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Have you had a chance to play FIFA 22 yet? What did you think of the game? Is there anything you’d like to share with the community as feedback or a comment?

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219 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Feedback & Reviews

  1. Honestly, I don’t even know where to start.

    I am a huge Fifa fan, been playing it since I was a kid on my windows computer but it just gets harder and harder every year to defend this nonsense.

    Mainly I pay seasons online, so I will focus on that but really, you could pick this game apart at any point, no matter what you play most, it is truly useless.

    Seasons online, firstly – pretty sure PSG have paid off EA here, they are by far the fastest, best team in the game without a single bit of real world evidence for this. This is a mute point but be prepared to face PSG in 95% of the games you play because EA have made them so good every Tom, Dick and Harry pick them.

    The main thing that annoys about this game is the AI. From kick off, it makes absolutely 0 sense. Players just run around doing absolutely nothing. If you’re in control of a player and pursuing someone out of position, AI doesn’t realise that player is out of position, and cover, it just runs with you.

    Long ball over the top of your defence whilst still in your own half? Well AI will just stand on the half way line, waiting for the offside which doesn’t come and then loose the race by a mile because he was waiting facing the wrong way.

    Forward runs…. A striker starts a run into space, you start your through ball, pass, cross whatever, 60% of the time the player that’s made the run will just suddenly change direction and hide behind a defender.

    Switching play. If you have a player on the FAR side of the field and you do a chip through ball, full power, randomly it will just decide that you didn’t mean full power, must have been a mistake, so it just delicately chips it to an opponent’s player near you. Does the same with passing quite regularly too.

    I could go on and on but honestly I’m pretty pissed I keep spending so much money on such a shit game because I like football. If this doesn’t get better someone is going to come along and take you out the market. Maybe next year I buy PES, at least they now own Juventus’ name.

    I haven’t even started ultimate team and certainly won’t be putting money into packs, it’s been on a downward path for years and they don’t seem to be learning.

  2. It feels like my players intentionally sabotage my wins. There comes a point in a match where I can’t swap players and they are lethargic even when I do. They turn half as fast as they used to and when they do win the ball they freeze and wait for the opponent to take it back. Since the update I’m finding the game will randomly swap my off an attacking player when I have the ball and it’s cost me goals. This is unarguably the worst game I have ever played with the most issues

  3. Propably the worst Fifa theres has been. I gave 2022 another try after the disaster 2021. But you just proved that your absolutely not capable of making a good game. was the last fifa for me. PES it is!

  4. In career mode..the transfers are too crazy teams selling 6 vital players in one window to buy one average replacement makes no sense….it’s about time you guys fix this in order to replicate real world football, as the leading fifa sim you guys say you are

  5. Pretty bad game. Your team’s AI doesn’t play defense, they just run along side the ball handler. Your defense will retreat all the way back until they are standing beside the goal keeper, allowing a uncontested shot. The only player that will play defense is the player that you are controlling. AI will take the rest of the players out of play. So you will have to put up at least 6-7 goals to defeat your opponent. The opponents AI defense is immaculate.
    Review is based on World Class difficulty.

  6. This game is terrible.. last Fifa I will buy. Once again, the team selection in player career mode is garbage. Lowest stamina players are always picked. My character can barely finish the first half he’s played so much.
    Defending is an atrocity. And the press function is the worst upgrade to the game. If you change the skill level to learn how to defend (pro down to semi pro), you score 12 goals a match.
    Whoever was paid big money to design this disgrace sure fooled EA and FIFA. Good luck to them both.

  7. I loved the VOLTA in Fifa 20, this version is very bad.
    I want to play in VOLTA like in Fifa 20 team vs team, not this s***!
    to play now need 8 players!!!! at the same time, its riddicilus, if u allow to play 1v1 team v team, no one would use this 4v4 mode…
    pls add this feature like in the first version

  8. I play seasons online.
    Please fix the issue in which I have to ask the second player for a mutual leave.
    Check the frames per second rate and see it is stuck, why should I lose games because the game is so laggy it’s unplayable?
    Just fix it already

  9. Div rivals should be fair. Every time I play I get destroyed by teams the are in div 4 or 3. I shouldn’t be play team I have no chance in beating. I don’t know If you are allowed to do this but there should not be any option where 2 people can play at once in div rivals I. The defense is broken and so is the goalkeepers, defensive takes don’t work and keepers don’t even try at time they just stand there but other times keepers will save shot top corner.

  10. This game is an absolute joke. Defending doesn’t work, every time i takle someone 90% of the time it’ll bounce right back into the opponent strikers feet. This game takes no skill anymore, there is not a single keeper worth using because they’re all. Except when the opponent has a full PL team with 7 players in the wrong position, and an 81 rated keeper will dave EVERYTHING. These are the teams i loste against in fut champs, while i win matches vs ppl with full icon teams and ronaldo. Just shows how scripted this bullshit game actually is. Autodefending is out of control, tackles don’t do anything, and while I can’t seem to score an inside the box open goal, because the keeper will jump 30 feet In 1 millisecond and saves the shot, I get scored on by ruben dias at striker on 0 chem outside the box. Not to mention how bullshit stats are. Every single time I load into a game champs or rivals, the opponent can have a cb with 58 pace on 3 chem and that can will outpace EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY 90+ PACE ATTACKERS 10/10 TIMES. Its a joke. FIX YOUR GAME EA

    1. Maybe there are some decent people at ea but for those working at the top making the decision I would have no problem with use of the guillotine on you disgusting pigs if the world goes to shit were coming with pitch forks and torches

  11. Every year it gets worst, but this year is easiest the worst FIFA of them all. Please fix your games. This year would be the last FIFA until you fix your broken game

  12. So FIFA gets bribed. Everyone knows that. But that the rich owners of PSG could bribe EA, that’s incredible. Everything is promoting PSG around this game. Also, no team can beat PSG on the same level of the season. Sorry, but this game has ruined all the previous games. Don’t buy!

  13. Absolutely horrible game. Always seems that In fut division rivals you’re always getting called for fouls and given cards, but the opponent and body slam your players and not even an advantage is called. Might as well just not buy the game, it’s the same year after year, it hasn’t changed, nor gotten better. Save your money and don’t buy the game. Unless you like wasting your money on packs to even try and get decent players.

  14. Probably worst game I have ever played. I play fut and it is just dreadful this year. Every game I lose I have way more expected goals than my opponent. Auto blocks are annoying af, the community sucks and I just don’t have fun while playing this. I’m not going to talk about the servers because I’ll write 10 paragraphs about them.

  15. This is actually the worst fifa I have ever ever played. I’ve been playing since 2006 and I’d rather play the 06 game than fifa 22. What an absolute piece of s***.. AI just stands around like a bunch of mongrels, and every time you pass the ball more than 2 feet it ends up at the feet of the opposition. Scoring from kickoff happens for 60% of all the goals I swear, and the latter 40% happens in the final 5 minutes. If somebody has Messi or Ronaldo, they just run right through you like your defenders are nothing. The entire fifa coding team needs to be sacked, hire some new, younger coders who know what the f*** they are doing because this game is an absolute piece of overengineered dog s***

  16. Playing online matches is pretty dire right now. Not smooth at all and I have a strong internet connection. Played a game tonight where the opposition every time they got the ball my internet appeared to spike but when I had the ball it was fairly smooth throughout the match. Would like to think the other player was straight but had my doubts. It was a noticeable pattern. Not sure the match making is really all that either as one minute paired fairly okayish against someone with similar skills but often get played off the park as teams not matched and the balance is way off. GKs are always OP and make some ridiculous saves and passing is rubbish. A lot of the time in an important build up the ball dribbles off the players feet when a similar weighted previous pass found its recipient without issue even when using the control button. It is as if the game engine is rolling a dice and it is fairly annoying to say the least. Passes seem to not go to the intended recipient half the time and when defending trying to change and select the right player at the right time is quite broken. When playing one match the other player was super dirty putting in insane tackles and not on yellow awarded but in another match the opposing team had two players sent off for what I would deem fair challenges. Oh and the offside rule in this game is really broken as well. All in all not a great purchase and not that much fun because the game needs a lot of fixes before it would be any good. Online is the biggest letdown.

    1. So I have been playing Fifa since Fifa 06′. I just got kicked out of another marchwith 85 mins played because *lost connection with EA servers*. I didn’t lose internet, power or Playstation chat. Only lost the game. And this happens like once or twice a week. I am sick of being penalized for FIFA’s mistakes.

    2. Strong internet connection, 9ms ping no package loss, 50 mb down 20mb up.
      FIFA – EVERY GAME is lagging with red connection mark or yellow.
      Invest in your servers or your players will leave you

  17. This year’s fifa 22 is absolute trash, online play is unplayable, passes don’t go where you aim them to go, defenders mysteriously move away from opponents, how does my 99 pace viniciuos get outpaced by a 78-80 paced defender, absolute garbage game won’t be buying another fifa, 100% pay to win!!! Ea are money grabbing scum!!!!


  18. I have been Fifa 19 for a few years now. I stopped buying the games because they were pretty much the same thing every year. I decided to try Fifa 22 to see if things improved……… I regret it. By far, the FIFA with the worst gameplay EVER!! Every FIFA had flaws, but at least they were enjoyable, but this one…. does not even have that. I am super disappointed with this game. Clearly, EA does not give a “F***” about their games and the people that buy their crap. All of you should stop buying their shit until they start caring about doing things correctly. Anyways, back to FIFA 19. See you guys until a decent FIFA comes out…

  19. é una delusione soprattutto le modalità on-line piene di bug e sembra che siete voi a comandare anche quelle con rimpalli tiri sbagliata a porta vuota.

  20. I have always played career mode, i think the AI has got progressivley worse over the years and needs a complete revamp. I always liked playing on world class level but its simply unplayable and the AI scores every shot it takes out of nowhere, when i change it to professonial it then just becomes to easy and i end up winning 10-0. Time for a new AI model. Dont get me started on the keepers, dumb AF!
    It seems the AI can predict every movement on world class and then becomes retarded on professional. I even tried adjusting the CPU gameplay customisation bars in settings but even the most drastic change did not make a differnce. All in all the game looks great but for seasoned career mode vetrans like me the AI is simply either boringly bad or frustratingly world class.

  21. Disappointed like always, this time had to point this out, what a scam with this icon packs mid, base whatever , , every single time the worst players ever, wonder how can that be even possible, just a bitter taste, not once to get something at least usable, you lot just scams, all of you disgusting, every year hopping to have a good pull but no, is like history repeating, for the past 4-5 years I had nakata, litmanen, Owen and Veron, reeeaaaalllllllyyyyy??? You lot taking the piss.
    But do you know what, turning the negative into positive, actually it’s saves me money, because I’m definitely not gone spend a penny any more and also 2022 I wish is gone be the worst ever year for ya’ll at EA fifa because we had enough of it.
    Thank you and keep looking up

  22. I would like to say that we as a customer buy a game in good faith. You as a supplier should give products as promised. But I see you don’t. I wish to let you know that if all glitches are not rectified and given as a free upgrade then your people should watch their backs. This is because I will come for all who are responsible.

  23. FIFA 22 is so bad. The jockey is bad, passing and directions is bad, the shooting and directions and curve shooting and power is bad. Tackling also is bad.

    The players some are bold but in real life you can see there not.

    They need to update the game, a lot of options in team management is not working, no chance I make work, the pace of players in bad too. So unrealistic. The worse game! Sort it out. That’s your job fifa!!!!

  24. I have played PS FIFA since 2011, and FIFA22 is by far the WOSRT Fifa I have ever played. Many bugs and issues. Shooting is a total mess (with or without shot-delay). Your shots ridiculously hit the bar too many times. Passes are not accurate and goalkeepers are ridiculously overpowered. The referee blew the whistle to end the game while I was one-on-one with the goalkeeper in the penalty area!! what a bug! I will play my FIFA21 until FIFA23 is released.

  25. Honestly In terms of defending I think the best developers were in FIFA 19, from there interns took over….defending is a problem….conceding unnecessary goals

  26. Fifa 22: We wanted to make career mode more realistic so we limited your player’s pace based on his height.

    Also Fifa 22: Literally at any time during your career, you can change your player’s position, height, and entire skillset.

  27. I was so excited to play FIFA 22 I’m not into ultimate team just career mode for me. I’m massively disappointed init putting hours of game play to realise I’ve maxed out at 25 and I can’t get my player higher rating than 86 and he’s only 20 at the time. The only good thing I can say is the crest your own team is good that’s it for me but I don’t think I can’t be arsed playing it now due to the player career mode might as well sell it.

  28. Since FUT has really upgraded the level of sbc players and basic rare golds the past few years, it has brought down the usability of many icons. Many of the icons are unusable already in elite divisions and its kind of foolish since the main thing in this game mode is to enjoy the cards of youre favorite players and when they are Ballon D’or contenders like for example Litmanen they really should be usable on top of the divisions. Not on the level of Messi/CR7/Neymar etc ofcource, but nearer to the meta curve. Main problem seems to be either pace or agility+balance. Really hope that the icons are upgraded to fifa 23 on the level they deserve. Litmanen , Baresi, Nesta, Pirlo, Moore, Puyol, Schole, Drogba, Klose, Keane, Vieri, Van Niistelroy, Rivaldo, Veron, Hierro, Gattuso, Riquelme and many more who just dont cut it in elite or even in div 1. If you want a deep analyse of each player through my 25 year experience on Fifa’s, then just email me. There are so much potential to make the icons a thing again as they should be! At the end of the day, they would all be the top players bar few in todays game. Also they would rise in price a bit which is good for the market and brings a special feeling when you get youre hands on one. Otherwise Fifa 22 is for me the best Fifa in like 10 years so happy about that. Still issues with gameplay and connections but that is not my speciality so just wanna point out that those should be looked at asap.

  29. Stay away

    Been playing since fifa 11, ultimate team since fifa 14. The worst experience I’ve had in this game was end of fifa 20, I had all the good players, stats maxed out, come up against a silver team. 91 Eusebio turns like a tank, can’t outrun defenders with 50 pace, cb’s getting over powered.

    If you play, please stay away from fifa points. You’ll get the team you want, then after 10 or so games they start moving and passing and dribbling different. I have no idea how people do not see this. You play with the same players every day, you can’t tell they move and dribble differently? How oblivious can you be.

    Please stay away, they have many psychologists working on how to keep players hooked, whether it’s the noises of opening of packs, the sounds of getting coins after you sell a pack or player, all has to do with the mental reward system.

    I have spent plenty of money to have had all the best players, I’ve had 93 gullit, 91 vieira, 94 Ronaldo, it’s not worth it, the game is not solely based on your performance, they have their way of turning the game against you, so you sell your players (while losing coins thanks to the “ea tax”) and before you know it your 2 million coin player dwindles you down to 1.2 million, and you’re still not satisfied with any of your players.

    On my mothers life, stay away from this game.

    1. Totaly agree with xyz, got my «dream team» in fut, and after a few days my players cant seem to do anything right. Like passing a ball to the player i’m pointing at, insted they pass to someon in the opposite direction usely there is an opposition in between. And the defenders always tackle away from the ball for some reason, and dont follow the tactics i’ve put on. I have only won 2 games in 5 days becaus og this.

    2. Agreed, I would like to meet just one of the idiots who made the game so I can tell them honestly how much of a damage on my emotional side this cr*** game makes

  30. Can y’all fix the damn camera for GKs? It looks like im playing with a striker but im a f*** GK. It was good at the start but y’all ruined after that sh*** patch and never seen to fix it

  31. The game is unplayable the mechanics of the passes are the worst through all the fifa .The cards do not show the real stats because some defenders like Varane , Kimbepe and more have the same pace as big pace players like Neymar. For me 5/10 this years fix the game we all enjoy playing fifa but when the mechanics and the cards do not work propertly it makes me mad like the most players!!!!!!

  32. FIFA22 is just unenjoyable at this point because playing divisions you cant get relegated, which means your stuck playing against sweaty players with better teams than you constantly. its rare I win a game because I’m having to leave during most game as its near enough impossible to score let alone defend a goal. In conclusion matchmaking needs a fix and online divisions needs a to have a relegation system because I’m finding it so hard to enjoy this game.

  33. Without a doubt this has become a terrible game. I have been playing fifa since 1998 and it has struck me how the game is manipulated over the last couple of years. I am starting to believe they keep track of how likely you are to buy/play the game and deliberatly force a win or a lose for you or the opponent. To be honest I have sworn to not play this game over a thousand times and each time I let myself get tricked into it again and again. The fact that you cannot start an online game without spinning the wheel of (mis)fortune and hope you are not handicaped with retarded players all of a sudden leads to the conclusion that this is not a football game but a gambling game. Skills and ranking have no meaning anymore.
    When playing offline matches you are able to change the personal and CPU error/succes rates and I start to believe this is manipulated when playing online vs another player. Whenever I win or lose I always have a look to what my opponent winn-draw-lose stats are and I was surprised with what I saw. Bad players that have a 27-1-1 stat raise some questions about the integrity of the game.
    My score 1.5/5.

  34. FIFA 22 has lots of issues. The passing system sucks, frustrating to see passes go to different players than where you intend, shooting is the worse. This year the Meta is just a cheat especially with players Messi and co scoring unrealistic goals from outside the box. Please take off those time finishing and Metas you added and ruined our game. Most of all build a new game on Unreal Engine 5. Challenge yourselves EA as this game looks good graphically but it is still not true next-gen. Player movement doesn’t look organic at all, they look robotic. We are providing all this feedback not only to insult you but to help you make a better game. Please listen to us the fans as some of us a professional soccer players or of some division and some bugs or scripting in the game don’t look good at all. Please the scripting is not the best this year

  35. Change game Engine, Add more commentators and reduce Meta
    In my honest opinion, I will give credit to the graphic for FIFA 22 but they still do not look like true next-Gen characters. Most of their movements are not organic but more robotic. The Meta system in this game is not favorable, especially the long-distance shooting. It does not seem very realistic to me as in real life players barely score from long distances. I know and appreciate the fact that this year EA improved the Goalkeepers, but a certain goal that they still allow in are honest pathetic. This year’s game is super slow and the scripting is still not the best so if you guys can just at least try to change to a new engine may be unreal 5 now that we are leaning towards true Next-Gen games. I would also like to see more commentary or commentators added in this game, not just the 2 we’ve had since FIFA 20, I know once is replaced this year. Lastly, I also suggest that more features, especially for the gameplay are added and not only that but time finishing should be taken off the game or reduce the effectiveness of it as it is sometimes abused by people who master it. Thank you, FIFA hope you listen to our feedback

  36. Why do my youth players in carreer mode don’t get any numbers and names on their shirt when they get promoted to the first squad? Players that I bought do get a number, so I think something goes wrong with promoting youth players. I now do have 6 players with an empty shirt. Do others have the same issue?

  37. This game is total bullis***, for the first few weeks after releasing it it was different, after probably a month they put that same s**** update from FIFA 21 back in the game just because they’re too f*** lazy to create a better game, y’all should be f*** ashamed, all y’all care about is graphic but y’all don’t give a f*** about the actual gameplay, s*** we actually use, mannnn, It’s crazy how whether you’re good at the game or not there’s this one game that you’re gonna play its almost like it’s not you playing, they’re making you do most of the stuff just so they can make you either win or lose depends on how they f*** want. I’m proud to say I don’t give a f*** about that trashy s*** no more, so y’all can ban me from playing it, I still won’t give a s***. Take a few years to make the next Fifa then a few more years to test it before releasing it bozos. Clowns.

  38. absolutely shocking. only good thing about the game is when youre not in a match, unless there is a major nerf in most defenders that are insanely buffed i wont be playing games

    best part about this game so far is that you can uninstall it, best feature imo.

  39. FIFA has finally achieved, they have literally reverted the game to PES, essentially their success is because they WEREN’T PES. This is the last FIFA I will ever buy and have reverted to 2018 as it was the last iteration that worked. FIFA has now released a title where you CANNOT tackle, you CANNOT guarantee a clean sheet, EVEN against a team three leagues lower because the developers have tried to be too clever, I have played elite for several years’ and now I may as well be a beginner … well done FOIFA you have finally cured me of your game. And judging by all the reviews and feedback, I am not the only one who has had enough of you, looki mg forward to another developer producing a football game as they will wipe the floor with your pathetic and ridiculous game … so angry I spent so much money on your game.

  40. I am not new to EA Sports Fifer games. I have been paying since 1998! I purchased Fifer 22 in November 2021 for my PS4. I consider myself an average skilled player! A former amateur soccer player with a good sense of indoor and outdoor games!
    To be fair in this review, I compliment EA for the graphics, but that’s all! The game is extremely slow and scripting although necessary, is out-of-control and poorly programmed. As in many social medial comments and videos, the percentage of losses supersedes the wins by far. I only had 4 wins in 9 hours of paying time and only one opponent played a full match, all others quit before the end of first half! This is very common! Does it sound familiar? All other matches were losses by at least 3 goals, and sometimes by ridiculous scores.
    Winning is nice, but more importantly is to have fun, which it is impossible! A good example, EA will slow down your Mbbapé with 94 pace and sometimes he can be easily stopped by a random defender, or all of your shots are blocked, excessive off-sides, mysterious penalties, slow moving defenders, bad positioned goalies or better yet, scripting will help your opponent score by creating a visible gap in front of your big box “inviting” your opponent to either to take a shot or come inside the big box to score! You have no way to defend, scripting will make your defenders to spread out, your slide tackle will not work, attempts to switch to a closest defender will not work!
    My only concern is the excessive number of losses combined with the inability to make any plays, fo instance, purposely slowing down passes and positioning, inexplicable mistakes, through balls that never work, making the game unplayable!
    If EA cared about my feedback, I would say this: Winning and losing should be balanced, allow players to enjoy the game by enabling the use of skill moves and intelligent plays! Don’t attempt to make it like a real soccer match, because, playing the game virtually is different than playing a real soccer game.
    There is much more I could say, but, I will end on this note:

  41. I’m over this , have just failed in playoffs again and since the beginning of the game have only made finals twice having tried every attempt available. I’m a bit above average but definitely not elite and usually achieved gold level in weekend leagues past. I like the challenge of playing fut champs but for whatever reason this year EA has taken away any hope of playing champs. I was never really winning most of my games in the first 10 anyway and by losing access to champs rewards and red picks I’m just drifting further and further from the pack every week. How is this system any good?

    1. I play on career mode most of the time and it is enjoyable but one thing I have a problem with is when I try to loan my younger players to give them more game time is that all of the loan offers are ‘loan to buy’ and never just :
      ‘loan’ in Fifa 21 loaning players was much easier. I do like the ‘loan to buy’ feature itself but I feel like it’s being overused.

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