FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 20 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 21 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 21 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 21 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 21 separately here in this link.

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182 thoughts on “FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1.Play in Indoor or outdoor in career mode.
    2.Play in the streets or stadiums in career mode.
    3.Fix up Stadium’s or Build our stadium in career mode.

  2. EA SPORTS. all you want is to make money. i have an idea!!!! if you listen to us and add some of these features then yes you may lose some money BUT then alot more people will be buying fifa because of the changes you made.
    1. ability to change the logo or jersey
    2. expansion teams
    3. you should be able to get mad at your manager for not playing you enough
    4. you should be able to talk to your manager
    5. you should be able to talk to your player FIRST
    6. club world cup
    7. confederations cup
    8. watch the entire draw for tournaments
    9. trophy room
    10. make the transfers more realistic for example if you are a bad team and you somehow have enough money you shouldnt be able to sign a really good player.
    11. it should be harder to sign really good players
    12. ability to decorate office
    13. stats for your players
    14. i know this one has nothing to d with career mode but PLEASE ADD THE COMMENTATOR WHO COMMENTATED LEwANDOWSKIS NINE MINUTE MIRACLE because he gets really excited when goals are scored like ” OH YOU JUST CANT DO IT!!!! YOU JUST CAN NOT BE THAT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    15. the youth development goals are ridiculous try to make them more reasonable
    16. the international job offers are ridiculous, one week you get an offer from india the next week you get an offer from spain then the next week you get an offer from finland!!. try to make them more reasonable
    17. VAR
    18. ability to schedule freindlies
    19. if you bench a player who is crucial for one game even if it is the end of the season and you have already won the title they still get mad at you. very unrealistic
    20. show snippets of the locker room and half time and before the game
    21. give a speech at half time
    22. give a speech when moving clubs and reitring
    23. show clubs and fans arriving at the stadium
    24. a big glitch that you must fix is when your players get mad at you for benching them even though they are injured or have a red card
    25. you should be able to type your own answer in interviews
    26. the names of the youth players are terrible. i have gotten the same name mulitple times and a few times the neames are like luuk van leewuen. make them more realisitic

  3. The ability to re-negotiate a player’s contract – sometimes I accidentally accept a 1 year contract extension for a player and there’s no way to re-negotiate, this needs fixing on fifa 21
    Being able to loan stars like Harry Wilson for e.g., in career mode, it’s impossible to loan players like this as most of the clubs will only let them go if you pay for them
    Realistic Commentary – it’s been the same since Fifa 12
    A.I. keep getting away with heavy tackles and I never get a free kick for it, while they get free kicks when I clearly win the ball – this needs fixing on fifa 21
    Being able to choose your own board expectations – say for example, if you manage west ham, the board wanted me to finish in a Europa League place in my 1st season, not right, hopefully we can choose what we want on the next fifa

  4. For career mode
    1. Guard of honor
    2. When the a team is being trashed by an opponent a cut scene of fans leaving
    3. Managers other than yourself being fired and being announced to new clubs
    4. Option to buy on loan negotiations
    5. If an older players decline based on their form and playtime and not so much their age.
    6. Make scoring and assists records update as seasons go by creating milestones

  5. I think for player career mode you should add a leadership trait so that when it is unlocked you could become a captain. Also I think the post match interview feature should be added for when you are man of the match. All national teams should be added and a story mode could be added to the player career mode to make it more engaging

  6. Career mode- As manager make it possible to change a players position. This happens every single year in real life yet its not in a game thats purpose is to simulate real gameplay…?
    Career mode- As manager make it possible to “coach” the game. Right now I either play the while game or simulate. To just be on the sidelines and make tactical changes or substitutions with an accelerated game speed. This option is possible with nba2k and its great for manager mode.

  7. To begin with, I am fed up with this game and not planning on buying FIFA unless we see some serious improvement.

    1. Why does only leagues my club plays in + european leagues being really simulated? When you go to check out other leagues, those results are being ”fake-simulated” on a spot, check those league results next day and results will be completely different. Its just a lie. Teams from other leagues do not suffer fatigue, injuries nor have stats, because their domestic games do not exist in your reality. How stupid you think we are, its been like that for how long, 20 years, its 2020. Make all leagues with real simulated games, I dont think we would care if loading between days would take a little bit longer…

    2. Why its so easy to earn money? I know some people like fantasy of turning no name club to powerhouse, but at least give us difficulty levels before starting the mode… Player will earn morey money in premier league than same player would make in Eredivisie, and I would like attention to detail there, but it is like that in real life, because players from eredivisie are unproved and yet to get contract from big clubs. WHat sense does it make when Mo Salah, who already gets Premier league money, decides to sign with my Eredivise team for LESS money…

    3. You have coaches scanned already, make teams actually fire coaches, hire new ones, sim generate new coaches, better yet make retired players turn into coaches with stats. Coaches would have their prefered lineups and player nationalities, which they would take to their clubs. How about that? Now I need to buy into the teams never change coaches and even their tactics for 15 years. And speaking of…

    4. Why 15 year lock? Make me play the mode as long as I can, or it is just another manipulative feature to make players buy game every year? News flash, I dont…

    5. Why dont other teams have youth programs? When I accept Liverpool job and get access to it, I clearly see they never had youth scouting or youth players, the youth programs does not exist except for the player. WHen you scout for new youngsters, sometimes it will tell you that different team signed said player, but its just another lie, you really think after 10 years of same stuff, we wouldnt notice its a lie and that AI do not infact have youth programs, you we are that stupid? Not to mention training and youth scouting is OP as hell. If you give me ability to train players every week, why dont AI teams dont get that? WHy after 10 years, 50% of new promising young players seem to be from my youth program…?

    6. Why do newly generated players till this day have generic boots and tucked in jerseys. ANd why do I need to be logged in to the internet to edit players, its a single player mode, its annoying, I usually plug in my PS4 without internted, I need to to get a freaking cable every time I want to untuck jersey from that dumb newly generated player…

    7. Simple stuff like being able to see what players from my league are injured? Its asinine that game dont have such basic feature.

    8. Why I cant till this day set potential to players I create? I dont want every player I created to have 99 potential, I creating freaking Lithuanians, they are not exactly good, I just want them in the game. Not to mention we asked for 10 years to be able to choose any position for edited/created player, but we still cant. Is this a sports game or what?

  8. In my career mode please put cutscenes and free roam like in nba 2k career mode. It would be great if we see something like that in fifa career mode.

  9. Make signing players a little more realistic and perhaps more difficult for star players.

    Add better IA features to the board and news reactions, because after just a couple of seasons everything becomes too predictable and repetitive.

    Add a trophy room or better yet, add the club’s awards to the manager’s office where you go to sign a player. Perhaps you could also add the club’s past trophies, or just what you’ve won the the club. It would also be really cool to be able to buy cabinets and stands and maybe even furniture through EA Catalog to decorate the office. MOTM award can be also displayed here.

    When you save a screenshot during a match, wether it is from a goal or from players celebrating with a trophy, you should be able to hang those saved screenshots as pictures in the office.

    This one is more of a fix than a feature, sometimes, with the Spanish commentators when an offside goal is scored, it takes them a while to realize it.

    Add more variety and realism to the commentators comments and emotions.

    When your team plays against a team that has a player that you previously managed, if that player left in good terms, he should come and greet you before and/or after a game. Just like in real life.

    Better and more training seasons.

    A youth league. Maybe simulated.

    More realistic atmosphere when younpmay against an archi rival and tougher game, plus pressure from the board and the news.

    Ability to contract more coaching staff like trainers, doctors, youth managers (if youth league is added), etc.

    More loan options, like option to buy -or not, if loaning out a player option to add clause that can’t play against your team.

    Avility to organize/request pre-season friendlies.

    Fair Play award to teams with less cards at end of season for every championship.

    Best youth player awards, etc.

    Better reward, news coverage, offers for top scorer of differebt competitions. Not the same old news article, which has been a good improvement, but there’s room for more. Balon d or style.

    Add FIFA Club World Cup.

    Fans booing a player if had controversial past at club or went on to play for archi-rivals. Commentators should notice and comment about it.

    Fans cheering certain plays and also cheering emblematic players when being substituted or doing a good play or effort. Commentators should notice and comment about it.

    Fans cheering retiring players on their last game, either on a play and/or if they are suvstituted and camera shows the player clapping at the fans. Maybe fans can even have a flag or mosaic with player name or number. Commentators should notice and comment about it.

    Sometimes, Spanish commentators make nonsense comments at the start of a fame like “we have a magnificent fame today” or “these 2 times like to play good football” when I’m 1st and playing against some of the last teams on the table.

    Complaints from the board when an expensive newly signed player shows poor performance and on the other hand congratulations when performance is great.

    2-way communication with board, coaching staff and players. Better communication options.

  10. Sorry all, I see your comments below. But the fact is EA will not listen to any of you. Nor will they see any of your comments to be factual. Unfortunately EA is only concerned with FUT because that brings in the money, 1 billion dollars each year from FUT alone. You will all get sucked in to buy Fifa 21 and you will all have your ideas for Fifa 22, just like you have had since Fifa 2010. Even in the 21st century EA still refuse to allow multiple player Career Mode online, so we can play against friends in a season career. Why do they not allow it when it can easily be done these days because it will take away any focus off FUT and they cannot make money from Career Mode. So do not get your hopes up for career mode. FUT will again get the focus.

    1. You are spot on mate.

      YOY, we keep making these “wish-lists” and they just end up being “wish-lists”. EA Sports will NEVER listen to anything we have to say about CM.

      EA can easily turn round and say “be lucky u lot have got CM. There was a time we were looking to discontinue CM and concentrate solely on UT. So be lucky, else you are most welcome to purchase PES”.

  11. 1. That you can play with past players and integrate them into your career as well
    2.The possibility to create a team from the beginning including a stadium
    3. Hall of Fame of all the degrees you have achieved and all the great players who played for you at the club
    4. Retirement games like in real life
    5. A player’s premiere games that will be more clear and bold that this is his debut game including big signs
    6.Open option to talk to your players
    7. Ability to change a player’s hair color to make it feel all the more real because this year’s Ambapa Neimar and Ronaldo changed their haircut many times and in Fifa it has only changed once this is a rope that offends the realism of the game

  12. -It will be great to see a youth League and try to convince youth players from different teams to sign in your team .
    -Also the stats of the youth players should be changed , it unbelievable that ronoaldo’s regen have only 2 weak foot and 1 skill moves .
    – after 5/6 years in career mode i would like to change the kits and the sponsors .
    Option A – make your kit like in the pro clubs mode.
    Option B – add a lot of retro to all clubs to the EA catalogue.
    – option to create a club ( career mode + kick off + copy the badge and the kits to FUT , just like PES do with their mode )
    – more national teams .
    – in kick off with friends let the home team captain choose the side of the coin , could e great to start the fifa night with friends and even before the match start it already have that little drama.
    – maybe another chapter of alex hunter could be nice , but add dlc’s after the journey end .
    – FUT , actually im not a great fan of this mode , but in my eyes its look like they need to add more things like option to add skill moves and weak foot stars to players , or option to create your own badge .
    – all the icons can be transferred to clubs , and the icons club can get players as same .
    – all the icons appears in this club (kaka , ronaldo, henry , trezeguet )
    – in kick off , when you choose random team it could be more dramatic LOL
    – player career mode should have more options like what to do with the salary you get , more realistic contacts like bonus for goals/clean sheet.
    If we can buy a more beautiful shoes or buy cars or save the money for the retire to buy a club and continue to manager mode .
    – more training drills that improve more stats like heading , aggression , acceleration , even to youth players a specific drills to improve their working rate and skill moves / weak foot .
    – option to create :
    Yeah right hhh maybe in fifa 2055 .

  13. Career Mode General:
    * Offers to manage other clubs should be dependent on your track record – if you’ve been succeeding at a high level or at a mid table team you can get the opportunity to manage a big club. Vacancies should only appear if a big team is underperforming – should never be able to manage Man City if they’re 1st in the Prem at the time
    * Job difficulty should also semi depend on the board’s patience – Chelsea has a large manager turnover therefore underperforming is more likely to see you sacked than if you were at Arsenal where managers tend to get time.
    * Perhaps in the rare season one big/small team will have a shock season (near top 6/down near mid table) e.g Leicester & Chelsea in 2015/16
    * Full season stats – I.e who has the most tackles/home tables/away tables – make these actually work – at the moment they don’t add up in that one team has scored 60 goals but there are only 16 assists across players
    * Career stats – how many goals a player has scored for the club and other clubs etc
    * Ability to play as real managers such as Guardiola and Klopp and Arteta etc
    * Real managers to be sacked and hired by other teams in a realistic manner I.e Eddie Howe getting a promotion to Everton after a good season
    * Log of previous winners of cups and the result in the final i.e 2020 FA Cup Man City 2-1 Chelsea
    * Trophy room where you can see what the club has won and what you’ve won for the club
    * League & Club stats regarding all time top scorers, appearances, clean sheets, no of MOTM awards
    * In-club goal of the month competition for the games you’ve played – would discourage people from skipping and would increase morale of winner
    * Realistic national team offers – shouldn’t be getting the Netherlands job offer if I’m 13th in league 1 with Shrewsbury

    * Buy back clause & option to buy clause in transfer negotiations
    * If your team gets relegated, a few big players will look to leave the club and their value will go down
    * Player agents approaching your club to talk about a player’s interest in joining
    * Better coverage in the news if a player is in conflict with his club or wishes to be transferred
    * Log of most expensive transfers in history running through career mode
    * Remove the level of odd transfers with only 1/2 big big transfers per window
    * No club should be signing so many players in one position – you move to a club and they have 7 good strikers
    * You should be limited to a budget within the club not just transfers – make the wage bill under a certain amount or risk having to sell players
    * Club “expectations” have to change – so mundane and repetitive – they should be realistic and focus more on brand of football and number of goals scored than winning the quadruple
    * Financial Fair Play with threat of no European football / transfer ban if you commit it
    * Ability to sign sponsorship deals with major brands to boost income – size of club

    In Game:
    * Derby matches should be far more feisty with louder crowds and fiercer tackles
    * Every game feels the same regardless (except champions league) so top of the table clashes / relegation scraps should have more hype
    * VAR in use whereby a tight decision may be analysed and possibly overturned (but with the ability to skip if you want)
    * More serious injuries, although rare, should see stretchers come onto the pitch and the stadium clap player off
    * In the case of a dangerous tackle – teams/players may square up to or taunt each other
    * Ability to organise your own friendlies – and in different forms e.g a testimonial for a retiring player
    * Commentating is so fucking dead and repetitive – need more dialogue and analysis not just one set description for each player/team – commentators need to go mental when a sick goal is scored / last minute winner is or dwell on how it’s a shock if the holders go out of the competition

    * Lower attendances if a certain team is having a poor season or if it’s a carabao Cup 3rd round fixture
    * Fans should exit the stadium if your 4-0 down etc
    * Far better Tifos could be used in games just like the ones we’ve seen recently in the champions league at Zenit, Dortmund and PSG
    * Club heroes may be in the stands for big games such as Schmeichel at United/Gerrard at Liverpool/Dunne at Man City
    * Can increase club stadium BUT this should be very expensive and also wipe out transfer budget to avoid over usage (Carlisle wouldn’t have 3000 fans in Premiership)
    * Far more stadiums are required for Championship, Serie A
    * A Kit modifier to stop the boredom of playing in same kit for 5 years (I appreciate sponsorship deals make this difficult so you can’t change the brand only the design and colours)

  14. – Ability to request more pre-season matches and/or be able to pact friendlies with other teams, especially same-league teams, and add to calendar.

    – Be able to start communication with my players to congratulate them or talk about they performance, etc. Make this have some effect on morale and performance.

    – More and better reactions from the board, fans and press/news depending on performances. Current ones are too repetitive, generic and predictable. I would like to see a better board and news reaction after winning to UCL or League titles in a row, for example, instead of the typical, super-predictable response. Especially when winning it with a smaller team.

    – Increased or decreased player score when out on loan, depending on performance. Monthly reports on such players would be nice, too, that would help if a loaned player is doing great we can end loan early for a fee and bring him back.

    – Organize friendly pre-season tournaments and invite teams, add to calendar, pay for prizes and other necessary accommodations.

    – Get player offers directly from agents, not just clubs.

    – More and better and more realistic communication options when signing players

    – More diverse and specific questions and answers on press conferences

    – Stadium upgrades & sponsoring deals

    – Fans booing former players who joined archi-rivals and commentators talking about it.

    – Better press conference and board pressure when playing against biggest rivals.

    – Talk to players when they decide to retire at end of season to convince them to stay.

    – Pressure and more detailed opinion from the board about selling or not selling a player.

    – All-time transfer history if requested, even from previous seasons. As well as results and top scorers from past seasons.

    – Send players back to Youth Academy after poor performance. This would work best if a simulated youth league is added to Career Mode.

    – Option to flip coin with ref before game start (make it optional). Some Super Nintendo games had this!

    – Option to decline sending players to play for their national teams, if not required, for friendlies for example (this should affect player’s mood, negatively or positively, depending on player relation with national team coach and feelings for his national team, age, position in the roster, etc.)

    – Opportunity to convince players after they decide to leave because of low play time or low salary. Be able to renegotiate after a couple of weeks or further communication.

    – More easily compare players attributes in Transfer Central. Similar to how it is shown on other areas of the Transfer window.

    – More training sessions availability.

    – Option to only train players that won’t take part of the next game, at times where regular training is not available.

    – New players can mention which number they prefer, and if given, increase their happiness a bit.

    – Option to choose 2nd captain.

    – Send list of players to UEFA for international tournaments. Same thing applied for other continental confederations.

    – Combine away/local short/jersey, “mix & match”

    – Be able to hire more coaching staff such as physical trainers and massage therapist and doctors and improve scores on practices and also recover faster from certain injuries depending on what quality of people you have working for you.

  15. Hola por favor les pido que en el modo carrera de la liga mx agreguen una copa mx adicional o la leagues cup junto a la mls o la libertadores o que haya mundial de clubes por favor
    Y que narre martinoli

  16. Youth
    I agree with OfficialJGorman, the individual trainings need to be bumped up to the whole squad preferably. I also agree that team trainings and set pieces would be greatly appreciated to train the squad and get a feel for who’s in form and who needs to sit the next game out.
    I also believe that there should be a reserve league and/or a youth league to help the youth get better and so you can further see which players stand out for you.
    I like the idea of getting more involved in the clubs setting such as stadium and training facilities.

  17. you should be able to watch the ENTIRE draw for tournaments like UEFA champions league UEFA Europa league world cup etc. not just them drawing your team from the pot. you should be able to watch all of the teams get drawn. you should be able to add new teams to fifa. for example you could add another team to florida or add more teams in Canada.

  18. En el modo carrera en simular partido poder ponerle pausa y hacer cambios por que en los otros fifas la computadora te los hace

  19. ***Allow us to turn off player and team moral along with negotiation cut scenes, and press conferences (transfers should be dealt with by email like the older fifa games – fifa 13,14,15,etc.)***

    ***players to have a much less harsh decrease in stats as they age (should be like fifa 15 where in many cases older players actually gained stats, and their pace may decrease by as much as (-3) for their whole career or nothing at all)***

  20. I want to be able to create a club in career mode. Create a name, a crest and choose/design kits. I want to find sponsors and build a bigger stadium and fan base etc. Career mode needs to be waaaaaay more engaging.


    Not all stadiums are in FIFA, so adding something similar to what LMA Manager offered, so we can use funds to expand our stadiums, chiding from a variety of designs and capacities; adding and expanding facilities too.


    We need to have the option to sign sponsorship deals. This includes advertising, stadium naming, etc. We need to bring in more money to increase our budgets, or use to develop our stadiums.


    Enough of this rubbish training of only four players. We should have squad training, set-piece training, and individual training. A far more hands on experience. This game is about realism and training four players once a week (when the game actually lets you) is pointless.


    a) We need more negotiating options to make it harder to agree a deal. It’s all so basic that we now do it with our eyes closed. It’s needs to offer a challenge, so it feels rewarding AND frustrating.

    b) Bring in buy-back clauses.

    c) Stagger transfer fees as most clubs do.

    d) Be able to offer more than one player in player plus cash deals.

    e) When a club makes an offer for one of our players, we should be able to tell them a player or theirs that we want in exchange; plus cash if required.

    f) Loan to buy deals. Clubs do this a lot now. Loan for a season for example with an agreed fee to pay at the end of the loan.


    This needs an overhaul. We should see 20-30 players listed, be able to train them as per the earlier suggestions made to training, and we should get feed-back from our coaches for how they’re performing.


    This also needs a lot of changes. How often do our 5* scouts come back with rubbish players?! We should see detailed scout reports about the player discovered, who they play for, what they think they’ll cost, etc. Even random suggestions of players discovered who are clubless.


    Please for the love of God put an end to overhead clearances. This just isn’t realistic and hardly ever happens, but we see it in most games. It’s ridiculous. If a defender can’t get to the ball then let it play out.


    We need better weather effects, and changeable weather mid game. If it rains currently it looks good before kick off but in the game it’s hard to see it’s raining. Let’s see the rain. Hear it. Different levels of rain too, so some puddles when it’s heavy; especially at lower league level where they can’t afford good pitches or drainage.


    I’ve been nudging EA and Mr Zaro for years to create a new Be A Pro mode in the mould of The Journey.

    A reactive career mode that feels real.

    Start off in a youth team. Performances dictate if you move into the first team or get sold. Performances, media interaction, player interaction, fan interaction, all dictate your career path, good and bad. No script! NO SCRIPT. How fantastic would that be to experience an authentic playing career. Something similar would male career mode as a manager much better also, but this as a Pro Career mode would be immense! And what’s more, EA have the tools to do it already. But we need to shout about it as loudly and frequently as possible. So please screen shot this, copy and paste it to EA and Zaro and Co, and it will come eventually.

    I know they listen as some of my suggestions were taken on board, so hopefully they’ll add more for #FIFA21

    That’s me for now.

    1. These are some great suggestions! Look at the ones I recommended above, under my name, Fernando, as of today June 19, 2020.

  22. Crearía un apartado llamado prestigio. Este se ganaria a medida de que tu club obtenga titulos o buenos resultados. Esto afectaria en, por ejemplo, evitar que un buen jugador de un club con un buen prestigio se vaya a uno con mal prestigio. Esto tambien haria que no puedas fichar buenos jugadores como Mbappe con clubes que no son tan buenos pero tienen dinero, y le aportaria realismo al juego

  23. 1. Samen met hetzelfde team carrière modus kunnen spelen op 2 verschillende consoles.
    2. Een 2de elftal toevoegen zodat je jeugsdspelers en reservespelers wedstrijden kunnen spelen en dat je hier ook info over krijgt wie goed en wie slecht speelden.
    3. Mogelijkheid om met icons te spelen in carrière modus
    4. Het ouderwetse FIFA street terug in het spel brengen.

  24. Please we need to edit our teams kit every season and change licenses we also want to edit our stadium and to arrange frendlies.

    1. If possible, that will be awesome, but it shouldn’t be with the team created by the player. I am saying with the team that the player comtract players, therefore I mention the teams with only or almost different players.

  25. Please please create kit team career mode please
    Please, we can change the design of the team’s kit every season, they are very boring

  26. When a player is injured make the medics come on if it’s necessary and carry the player off with a board

  27. 1. Add a Be the Ref mode with NO RESTRICTIONS WHILE REFFING. You can mannage the game however you like( Also add a referee career mode)

    2. Add Spanish Commentary.. Make it exciting Like in real life how they are.

    3. Add that Commentator that commentated on that match with Lewandowski 9 minute miracle.

    4. Please improve your Commentary.. There’s no excitement at all and they say the same things over and over…. Add things such as the Aguero moment by Martin Tyler….You know the AGUEROOOOOOOO!!!! You’ll Never see anything like this ever again!!!!

    5. Please improve the passing… Its a bit innacurate.

    6. Add an ability to play in an empty stadium with no fans

    7. Add moments where the fans run onto the field and those types of things

    8. In career mode when the Squad is FULL and you are doing a SWAP transfer, ALLOW it to happen because you are SWAPPING PLAYERS.Please EA

    9. If the player is offside and scores, dont just call it offside, Do the VAR moment and decide whether to give the Goal or not.

    10. Please add VAR moments

    11. When taking a setpiece or something show the players getting into positions instead of Skipping it. And when the ball goes out show the ball boys giving the ball.

    12. Add moments where the Players quarrell after fouls and stuff and everyone gets involved and breaks it up.

    13. Please Add a dive button for the players. And. add moments sometimes give yellow cards for diving

  28. We should be able to change the hair, beards of the players. It should have the ability to create and edit stadiums. We kindly ask you to pay more attention to the Career Mode.

  29. Would love it on career mode if it had more stats. I think its already been said above but why cant we see the history of the competition so we can see who’s won it the most and in the past. It just feels like as soon as you finish a season on career mode everything is forgotten and its wiped clean.

    Following on from this it would be great to see players career stats, app, goals etc what trophies they’ve won..

    Being able to upgrade your stadium has been asked for for years!

  30. Career Mode – Kit editor

    Sick of wearing the same kit every season. As a creative person I’d love to be able to choose my own colours and sponsors.

  31. Albeit some of them might be impossible to add, I’m just going to list it anyways as a mean of possibility.

    1. YOUTH TEAM. U-23s. Being able to interact with assistant coaches and conduct SCRIMMAGES or Practices at Practice grounds. This has been well overdue ever since the introduction of youth scouting with no other additional features.

    2. STAFFS. Being able to hire or fire coaches and trainers based on team needs. (Ie: Defensive minded coaches, GK coaches or Fitness Coaches). This would add real depth into the mode.

    3. PLAYER’S RETIREMENT. Being able to hire former players after their retirement as assistant coaches. Would be cool to see them on the coaching bench stadium side.

    4. Arrange FRIENDLIES aside from pre-season. (Ie, Player’s testimonial at the end of season)

    5. Proper detailed FINANCIAL System. Current system offers no interaction whatsoever. Could add the club’s debt and loans which needs to be cleared by a certain period otherwise the club will fall into financial difficulty making it practically impossible to buy new talents and managers would be fired and you would have to search for jobs in other clubs. The debts amount could be a made-up number again, with the consent of all clubs and proper officials.

    Part 2, FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY (FFP). Making it more realistics. (Ie, i can manage plymouth argyle and sign Mbappe, Neymar, Sancho, Messi through contract expiry). Totally blows the common sense. Spending over the FFP limits barring club from transfer for a season would be so exciting. Also, being able to request funds from the board would be fun with certain terms to be complied prior. (Ie, averaging 3 goals across 10 matches, not getting a red card for 10 matches)

    6. SOCIAL MEDIA. Rumours or tweets showing that a player is unhappy that would like to leave the club, etc.

    7. TROPHY ROOM. Being able to see the number of trophies the club have won since the beginning because football nowadays is all about stats and Career mode has been lacking this.

    8. Similar to 7. PLAYER’S STATS. Being able to scroll through player’s yearly stats and performances. (Ie: Ronaldo scoring 30 goals in 2020 for Juve, winning Ballon D’Or.) And also past player’s stats.

    9. KITS and CREST. Now i understand the legal complications this will cause. But if FIFA could perhaps find a loophole in the contracts or re-negotiate terms with sponsors to customise Kits whilst retaining their original sponsorship. Just a quick tweak of the positioning of the logos and kit colours would definitely keep players fresh rather than seeing the same kit for 10 seasons. If Editing Kits cannot be done, then perhaps customising a generic 4th kit could be an option.

    10. SPONSORSHIP. Similar to 9. This was introduced in the past but was removed. I assume again, it was due to legal issues. But it would be fun to see Sponsorship deals (Ie, bonus increase for finishing top 4, failing which the sponsor would retract) It could be a generic sponsor or made-up brand for all i care. Just having this would make it seem more “managerial”.

    11. STADIUMS. Again similar to the above concerning legal matters. Was available in the past, not anymore. The ability to maintain the stadium, equip new facilities like lounges, etc, increase capacity or repaint or relocate the stadium would be fun. Also, realistic. Makes no sense whatsoever for 2nd tier Leyton Orient to play in “Town Park” with capacity of 10,000 and being promoted to to the PL bearing the same stadium. Also imagine how cool it would be to be able to walk inside the stadium showing player’s meetings in the locker rooms prior to a match.

    Alternatively, you could just edit a generic stadium, customising the outlook and design of the stadium, primary colours, seating capacity and minor facilities like hotels, buildings around stadium and fan flags or banners to create a more lively atmosphere during matchday.

    12. CUT SCENES. In my opinion, the simplest thing to add on this list. As seen in FIFA 20 with the conferences, would be more immersive if more are added. (Ie, Players’ bus arrival, team talk during half time or before match, Players interview post-match)

    13. VISIONS and EXPECTATIONS. Needs to be more elaborate. (Ie, expectation to play more attacking football and scoring more goals or concede less than x amount of goals per season) All these would subsequently then impact the board’s morale towards you, fan behaviour, number of fans attending games which also affects the club’s revenue. All this taken into account with no.5, you will have one of the best modes in sporting game history.

    14. PLAYER’S CONTRACT AND TRANSFERS. Being able to insert player swap clauses when another club wants to purchase your player. Not just a one-way system like the current game. Also, i might be mistaken, but the sell-on clauses don’t impact your budget later on if they sell. Or I don’t notice it anyways. Would be fun to be able to negotiate more on terms making more realistic. (Ie, making it impossible for Messi to sign for Wycombe FC on contract expiry because of brand exposure, player’s traits being a one club player, etc)

    15. ADDITIONAL be added to the interface.
    – Timeline (W/L) of club’s current run of form
    – Medical reports of players
    – social media platform
    – stadium view, locker room view, on pitch view, manager’s office view.

    Lastly, A GM or CHAIRMAN MODE. A new mode apart from Career Mode. Essentially the same as Career Mode with the addition to hire or fire Managers, Meeting with the League for league expansion, new rules and FFP terms.

    I would be happy with just the addition of 4-5 new features as mentioned above. Career mode have been a standstill for a while now. Please do not just focus on FUT and the Journey.

  32. Hola:
    Propongo Modo Árbitro, con las siguientes características:
    -Academia FIFA de Arbitros
    -Realismo en los partidos
    -Panel de decisiones a la hora de jugar un partido


  34. There are a number of additions that could and should be added to FIfa 21 career mode: here are a few of my suggestions – would be very interested to get other people’s thoughts

    1: TRANSFERS (6 months or less) – come January I am looking for a bargain buy to tide me over until the summer – players with 6 months or less on their contract have one option – offer contract – I want to buy him there and then for more than likely a discount price, it happens every year in every league in football so why can it happen in FIFA. It’s all great signing players for next season but defeats me that I can’t have them now if I put a bid in

    2: Contracts : signing a player on a 1 year deal I have noticed that you can’t then offer him a new deal as it’s says he has only recently negotiated a contract – it’s now March and I can’t offer him a new deal and risk losing this player – what’s that about? Surely I should be able to offer a new deal to any player I see fit?

    3: Loans at your club: made a loan signing – had a blinder – want to make the move permanent – CANT. What is going on guys? Surly I should be able to negotiate with the players parent club to make a move permanent.

    4: Crowds : imagine the scene, it’s 1-1 against your biggest rivals in the 89th minute and you score a top corner winner – the crowd go …. mediocre …. not what you’d expect – id like to see more realistic crowd interaction, relatively it’s quite good with fans celebrating with players etc but I get the same reaction scoring against Blackpool for 5 goal of the game as I do for the scenario above.

    4(b) : id also like to see crowd attendance increase/decrease based on performance.

    5: sponsors objective : a couple of sponsors presented to you at the start of the season with benefits of each and you should get to choose who to go with and ensure you meet their objectives

    6: club objectives don’t mean much : I don’t achieve them all – I still kept on, they need to A: make these realistic, can’t set me the objective of winning the league and then a different one of reducing my wage bill by £100,000 but at the same time if I don’t meet these then serious discussion is required

    7: manager requests : speaking to the board is vital , wether this be for extra funds or discussing about players or staff , requesting better training facilities or a stadium expansion you should be able to make the approach

    8: continuous stats: into my 8th year at the club I want to know how many goals my striker has scored for me on a yearly basis and what his over all total is – similar to COOP stats – it is possible

    9 : more interaction with players : it’s ok just now but you can’t speak to a player they need to speak to you 1st, id love to approach a player who’s playing well to congratulate him or open up talks about a possible move rather than wait about for them to discuss with me

    10: search engine improvement : the option to search for players who’s contracts are running low – mentioned previously about signing these guys but would be great to put them all together rather than find them through luck of the draw

    These are just a couple of things I’d hope to see next season – thoughts?

  35. 1. Career mode should start on an amateur club and based on a short season performance (5 to 10 games) you should receive an offer from different clubs.
    2. If you’re starting as a manager, the same thing goes, since it makes no sense that I can start being coach of Liverpool or Real Madrid in the very first season and with very limited budget on those rich clubs. Simply make no sense.
    3. Stats are not properly managed and are only based on objectives, for example, if your objective is to fight for the league and you win it, your overall career stats shows that you completed the objective but don’t sum that title to your stats.
    4. Objectives should be more realistic since for you to get fire need to lose like all season long.
    5. Ability to sign new sponsors and team kits.
    6. Received club offers more often and don’t need to go and search for a new job.
    7. As with player, managers should have a contract and should be renewed or cancelled.
    8. If a manager received an offer from another club with existent contract (more than 6 months) clubs must negotiate and pay.

  36. 1. In Manager carrera mode, You Will be able to change team Kits at the end/beginning of the season, as in Pro Clubs, select Sporting brand, sponsors, team colors and team Kits.
    2. Objectives aren’t realistic, it’s very easy to stay a long time in the same team, You shouldn’t be able to collect Bad results without any sanction or be fired.
    3. A more realistic calendar, in some times there are close games un a week
    4. The manager could receive offers to go to another team, as National teams offers.
    5. Improve the player career mode, it’s so obsolete, should take the example of PES Be a legend mode, You should began in an amateur team, and You could receive offers from different profesional teams to began your career, if You show a good level, You can receive offers from better teams.
    6. In manager mode, adjust Transfer process, if You play in a small team, it’s very difficult to Buy a player.
    7. It Will be a good idea to improve your stadium, to get better earnings per game. And that the crowd could participate in animical status, if the team is getting Bad results, the crowd is not going to the stadium.

  37. 1. You need to be able to adjust the strictness of the board. When you are 5th with Bayern Munich halfway of the season for example, nothing happens now. You should get a warning from the board that you need to win your next 2 or 3 games, otherwise you get fired.
    2. The crowd must be more realistic. When you are low on the ranks they must boo your players way more.
    3. Possibility of an online co-op master leaguemode with friends.

  38. 1. you can start a player career mode when your 15 or 16 and start of at a youth team and play matches in the youth league and progress the way through and when your good enough you could play in the senior team.
    3.NEED TO ADD THE vanarama national league and some of the good league not recognised by EA.

  39. My Wishlist for Career Mode

    1. Sponsors
    2. Staff
    3. New Kits
    4. Put how many Champions Leagues u have on your shirt eg. Real Madrid (13)
    5. Players over 30 years don’t minus their rating if they are playing good

  40. had every fifa from 10 until 18 that got sick of lack of career mode improvements.
    be a player mode:
    either you play all game or you dont play at all, why? coming from the bench, being substituted and being on the bench and not playing at all gives it more realism. and it’s so easy to do! if ‘fifa dont want this to be default because kids are their priority, give us a config to turn these features on.

    career mode:
    if i buy a young player why can’t I lend him to another team straight away if i know he’s too young to play, or
    even better, why cant i sign him and agree to keep the player on the same team for one or two years(happens all the time), again simple things, i’m a programmer, should take 2 hours to do tops.

    players aware of ball, on a disputed ball in particular, example attacking team keeps going forward altough it is obious that the closest to the ball is the defending team leaving you exposed to the counter attack.

    These are some easy things that come into mind but if I give it another thought will come up with more, as i’m not playing since 18. I dont care to much about conference scene and all that, would like the gameplay to be improved and little thing like i mention here that give it realism. i would really like to buy another fifa to play career mode but not gonna do it if i don’t see an intention and work to really improve it.

  41. Changes to fifa 21

    Don’t change the game a few weeks after it’s released as the left and right backs were no were to be seen and the passing was so bad it was impossible

    When in manager mode and you was taking over as Chelsea as an example half of the loan players weren’t even there I had to search for 12 of them and even then some weren’t even on the game how realistic is that it’s fifa 20 for goddess sake. All that money you pay for ultimate team and it gets less fun each year. Surly all the money that people buy and then the money with all the pack openings surly means you can stick to the actual game without changing it and changing it and for the Xbox version it seems to be worse than PS4 version as we’re demonstrated during a recent online tournament.

  42. Brand exposure. Would like to hav the ability to change kit every season and sponsorships. Make CM fun and creative again.

  43. Co-op career mode for 2-20 players. Imagine having 20 of your online friends competing in the premier League against each other. Be great fun.

    1. Yes this is exactly my thought as well. Imagine how cool it would be when you play with Liverpool for example and during your match you receive updates from the other matches where your friends are playing with Chelsea, man u etc..
      After every player finishes their day then you can all proceed further to the next day.
      This would make career mode so much more fun.

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