FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 21 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 22 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 22 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 22 game.

You can also write your general wishlist for FIFA 22 separately here in this link.

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153 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Well FIFA 22 needs a kit creator for career mode because I think we all are DYING to have it in the game also a U-21 team to develop and play with the young players from any teams academy also I would like a trophy gallery so you could look through the history of the teams trophies for example Fa cups and Champions Leagues and Europe Leagues trophies so we can add on to that. Also they should add the teams that want to buy the players you want on the right so you know what teams want to get the players you can help improve your team also This was my idea they should add a room locker scene in career mode and the manager should talk to his players and tell them to work harder and get the ball and stuff and if they are winning when half time approaches the manager should give applause to the people who scored and assisted so yes I would REALLY like that!

    Also please don’t just let a decent team like Real Socidad be in 15th (And yes this happened in my career mode before) because it makes no sense they are in Europa league be in almost RELEGATION zone cuz that would make no sense also Getafe and Alaves are like in Europa league when they should be around mid-table and Villarreal and Real Socidad should be be in those places.

  2. Here’s my wishlist (much of it related to Career Mode) which I think can be achievable,
    1. Kit creator in Career Mode, wearing the same kit every season is boring.
    2. Improved Player Career Mode somewhat like Alex Hunter’s journey but with decisions not scripted as they were with Alex.
    3. Trophy cabinet, one for the manager and the other for the club which will contain every title you have won throughout your journey
    4. Realistic contract negotiations, In FIFA 21 players ask for a wage way lesser than what they are currently earning which is odd.
    5. Some cut scenes at Half-time, like dressing room speech from the manager.
    6. Create your own Club, this would be sick ngl. For a greater experience, you can only start with the lowest league in the division and then lead your club to glory.
    7. Injuries have been a thing of the past in the latest edition of FIFA. Even injury-prone players go on without having a single injury throughout their entire career.
    8. Cut scenes for Player/Manager farewell based on what they achieved with the club.
    9. Have some realistic expectations from Board, In FIFA 21 Objectives are way too weird, For example, I got promoted to Prem with Sunderland and in the next season they are demanding to win it which is unrealistic as hell.
    10. Team rating/popularity should change as they go on achieving higher things. Pick a League Two team take them to Prem and still top players would reject the offer in Strict Negotiations.
    11. Last but not least, Career mode with Women teams. I would love to have a career mode with Alex Morgan, Lieke Martens, Alexia Putellas and many more top female footballers.

  3. Please let the online career mode come, let’s open a server with our friend, let’s make a career, separate teams, leagues, or a server by fifa, let’s make a career around the world. Online career with people is very fun and very appreciated.

    if this is not possible, career in offline mode should develop a lot more roleplay style fans, plane travel style for social media transfer agreement, so please think about them and do it
    don’t always be the same

    lütfen online kariyer modu gelsin arkadaşımız ile bir sunucu açıp kariyer yapalım ayrı takımlar ligler felan olsun veya fifa tarafın dan bir sunucu olsun dünya genelin de kariyer yapabilelim insanlar ile online kariyer çok eğlenceli olur ve çok beğenilir

    eğer bu mümkün değilse offline mod da kariyer çok gelişmeli biraz daha roleplay tarzı fanlar olsun sosyal medya transfer anlaşması için uçak seyehatı tarzı yani bunları lütfen düşünüp yapın
    hep aynı şeyler olmasın
    Please let the online career mode come, let’s open a server with our friend, let’s make a career, separate teams, leagues, or a server by fifa, let’s make a career around the world. Online career with people is very fun and very appreciated.

    if this is not possible, career in offline mode should develop a lot more roleplay style fans, plane travel style for social media transfer agreement, so please think about them and do it
    don’t always be the same

  4. use the same format as 2k my career but make it way better.

    Have cutscenes in player career and give more freedom with what you can do in it e.g. choose which league you want to transfer or choose a club you want to transfer to, be able to pick a voice for your player when going into cutscenes or press conferences, new hairstyles, be able to customize boots.

  5. I think is need to add the youth teams of each clubs and start as a youth coach making more sense to start from the bottom like a really manager would they don’t get great teams to manage even where they talk to the bored and be able to hear there managers talk and if a manager quits or get fired to move to a new club
    For pro contract signing like u would in manager mode tattoos as we know most players have tattoos and a way to spend money as a player would get offers to join clubs of the player chooses to not sign a new deal
    Bring back Alex Hunter the Volta mode for me was not great to short
    This would make fifa feel more lifelike as this what players would go throw in real life that why I think many of fans of the game play to feel like a player and they need to bring the women’s league for the first time as us have female footballers would are just as men would be a big boots for them to have a sport on fifa same a manager mode or pro mode like men football leagues have

  6. Let’s focus more on career mode
    My player should be better than NBA 2k with sponcership deals, transfer offers, international caps and a in depth story….get rid of Volta
    For manager career
    In fifa 2005 you had to work your way up lower leagues before being able to manage in the Premier League or LA liga, so implement simalr concept. Customizing club kits every season would be nice too and being able to use retro kits.
    Ability to create, change and upgrade your stadium would be nice. Maybe allow us to she ticket and merchandise prices.
    Last but not least there should be a B team or U-21 team, first your youth to develop. And once they are promoted to They senior squad they are better develop, Instead of having to play a 67 overall and waiting a few seasons for him to develop in my senior squad.

  7. Not only would I love to see different commentators for this game (ie Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher etc) I would love to see in the middle of games particularly when you’re playing important champions league, premier league games in which there is relegation, promotion on the final could have the commentators say “So and so has just scored. As it stands, *cuts to a live table shot* Juventus will finish 5th. Ac Milan, Atalanta and Napoli will finish in the top 4. I think that would make the game really fun!

  8. I’m just going to fully focus on Career Mode seeing as I play that more than anything else.

    The feeling of being in a Cup Final is very dry on FIFA, just feels and looks like a normal game. It would be nice to have some great build up cut scenes before and after the match. Crowd animations and support needs an improvement, bigger crowd banners, blow up trophies, bigger celebrations when goals are scored and more player animations. The more it looks like a cup final the better it feels. Lifting trophy from the stands or on a stage.

    Loaning players are more common these days and you can grab better players on loan too. It’s almost impossible to get a player on loan if they’re more than 75 rated or if they’re over the age of 23. Loan transfers should be less harder to make.

    Create your own club, start them from the bottom and bring them up. Upgrade your stadium, marketing content, scouts, facilities, get new sponsorships dependant on previous season performances, unlock club and player chants, create your own?. This would bring back old fans and keep existing fans excited.

    The opportunity to create kit for new seasons on existing teams. Rather than playing in the same kits in 2027 as they were in 2022. Nice to keep it fresh and exciting.

    Create your own training drills and create individual training sessions to directly improve a particular player.

    Better and longer cutscenes for completed and rumoured transfers.

    Update new looks for creation modes. 90% of the hairstyles when creating a player or manager is still stuck from FIFA10. Create new and more modern hairstyles, facial hairstyles, tattoos, jawlines, add hair highlights.

    Add an extra slot or 2 for available subs like in real life!!

    New game faces:
    William Saliba (CB, Arsenal)
    Emile Smith Rowe (CAM, Arsenal)
    Arthur (CM, Juventus)
    Marcos Acuna (LB, Sevilla)
    Robin Gosens (LM, Atalanta)
    Martin Odegaard (CAM, Real Madrid/Arsenal)
    Diego Carlos (CB, Sevilla)
    Thomas Strakosha (GK, Lazio)
    Nicolas Tagliafico (LB, Ajax)
    Alessio Romagnoli (CB, Milan)
    Francesco Acerbi (CB, Lazio)
    Renato Augusto (CM, Beijing)
    Sergio Reguilon (LB, Tottenham)
    Nelson Semedo (RB, Wolves)
    Nicolo Barella (CM, Inter)
    Wout Weghorst (ST, Wolfsburg)
    Dakonam Djene (CB, Getafe)

    Oh and make arteta look like arteta too lol

  9. FIFA Career Mode is far too easy and needs to be a bit more challenging by focusing more on the world of football and what it actually takes to run a club along with some more additions to make FIFA 22 Career Mode a step in the right direction rather than a rehash of the same thing every year.

    – Kit Designs: Allow us to develop kits for our team each season; understand this may be an issue due to licensing agreements but maybe keep brand elements but allow shirts to be made e.g. Liverpool – keep kit maker as Nike, Standard Charted as shirt sponsor etc. but allow players to make new designs, these can be added as alternate kits in the kit selector.

    – Create New Kit Number Designs: If you manage a team that isn’t in European Competitions, it would be good to be able to design their kit number designs if you manage to get them in.

    – Expand Stadium, Youth Team Training Grounds: Again understand this may be difficult with licensing issues but just don’t enjoy having so much transfer/wage budget with nothing to use it on really. Especially if you are a smaller team, it would be cool to be able to invest in expanding the stadium to bring more commercial revenue and build the value of the club.

    – Edit Pro: More hairstyles, be able to add level of fade, adjust hairline, add head band and adjust it’s positioning, change texture of hair to be straight, curly, wavy, make it stand up or lay flat, add patterns, have different eyebrow options with slashes for example, add tattoos, add highlights to hair, add scars to skin. This should also be possible in career mode if you want to edit players from the youth team.

    – Edit Youth Players Appearances In Career: Seen as these players have generic faces, it would be good to be able to edit their faces, build, hair and add tattoos. This can make a difference for a lot of players who may not opt to sign these players because of generic faces, some of them even look 40 sometimes.

    – Trophy Parades and New Trophy Lift Animations: One thing that’s annoying is winning a trophy has the same presentation and reaction every time. It would be cool if you won the FA Cup with a small club there is much more emotion, fans on the pitch etc. When players are running round, pass the trophy to different players and see them running around celebrating with fans. Also show in the changing room celebrating. It would be cool to then have trophy parades at the end of the season.

    – Use Real Managers In Career Mode: It would be nice to not always have to create a manager in career mode. It would be cool to use existing managers, legendary managers or create a manager. This is already in place in PES actually.

    – Agents: Should add more importance on agency fees etc. signing guys like Mbappe should be way more difficult as his agent fees would be through the roof which could make you reconsider signing him.

    – Injury Animations: Players get injured yet they can still run around freely. Would be good to see them actually limp and hinder the way they play, this used to be in the game and don’t know why it was removed. It should then show them coming off limping or carried out depending on the injury. If it’s a super important player or game it should have impact on reactions, team morale etc.

    – Homegrown Rules: Real life homegrown rules should be implemented.

    – Challenge Mode: Should have an option to have your career mode reflect current events e.g. if you picked Liverpool, your first season can be without VVD, Gomez and Matip due to injuries, no first transfer window and limited budget to see if you can get through it. If a player is out for the season in real life, reflect it in career mode but this should be optional.

    – Set A Captain Hierarchy: It would be good to set a club, vice, 3rd and 4th captain etc. this should impact the team and if these players are mistreated, sold etc. this can impact morale and players wanting to leave.

    – Squad Roles: If a player is signed as a sporadic player then I don’t want them nagging me every 5 games about games if I have signed them to be a 2nd or 3rd option. They should be able to request a transfer or loan if it’s going to impact them getting into their national team etc. or we can have agents get involved and stir problems.

    – Signing Presentations: When a player is signed, it would be good to have cutscenes of them signing, doing interview, posing with shirt etc. If it’s a huge signing for the club should have a presentation for fans etc. like they do in Spain.

    – Failed Medicals: If a player has a history of injuries and you have a top doctor hired they can tell whether the player is recommended etc. and signings can fail due to medicals. But you should have the final call to sign them or not but this can impact your relationship with the board and them limiting funds.

    – Hire Staff: Fitness Coaches, Physios etc. distribute your finances to staff to ensure you keep players match fit etc.

    – Before, Halftime and After Game Talks: Can be cutscenes or multiple choice. Especially when playing a derby to rally up the players.

    – Export Your Career Mode Team: Export your team to use in offline modes when playing friends. They can also download theirs.

    – Online Career Mode: You can do an online career mode where other teams are managed by friends or other players. Don’t know how this would work entirely but could be worth looking into.

    – Player Career Mode – Hire Agent: When you sign with a club, the money you earn should be used towards hiring an agent that can get you big moves and if you sign for a big club you should have to play in the youth squad and impress there before just being whisked into the first team. If you don’t perform you don’t make it in and you can work towards being a club captain and legend. Should be booed if you play your old team.

    – Guard of Honour: If you win the league early, there should get a guard of honour until the trophy lift.

    – Should Add a Scanned Face Indicator/Option In Search: Would be good to have the option of highlighting players with scanned faces.

    – Be Able to Send A Scout Within Transfer Hub: Very annoying currently if I don’t have enough resources to scout a player, I add them into my shortlist but I then can’t assign a scout from the shortlist, I have to go back and look for the player and assign one there. Very annoying.

    If I have more I will post.

  10. 1) Have the option to build a stadium and buildings to develop the club and its facilities. Maybe with effects on fans, sponsors, youth players etc. For example more capacity of the academy.

    2) A possibility to get sponsorships and negotiate not only with sponsors, also negotiate the goals for the season.
    Also the possibility to organize friendlies.

    3) Hire staff for some effects in different parts of the club. Coaches, youth coaches, more scouts or youth scouts

    4) A Youth League with the option to play single games during a season. And unlimited number of players or maybe up to 80 players in the first team squad. Or maybe the possibility of creating a second team.

    5) Get reports for players on loan every month to see the development of the player. Some necessary stats like played games and how good he played.

    6) Offer own players to other clubs to increase the chance of a transfer.

    The most important for a better and more realistic career mode are the first 3 wishes.

  11. Karriere Modus:
    Also es wäre schon mal an der Zeit das man eine Mehrspieler Karriere Modus oder Online Karriere in das Spiel bringt.
    Selbst wenn nicht könnte man in dem normalen Karriere Modus viele geile kleinigkeiten verbessern, wie …
    Jährliches manuelles Trikot anpassen
    Co-Trainer Karriere
    Trainer Karriere (kein Einfluss auf Transfers)
    mehr cutsceens
    und mehr Verbindung zur Realität.

  12. I want you to add the club’s coefficient rating as well as the association rating to the career mode. this would allow a direct influence on the strength of the league in which you play a career and add more realism to the career mode.

  13. 1.If you win the league early – your team gets a standing guard when they enter the pitch in the remaining league matches.

    2. Have an under 23’s team as an option to develop your youth academy.

    3. Use legendary ex-players as managers.

  14. – A career mode that follows the idea of fifa the journey.( cutscenes on and off pitch, choices that alter career, can start on the bench and come on)
    – the ability to interchange kits( I.e home shirt able to be worn with away shorts/ socks.
    – Be able to apply tattoos to created players.( like the system used in UFC 3)
    – A greater selection or hairstyles, facial hair configurations for created players.
    – During player career as you become more experienced be able to get the captains arm band, more responsibility.
    – Be able to communicate with the manager during player career and vice versa.
    – be able to create new kits for new seasons

  15. I think FIFA 22 should have the option in career mode to have unlimited money, and allow a rating change option so that people can have more creativity when they are feeling lazy or just have an idea they wanted to try out.

  16. 1.Like in the journey first you get a soccer player like in fifa 21 in career mode then put the info and if ur done like in fifa 21 put done and then like in the journey ur player will be like alex hunter and like the transfer It tells u every end of season of any league if u want a transfer from a team a loan from a team or none and if it tells u that for example there is 4 teams that want to buy its ganna put u to 1 paper of transfer each like in fifa 21 but in order like the team that wants u ferst

  17. Note: CAREER MODE

    1. Put some realistic kit number to any oppositions players who have been tranfered to other teams. As an example, if any opposition teams make a transfer for cr7 from Piemonte, they should give him a number 7. Even if that number is already owned by other players. Make it part of a deals, like team roles.

    2. And for La Liga opposition teams, don’t make any important players to be given a reserve player’s kit number (26 to 99).

    3. Put a custom features for jerseys. So we can custom our team’s next season jersey by ourselves. Just give any custom options like customing the managers face.

    4. Let the opposition grow they players significantly as we do to out players. So we could always feel the challenges from the oppositions team. Bcs it’s too easy for us to beat them when our squad have being so overpowered and the oppositions squad has a stupid taste of transferring players or cant build they players properly as we did to our own players.

    5. Make the transfers more complicated. So i could feel the hardship of building a team.

    6. Don’t make any high rated players go to a small club easily, or those small clubs try to sign those high rated playes.

    7. Make every detailed things to be more realistic, like match regulations, club business, players personality, club traditions, etc.

    8. Oh, and for club traditions, don’t make a retired kit numbers, especially for Seria A clubs like napoli’s 10, Milan’s 3 and 6, Inter’s 3 and 4, etc, to be available for any players.

    9. Put some tactics intelligence for the oppositions players so they can put some challenges to us.

  18. Hi, i have a few suggestions you could add to the game so its more like real life
    -add a second or third team for your youth players to play on so you don’t have to loan them.
    -add like a training ground you can walk around as a manager in the manager career and you could walk around as the player in player career mode.
    -add a mental stamina skill so like if you losing you may make bad tackles and if your winning the other team may make mistakes but teams with high mental stamina and strength will press harder.

    EA please find this idea and take it into consideration

    Sincerely, FIFA suggestor

  19. Firstly would like to be able to adjust player ages e.g can use older players for all seasons, next would like to see ‘legacy seasons’. E.g use squads and leagues from 2015 etc. The ability to use or scout icons at a younger age (in their 20’s). Kit customisation, stadium customisation, upload player faces through community (e.g) players with no face scan, and maybe include ‘celebrities’ in the game (e.g famous sport stars).

  20. Player career..
    1.add more interesting stories or cutscene just like u did in past FiFa The Journey.
    2.contract renewal
    3.enable sponsorship contract.
    4.enable to start play from the bench.
    5.add more focus in player lifestyle.

    Manager career
    1.contract limit and renewal.
    2.more controlled with kit and club sponsorship
    3.add more communication with player and staff
    4.enable to change kit design every season.
    5.enable to use real life manager.

  21. Be a Pro career mode:

    Would be good for “my actions” to include requests for taking set pieces, becoming the captain of the club. Perhaps even to be included in certain upcoming fixtures of drop out of them due to lack of fitness etc.

    Career mode (manager): would like to see an option where traits can be learnt e.g a young player may grow alongside leaders and can therefore inherit a leadership trait or improve their set pieces significantly to be a free kick specialist.

    General gameplay. Would love to see better dribbling ability; felt this was really hindered in 21 particularly against AI. Think the free kick system also needs to be improved and would be interesting to have a set piece creator again similar with older FIFA’s e.g create your own run up for penalties, free kicks and corner systems.

    All I’ve got for now..


  22. Career Mode –
    When you sign on with a club agree a contract term. If you haven’t succeeded (however that is judged) your contract isn’t renewed (same as international)

    Also the ability to drop down leagues to coach a team from a lower league.

    And more realistic movements between clubs. It’s always 2 divisions and the best teams in those 2 divisions.

  23. For Fifa 22, EA we hope for a team creation mode, kits, personalized stadium and also more leagues (Europe, South America) and teams in the rest of the world, thank you

  24. you could do another kit in career mode every season because it is boring to play in the same story for several seasons even in a more storytime career mode where we can say twitter and how we could have sponsors

  25. In player career mode:
    1. when scoring a penalty from the post, the coach tells you both: “good penalty” and “bad penalty miss”
    2. no transfer offers for some reason

  26. Some great comments here about being able to change kits after contracts run out, look at sponsorship, build new/upgrade stadium which would be awesome!

    But something as simple as putting someone on transfer list and the negotiations with other clubs break down all the time is infuriating, being able to tell a player “you’re not in my plans” to force them out of club would be great.

  27. It would be great to be able to control the budget of the clubs, such as choosing their sponsors. It would be cool to be able to create a club by getting free agents and try to move it up in its league. Have the possibility to change the jerseys from season to season like in NBA2k for example.

  28. I feel like the ideal changes for career mode in FIFA 22 needs to be about customization and immersiveness. Any bid for an immersive save is completely circumvented by all teams having the same kits for 15 years, or teams stuck in forest park stadium for champions leage semis against Piemonte Calcio. Below is my list of features that i want (and will certainly not get)

    1- Kit customisation- partner with existing sites such as, or even just take the editor from pro clubs, and use the same sponsors to avoid sponsorship sagas
    2- Stadium customization- Just take fut stadium, get rid of the stupid golem tifos, and allow managers to design their own stadium
    3- More cutscenes- with next-gen, players arriving at the aiport, going into cities (of sponsored teams- liverpool etc), presenting players, doing victory parades all is a must with the new capabilities
    4- Allow longer memory time for scouts
    5- Integrate automatic youth teams, that you can access, but dont have to control
    6- Check the goddamn game for bugs before releasing it
    7- Not as important, but more options for manager customisation
    8- Finally, make gameplay consistent throughout the entire year, make it challenging, and keep the playstyle the same the whole time, s it doesnt feel like a new game every update

  29. I think adding a feature where you can play the career mode online with friends would really grow that mode. Being able to have friends in your same career and for example as each one of you guys can manage a different team

  30. 1) Youth Leagues: Your scouted youth players can play for Premier League 2 team or in a youth league to allow for them to develop.
    Your Pro Career mode player can also have the option to start there as well before making a first team debut.
    2) Hiring of coaches to help with fitness and development of first team and others for youth teams.
    3) Ability to request where my Pro player would like to transfer to in career.
    4) If you start with a lower tier team it’d be great to be able to upgrade the stadium and training facilities. Which could increase the likelihood of recruiting new players or resigning current ones.
    Stadium = more money and better game day experience
    Training ground = better fitness
    5) List of Top Youth players by position in each Region. (GK, DEF, MID, ATT).
    6) Maybe you can recruit other teams youth players as their contracts are up OR include them in player swaps?
    7) Select a country or region and then find a scout. I feel like matching up a scout to where they’re from generally helps get better players.
    8) New generic stadium options the current ones are OLD.

  31. My Fifa 21 ideas

    Manager Career Mode

    1. Add more Staff e.g.Attacking Coach, Midfielding Coach, Manager’s assistant, etc
    2. Kit creator
    3. Evolve your Stadium and create it just like fifa ultimate team
    4. Edit stadium ticket prices
    5. Transfer funds request
    6. Injury list
    7. Arrange Friendlies
    8. Player signing cutscene and presentation
    9. Edit your Crest by creating or using the ones in Volta and Fifa Ultimate Team
    10. Add More Manager outfits
    11. Integrate Social Media
    12. Player Trophy achievements
    13. Add tattoos to your manager
    14. Club/Player chants
    15. Edit club sponsors
    16. Practice Match with team in the training ground
    17. Legends allowed or disabled in Career Mode
    18. Use Real Manager, Create Manager or Use Icon Manager
    19. Add more cutscenes e.g. Derby day, Changing room, winning a major trophy etc
    20. Treble Celebration, Quadruple celebration

    Player Career Mode

    1. Managers faith in you over 100%
    2. Create Agent and control his actions
    3. have post game conferences with the reporter
    4. Allow player to train a second position or third e.g. My player plays ST, CAM and RWB
    5. Add more positions to Player Career e.g. LM, RM, ST, RWB, LWB, LW, RW
    6. Talking to the best players on the field e.g. Alex Hunter talking to Ronaldo in the Journey
    7. Edit Commentary Name
    8. Mentor ability with the team
    9. Player chat with the staff and manager
    10. Add tattoos to your player
    11. Import real player’s faces to your player
    12. Integrate Social Media
    13. If you’re on a loan/transfer request, you should be able to choose a team where you want to go on loan/sign to and you’re team will have to discuss with the team. If it wend well, then wait for the day to come. If not, then choose another team except the team that you chose before.
    14. Player Trophy Achievements
    15. Manager’s Important news
    16. Own player signing cutscene and presentation
    17. Skill tree
    18. Testimonial Ceremony
    19. Add developement plans to player career mode


    1. Create ball
    2. Practice Match in Practice Arena like in FIFA 15
    3. Allow player to play in Euro 2021
    4. Bring back the Journey. If not, add a Story Mode and create your own player
    5. Set piece in Practice Arena Piece
    6. In the old FIFA days, there was Create Set Piece. You would make the turns the player would do and then make the Set Piece. There was a button which allowed you to save the Set Piece so you can push the button and use it in matches when there is a Set Piece
    7. We should be able to create our trophy when creating a tournament
    8. Scout career mode
    9. Normal free kick view in Practice Arena
    10. Face Update ft Garnier, Ansu Fati, Arthur, Greenwood, Wirtz, Camavinga, Vandevoordt, Pogba etc
    11. Referee Career Mode
    12. Substitution rule: leave to the nearest point
    13. When someone is taking a freekick, someone will go under the wall to block the ball from going under
    14. Opening Ceremony for Cup Finals
    15. Celebrities in the crowd: Club Legends and Former Stars
    16. Field Invasion
    17. When someone is injured in the field, we would like to see in the game how the Health Care treats the player
    18. Add more seasons to career mode e.g. 50 at least
    19. New trophy celebrationon the field
    20. Add more boots from different brands e.g. more Puma boots, New balance, Umbro, etc
    21. Have Covid 19 mode option before you enter any career mode
    22. Add a lot more hairstyles by taking the ones in The Journey or create more
    23. Have at least 3 homegrown talents


    Fifa 21 Standard Edition
    Fifa 21 Champions Edition
    Fifa 21 Ultimate Edition
    Fifa 21 Legends Edition

  32. EA need to focus more on Player Career mode in Fifa
    For example: if we can scan our own face and use it as a player. Then players can sign deals with sporting brands and sponsers like nike, adidas or puma and other advertising brands. Players can customise their own boots and dressup. Player to have press conference after the game. More focus on player’s life and how he comes up to the teamsheet after the struggles from academy or trial. Choosing a agent to help him grow more as a complete player.

  33. Fifa 22 career mode player can training many other positions
    Fifa 22 career mode player should have transfer history

  34. Make it so that you can communicate with your coach in Player CM. Like tell him if you want more play time or want to start on the bench for a match because you dont have enough energi to play the whole match. Also you have a real contract that the team as to resign you and you sonetimes can end up as a free agent.

  35. Career mode
    1. When creating player add a tattoo option
    2. When creating player add real player penalty options eg lewandowski, Bruno fernandes
    3. Player should be able to send messages to the manager, agents, and others (career mode)
    4. Managers should be able to chat players whenever ( carreer mode)
    5. Add referee career mode
    6. In the plane cutscene( carrer mode)
    7. In the dressing room after victory cutscene(career mode)
    8. Going to barber for changing hair (career mode)
    9. Player being carried off on stretcher animation
    10. More celebrations
    11. Add more stadiums
    12. Fan invasions
    13. Fan riots
    14. Realistic fights
    15. When creating players add real players hair.
    16. Assistant referee should wear a face mask.
    17. Social distance on bench
    18. No room for racism kneel
    19. Heated moments
    20. Players getting sick (career mode)
    21. Players being absent because of occasions eg. Weddings, child birth, parties, etc. ( career mode)
    22. Being able to control player if on the bench when asked to warm up.

  36. I only play career mode with my pro. I’d love more control over that team without the effort of the full managerial mode (unable to use my pro in that mode anyway). Controlling Team selections mainly because I have players out of position (EG TAA at CB and Van Dijk at RB) and the same 11 in every game, so they become knackered!! I want to rest players based on my fixtures.

    Perhaps a combination of the modes where you can select beforehand what you wish to control EG transfers, team selection, training, contracts etc etc.

    Also, I have worked my way up to legendary mode. I still bang in 50 plus goals each season, it’d be nice not to be known as a ‘new signing’ every season!

  37. 1. Adding a customisable kit feature would be good.
    2. Upgrading your clubs infrastructure like academy, training facilities, stadium, parking, amenities, medical and physiotherapy centre, marketing etc would make the whole experience more immersive and rewarding.
    These are just little features I would like to see in the game.

  38. it would be good to have English national league are teams for the best cup competition in the world English FA cup. See how far you get with let’s say Maidstone United
    and which non league teams win promotion to come in to English league 2.

    Even if not national league competition, atleast have some non league English teams in promotion and playing
    In the FA Cup… that would be great.

  39. There are a few major problems with career mode:

    1. After finishing the season, there is no way I can join another team BEFORE the start of the new season. The new season will begin and only after playing a few matches in the new season, then only we have the option of going to “jobs” and seeing which clubs have positions open

    2. In reality, if a manager at a particular club is doing well, he will be poached by bigger clubs. Nothing like this happens in career mode

    3. In reality, if a club is languishing at the wrong end of the table, the club will fire the coach and it will be all over the news. Why not in career mode? If a team is languishing at the wrong end of the table, let there be some kind of breaking news that the coach has been laid off and when you go into “jobs” section, you can see position available for that particular club

    It’s very strange because I was playing with Leipzig and being in 1st place (with Bayern in 2nd), after 5 games, I checked “jobs” section and there was a position available at Bayern. Weird Bayern would sack their coach.

  40. To be able to play Career Mode Co-Op Online. Me and my friends have been playing career mode together for over 10 years as a local co-op with all of us sitting on one couch (it’s such a blast). But now with the pandemic, some of my friends moving to other cities we can’t play career mode together any more because it doesn’t have online co-op. FUT is not the same as being able to pick a team, buy players, develop them, play in the best leagues in the world and win actual real cups like the Champions League.

  41. I would love too see an online career with multiple friends at different teams all fighting fighting it out even playing abroad in different leagues and only meeting in Europe please EA

  42. I would LOVE to see to have contract negotiations in My Player career mode! On top of that maybe sth like they did with Alex Hunter series: social media fans..

  43. mode carrière:
    plus de statistique sur les joueur, par exemple:
    2017-2018: 28 but et 16 passe décisive
    2018-2019: 23 but et 13 passe décisive
    2019-2020: 19 but et 12 passe décisive

    Coup d’envoi:
    Une ligue d’équipe classique par exemple:
    -AC-Milan 2007
    -FC Nantes 1994-1995
    -Ajax Amsterdam 1994-1995
    -Inter Milan 2010
    -Fc Barcelone 2009

  44. Career mode !
    1 to be able to have youth team league. Which helps you see what players to give contracts to.
    2. Better transfers. More realistic. Too easy to sign anybody you want and after a few years just end up with 100s of millions in the bank. Have players request to leave again. Players that dont want to sign for you. More competition to sign players.
    3. KITS ! Boring every year with same kit
    4. Assistant managers and training coaches that will affect how good your team develops or how fit they are
    5. Better commentary and different cut scenes for especially lifting trophies.

  45. They should add:
    1. Icons in career mode (just for fun)
    2. Being able to continue playing with the current manager of the team exaple Liverpool Jurgen Klopp and you should be able to select any other real person to be your manager example Xavi for Barca. Also you should be able to select current players as managers without having to retire via the player career mode example

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