Vote for FIFA 22 National Teams

FIFA 22 National Teams

Which national squad you would like to see in EA Sports FIFA 22?

Vote now for the national teams that you would like to play in the next FIFA game, FIFA 22. Show EA’s developers which national teams should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA video-game.

Drop your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite country team!

Is your favourite national team not in the list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which National Teams Should be Added to FIFA 22?

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Note : FIFPlay is not related to EA Sports. We will only submit the results of this survey to FIFA PR and developers at Electronic Arts.

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111 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 22 National Teams

  1. not having south korea makes previous FIFA games an unrealistic mediocre game. they forced germany out of knockout stages with a W against them last world cup in group stages. they have son heung min. south korean community also has a very big number of fifa gamers and is the mecca of esports. please dont let us down again.

  2. Can you please add iran national team? Iran is among the best in the World Cup rankings and the best team in Asian history. Iran deserves to be present

    1. Yesirrrr lets go El Salvador!!! We hope fifa 22 can be our year, El salvador has proven its worth in the gold cup, and its been a big difference in the team. Please let us be in fifa 22

  3. Why dont you just add all the national team that are in the fifa World Cup and bring it to fifa 22 and on as well !!! Honduras please

    1. Yes add El Salvador they literally are in the quarter finals of the gold cup they have so far have been a good team so add them also add the gold up come on

      1. Add them !! El Salvador deserves this chance once and for all through years of hard good work

  4. I wish that y’all can add more national team or do the same thing y’all did in fifa 14 World Cup. I want this cup to fell excited and to feel like I’m playing in a real fifa World Cup please add road to the World Cup and lots of team please.

  5. I wish when gold cup or euro was around that fifa would do the World Cup download update so we can play with the international teams. Last year and this year Brazil team didn’t even have Neymar I had to make my own roster it hurts to not see Haiti in the game and Croatia and other countries please take the time to fix this if not add it in fifa 22 please focus on the whole game not just tournaments UEFA, pro clubs and my teams. It would make sense to feature international cups like UEFA Euro and Gold Cup Concacaf.

  6. In my opinion, and many other FIFA players I know of, the International side of the game is not represented well enough. The biggest fútbol competitions like (EUROs, World Cup, Copa America, even international friendly’s,) are just a few of the most watched competitions on the planet: yet there are only a small amount of teams included on the FIFA games. FIFA 22 should add these big tournaments to the game and add quite a lot more international teams to the game. One of the most blatant parts of the game FIFA continually misses out on. Put in more attention to the International game on FIFA. There is no question about it. Guarantee it will improve the interest of the game, and increase attractiveness to the general viewer. Address this, and the game will recede many critics.

  7. We could have icons and goal song
    1. Bayern Munich goal song
    2. Locomotive goal song
    3. Zenit goal song
    4. Athletico mardid goal song
    5. Barcelona goal song
    6. Juventus goal song

  8. Pls more Icon Player for offline mode.
    Pls Icon Teams for offline mode.
    Legend Icon Team for Liverpool, ManU, Galatasaray, Chelsea, Arsenal, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, B. Mönchengladbach, E. Frankfurt, FC Bayern, BVB, Ajax, Celtic, Rangers, Inter M. AC Milan, Napoli, Juventus, PSV, Porto, Sporting, Benfica, Real Madrid, Barça, Atletico, FC Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Trabzonspor, PSG, Lyon, Marseille, Boca Juniors, River Plate, New York Cosmos, FC Santos, Brazil, Germany, Sowjets, Jugoslavia, Turkey, France, Argentina Uruguay, Netherlands, Italia, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, Kamerun, Croatia

  9. Pls more League’s
    Azerbaijan League
    Iran League
    African Nations Cup
    Turkish second league

    More Clubs! FK Qarabağ, Traktor Tabriz

    Carrieremode coup offline and online

  10. Pls more national Teams!
    Europe: Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo, Israel
    Asia: Iran, South Korea, Japan
    Africa: Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Guinea, Algeria, Tunesia,Marocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, DR Kongo, Angola, Gabun
    North America : Costa Rica , Jamaika, Honduras

  11. I just want the South Korean national team to be on FIFA 22. They are 3rd in the FIFA ranking in AFC. They are pretty good.

  12. Hi Im sean And Im a Filipino I vote Philipines football league beacause i want to show the our country the philipines our nation

  13. Algeria the champion of african nation cup and they have one of the best actual player in the world riyad mahrez and they have a talented team players like bennacer bensebaini …

  14. FIFA 15 – Turkish League (11%, 289,387 Votes)Yes
    FIFA 16 – Brazilian League (6%, 163,027 Votes)Yes (Rest Of World)
    FIFA 17 – Turkish PTT League (13%, 584,270 Votes)Yes
    FIFA 18 – German 3rd League (11%, 239,908 Votes) Yes
    FIFA 19 – Chinese League (7%, 216,783 Votes) Yes
    FIFA 20 – Finnish League (7%, 309,503 Votes) No
    FIFA 21 – Indian League (13%, 244,011 Votes) No
    FIFA 22 – Ukrainian League (10%, 49,807 Votes) ^_^

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