FIFA 22 Leagues

FIFA 22 Leagues

FIFA 22 is expected to have over 30 leagues and more than 720 playable teams from around the world. Below is the complete list of confirmed leagues and teams available in FIFA 22. This list will be updated once the conformed list comes out.

You can vote for your favourite league to be in FIFA 22 at our FIFA 22 Leagues Vote page.

FIFA 22 Leagues

Country Leagues Teams
Argentina Argentina 1 26
Australia Australia 1 10
Austria Austria 1 12
Belgium Belgium 1 16
Chile Chile 1 16
China China 1 15
Colombia Colombia 1 20
Denmark Denmark 1 14
England England 4 92
France France 2 40
Germany Germany 3 56
India India 1 11
Ireland Ireland 1 10
Italy Italy 2 39
Japan Japan 1 18
Korea South Korea 1 12
Mexico Mexico 1 18
Holland Holland 1 18
Norway Norway 1 16
Poland Poland 1 16
Portugal Portugal 1 18
Russia Russia 1 16
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 1 16
Scotland Scotland 1 12
Spain Spain 2 42
Sweden Sweden 1 16
Switzerland Switzerland 1 10
Turkey Turkey 1 18
USA USA 1 21

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32 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Leagues

  1. For the author of this article -> You forgot about Romanian Liga 1.
    It was there in Fifa 20 and Fifa 21 and it’s going to be there as well in Fifa 22. You need to add it to the main confirmed list.


  2. top 10 Leagues and National teams that must be confirmed

    1. Serie B{Italian 2nd Div and Relicense}
    2. Greek Super League{Greek 1st Div}
    3. Gambrius Liga{Czech 1st Div and Relicense}
    4. Qatar National Team
    5. Camp Plan Vital{Chilean 1st Div and Relicense}
    6. As Roma and Juventus Fc {full License}
    7. Boca Juniors {full license
    8. Vanarama National League{English 5th Div}
    9. Liga Dimayor{Columbian 1st Division and Relicense}
    10. Otp Bank biga{Hungarian 1st Div}

  3. When are you going to fully license the Scottish Premiership!? Players, stadiums, kits etc etc!

  4. FIFA should add as many of the top leagues in each continent as possible. Maybe just generic players? Add more fire to Asian champions, make African leagues and African champions, concacaf leagues, 8 conmebol leagues for a fire libertadores/sudamericana. It’s 2021 let’s make it happen.

  5. You must add greek league we wait too many years and in Greece we play fifa so make us happy for once…some other leagues must be added like serbian ukrainian cypriot chech croatian russian because of confrence league

  6. More leagues we hope :
    European : Serbian, Hungarian, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Russian Premier League, Croatian
    South America : Chili, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina (with Boca and River), Argentina 2

  7. Hoffentlich kommt bei Fifa 22 die Schweiz mal dran bis jetzt ist es Lw für uns Schweizer wir haben keine 2 liga wo mal nötig wäre auch keine Stadien und icons haben wir auch nicht Alex frei marco streller sind Legende hoffentlich wird das mal beachtet sonst ist das game nur halb so gut.

  8. Please add the Azadi stadium to the FIFA 2022 stadium.
    Iranian people’s vote this stadium and Azadi stadium is one of huge and terrible stadiums around the world.

  9. FIFA 21 ghat No new Competitions and also the European Conference League. The new Competition that's gonna Start next season in the real football world. says:

    FIFA21 Has no New Competitions .also the European Conference League. That’s gonna Start next season in the real football world.

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