FIFA 22 Staff Items

FIFA 22 Staff Cards

Staff cards (items) in FUT 22 represent technical club members who bring benefits, bonuses and management for your club and players.

Staff cards are coming in three usual qualities as Gold, Silver and Bronze. Here is the type of Staff items in FIFA 22:

The table below shows the usability of the staff cards in the Ultimate Team mode:

Staff Item Application Bonus Bonus Limit Price Range (Coins)
Manager Chemistry / Contract 1 / 0 to 3% 1 / 3% 150 ~ 5,000

Manager Cards

Managers are FIFA 22 staff items that function as team managers for your FUT squads. Adding a manager to your squad is compulsory and it will help you to have better team chemistry and to have contract bonuses for your players. Check out FIFA 22 Manager Cards for more details.

Where to Find Staff Items?

Staff Items can be found in FIFA 22 packs and can be received as rewards. They also can be purchased from the Transfer Market, by searching under Staff tab and choosing the Staff Type.


Is it compulsory to have Staff cards in your club?

No, it is not compulsory to have Staff cards in your club. But, having Staff items in your squad will help you to have some bonuses which will benefit your club.

How many Staff items can I keep in my club?

There is no any limit, you can keep Staff cards as many as you can.

I have already some Staff items in my club, what should I do now?

You don’t need to do anything. Once you have Staff items in your club, the benefits and bonuses will be applied automatically when applicable. For example, when having a Manager with 3% of contract bonus rate, the incremental rate will be applied automatically to your team when applying a contact to a player.

How much is the bonus rate limit for a Staff Item?

The bonus rate is limited to 50%. This means, if the total of your bonus rates goes over 50%, it is only consider 50%. For example, if you are having 11 Rare Gold Fitness Coaches in your club, the total of these cards will be 55%, but you will only get 50% as for the bonus rate.

Where are my Staff Items stored and how can I see them?

The Staff items you earn will be stored in your Club. To see and browse them, go to “My Club” tab on the FUT main screen and search for Staff Items.

Can I trade Staff Items in the Market?

Yes, the Staff cards can be traded in the Transfer Market as long as they are tradeable.


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