Vote for FIFA 22 Leagues

FIFA 22 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 22?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 22. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 22?

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Note : FIFPlay is not related to EA Sports. We will only submit the results of this survey to FIFA PR and developers at Electronic Arts.

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661 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 22 Leagues

  1. Please Greek League αν βάλετε την Ελλάδα θα το πάρω το παιχνίδι 100/100 Please Greece

  2. Szeretném a magyar liga behozatalát mert a panini 365 kártyáiban benne van már 2 éve és kB 5 millió ember szeretné a behozalatát csak nem tudnak szavazni köszönöm a válaszukat

  3. I think Greek league is the best option
    There are plenty of young talents and i think is very a good option for the manager mode

  4. I honestly think that the Qatari league deserve to be in Duda 22 because their hosting the world cup

  5. I would love the vanarama national league in FIFA 22 so teams like Bromley,Eastleigh and more teams fans have the chance to play with their team as well as Grimsby and Southend fans can still play with their beloved team on FIFA 22 and a lot more people would buy the game if this league was added

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