FIFA 23 Wishlist

FIFA 23 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for FIFA 23 game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in upcoming FIFA 23 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game, and share your suggestions by writing down here.

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12 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Wishlist

  1. VAR
    referee mode
    Ability to choose goalkeeper clothes
    Fifa world cup 2022 Qatar
    Futsal and beach soccer national Teams
    more national teams

    1. I actually want a uh new change to manager career so you can get $50B transfer budget and you can add some national leagues like the African league and also add the national teams in there like Nigeria.

  2. Why not a fight mode, where players can fight each other for the ball> no ref> rough mode> punching/kicking! That would be awesome!

  3. For the top players and the players in the big leagues, the likeness and modelling of the placer faces are nicely done. For the smaller leagues, the player faces are often rubbish/very generic, even for the clubs that play in the Champions League, which is a shame. Since you have most of the player faces on photo in the game, would it be so hard to develop a tool that models the 3D in-game faces after the available?

  4. I think their should be the Vanarama National League or lower non-league leagues so the Create a club experience is more realistic and the FA Cup would be more fun, also i want their to be player career mode as detailed as the journey, it would be nice for their to be a free roam mode where you can walk around the city where your club is based (would be cool if you could buy things with the wages you earn, Car, house ect… would be cool to be able to drive cars), i think for player career mode, i would be better for you to start out as a child and grow up to be the professional footballer you start as (play in sunday league or become scouted from a random club, or the club that is closet to where you live? or play for your school team? going to trails?) it would also be quite cool for there to be a couple of sunday league pitches where there are no stands just a bright yellow wire holding back the fans if there was any. it would be better for you do design your stadium like you can in cricket 19 (from scratch). it would be amazing if there was a fan mode where you could watch anygame. would be nice if you could be in a 1st person point of view for the manager career, where you can stand on the side lines and on the d pad or something you can make the manager do certain things, like wave his arms about in anger like pep guardiola, or when you are in the press conference it is 1st person aswell?, would be cool if you could go 1st person on the bench for player career mode. would also love it if there was a post match/pre match press conference on the pitch, or if you are in manager career mode you get beer chucked over you if you win something? new celebrations new skills will obviously be there, i would like it if there was a wider range for what your manager can wear, be better if ea had rights to do so like Adidas or Nike because the range at the moment, is a bit useless. i would also love it for there to be a referee mode or licenesed referees, would love it for there to be more options for the badge and the kits on build a club, where you can build them from scratch…

  5. I want to choose ref. Color shirt and GK shirt sometimes Ref and GK use same color

    Please fix it EA.

    I love this

  6. Pondría de nuevo la tienda para conseguir balones, botas, los potenciadores de dinero…
    Tendría mucho más en cuenta, las ligas que la gente le gustaría que incluyeran, ya que desde aquí se hacen votaciones, pues las tendría en cuenta.

  7. Make a more in-depth edit mode. Fully customisable stadiums such as build different types of stands to make the stadium unique instead of just change the colour of the seats. And fully customisable kits for team creation such as more in-depth customisable team badges/emblems and be able to add a sponsor to the shirts (even if it’s a fake/made up sponsor) etc.

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