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Have you had a chance to play FIFA 22 yet? What did you think of the game? Is there anything you’d like to share with the community as feedback or a comment?

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435 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Feedback & Reviews

  1. the rig is in, missed offsides calls, wrong offsides calls, and just countless other bs. better off sitting and playing a slot machine. shitty ass game period

  2. Jogo ridiculo muito rebote e dribles que nunca teve no futebol
    Jogar com maquina no lendario e no ultimate é horrivel
    Kd o jogo de futebol realista
    Tem que ficar pagando 300 reais pra pegar esse jogo ridiculo

  3. This game is the biggest piece of garbage I’ve ever had the misfortune of buying. Buggy, scripted nonsense. You should all be ashamed for even releasing such trash

  4. Finally got ps5 and purchased 22 to hold me over until 23. Everything was going smooth in career mode and then the game started periodically freezing and I’m no longer able to wear long sleeves in game. I’ve been playing since 2011 and never experienced this. What gives?

  5. That’s the worst football game I’ve ever played , everything it’s automatically, all players instead of messi and mbappe are running like they have stones in boots , you can’t literally enjoy any gameplay

  6. Fut sucks big time!! One moment everything goes like you command, the other moment you just destroy the controller because of the worst gameplay you ever had!! No more fifa for me!!! Rubbish as trash!!!

  7. Literally the worst game ever.
    Career mode is boring, too repetitive, no special features at all.

    But then, PSG. Play seasons in div 1 and everyone plays the most overpowered team in the history of this game. Mbappe, Messi, Neymar, way to overpowered. Games will end in 6-5 because of scripted gameplay. Last fifa for me, no fun at all.

  8. Fifa has to be the worst game. The gameplay is so weird! One minute your players are running so fast and the gameplay is fast next minute your team are running like snails. The gameplay is so bad. Flukey goals go in but your keeper makes the best saves but can’t save the passes going into your goal. Just a mess to be honest

  9. Squad battle progress does not give me any points . Keeps coming up 0,00 after I have won the game. Also it will not let me do any SBC keeps saying error code. Please sort it.
    Kind regards

  10. Why is it that I always have problems doing SBC on my account. Always comes up error
    Unable to contact to server.
    Every time I get this. Sort out the dame thing. I’m missing out on them

    1. Worst game in history I’ve got my phone set up to the screen for matches to record all the scripting going on nothing but theives pay our money and get robbed the programmers are nothing but lazy thank god FIFA’s ended the agreement might get a game that’s fair

  11. AHAHAHAHHAA HERE I AM BACK AGAIN BECAUSE OF THIS PATHETIC GAME, embarrassing game, no handball rules?? Whit ahahahahahahah, a ultimate team full of sad little disgusting minks with no lives who are clearly virgins and spend their paper money round on fifa packs, absolute gimps, fifa fix yer game eh, cause yous don’t have a clue about how to make a working video game, PATHETIC

  12. Stop working on “new features” if you guys haven’t working on old game bugs and errors! How tf two functions overlap on a single button push? When you push square on playstation for defending, on one side the game says that it means 2nd player push, but on the other side the game says it means standing tackle!! wtf does that mean?

    And make defense responsive pls, even for a slight intercept of the ball!! How tf i’m pressing my opponents and the defender just running past the opposition? And at times my defender just purposefully missing some easy ball intercept leading to the opponent getting an open shot? And add some handball awareness to the defender pls!! I’m getting Pepe swinging his arms at the ball on my own box!! Goddamn this game makes me furious!!

  13. This game sucks alot made me break my phone in head to head i won 4-1 they gave me 5100 cups i lost by 2-0 they deducted 8100 cups i again won it was worse they gave me 4500cups i lost they deducted 9100 fuck this app i will unistall stadiums empty players like goalkeepers better even a goat in the post o hate this game better vive le football

  14. Fifa you need really fix player cards and put genuine numbers instead of putting anything I have Joe Cole his pace is 97 and in reality it’s 80’s this game is broken I packed mane but his pace and acceleration looks like maguire

  15. Sometimes the game is just a pure joke. In pro clubs drops ins you can rarely have fun. As soon as you score a goal the other team will forfeit or if you use some skill to get past someone they forfeit. I’d like to see some kind of penalty given to players who forffeit a match before the 60th minute. You can’t get any chemistry going with anyone it’s really immature. I think the game should just keep going agains AI if all users quit.

  16. This game is a joke! Players with less pace can outpace 90+ players, and when is fut champions time your players that usually run and very accurate they become really slow and crap! Fifa game now give more chances for people who spend money on fifa point! Fifa is a pay to win game nowadays! What a shame!

  17. can’t save a career. i have installed and deleted caches, searched for fixes online, nothing works. i cannot get back the time i have spent trying to be able to play this game. never in 30 years of gaming have i been so angered that i have left a review of a game…until now. it’s clearly a good thing EA has lost the FIFA franchise

  18. This game is just trash! Forcing people to play the way they want us to. Only tactical defending available on FUT. Can’t tackle a player properly, can’t do anything in defense. You go to defend on a player, your defender only turns around the player because of the fucking tactical defending. All of my friends and I stopped playing this game because of this stupidity. Why do they force us to play in a way we’ve never ever wanted to play? Can’t modify any of the main settings in FUT. Adverse player always wins every single ball, can never run past an adverse player even with my players having 93+ in speed. All my shots going to the pole or out although my players have 85+ in shots. Average adverse players always scoring long distance shots, running past my players who are normally faster. I do a cross, I press for my player to head the ball for a goal and the result is just so disappointing. I’ve never targeted a head shot in this game ever since I started playing. That happens in FUT. I want to tell EA that these rules they setup, the way they force us to play, they’re just fucking up this game. That’s pure trash!
    You play against someone in FUT, the person scores one goal and leaves the game and you’re the one who loose. Is it even understandable? Pro evolution soccer is even better at this point. Someone scores one goal, leaves the game and you loose. Lol.
    EA, you guys are just doing shit right now. Better stop the fifa game.

    1. The level has even raised now. AI now throws away players with strength above 90. It comes near u and the ball is stolen. Players with ability of 90 plus defending are pierced through by strikers despite timely tackle. I played a match and goal keeper saved three shots in a row while off the line. When he left the D and i took a shot shot slowed down and defender reached to clear it

  19. I’ve uninstalled this game for months at a time to install and see if they fixed the blatant scripting that goes on in game. For example…I can tackle my opponent with the ball 4 times in a row but somehow the ball keeps going straight to his other players on the run? Not realistic at all. I will NOT buy another FIFA again.

  20. Bought this game 2 weeks ago heavily discounted, game itself is scripted to death can “feel” it through the analogue stick without fail, game doesn’t always acknowledge a button press, but most annoying of all for me is having owned the game for only the past two weeks, I’ve had no good players to build my squad from packs, Im currently 87 rated team and I’m always getting out against a lot higher starred teams ( IE 94-96 ) I simply cannot compete unless i was a pro………but I’m not don’t buy it don’t play it on gamepass as just like me you will only be wasting your time you have to buy the any FIFA game on its day release and play from then on and don’t stop throughout the year, otherwise you MAY have fun but I wouldn’t guarantee it also the “internet connection” disconnect trick from people is still there and it’s something that the makers will not address, lost 8 9 matches from people going one up then doing this it’s so obvious too but like mentioned it never changes !

  21. 4 LB’s from last six packs should be statistically impossible with amount of players, cards and variations of said cards however as ea decides what crap to give you its obviously to screw you over. I did the sbc to get 90 plus pick and had to give up two squads containing atleast 5 players over 90 so there’s never gonna be a team that isn’t bought and paid for that doesn’t win . Sad company sad people and pathetic money grabbing scumbags . Ps you used to be cool ea .

  22. This game is ridiculous. The game gives itself goals right at the end of a half or the game all the time.

    My captain is always bitching I haven’t done enough in the transfer window despite bringing in like 7 players.

    My goalkeeper is a muppet. Let’s in the softest goals I’ve ever seen.

    Why are the players unhappy with their contacts every single season? Some more than once in a season!

    1. This game is so trash nothing realistic. Refree giving free kick and yellow card on a nice ball tall tackle. Keepers can’t sava any shots. 82 rated neto is better than 93 rated casias. I give this game 1 star because nothing is like real football

  23. Are you going to sort out the Goalkeeper’s Animations on pro clubs, its starting to get embarrassing for a billion dollar company, who cant sort out a simple mistake in the game!!

    Its a F***ing Joke!

    1. My friend me am stoping to play for real this game anoys u may end up even breaking ur phone i have players with 96+ but a defender of 76 tackles and gets away the ball a goalkeeper is worse better an empty goal post bcoz every shot on target is a goal summer scouts suck they show 99 rated possible reward after you struggling they give u three 60 and 72 over players transfer market the only players whom u sell quick is 93+ i quit fifa i have no reason to hurt my head for nothing a moment u beat someone and he quits ur network sometimes quits and finally no cups will be given but if its me who has been beaten and my net goes off after reconnnecting they have deducted my cups yesterday i broke my camon so i quit i will try pes

  24. Fut Ultimate Team

    Why do you guys have to create all these overrated packs? It’s like adding magic to the game. Creating these packs unbalances the game and doesn’t allow to find a true best fifa player. The cards win games barely the player skills. Im guilty of using it also because there’s no way to compete without it. These cards wins the ball without having to actually defend.

    It would’ve been better if you just update real form week to week. Therefore each week depending on how a player peform, if his form drops then maybe an ultimate team competitor may drop the card to the subs in favor of a player performing well, and we will stop having these 6-0 games so often

    1. Hi fifa can you sort out a punishment for players quitting on ultimate team mode division rivals, every time I play someone and Im dominating the game they quit and the game ends with a draw or the result before the person quits. Punishment should be given to the player and they should receive an instant 3-0 lose like in season mode please cos it’s so annoying and off putting when people quit

  25. Hi
    You have a glitch with your Manager career.

    If you start with a League Two side, midway in the third season it starts cutting to the Champions League promo and then the game freezes up. You need to keep restarting the career to move forward, which is very time consuming and annoying.

    Please take a look at it, because you waste weeks because of this.

  26. FIFA 22 is completely scripted. I played two games in a row with the exact score 3-2 with me losing. You can tell what the score line will be before the end of the game.

  27. Your matchmaking system is trash af EA. I’m just a beginner with a 85 rated squad why i always being matchmaked with 90+ player ? . If you can read this then pls fix that. Thanks

  28. Its decided who wins at the beginning, its such a shame EA games its my last fifa im buying not spending one more penny on EA games anymore.

    1. Your matchmaking is bad. How can a guy whos best player iz mings 90 be matched with a guy that has all legemds. Its ok that that happens 1 match but all matches…

    2. Absolutely joke that people who gain the lead will leave even if it is 20 mins into a game but that doesnt count as a forfeit for you to get the win just takes the fun out of it so i think if they leave they lose and you should get the forfeit win.

  29. Im actually sick of fifa! It’s not bloody fair. Fut champs. Puts me against players with icon players and tots full squads! How the flip is that fair! Atleast bloody to fair match making not a fucking full icon team against a team that hardly has good chemistry? Make the game make sense it’s all bullshit

  30. How on earth is fifa even a fair game! Fut champs i am put up against players with full tots or icon squads?l! Who have better work rate then my players! Fifa is actually the worst game ever! Unfair and literally just a big pile of bs! What’s the point matching us against teams that we already know are going to smash us from the get go?! How stupid can fifa get?l! Match making is sooooo flipping bad it’s unreal!

  31. Fifa is so flipping bad man! The match making is awful! Why does fifa put in matches with players that have all tots in their team or have flipping icons. It makes no bloody sense! How can you put someone against a flipping team we have no chance against! Fix the shitty game honestly. So bad so so so bad!

  32. Scam of a game
    EA decide who wins no skill involved
    Rigged gameplay
    Unrewarding gameplay
    EA decides which accounts get easier opponents and better rewards
    Full of cheats who abuse the no loss glitch

    This is the final straw for me, will never buy another game from these parasites
    The rage and mental stress this game causes is not worth the 5% fun you get back.
    How can a fifa game from 8 years ago be more responsive than this rubbish we getting in 2022.
    Joke of a game

    1. I am so mad at the last game i had dudes scored 2 bangers when my team just magically got unnaturally slow at last minute

  33. Shambles of a game, imagine a game you were making 10 years ago is better than what you’re doing now… Joke.

  34. Never played a game as unrewarding, broken as fifa 22 it’s actually embarrassing at this point.
    You get 10% fun and 90% anger from playing this enjoyable game, the script is way overpowered to the point it’s just rage inducing.
    Sick and tired of dominating games, Ea have to get involved and misplace my passes, making my players feel terrible and if I manage to get past that, opponents keepers will bail them out everytime.
    Am done playing this crap game, not wasting my time on this shit unrewarding game anymore.
    Always up against better teams, it’s like the game doesn’t want you to succeed, always against me, whether it’s opening packs to get duplicates constantly or one game away from promotion 9/10 you won’t win it will pit you against a player who’s levels above you.
    Unrewarding piece of garbage

  35. Y’all gotta work on that passing system man. How come I got 3 available players in front of me, I actually aim to one of them, and the damn ball ends up in the only one guy that’s offside, that’s some bs.

  36. Ionly want say this gamr is worst than ever game i played before i just play for about 12 years and never seen bad game like this terrible defending and all

  37. One thing I really don’t understand about ffia! Why do I always get put in matches against teams that have all tots or icon players in their team. Fifa needs to do team matched games where similar teams play together not a team with 80+ rating against a team that is 90+ rating with 100 chemistry it makes no sense! One of the worst things in ultimate team!

  38. Im colorblind and in career where you cant change the kits there were two colors that I thought were the same. Please make the game more colorblind friendly

    1. im playstion player and my playstion plus has expired then i cant play online i dont have any proplem in it put at last sunday the season packs has start and when i click to get the packs it siad to me i want to plus did im i want plus to have the packs plz i want to my pqcks

  39. since about fifa 16 the game has gotten progressively worse and worse with each release, and this trend absolutely continues as this is maybe the worst game ive ever played in my life. thank god i got it for 25$ because it is worth maybe 10$ in its actual quality. hopefully ea lose their fifa license and make pacman or some s*** thats more on their level and stay far away from sports because this game is a ***, id rather sit in silence and stare at a wall for an hour than ever waste another 5 hours reinstalling it and having to play another second of this dogs***, whoever still manages to play it i am sorry for you but dont worry fifa 23 will come out soon and make this game look like a masterpiece

    1. That is so fax
      This might be one of the worst games I have played in my life
      Id rather not play an other game than have this game even on my Xbox

      1. How bad is this game though it’s unbelievable how bad it is! You grind out weekend league deal with all the bullshit it brings just to not get any decent rewards at all yet you get people packing mbappe ronaldo in the same red picks! It’s like they pick and choose who gets the top top players and who gets the standard shitty ones! What’s the point in this game if you don’t get fucking rewarded for grinding it out? Like you would on other games but ea is in a league of there own for making the worst games possible! Scum of the earth

    2. In my option this is the worst fifa game of all time and it’s not really even a threat to be worse than any other game. The fact that a 58 overall is hitting a upper 90 shot from 40 yards out is shocking to me. Not to mention everytime I pass the ball to someone 90% of the time it goes to someone else. EA should be ashamed of themselves for making this bad of a game

  40. They need a better way to make it so your the player with the ball and not the guy that’s being tackled. The AI past a certain difficulty can’t be tackled and shouldn’t have a right back with 30 shooting placing the ball top corner every shot.

  41. Can they please add a feature where they do player and manager career in one.Can they also actually put effort into drawing the crowd it looks the mixed in a blender. Can they add skill-based matchmaking in division rivals ( Fifa Ultimate Team) because I end up joining a match and usually get clapped 13-0 it’s really annoying.In friendlies I have trouble finding teams I want to play as like Ajax I don’t know the league.So can they add a part where you write the name of the team you play as.Just for jokes can they also add handball and players arguing/fighting it would pretty fun to see in game.In fifa player career can they add more celebrations. When you create a team in manager mode can they add a badge with a star on it or like really similar to other team badges.Take Everton for example you could change what it says and the colours of it.There’s a glitched player Called Tsolis he’s is on Greek national team and when I play his head is invincible for some reason.Can they add daily rewards for playing Volta and FUT.Can they also re-add the journey from Fifa 19 I really enjoyed it and was saddened to see it wasn’t in fifa 22.Can they please fix the commentators they are jokes.They say stuff like what a miss when they scored or something dumb like that.Can they please fix the offside rule.It says offside when I’m clearly ONSIDE it’s a damn joke.

  42. Please allow us to skip cutscene like substitutions or highlight replays during matches
    It waste too much time

  43. Why in career mode are the positions of players messed up. For example in my player career mode my player striker but the manager plays me in CDM, and I often see player like Lukaku playing midfield for Chelsea, or CB up front. Fix this man it has been a problem since the game came out, do you not watch Mark Goldbridges career mode?

    Also the fact that when a player is injured in career mode or has a red card u have to go back to the main squad changer to sub them and can’t do it in the play match section, it is so annoying. It says this player has been ejected and cannot be subbed from the team or something, even tho the match has ended

  44. I don’t hate on fifa like most but omg just bring back the preview screen before I play my friends to see there squad. I know you can have a look in couch play but it’s so stupid that yous took out the ability to see it before a friendly

  45. Why does fifa always match me up with players that have all tots team or players who have 3+ icons in their team in FUT champions. When I am a beginner in the game and also, my players are all gold rare’s! Not fair. I should get matched up with players that have similar teams to me

    1. As much as the game has serious issues, I can’t really agree with your comment. If you’re getting into Fut Champs, you can’t really be classed as a beginner, and Champs is the sweatiest game mode on Fifa by far hence why you’re coming up against super teams. Also it’s that late in the year, most people who have played from the game’s beginning would’ve grinded their way to a couple of icons and a few TOTS/other special cards by now regardless of their actual skill level.

  46. This is the worst game in playstation and Xbox history, this game is full of cancerous players who clearly have no lives at home so they buy packs after packs and do not play the game properly, the players on your side just stand there and stare at the ball like a pile of idiots
    Worst game in history not gonna lie to you, EA should stop making this game each year and ban buying packs to reduce the amount of sad people that are pathetic and clearly have no lives

    Absolutely pathetic


    1. The CPUs literally just stand there when u don’t have the ball. This game is an absolute joke

  47. A new BUG in Fifa 22 since the last roster update. When enter the National Team pools to adjust the squads the game STOPS and this message pops up:(

    CE-34878-0 ps4 error code

    1. I think ea must give the win to the opponent who forfeit their fut champions match even when the score is still draw. I played nearly 60 minutes when my opponent forfeit. It doesn’t happen just once, but almost every week when I played fut champions. It will destroy the competitiveness of the game. I like to play fut champions, but if the opponent is like this, it just wasted my time. I think other player have the same problem.

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