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  1. Hello,

    I’m not receiving the email code verification. I try to generate 10 since friday, I never receive the email and it’s not on junk email. Anyone can help me?
    I have no response from EA people.

    Thank you

  2. Hallo
    Warum kann ich nicht online spielen
    Sitze vor grauen Bildschirm Minuten lang
    und dann kommt das ich mich anmelden soll
    Kann aber nix eingeben habe jetzt das Spiel mehrfach gelöscht und neu installiert wo ran kann da liegen

  3. Hallo habe mir fifa 22 auf cd gekauft und installiert es ist auch zu 100%
    Kann aber nicht online spielen
    Sitze Minuten lang vor ein grauen Bild
    Dann kommt ich soll mich anmelden bei mein ea Konto aber da geht nix ich kann nix eingeben warum

  4. Do not buy the new promo packs looking for the new addidas cards its a joke I spent money on fifa points to unlock 15 packs and got nothing but bad cards..disgraceful

  5. Public Co – Op Matchmaking has been unavailable since the game has been released! This is blocking 100% Completion and today’s update removed the mode again and not even faded out. When is this going to be available to play on FIFA 22?

  6. Hey, this is sucks!
    I played career mode, and when I want to load the game, my saved game lost, so whats the point saving game if FIFA 2022 just erase my saved game? I saved it 3 times with 3 different name, there is no way it is my mistake, all saved data gone, so suck!
    I spent lot of time to build team, but cant even load the game, this is big mistake, very sad!

  7. When playing ultimate team and a player forfeits the game, Surely that should still go down as a win even if you are drawing or losing right?

  8. I have been playing online recently and a lot of the players I play against are rage quitting after going behind by 2 or 3 goals, but I am not registering the win.

    Can you please advise what is going on and how to resolve this issue ? I am playing on Xbox serie s and I live in France.

  9. Please fix PC version of the game. It is unplayable eversince the TOTW4 drop. I have to wait 20 seconds between screens and also have to wait 10-20 seconds whenever I try to sell or bid player. This is unacceptable. Thank you.

  10. I was banned in vain .. I bought 7 players with their normal prices ..why did I get money? I pay every month in vain I can’t play normally because of the lag ..and you ban my account in vain take my money in vain you don’t do anything ..if you don’t withdraw my money..I want money back

  11. Way to treat loyal customers. I have bought every installment on various platforms since the first fifa was released. For at least 5 years I’m not overly excited to shell out the amount of money to purchase the game since it is clearly not tailored to management mode players. This year’s installment is abysmal. So many glitches and graphical errors. Not to mention the fact that, when you bought the pre release offer, you were promised a homegrown talent for your team of choice. Yeah, I got one. A GK with field player stats and only able to increase goal keeper stats. Did I mention his total overall rating is 23?

    Cmon guys. Do better. Reward loyal customers and NOT with non working, hollow features. Fix this now.

  12. I’m player career mode and it keeps saying I have been chosen to start so I start the game and play only as my player however when the game starts my player isn’t playing at all and I’m playing as the whole team – if this can’t be resolved please can this be refunded ? All I have are bugs, the crowd and playing goes all jittery and slow too.

  13. Am having trouble with my fifa pro player on my screen it shows -10 on my skill points and I was a level 18 now I went back down to 11 this happened after Yall Y’all did a Maintenence

    1. This is happening to me also I’m done playing pro clubs rn. I’m -12 points I was level 17 went down to 10 played few games went level 11 and yea bull crap

  14. Every time I load up any of my career modes it gets restarted even though I saved before hand any help on how to fix this?

  15. I have fifa 22 ultimate edition and in got my fifa points but where are my other stuff like the otw and totw packs? I want to have then but i didnt get it

  16. I am unable to log on into ultimate team as it says error can’t download latest squads please try agian . How do I fix this , I’ve tired deleting dosent work

  17. Hi there I packed 2 players but for some odd reason can’t swap them with my tradable players that I have in my squad and it won’t let me sell them why is this can you please help thanks.

  18. Ich kann FIFA 22 nicht starten obwohl ich es Play habe (liegt das an der ultimate Edition)wenn wer weiß was ich tun kann bitte hilfe

  19. Why on fifa 22 trial on lick to pro player does the camera dip up and down its causing me motion sickness and making me dizzy hopefully in the full game they can add something to disable the camera dipping and swinging the way it does on lock to pro camera it’s like being on a rollercoaster it’s causing me nausea

  20. Why did so many players lose their faces that had them in FIFA 21?? The players are in the game as generic now will EA add them back on a patch?

  21. Hey could you change Memphis Depay name in Fifa?? He doesnt like his surname cause his father left him as a child, so he wants to be known as MEMPHIS. Its not a big thing please do this. People will recognize him and maybe they ask themselves why this happens and searches about.


  22. hey i reedem the code for fifa 22 beta on the playstation app but i cant see the fifa beta shows me i have to buy it.

  23. I redeemed my code but can not find where to Download the game, if I try to redeem it again it tells me the code has been used, I have checked my library and can not find it

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