Vote for FIFA 22 Leagues

FIFA 22 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 22?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 22. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 22?

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Note : FIFPlay is not related to EA Sports. We will only submit the results of this survey to FIFA PR and developers at Electronic Arts.

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664 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 22 Leagues

  1. It would be a great to have Czech league back in FIFA. We are crazy to this game and also all of our players will appreciate that move

    1. Hello, Iranian gamer is very Miserable Because Many problems such as bad filtering and ping and low internet speed and high price of games.The only happiness of Iranian gamers is to be in FIFA 22 Iranian leagues or strong teams like Persepolis. Thank you and thank you very much

  2. Здраствуйте ea! Я фанат русского футбола очень прошу верните РОССИЙСКУЮ ПРЕМЬЕР ЛИГУ и добавте фнл( второй дивизион России)! С 2018 ГОДА жду РПЛ!

  3. The addition of the Iran League and a stadium from Iran because Iran has a large population of Iran and the addition of a referee Thank you for your good gameI f there is no league in Iran, play at least some good teams from Iran, Iraq and other countries

  4. I want to have german 4. league and english 5. League in Fifa, please these are my favourite leagues to add.

  5. Hello, if you could submit this to EA As I am from Bahrain, I would like Bahrain national team in the game, maybe a cheeky little Bahrain leauge added, and Arab competitions like the Arab cup gulf cup afc Asian cup etc. Thanks

  6. Hola espero se encuentren bien, porfa EA agreguen o 2da México para aumentar nuestro desarrollo en el futbol

  7. i think you should add one of the balkan league for example the greek, albanian, croatian or the bosnian or serbian. But right now i think you should add either the croatian league or greek league since these two leagues are almost the only teams in the balkans to play in the UCL or UEL

  8. I would love see the Scottish championship in cause when I play as a Scottish team and play Scottish cup it’s boring since I get put in the quarter finals

  9. Hello, I think that we need leagues, teams, nations, a creation mode (team, equipment, stadium, choice of manager, sponsor), Brazilian and Italian league should be replaced by Uruguay and Russian league in equivalence, different clubs from several European countries (ex: Red Star and Partizan Belgrade for Serbia, Cska and Levski Sofia for Bulgaria, Ujpest and Honved for Hungary …), nations like Croatia and Serbia for Europe, Senegal and Ghana for Africa, Honduras and Costa Rica for South America, Japan and South Korea for Asia, one icon per championship to choose him as manager (ex Boniek for Poland, Platini for France, Puskas for Hungary …) any ideas for you, thank you EA, have a nice day

  10. For god’s sake EA SPORTS come on now this year add the greek super league. It’s the second year that we ask for our league to be in and see it is the second time streak that is second….Please give us some happiness…..!!!

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