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  1. I still play fifa 22. But recently its been ridiculous. My player got injured inside the box after slide tackle, so the opponent received a yellow card but it didn’t count as penalty not even a foul. And in another game the opponent tackled me while the ball with me and the foul counted against me, how’s that even possible.

  2. its 90 minute
    im in the lead by 3goals
    opposite player hits alt + f4 and quit
    and i got no points !!!!!

  3. Worst fifa/football game ever, almost everything about is just horrible even the gameplay and graphics have regressed please please change your developers you are scamming people out off a lot of money. I have personally made the decision to not buy fifa anymore until drastic change and improvement has happened it is an awful game

  4. My son played SBC and now he lost his whole team – saying that his team now is a dream squad an he is not able to play online anymore.

    Wnat can you / we do in order to be able to play with the team again?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  5. Zmizel mi ve hře ukazatel nahrávek/střel. Byla tam taková bílá šipka a nevím, jak ji tam dostat zpět.

  6. Why have all icon transfers disappeared and most of everything else? My nine years old son has been saving credits relentlessly since purchasing the game and now unable to purchase what he wants?

  7. Worst game ever released by ea and that’s saying something. No matter what direction you choose to pass AI will kick it the opposite. For your mental sanity do not buy

  8. I have server connection issue and I tried different wifi network even fibre but it’s still show server connection

  9. Can you tell me how to fix this Secure boot issue,

    So far i have tried….

    1. Running as admin
    2. Reinstalling all origin and fifa files
    3. Changed set up enabling secure boot

    I just simply want to play the game….

  10. Hei, sønnen min får ikke slette klubben sin. Han har brukt opp antall ganger, han kan slette. Står det, kan dere åpne det igjen? Rune

  11. I bought FIFA 2022 and it stuck at the pre match in the drill. The ESC button doesn’t show up so I can’t start the match.

    Please help!

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