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  1. I hate this game there is no point of playing anymore. On the last section (German grit) of winning flashback Sule. I have won 20+ games and it’s stuck on 8 wins. Nothing is working I’m wining and opponents are leaving matches because I’m winning I don’t get the win I finish the match still don’t get the win. This last update is terrible. Is anyone else having this issue? Not sure what to do help?

  2. 18 hours left of champs and been searching for 2 hours for a game and can’t get one. What is going on can’t tell me no one on Xbox is searching for a game atm. Need another win for next level and feels like something is going on with match making to make sure people don’t progress to level up rewards.

  3. I literally got my final qualification for fut champs and it doesn’t allow me to play them I literally got 20 points ended my play offs and it said I had to qualify again

  4. Why do they award an own goal to the opponent even when the ball was directed towards the net. Doesn’t make any sense

  5. Banners & flags on creative club mode not appearing same as your color club it’s only white and they always appear in an important games. And give us more jerseys and sponsors.

    1. Why are low grade players getting everything, why does putting in more effort lose you games?! Why being the better player puts you in a disadvantage, why….. I will try my best to promote against this game, I promise, everyday the same BS I literally look superior in every game, with a clear advantage of skill and performance, it’s not right you guys keep putting stress on purpose like if you guys didn’t knew exactly what your doing, it’s not right that I keep putting in time, I wish I could get my money back, that’s what pisses me off the most, you guys don’t deserve anyones money and support, terrible…. Just terrible!

  6. I get 85+ pack with token icon swap but
    In my pack 20 item and 25 rares??????
    I need this pack plz help

  7. I bought over 500 euros on fifa points and my kid make a mistake to transfer 500k coins and now is over 4 months banded can you pls make me my account back to normal thxx

  8. EA in my opinion are the biggest scum gaming company out there don’t care about your costumers. FIFA big example money money money!!! I actually hope you f*** choke on it you money grabbing f***. Your packs wow we all know they are a scam. The gameplay online f*** terrible. How about you dont script the games let the players you know play against each other instead off one person that can’t do s*** in his team can’t pass the ball can’t run past players even know you know your 94 pace striker is quicker than his 77 pace CB but no no he will keep up all the time. So let me have a big guess what you are doing. So career mode no issues with gameplay Volta football no issues be a pro no issues which by the way Volta and be are both online and no issues. Just seems to be ultimate team the platform you make the most money off online. So yea scripted games is that for to piss people enough of about there team they think they need new player so they start packs which we all know are scam. EA have a deep look in the mirror all of you at the same and on the count of 3. 1.2.3 all say we are all a bunch of low life f*** and have no life

  9. Why am i punished by getting only about 200 coins when i make a kid rage quit afer 10 fifa minutes when i go up 3-0. why am i not rewarded by the normal 500-600 coins.

  10. What is the point in these comments realistically? No one ever looks at them. On Ultimate Team I’m fed up of scripted gameplay & why does every time I get the ball the connection starts to fail? Like surely if it’s bad connection it would fail for them too? Almost as if it’s scripted it’s like make the gameplay fair then you might have more people playing the game & actually paying money to buy it then you’ll make more, like why does it have to be scripted surely it should be fair.
    And everytime a special card shoots it doesn’t always have to go in just because it’s Ronaldo, Ronaldo doesn’t score all the time, made it so realistic on FUT and I can’t do a single thing about it which isn’t fair. FIX THE GAME

  11. sir, i have been apply for fifa volunteer job my id 1548045 still not yet respond kindly let me know i will be so kind of you

  12. My account has been hacked and I take ban from transfer market because the hacker sent coins from my account so like this fifa killed me and why they give me ban I really hate fifa and I want compensate for this

  13. Ultimate team is a joke with connection. I’m playing Champions and every time, and I mean every time it drops me in the middle of the game and always when I’m winning and says I lost connection with servers. Every single time!

  14. I play this game a lot. EA is really taking advantage of people who are buying this game expecting a clean gaming experience.

    The ultimate team packs give you mainly players you already have, squad battles aren’t saving progress, terrible connectivity/ function with servers.

    I highly recommend not buying any additional packs for this game. Highly disappointed EA.

  15. Ea sports it’s really bad . You guys need to sort your bloody game play out. I am having so many connectivity issues with game play, I was playing fut Champs for top 100 and I was winning until ea servers started scripting and the connection went bad I ended up losing cause of bad game play. I mean how am I supposed to reach top 100 with really bad game play like this, you lost me from on I am not supporting or buying any more from ea sports

  16. Yesterday, I made the Futbirthday Team 1 Pack with my Tokens but got a player from Team 2 … Will there be any replacement?

  17. Hey there i have bought some fifa points have yet received them just wanted know whats going on with them?

  18. Please give us an option to get rid of the Second Defender Switch Icon on PS5. Really do not need to see that green arrow above the 2nd player’s head

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