FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 21 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 20 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 21 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 21 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 21 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 21 separately here in this link.

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  1. 1. Make injury more important in career mode.

    2. Add a part where u can watch cpu playing for example: like if liverpool and Manchester city is fighting for the title u can go and watch Manchester city and see how there match is going but that is if your team is not playing on that day and make it that we can jump out off it at anytime.

    Make the celebrations more realistic in every part of the game. Ex: give people medaling and give the most goals Scored player is trophy on the field same for the goal keeper and the Coach but that’s if the winner is in the title celebration.

  2. Should definitely have more cups in every leagie. Hate playing in a league where it’s just the league to play for. And wish they sorted out bugs with the Asia champs cup and others, also more detail info about all trophy s and rules etc!

  3. Good to see EA implements changes like interactive match sim and Player position change possible.

    Some suggestions:
    1. Growth in players attributes should be based on match ranking, play time as well. Currently it seems to be based only on age and not on game involvement.

    2. Increase the possible number of youth player scouts.
    It should give option to scout from more nations, gives more authenticity.
    Youth scouting should be more realistic, like giving an option to scout only a specific overall level, a specific age, and other such options.
    Please give option to scout 12-14 year olds also.

    3. As we are on youths, give an option to manage youth as well as U-23 teams. Adds authenticity and give more play time. Good way to rival FM21.

    4. Option to recruit whole range of staff- Director of football, Scouts (wages should be there), head of youth development, marketing team, medical team.

    5. Option to negotiate marketing deals, sponsorship deals, etc.

    6. Option to expand stadium, and many other facilities. These should be made interactive (make use of frostbite). Club expansion should be visible during matches. Authenticity.

    7. A request- make it easy to get rid of deadwood. Make transfers realistic. Sometimes it become too easy to make a team like Salford Champions league winner in 5-6 years

    8. No need for us to keep simming the players’ training every week. Let us create a training schedule for everyone and that should be followed. Period.
    Or make use of assistant manager.

    9. Please stop giving injuries on only 1st of month.

    10. If youth player wants out, give an option to interact with him and may be get sometime.
    It should be comparatively very easy to loan u-20 players.

    11. While loaning a player, there must be an option to negotiate for his playing time.

    12. Please get rid of this GTN system. It is annoying. Let us explore all the players like we use to in fifa 12, getting to see overall and simple search.

    13. There’s a glitch that if a player gets listed for loan/sale for too long, you can’t remove him from list. Please correct it.

    14. In transfers, when we get option to exchange the player, give option to exchange multiple players.

    15. There should be option for manager to manage his personal life, personal expenses, etc. (use frostbite)

    16. There should be an option for the player in youth team to be on first team for a specific period and then go back to youth squad.

    17. Youth development targets given should be realistic.

    18. Give option to raise debt, clubs going public, making finances more interactive.

    19. Continuous bad games, winning awards like golden boot, player of the year, etc should have impact on transfer speculations, and increase player value significantly.

    20. Give an option to request funds from the board, mid season, based on performance and targets.

    In short, get the beat of Fifa, Fifa Manager, Football Manager, PES.

    I know its a lot to ask, but EA can atleast put them on agenda to be completed by next edition. Show that agenda to gamers and that would instil confidence.

    1. Mohit xyz, while I appreciate your ideas for improvement, it sounds more like you want EA to make Football Manager rather than FIFA.

      Your ideas are already out there in FM21 🙂

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