FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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203 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1. I would love to see contract lengths for managers in career mode. After 3 seasons if I want to leave I should be able to walk away with a complete season and not half a job or with a couple weeks left and my stats don’t look right.

    2. Make it easier to be sacked by the bigger clubs, its almost impossible to be sacked no matter how bad you do. This doesn’t happen in real life and doesn’t give a genuine feel. If I manage Chelsea for example I should be fearing for me job

    3. Interviews for the managers position, what you answer affects the outcome

    4. Gameplay all round needs tweeking

    5. Interactive media interviews instead of the boring structure we’ve had for years

  2. fame and infamy levels for pro player and club you play for. the higher your fame the more likely high rated players will want to join you.

  3. Career mode is what made the game what it is and many people still buy FIFA purely for the career mode. It has been ten years since any significant changes to the mode and many people have switched to Pro Evo, therefore my wishlist is simple:

    – A more detailed and extensive, career mode with more leagues, for example, the inclusion of the national leagues in England.

    – A world manager rating based on your accomplishments, current season and relationship with the board, fans and media.

    – A rating for relationships with player agents of clubs.

    – More options with regards to job opportunities. A list of clubs with vacancies and a filtered list of teams that are interested in you from five-star to 1/2 star clubs.

    – Interviews for jobs, how well you do in the interview determines which level you start at in your career and later if you get the jobs you apply for.

    – Interviews by the media, based on performance, players, relationship with the board and fans.

    – Choices that affect the balance of love from the fans and the board.

    – Choices affect your media interaction. Front page headlines and sports commentators talking about any player mentions or club comments you have made, which also require a response as it may affect your manager rating and relationship with the board and fans.

    – Control of sponsors, ticket prices and merchandise in relation to the clubs finances and success.

    – More detailed interaction with the players, regarding choices and play time.

    – More training options and re-positioning training for your players. if a young player has fantastic attributes for a winger but is a left back you can retrain his position to a winger.

    I know I’m asking a lot but it has been about ten years.

  4. Player to coach interactions,
    Give each coach avatar a voice so that they can speak to there players during a match or trading session, also allow the coach to have real press conferences like in the journey, give coaches contract lengths and higher or lower their wage depending on their season

  5. Hire real-life managers like Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola and other real managers in our Career Mode that would be fantastic.

    I also want to see Manager transfers, like any real Managers moving teams like for example, Pochettino moves to Real Madrid or Allegri moves to Chelsea, I want to see that on Career Mode Fifa 20, to make it more realistic.

    In the transfer market, if I buy a young player, I want to send the player on loan in the same transfer window to give him more game time and experience, not in the next transfer window.

    Add press conferences in Fifa 20 Career Mode like in the Journey.

  6. I really wish EA upgrades Career Mode. Alongside Ultimate Team, it’s most popular mode, and in FIFA 19 there has been zero changes apart from UCL licence.

    1. 6 year contract length. We see in real life players signing 6 year contract, so why not here.
    2. Loan with buy option when loan ends. Very important option that isn’t in fifa! This is very important.
    3. More realistic transfers (in fifa 19 I brough Hazard and De Gea for free as free agents in WOLVES FC, and in real life they wouldnt want to play for Wolves as mid table team, as they are superstars beyond its level.
    4. Adjust ticket prices for matches (there was this options in earlier editions)
    5. Ask for more money from club owner, and in return promise better results (i think this was available in earlier editions of fifa)
    6. Financial fair play ( you cant just spend 300 milions as manager for barca, psg, real madrid… and not sell enyone)

  7. Near the end of the season, if you are about to become champions or avoid relegation, you should be able to see the fans reactions to matches happening elsewhere, like somebody scores a goal in another game which will keep your team up or help you to win the league

    1. Online Career Mode that would be great and put a World Cup version for career mode and also put Messi 99 overall Ronaldo 0 overall and Paulo Dybala 94 overall.

  8. Bring back Creation Center back. I wan to able to create my own club with different stadiums, crest and jerseys. I prefer the game to be customizable than defaults.

  9. Add the club world cup after winning the champions league in career mode. The uefa best player award. The FIFA best awards. More injuries to players, players hardly get injured.

  10. Hello I like when end league in career mod played a video about best players or best goals to the year

    Thanks EA sport

  11. Instead of the journey use that idea and put it in Fifa 20 career mod. Use a similar idea to the journey it would be amazing. Also in career mod training players should be also able to train their acceleration and composure.

  12. I would like to have the stadium customization back, with everything that comes with it, ticket prices, beverages, team shop etc ..

    A fun detail to have would be in player contract negaciations, being able to put in a car, or even select a team car sponsor from which a player can pick a model?

    Being able to switch colors of shorts and socks for a game (any of the team used colors as an option)

    Building up a team from scratch, that would be real fun as a manager, and/or even player

  13. I have a few suggestions:

    1. Referee mode (career mode & in kick off mode)
    2. Coin tosses (you can choose which goal you want to aim towards, because currently, the home team always kicks off towards the right, but that doesn’t always happen)
    3. Cup final shirts with text on the front.


    2019 FA Cup Final
    Manchester City v Watford
    Wembley Stadium
    18 May 2019

  14. Teams that have their stadiums in game actually shoot the way they normally do. E.g Liverpool shoot into the Kop in the second half in real life as in game they shoot into it in the first half, Chelsea shoot into the shed end in the second half as they shoot into the Matthew Harding Stand in the second half in real life. These are just a few examples, Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bournemouth, Spurs and some more.

  15. Career mode will always be my favorite mode, and there’s so many things they could bring back and add.

    First, bringing back some features we had in FIFA 08, set prices for tickets, choosing sponsor, being able to improve stadiums, medical, and other staff members.

    Being able to filtet the best players in each position. On old fifas was so much easier, you put the position, searched and there would appear a list with the best overall players. Just like it is in real life, I know theres a whole usuless scouts, you can keep that for promising players.

    A few more training sessions, theres only 5 slots, adding a couple of more would make developing players from the youth academy much more interesting and worth it, also, being able to upgrade the defenders as well. For example, when you choose to train a player, he will have the teammates with him, either defenders trying to stop him or attackers to help, so why don’t those players get some improvements too? They are also training.

    Being able to choose the best scouts, one thing i never understand is why we have to wait for the best ones to show up? If you got the money you go for the best, straight away, you dont sit and wait until someone good shows up.

    Being more strict with the club objectives, it’s almost impossible to be fired on career mode, even if you don’t get what the bord wants, which makes the whole grading 0-100 coaching status useless. Sometimes you finish the season with a critical red 60 manager rating and still continues on charge, which obviously doesn’t happen in real life.

    Bring back the interviews and random questions that could affect your team, similar to what the jorney did in a better way.
    I still remember some like “There’s a childrens hospital event, some players were invited to show up, that might make them a bit tired but will make the fans happy”. And you could decided either let them go or not, it’s a silly thing that gives a feeling of being in charge.

    Adding the UEFA best player and FIFA best cerimonies, EA has the license of the CL now, and the game is called FIFA, so why not do like the all star week on NBA 2K games, and have cutscenes of the players receiving the awards?

    And for last, this is a little more complicated but well a man can dream…
    Adding club and competitions stats, that changes overtime, like the manager mode on NBA 2K games, imagine how cool would be to have a youth academy player becoming the all time scorer of your favorite club, or beating Ronaldo’s 125 Champions League goals record.

    Hope EA will finally give some thought to the mode that made most people switch from PES to FIFA back in the days with no online gaming.

  16. Personal wishlist:

    -Create a club from scratch – be able to put the club in any league, or the lowest division for the bigger leagues
    be able to at least edit the following:
    stadium – (including being able to upgrade as your club grows)

    -be able to edit the managers appearance – ffs it’s just LAZY that you can’t…

    -add a few concacaf teams so the USA has a qualifying campaign for the world cup

    -have one annual continental cup for all of the club teams in the americas (including MLS & Liga MX) – scratch the us open cup

    there’s SO much more that can be easily implemented, but i don’t want to make this too long

  17. For player career
    1. Be able to negotiate contracts
    2. See club and league records and get recognition when you break them
    3. When club captain have a say in transfers
    4. Sponsorship deals for boots and signature boots for milestones reached
    5. Stadium updates to include walkout music and flags
    6. See which teams are interested in buying you

  18. Un torneo internacional entre clubes de la MLS y la Liga mx con 4 representantes por Liga para simular la Concacaf Liga de Campeones

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