FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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499 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1. Transfer and contract negotiation should include much more options like:
    – Agree on transfer now, but transfer does not go through before end-of-season.
    – Apperance fee, goal bonus, if you qualify for Champions league/Europa league-bonus, league position bonus.

    2. When the player has not scored a goal and the team is losing, he immediately stands a chance of being substituted.

    3. If the player didn’t score the previous match and the team lost, it’s clear he’s not playing the next match.

    4. When you go up from second to first league it will can change symbol of league on your kit.

    5. After each season we can choose new kit sponsors.

  2. 1. Kit customisation between seasons, so that you don’t have to play your 5th season at Nottingham Forrest with the Championship numbers if you have gotten to the Premier League.
    2. Choosing new sponsors that best suit your financial needs or club values, much like you could choose which Pre-Season Tournament to enter.
    3. Ablity to re-build the stadium of the team you are playing with.

    1. I agree, it is boring playing in same home and away kits for season on end. Hopefully this is noticed and can be changed for fifa 20

  3. Whishlist for Career mode, on PS4:
    1. Transfer and contract negotiation should include much more options like:
    – Buy player and loan him straight back to the selling team
    – Agree on transfer now, but transfer does not go through before end-of-season
    – Buying and negotians should not be possible all in one day – in real life, transfers takes days or even weeks
    – Apperance fee, goal bonus, if you qualify for Champions league/Europa league-bonus, league position bonus etc (learn from Football Manager-game series)
    – Contract lenght more than 5 years
    – Live contract negotiation, meaning, if you have offered a 2 year contract, and agent refuse or counted, that 2 year-option should not dissapear (again, learn from FM-series)
    – More realistic transfer budgets year over year
    – Some big teams are EXTREMLY DEPENDENT on qualifying for Champions league/Europa league in order to have a transfer budget – please implement this
    – Implement UEFA coefficients list: Number of teams that gets qualified to a Champions League/Europa League depends on this list. Also the higher up a nation is on this list, the more attractive players it will attract (implement this too)

    An last but not least, please implement either an Editor for adding/modifying leagues, league structures, cups, teams, etc. (known from the modding-community on PC-version – non-official). The editor should also include the ability to make future transfers, loans, to make career mode much more realistic, like in the old days of FIFA Manager-games.

    1. In addition to above, since the licence Champions League and Europa league is in hand, please also expand the number of clubs in “rest of the world” or add missing leagues, like Russia, Ukraine, Czech Rep, Greece, Croatia etc. so that we get the full (or close to) qualification to Champions league and Europa league.
      As an example, if you play with FC Copenhagen and win the Danish league, you get (in FIFA 19) automatically a place in the play-off round, but in real life, you need to defeat 3 team in order to go to group play in Champions league.
      Us who play Career mode, we like realism – so please bring it!

      1. Last thing.
        Implement the same rules as each league has regarding foreigners, home grown players.
        So before the season start and after winter transfer windows, you as a manager select your squads with those rules (e.g. England: 25 man squad, max 17 foreigners that don’t count as home grown) – again, add realism to the game!

    1- 5 Seconds Of Summer – Easier
    2- ALMA – Perfect
    3- Arcade – Duncan Laurence
    4- Avicii – SOS
    5- Bastille – Joy
    6- Beck – Saw Lightning
    7- Billie Eilish – bad guy
    8- Blossoms- Your Girlfriend
    9- Bob Moses – Enough to Believe
    10- Bring Me The Horizon – mother tongue
    11- Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man – Giant
    12- Clean Bandit Mama (feat. Ellie Goulding)
    13- Conversation- Catfish and the bottlemen
    14- Dermot Kennedy – Outnumbered
    15- Dog Blood with josh pan and X&G – 4 MIND
    16- Dominic Fike 3 Nights
    17- Ed Sheeran – BLOW (with Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars)
    18- Feeder – Youth
    19- FOALS – Black Bull
    20- Foster The People – Imagination
    21- Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Kitty Sucker
    22- Galantis – Bones
    23- Imagine Dragons – Birds
    24- James Bay – Bad
    25- Jason Derulo – Mamacita (feat. Farruko)
    26- Jax Jones, Bebe Rexha – Harder
    27- John Newman – Feelings
    28- Kygo, Whitney Houston – Higher Love
    29- Liam Gallagher – Shockwave
    30- LSD – No New Friends
    31- Madeon – All My Friends
    32- Mallory Knox – Livewire
    33- Meduzaft. Goodboys – Piece Of Your Heart
    34- Metronomy – Salted Caramel Ice Cream
    35- Mini Mansions – I’m In Love
    36- Papa Roach – Not The Only One
    37- ricky retro – Freak On Me (feat. Icona Pop)
    38- Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles
    39- Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep
    40- Sea Girls – Damage Done
    41- Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down
    42- The Amazons – Doubt It
    43- The Royal ConceptUp All Night
    44- twenty one pilots – Chlorine
    45- Two Door Cinema Club – Satellite
    46- Vampire Weekend – This Life
    47- whenyoung – Future
    48- X Ambassadors – HEY CHILD
    49- Zara Larsson – All The Time
    50- Zedd, Katy Perry – 365

    1. Some of my wishlist songs:
      Avicii- Lonely together
      Jonas brothers- Sucker
      Ed sheeran- Beautiful people
      Ed Sheeran- I Don’t Care
      Selena Gomez, Marshmello- Wolves
      Bruno mars- That’s what I like
      Linkin Park- Numb
      Linkin Park- Burn It Down
      Imagine Dragons- Birds
      Smith E Thell ft. Swedish Jam Factory- Forgive Me Friend
      System of A Down- Toxicity
      Ghali- I Love You
      Eiffel 65- Blue
      I’d Like to create my own playlist with all the song I want.

  5. I’ll make it simple and short:
    1. Player career mode never has the player coming in as a sub. It’s either you start or you don’t play at all.
    2. When the player has not scored a goal and the team is losing, he immediately stands a chance of being substituted. The coach should watch for other things asides goal scored.
    3. If the player dint score the previous match and the team lost, it’s clear he’s not playing the next match. Again the system should be more considerate of other factors and still consider putting the player in the line up of he played a good game in the get where the team lost.
    4. While playing lesser teams, the coach does not have to play his starting eleven. It should be more realistic in that he plays people from the third bench.
    5. Celebrations should differ based on the caliber of opponent, the stage in the cup/league and rivalry with the team.


  6. Realistic Transfer season

    In order to render transfers more realistic transfers should be an open competition for one player between various clubs, transfer situations should evolve over days and you should be able to track the changes within the news in order to improve your bid if needed.
    Transfer success should be dependent on four factors, club prestige, contract offered to the club and player and fit within the squad.

    Club prestige should be ever evolving depending on the prestige of your league (also an evolving factor), your ranking in the last league season, trophies won and participation in European competition. In function of your prestige you should have to make more significant contract offers to the player in case you’re competing in the transfer against a more prestigious club. A wealthier contract and better position fit Iin the squad should help you beat more prestigious clubs in the transfer market.
    Rivalries between clubs should also be taken into account and render transfers between them more difficult and transfer demands from the club should be higher as a consequence.
    I believe these changes would render the transfer period within the game more realistic and much more entertaining.
    Thank you.

  7. For God´s sake, EA let us play Career Mode WITH FRIENDS!

    Multiplayer for Career Mode !!!

    That is what would revolutionise it and make the best mode in FIFA! Make it playable for at least two players, so that we can track each other’s successes and failures. Yes, there are some things to consider when synching calendars (because some would need to wait for others to play their share), but this mode is for friends who communicate with each other in real life, so it wouldn’t be a problem for them to wait each other if needed sometimes. Even though, there could be some flexibility and allowance to go ahead a few weeks in time, if no mutual games are scheduled in the near future and there’s no transfer period.

  8. New licensing for the EFL leagues it makes it more exciting to get promoted to the EPL And surviving the Relagation scrap. Better agents some them were quite harsh on younger players contracts. Player swaps for other players. Bring back Ask the board for more funds. Able to put realistic grounds in. Scrap out national leagues and women’s leagues for the license for the EFL

  9. PLEASE There must be cinematic events for the player, the management and the coach as the journey mode , their interaction with the transactions and press conferences, the development of the stadium, the sale of shirts, the interactive training of the players, and add the mode of the business agent and the referee mode like a player career mode and the coach career mode .

  10. There should be a online manager mode,there should be a kit edit and there should be match which you can see who is playing well which is quite hard to know who is not doing well or who is doing well when in simulation

  11. Player rating changes related to form
    Manager rating – would also change with form I.e. become the best manager in the world!
    Player history (clubs, goals, assists)
    Loan review / details
    Option to buy loan players
    Alerts to manager vacancies and apply (international and clubs)
    Goal difference back in tables!
    Watch cup draws for your team (as per real life)

  12. Ffp rules
    Team talks
    Press conferences
    More complex contract e.g more clauses buy back fees future fees loan termination options cup tie
    Realistic signings
    Choose the roles your players play like deep lying forward, advanced forward
    Your team and manager reputation
    So much more they could add as well

  13. Please FIFA 20 I want women clubs like Barcelona,man u,man c, Chelsea, Juventus, Arsenal, Liverpool

    1. Please Fifa i want caf and unl competitions to be in Fifa 20 and players diving and i want injured players that still want to stay on to be walking around the pitch to get better and i want When the game is going to penalty shoot-out i want the players to be warming up by drinking water before they start the penalty shoot-out and i also want the women world cup to be in Fifa 20 and also women teams and women team competition like the ucl thanks

  14. Players with no potential I.e 28 year old strikers 74 rated , if they win the golden boot or score over 20 goals should have a incremental overall rating increase

    More realistic signings – if Dortmund sell a lb they will need to sign a lb. Not sign 2-3
    Players that are unneeded

    In career mode for cpu/ ai teams to leave star players out of games – like Lacazette not playing but Welbeck starts?

    Being able to change sponsors on shirt,

  15. In career mode after you have completed one season, the kit that you use stays the same for every season. In order to make this more realistic, after the first season every season you should have the option to change, for example: change the colour or design. This could be just as simple as adding a sash or changing the away kit colour. I feel it would be a great option to gain an intrigue in career mode. Hope you take this on board

    1. On behalf of my 9 year old son Lenny:-
      In career mode, with a club team, ie Liverpool, when International fixtures and tournaments, ie Nations League and Euro’s come up in the calendar, that you can choose your own squad and manage them.

    2. So, I want to raise the point that, for career mode, the jerseys should be changed every new season by you and you make your choice about how it should be. Secondly, the ratings should also be updated every new season so that it can be more realistic. Thank you.

      1. This should happen in fifa 20. If fifa wants to be better it needs to start taking people’s opinions into action.

  16. More chants in the crowd with who ever you are and changing kit design making the difficult harder making manager do a big press conference in like Darbys and big games and putting more skill moves and celebration and maybe change the badge of your club to like a retro badge and that includes with the kit design

  17. Can we please get more realistic transferbudgets and something like FFP (Financial Fair Play). Could be Cool

  18. Changes in manager career
    I would prefer to make the signing more challenging and make more changes on the kits because it’s kinda boring repeating the same Jerseys when winng the leagues and other domestic cups trophy

  19. Kontratlarda satın alma opsiyonlu kiralama,aynı pozisyonda birden çok oyuncu olmasına rağmen fifa 19da oyuncuyu kiralayamıyorduk şimdi kiralayabilelim , kadro dışı kalan oyuncuları kiralama seçeneği gelse,maaşlar haftalık deilde yıllık verilebilse,pazar daha gerçekçi olsa,oyuncuyu kiralamak için görüştüğümüzde vazgeçip transfer etmek istiyorsak teklifi çevirebilelim,oyuncular rakip takımlara gitmemeli mesela barcelonadan real madride kolay kolay gitmemeli galatasarayden fenerbahçeye kolay kolay gitmemeli,m.cityden m.unitede kolay kolay gitmemeli gibi herşeyi daha gerçekçi kılmanızı rica ediyorum teşekkürler:).

  20. -When you go up from second to first league it will can change symbol of league on your kit. bcs now still stay original of second league.

    -Can change captain in match after sub.

    -another really important things is that when team sell his best players they must find and buy good alternative…

    -and please!!!!!
    after first season and after some sale teams don’t use their best players in starting XI ..
    For example you play against LIVERPOOL and Mo Salah sit on bench and on the pitch is some 19 years unknow player with rating 76..
    You play champions league final againts top team and they don´t use best players… its huge and sad mistake.

    1. It would be great to add a team talk between the two halves and at the end of the game. As well as new tactical features and training camps like the old football manager which was the best addition for FIFA all the time. Please add the features of Football Manager to the career mood or bring back football manager

  21. 1- quero as ligas brasileiras todas licenciadas(Serie A e Serie b).
    2- quero os estaduais(da liga brasileira).
    3- quero um modo de Personalização igual ao do the journey.
    4- quero contratações mais realistas tipo um time da 2 divisão da Inglaterra nunca iria contrata o CR7 entenderam.
    5- adicionem ligas femininas ou fazem outro jogo pra elas.#elas merecem.

  22. My wishlist is in career mode, we can add tattoos on our player that we create. Add more colors for their hairstyles. Add a realistic celebration like the real players. Reduce the age starting age to 16years old for career mode. This is to apply for Nintendo Switch. I hope for Fifa 20 Nintendo Switch that it have the same graphics like in PS4. I want the real managers and coaches face to be at the sideline in Nintendo Switch like in PS4. And why not add “indirect freekick” too. I hope that EA can apply those that we wanted coz in Nintendo Switch Fifa is the best game ever and it’s my only game that I played

  23. For manager career
    Make the player signing more realistic by making it tough for you to sign players.
    In FIFA 18 you can literally just sign anyone if you have the money and you don’t need to look for player alternatives which makes it boring after some time.
    Add more conditions for you to sign a player like players and clubs wish for example.
    Really looking forward for FIFA 20 . Can’t wait

  24. I reccomend that each ending season You could make a New Jersey for your club because it’s so boring using also the same.And that you could create a club and making you stadium and like that

    Futbol en canchas de cesped sintetico
    Modo Arbitro

  26. Me gustaría que agregarán todas las ligas del fútbol femenil y los estadios de las chivas y el olímpico universitario de los pumas de la unam también que agreguen la copa América y la copa de oro y la libertdadores y que se pueda jugar el modo carrera las ligas femenil es y que agregen la champions femenil

  27. More focus on the career modes.
    •be able to change your position from the original one you choose or be able to give other positions you can play.
    •ability to email manager with requests and reply to messages you get sent
    •option to change nationality if you qualify to play for another eg play in Netherlands for 5 years be able to choose to play for the Dutch national team
    •be able to request a new contract at any time
    •option to train heading ability
    •be able to add tattoos

    •be able to change captain during games so that if you take your captain off it’s not just the player replacing him who is the captain
    •ability to message players and reply to messages they send you

    Also I’d like to see the creation mode go back to it was on the ps2 where you could make teams and players and then have a career with the same team.

    And finally after the success of the women’s World Cup maybe a bit more focus on the women’s game or maybe a separate game for the women’s game.

  28. I request fifa, from all fifa supproters and fans to make career mode more realistic. For example-
    1. You should add the options to choose the sponsors of the club. This would make the game a lot more realistic
    2. Secondly you should make transfer of players difficult because its easy to sign best players within a season in football giants like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and more .
    3. Third you should add the option to apply for international managenent team just like there is option for applying for clubs
    4. Another interesting feature that can be added is the promotion of manager from assistant manager to president of the club it would be like a DIY change and would attract interests of lots of other players.
    5. The abiltity to request for transfer funds was q good feature which was removed l. I guess that feature should be added back
    6. This is also an important issue, the press conference is a good feature which is underdeveloped, i advice to make it realistic by choosing the sentence
    7. Lastly,i guess there should be faces of real managers in world and also who are not currently managing any national side

  29. Youth clubs and tournaments so we could actually play with our young players
    Be able to upgrade the stadium through the career
    Creating your own club from scratch and taking it to the top

  30. Please put the woman super league on career mode for fifa 20 and end the story of the hunters family

  31. 1 – kit edit (the most important)
    2 – ankle type – a cutting socks like in real not just the type because between the type to the shoes it isn’t white
    3 – better shooting – when are the player shooting while he running sometimes it isn’t look real
    4 – change managers – we can play 10 seasons or mor and the managers is stil in the same team
    5 – more shoes – the selection is very limited and not up to date (Nike adidas ans puma shoes don’t have a enough colors)

    I really like to diversify my career mode from season to season in all the possibility options and we really want that will be more

  32. En el modo carrera de Jugador, nos gustaría que agregaran mas animaciones durante el trayecto de la carrera, como en las contrataciones, entrenamientos, partidos importantes, y algunos otros detalles como en THE JOURNEY, tambien que los comentaristas tuvieran mas frases en especial para tu jugador de tu carrera. Gracias!

  33. Hi! I wish you were able to just control 1 player in every mode (Lock to player) and just not in career mode but in Chsmpions League mode etc.

  34. Olá quero q trazem campeonatos da África pelo menos 5 campeonato e trazer mais seleções e traze o campeonato da CONCACAF e trazer a liga Uruguai e o mundial de clubes e uma eliminatórias da OFC com as seleções de TAITI,NOVA ZELANDIA, PAPOA NOVA GUINÉ ETC…

  35. I was thinking before the match starts ,you should show the manager or coach talking to the players and telling them how to play on the pitch,the manager or coach must be talking to them in the locker rooms

  36. Harder to get good economy and there must be reasonable budgets. In today’s market/reality it’s highly unlikely for e.g. Arsenal to have a budget of 1,6 billion in season two without selling players.

  37. UNSET POTENTIALS! Make Career mode predictable. No set potential on youth or first team players. Also, 34 year olds should be able to get better if they are in a purple patch.

  38. You sub your captain in a cup final, yet he doesn’t pick up the trophy (its always the guy who becomes captain once he gets subbed)….CHANGE THIS

    For all those that wish we had the ability to edit kit sponsors or manufacturers of real teams. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN for commercial/advertising reasons. As much as I would love to i.e edit Man Utd’s kit and have PUMA logo etc, this can’t happen. The only way is if create a club comes into the game.

    Naturally more EA sports catalogue stuff like board takeovers.

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