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FIFA 22 Feedback

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 22 yet? What did you think of the game? Is there anything you’d like to share with the community as feedback or a comment?

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442 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Feedback & Reviews

  1. Please make a normal balance!When you play by Argentina National team against national team and you are like a baby against them it cannot be happened in real life,please be real to real life not only to your fantasy///good luck…

  2. I was playing my career and wanted to play another one at the same time but then when I tried to go back on the old one it deleted and it is back at the start and I’m so annoyed.

    1. FIFA need to give soccer fan what they want fifa 23 is good but 2k get better and better every year giving fans what they want like moving stopovers , diving, better graphics, retro legends in ultimate team, better tactics, better songs and finally better gameplay

  3. the worst fifa ever even if you are beginer you play against ultra mega teams in division rival and weekend league and every something like boring to search a lot and search the strongest against you!!!if you continue like this you will lose a ton of ppl!!!better play lol there you play with same power opponents!!!i dont reccomented to anyone!!i want my money back!!!also a time the players gives pass fine and the other couldnt give in teammate even if you are one meter they will give pass in opoonent!!

  4. need to make this game more realistic game trully purely sux. players need to respond currectly. every play theres a silly mistake by the making of the game. honestly isnt anywhere close to the sport n is almost a straight disgrace to it. FIFA slakn hardd nedd to step it up

  5. Dehär spelet suger då fucking mycket kuk varför ska vi spendera våra pengar varje hår på samma jävla skit spel den som kom på fifa måste ju föddits ur fel hål han mamma måste vart tjock varför kan man it bara lägga en uppdatering som i forre och jag vill bara meddela att jag kommer snart ta mitt liv för att fifa är sånna jävla fittungar så nu är jag nästan klar jag hoppas att nån av den som kom på fifa vaknar upp nån dag med en råtta som har arabiest ligger och smaskar på hans lilla äckliga fucking fitt kuk ni som ligger och lökar rivals ni suger trevlig dag skoja ba hoppas allas dag suger

  6. I totally agree with the armband ban it is the worlds biggest sporting event unfortunately I’m out of work and couldn’t travel to see it but have made a dent in my couch and in my many travels previously I have always abided by local laws and customs anyone one that doesn’t understand those simple rules and customs of a destination should not travel at all

  7. I never thought FIFA will do something like this. I am not a year around football watcher and I cannot figure out which country is playing which side on TV. No color indication like there is in many other sports. Dear FIFA please do something.

  8. What an absolute disgrace that FIFA couldn’t get something as simple as a contrasting Referee shirt colour right!
    This ref for the Argentina V Saudi Arabia game should be wearing a RED coloured shirt!

    The blue somewhat clashes with the dark green!
    No, it DOES!

    Such a multi million $ organisation / association and they spoil the ease of getting this so wrong!

    1. Dear FIFA, I was watching Saudi Arabia and Poland play and Poland hurt Saudi Arabia too much two players got injured this needs to stop it is very bad a Poland player stepped on a Saudi players arm and another Poland player kicked a Saudi players head when I saw this I wanted to cry they got hurt so badly!!!!!

  9. Worst FIFA ever FIFA 23. Game play sucks soo bad it’s beginning to feel like pro evolution soccer. This purchase is one big regret.

    Guess switching to Efootball now won’t be too much of a loss, since both gameplay sucks

    1. Everytime i pass to someone Either they want 20 seconds or the pass to the complete opposite side when i shoot the Ball they wait al long time to

  10. Total c*** compared to 2021. I want my Money back and will cancel subscription. 20 years back in realism and usebility.
    Bye Bye!

  11. When playing challenge game module , there is error halfway playing the game . It just log me from the game . When I access the main menu the message inform me I had lost game n fail the competition without giving me the chance to try . This happen to me twice there I have no chance to to proceed further on to get my rewards ‍♂️


  13. I’ve been playing fifa since 2004 and out of every fifa I’ve played fifa 23 has to be the worst one the dribbling and passing are awful it takes messi 10 years to get pasted any player if I knew it was gonna be this bad I wouldn’t of got itn

  14. I have been playing FIFA for over 20 years. My favorite has always been playing online seasons. However, every year whatever algorithm they are using to control a game between two players is getting worse. It doesn’t really matter your level of play, it’s obvious they continue to disregard skill and stack the game to keep you from reaching top division. I understand EA has to keep players coming back to FIFA and continue trying each year, but is getting ridiculous. Last year I buy the game.

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