing to the standard of your main first team and this may also improve younger players potential

  10. career mode improvements
    1. manager: have the ability to submit a bid and become manager of any team at the end of each season
    2. create or have the ability to add u18 or u23 teams in your career mode teams expand this futher by adding youth tournaments for your u18 and under 23 squads have this ability available for international management as well by creating u18 and u23 international youth cups .
    3. leagues in career mode
    add the following new leagues brazilian league fully licensed including kits and all domestic cups and state championships.
    african leagues as well as african champions league CAF as well as fully african league kits domestic cups etc.
    4. expand preseason by adding a global tour and select which continent you wish to play your pre season in
    5. bring back staff upgades . and expand this futher
    6. bring back expirence points at the end of each match players level up.

  11. it would be great if career manager mode had the following

    – Managers could negotiate their own contracts if clubs want to sign them
    -virtual currency could also be introduced (if a manager is highly rated they can negotiate better contracts and receive virtual currency to make in game payments)
    – ability to sign contracts & endorsements deals with brands such as lucrative jersey deals with nike, adidas, new balance etc
    – Expand home stadiums (i enjoy bringing smaller clubs from lower leagues into to the top flight) but with smaller clubs, they have smaller stadiums and do not bring the same type of revenue as the bigger clubs when you reach the top flight

  12. Add kit creator, for that is something PES has. If you want to elevate the competition you will have to add this feature.

  13. 1. What someone has already said. Co-op career mode where you can play on the same team as a friend online but as a career.

    2. Please bring back the old model of job offers as a manager. The ability to click on a country and see what’s being offered. Currently you only deal with 2-3 offers that you have no control over. You can’t take a random job in Mexico or Saudi Arabia for example. In the FIFA’s of the 00s you could click on a country on a map and see what was on offer. Bring this back!

    3. Fix the players not going on loan issue. Been an annoying bug for way too long

  14. 1. Dynamic potential for all players in the game (not just your players)
    2. Fix the transfer system – Being able to loan out players you just bought, being able to sell your players, more realistic player values especially for young high potential players. Also, add more realistic transfers in both AI and user experience. I shouldn’t be able to buy top level players when Im managing a lower level team.
    3. Get rid of the transfer market system in place- No need to have to scout player stats when everyone already searches it up online anyway. Just makes it a bigger hassle. Fifa 10 system worked great.
    4. Make the morale system much more challenging. Not every player should be happy all the time and questions should not be as easy as they are. Morale should have a bigger focus on player performance!
    5. Make player form much more important. If my 75 rated striker is banging in goals weekly, he should have boosted stats giving me the incentive to play him over an out of form 80 rated striker..

  15. Added FIFA 21
    1. More league (Serbia 1, Ukraine 1, Croatia 1, Bulgaria 1, Hungary 1, Rep Tcheque 1)
    2. More teams rest of the world (Cska Sofia, Dinamo Minsk, Dniepr, Dinamo Tbilissi, Apoel Nicosie, Slovan Bratislava, Maccabi Haifa)
    3. More Stadiums (Belgrade, Split, Kiev, Sofia, Stade de France, Benfica, Glasgow, Maracana)
    4. More national teams (Croatia, Algerie, Maroc, Chypre, Bielorussie, Bosnie, Ghana)
    5. Stadiums empty or full
    6. Teams legend (Argentina 78 Bresil 1970, Francia 82, Germany 82, Algeria 82, Russia 90, Italia 86)
    7. Mode creation teams, stadiums.

  16. I think all the cups and the actual cups of every league should be up to date. And every player should have their face up to date. And coaches should be the actual coaches. They make enough money to do this.

  17. Fifa, vote Sudanese league, Arab champion cup, Nigerian league, Senegalese league, Algerian league, Zambian league, Bahraini league, Tunisian league, CAF champions league and CAF confederation cup in Fifa 21 career mode please

  18. Hi
    I have some idea for the FIFA
    1. Offline and Online Multiplayer Career Mode
    We want to be able to play career mode with our friends or with our brothers or with someone else.
    So I think this is a great idea for the FIFA.
    With a few tips:

    First Tip:
    All Players can play game in one League for example 4 players paly career mode together in Barclays Premier League or all players can play game in multiple Leagues for example 6 players play career mode that one of them play in BPL, another one of them play in Italian Serie A, another one of them play in Liga BBVA, another one of them play in Bundesliga 1 and etc and it’s possible that this player could play with another player in Champions League or Friendly Match and etc.
    Second Tip:
    Players can connect several computers together and play the game Simultaneously ( at the same time) that means if beginning time of my match is 16:00 and my friend match time is 16:20 when I play 20 minutes passed, my friend can start the match.

    Third Tip:
    Players have access to this career mode offline and online, that means if players were away from each other can play game online this career mode.

    2. Presence Chairman in the stadium between fans in important game for Example in the match between Inter Milan and AC Milan, Paolo Scaroni presence is in the stadium or in the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Florentino Perez is in the stadium.
    3. Prolonging and be more realistic the Ceremony of Before the Game.
    4. Fight between players and denial for them in league
    5. Fireworks at Stadium during match
    6. Update Celebrate Championship More realistic for Upgrade charm of the game and give coach-control to player(gamer) in Celebrate Championship.
    7. If you want add a new League or a new Stadium to the FIFA Please Don’t Replace them with Any Existing Leagues and Stadiums.
    8. Create following leagues:
    Czech, Ukraine, Croatia, Greece, Spain 3rd League, Italy Serie C, England 4rd League

    Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguey, Venezuela

    Iran, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan

    There are no Leagues from Africa in the FIFA and it’s not good.
    You can add some best african league to the FIFA like Sudan, Tunisia, Mali, Morroco, Nigeria, Ghana, Eygpt, South Africa

    9. Create following national teams:
    Croatia, Ukraine, Iceland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia,

    Costa Rica, Honduras, Trindad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama

    Iran, Korea Republic, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Korea DPR, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon

    Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Guinea, Morroco, Togo, Angola, Mali, Zambia

    10. Create following stadiums:
    All of Italy Serie A Stadiums
    All of Spain Liga BBVA Stadiums
    All of Germany 1. Bundesliga Stadiums
    All of National Stadiums of All National Teams
    Following teams Stadiums:
    Santos , Flamengo , Corinthians, Sao Paulo, FC Porto, SL Benfica, Sporting CP, Celtic, Rangers, Ajax, and etc.
    Two or more than two Stadiums of any League

    11. Create following tournament
    Copa Libertadores
    AFC Champions League
    Club World Cup

    12. Create following national tournament
    FIFA World Cup
    UEFA European Championship
    AFC Asian Cup
    Copa America
    Africa Cup of Nations
    CONCACAF Championship
    Under 21’s and under 18’s tournament like under 21’s world cup and etc.
    FIFA Confederations Cup

    13. In Career Mode Players can change sponsership and team kit. And get money from new sponsership and if team become champions in league, sponsership give more money to the team.

    14. Real life scoreboards for every league and cup like Sky Sports, BBC, ESPN and etc.
    15. Add a algorithm to game that the stadium doesn’t always full for example a team in English League 2 doesn’t have 100,000 fans so must not its stadium be full in matches or when a team loses Several consecutive matches, amount of stadium should be empty in next matches.

    [email protected]

  19. Can there please be more options for the career mode commentary team. Because sometimes I’d prefer Martin Tyler and Gary Neville instead of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. And also can there please be more of a variety in what the commentators say in matches instead of the same lines almost every game

  20. U think the Career mode should be the player and where he lives and so he can buy his own stuff like in real life like buy cars, houses, private jet, etc… and they could also drive when there’s no games

  21. 1.i think when on the derby match you guys should add a short scene on an away team players take a flight from their place and land at the home team place
    1. make us costomise our kits every season please in manager mode

  22. – In manager mode this problem continues: If you change club after the new season has begun, you can’t see how your old team is doing. It just keeps the old league table when you left the club. That is too bad that this is still an issue.
    – Messi is still listed as a RW but he is a ST. I often wonder if this is because it is convenient for the CPU because apparently it is not very intelligent contrary to what we keep being told by EA. If he was a ST, Suarez would probably not play since he is also a striker. The same goes for other players. Basically EA should just make it more possible for CPU to play with the best players regardless of what their nominally positions subject them to.
    – Keep track of how teams are performing in “historic” stats. I would like to see for example how a team was doing three years ago and how many championships they have won when playing Career mode. This shouldn’t be that difficult to implement.
    – Improve the dynamic player potential. It seems like it doesn’t function properly.

  23. With the inclusion of managers likeness in recent seasons I think career mode would benefit from each manager having an individual rating and trait system. For example you could have traits such as:
    Plays Long ball
    Plays slow possession football
    Plays quick one touch football
    High press
    Drops deeps
    Tough tackling
    Buys Large players (height)
    Buys young players
    Buys foreign players
    Buys domestic players

    Each manager should have a rating:
    Klopp – 90
    Pep – 91

    And last not but not least.. managers can change clubs. So say Watford aren’t doing well they could bring in someone like Sean dyche who plays a more long ball, tough tackling game to suit Troy deeney. It’s change career mode in a better way. By handling press conferences and player disputes reflects on your rating as a manager.

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