FIFA 23 Wishlist

FIFA 23 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for FIFA 23 game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in upcoming FIFA 23 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game, and share your suggestions by writing down here.

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232 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Wishlist

  1. For Real madrid home matches, a better atmosphere is needed. let the fans chant “Y Nada Mas” when the players enter the stadium and thn follow that up by the laliga theme music the same way you have done for the athletico madrid home games.

  2. Really wish EA would embrace the journey aspect fully. There are so many RPG games out there that allow romance, choice of accommodation, big life decisions, etc. I think there is a big market for a fully immersive ‘live the life of a footballer’ experience. Why hasn’t anyone done this???

  3. Add players that was not in Fifa 22 like
    DIEGO COSTA because he returned to Premier League and signed for Wolves.
    It will be so much joy to watch him play again IRL and play new Fifa with him.
    Please add him if you didn’t still, I don’t know they maybe added him, but if they are not it will suck to play career with Wolves without him.

  4. 1.They should make it that the player can spend his wages
    2.They should add VAR abominations
    3.EA should make it that the players exist from the bus in career mode

  5. 1. No day games in stadiums with terrible shadows. I’m playing a game in ‘22 rn where no can’t see the opposing team (wearing yellow) or the ball on 2/3 of the pitch. 2. I read there will be the chance to design GK kit for career. But something footy games have needed since their inception is the ability to pick the GK kit before the game. Too often it’s the same color as the opponent. Or for example the opponent’s GK wears orange with their red outfield strip. So bad. 3. Use the hi-vis balls for snow games. It’s REALLY hard to see a white ball on white snow—and not visually accessible at all. 4. Fix the glitch from ‘22 where my national team players ratings are all single digits. Not much else I can say about that one.

  6. -Import your own face via phone app (offline only)
    -specific player overall search engine for career mode
    -filter for scouting only players with real face in career mode
    -goaline technology only on tough decisions and not obvious goals just because it went bad down, can also be a way to incorporate VAR. used when ball goes out of play to review potential missed goal rather than only appear if the game declared a goal.

  7. I think fifa 23 have to be soo god. Beter than others.
    Please take my wish and do this:
    2.Fans have torches and flags
    3.Add teams like Red Star, Omonija, Makabi Haifa…
    4.Introduction to the match have to be beter like:
    Players exit from the bus.
    Thank you in advance

  8. If you want FIFA 23 to become more professional I would add this:
    – VAR
    – Football supporters better in the picture
    – After the game a conversation on the field / in the stadium with both players and managers.
    – Before the game you always see a bus driving with the players in it, the moment they get off is nice.
    – Improve first half highlights!!

  9. It would be great if there is a option to change your player mid game at a specific time. Like if you want to change your striker at the 60“ minute with another from your bank. My problem is that you have to press options and then to change the player or you are mid game and the game tells you to change the player but not the one you like.

  10. A good feature would be in career mode would be to have odds of the teams to win the league, competitions and for the golden boot plus ballon do’r. This could included in the news section on the career mode home page

  11. EA NEEDS to add:

    A feature to make/create a club font when qualifying for continental competition… and randomly generating AI club fonts.

    Also an absolute requirement just as much as the above is to have a system whereby any team will listen to any loan off for any of their players; so maybe a system where if a player is 80ovr or lower and hasn’t played in the last say 5 matches can be approached for loan and any player say 85ovr and over who hasn’t played 10 matches can be approached for loan…

    These features are just needed and funnily enough are two major things keeping me from getting the new Fifa game this year and beyond…

  12. Should have more camera angles, there should be one that could see the whole field.

    What do you think guys?

  13. Coop Ultimate Team.

    Similar to coop season where you invite your friend in and it creates lobby. You should be able to create a coop squad, you and your friend have to drop players in from your own club, once there in they can’t be taken out, only discarded to be replaced by newer players. You use that team in a coop leagues Vs only other coop teams and also squad battles.

    This would drive people to play more, earn rewards, grind challenges, spend more money on the game to try and get players for you and your buddys squad. Transfer market would be so active as people would be buying for numerous squads, for example your own squad, then you could have a coop squad with friend 1 and a sqaud with friend 2. Brings some fun back and also gives a little reason to grind out squad battles.

    The average gamer plays a few hours a day, after work or when there kids are sleeping. This is something they could work towards with no stress and chill out with a buddy and a beer. You could chat at work about who you’ve packed for your coop squad, and tease your mate if your the one putting the big stars in. Gives more then just playing FUT on your own.

    Playing together is what is always been about.

  14. Hello EA

    I wanted to come on here to add new ideas and bring back or create leagues and teams like the older versions of FIFA’S.
    So for an example could u bring the Russian League back and add a Serie B to Italy please. Also either add more Ererdervise teams or create a 2nd lot of teams.
    Also would love to see a choice between 2 lots of Commentators not just one.
    Can i just say, absolutely delighted to see JUVENTUS back this Year, missed it
    On the teams missing from fifa, can u either create more REST OF THE WORLD TEAMS or add new ones please.
    Thank u and hope u look at this personally.

  15. Portugal League Broadcast Package
    Eredevise Broadcast Package
    England Championship Efl league 1 efl league 2 Broadcast Package

  16. Pls add a Ballon Do’r system when there is a short cutscene and they mention the top ten players in the world that season. It will be a great addition.

  17. career mode have to be improved;

    1) the youth team developement
    2) To put icons in career mode in any console( i dont understand why cant play career mode with icons?)

  18. EA can add so many new features to FIFA 23:
    1.VAR checks for penalties,red cards, offsides…
    2. Referee career mode.
    3. Cross-play for “pro clubs” online games.
    4. Customize stadiums, jerseys etc…
    5. Crowd invasions, flares, more chants.
    6. Create set pieces before game, and than use them with a button. Like freekicks: where players run, which one shot etc.
    7. more leagues, pay attention to fifplay votes.
    8. Historical teams like barcelona 2009/2010, something like 2K basketball game.

    1. Would be a good thing if only CO-OP players played with CO-OP players cause it’s an unfair advantage when it’s 2 against 1, even if you are better it’s still unfair and it’s not a fair competition. Cost me countless wins in div rivals

  19. Ultimate team

    They could introduce a theme every season (70’s, 80, 90, 00) and during each theme you are able to purchase earn different achievements, grounds, kits, players, managers, (rules also change during period i.e. pass back rules and the pitches, balls, kits, stadiums reflect the current period (pitches, cut up more, it looks and feels like the 70’s, players have big hair cuts etc). reflect the periods…. In ultimate team, I could have the options to buy packs from the relevant period and purchase each team in leagues 1,2,3 for those periods…. So you could have Liverpool team from the 80’s Daglish, Souness, etc (not as Incons) but as regular players for that theme/period. Ultimate game pass (battlepass so to speak) could have challenges to to win FA CUP, leagues, scenarios, unlock teams, etc…. Players could challenge each other in theme matches in competitive games and friendlies… And, completing all themes throughout the game i.e. 70,80,90,00,10, etc you unlock the something unique (world cup winning team or something)?? EA could do so much more with the game…..

  20. If you want the game to be more realistic,
    Add little mini fights like Trent getting into a heated fight with havertz but no instense violence, and a confirmation, like being in player career mode and having an option to ignore a dirty and disrespectful tackle or let out your anger, and allow an outside world for Player career mode and even manager career mode because it has a point when it comes to deals with wages, and let there be realistic choices in player career mode when your on the pitch, when it comes to customising players in the settings front screen, allow yourself to add Traits, like Leadership, One Club Player etc and the option to change defensive awareness and composure, and PLEASE, Last minute celebrations for ps4 because it’s so unrealistic when I score a late minute goal, and allow an option to make the crouds chant for a scored goal louder.
    Hope this makes the suggestion list

  21. لطفا قسمت داستانی فیفا 18 رو به فیفا 23 اضافه کنید ولید بجای هانتر ادم دیگه ای رو بزارید
    با تشکر

  22. I Think you should be able to add your own custom chants and in create a club i think you should be able to edit your logo design and text


    Would love to see custom tournaments returned back to 2018 style. As someone who plays strictly custom tournaments, it has been downhill since 18.

    – Taking away the calendar in 19 screwed up simulating tournaments.
    – The current bracket view is horrendous.
    – Being able to set fixtures would be nice.
    – Side note: Hope they add more national teams especially South America and Africa.

    1. I would like to see the world Cup in tournaments and please actually change the colour of the grass. I played from fifa 17 to fifa 22 there is no difference in the grass

  24. The one thing I have an issue with, from playing the game in real life for 30 years is that the disconnect between the user and the movement of the ball.

    This is very important.

    If you had each stick control each foot (IE: left stick forward dribbles with the ball on the left foot right on the right)
    with a modifier for ball movement. (IE: Stick press and hold rolls the ball inside and outside of the foot, both sticks rolls between feet) This can also be a dribble mode entered by holding R1 or L2. Call it precision dribbling…
    Also a modifier for body feints… The need for specialty moves would solely rely on the users skill level with the sticks.

    IE: an feint to elastico.. L1+ right stick right flick.. then .. right stick press flick right to left.. to both sticks held so the ball moves across the body.
    Feint flick- L1+left stick left to release + right stick flick right.
    Quick transfer – left or right stick (what ever is controlling the ball) press both sticks flight the other stick forward..
    Roulette – both sticks pressed to move ball between feet + L1 body feint both sticks move in a circle..
    moving the ball behind the planted foot. left stick forward (ball is on right foot) right stick back, flick to the left with both sticks held down on flick…
    All of these movements are key to fluidity of moves. They are aren’t necessarily specialty moves. They are necessary to moving the ball in places away from defenders or into space.
    Holding the feint L1 to left and right stick osculation in the foot movements = step overs….
    For the majority of the game both sticks aren’t utilized. Once this skill is achieved players can really start

    Being able to control the feet, and ball is key.. The best skateboard games did this very well…

  25. In fut champs a lot of people forfeit before the match even starts, if anyone forfeits before the match begins the other opponent should take a win

    1. Fifa 23 im a playstation owner. I think u need to upload every coach in the game and have an option to download a photo of my face and be able to create a manager with my features. And also fifa need to have a pool of managers who are unemployed. And also be able to transfer managers. Let’s say managers move mid season or get sacked they should be able to get replaced. I can’t stand coaching against managers with the same faces bit different teams. Also be able to see the bench players and coaching staff . Adding real coaching staff would be fun like football manager .

  26. So, let’s start by saying that we need the national teams achievements, it’s so annoying that you win a world cup and it’s not mentioned in your career achievements, so, you can have all the league titles you want, but a world cup it’s a big deal if you ask me.

    Next one is something everyone wants, I’m 100% sure. In World Cup or European Championship qualifiers, please add more national teams to play against, I know it’s impossible to add all the national teams out there, but do like you do in the libertadores cup, you have a tons of teams there that you can’t play, but they are there when you have a team from brazil or argentina. Well Asian cup too if you can for all the asians out there 😀 I never played in asia, so maybe you have the asian champions league.

    Another important one. In career mode you can send applications to any team you want, it’s stupid when you got bored of winning the league with a team and you can’t really choose what league is next.

    Thanks, I think that is all for now.

  27. I really hope that the world cup mode will have qualifying, captain your country (, etc) like in past FIFA world cup video games. Also more national teams.
    Maybe more career mode features too.

  28. In career mode there should be a free play where you can go to the gym and pick your exercise like weight Lifton, using a treadmill etc
    It should be just like nba 2k

    1. In career mode there should be a free play where you can go the gym and pick your exercises like weight Lifton using a treadmill etc.

      Please EA Iike your game but it really needs this

  29. There should be an additional game mode within ultimate team with tournaments (with pack prizes) where you must use a team capped at a certain rating. By doing so, people will be enticed to use different cards through the end of the game. It puts more value behind those cards that came out earlier in the year. They won’t just be used as SBC fodder.

  30. I hope their will be The Women’s Super League Career Mode where you can be Man U Women or Arensal women.

  31. Please, let us play friendlies in more ways. Give us overtime, penalties, more options to customize the game itself

  32. I hope FIFA 23 will put in non league tournaments in the game, or change any players nationality to any national teams.

    If it’s a no no to the new ideas then we have to accept the, choice we got from the company who is creating the game.

    I hope it goes through!!

  33. On behalf of all Croat FIFA players, we hope that in this next game you can add our legendary commentator Drago Cosic!

  34. Make fifa 23 cross platform for Pro Clubs. Would make more people play pro clubs and easier to find games

  35. When making a custom tournament allow the feature to schedule the fixtures. For example, people may want to use teams from other leagues and choose which team they play on matchday. People also may use this feature for things like derby days and they may want to play that match on a certain day eg: their birthday, Christmas Day, New Year, and so on.

    1. I would like to see commentary packs available as DLC if we are going to be region locked again at purchase. Why can’t I have Italian commentary just because I live in the US?

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