FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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31 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. Take control of a youth academy side

    Be able to talk to your players through chat in manager career mode and the other way round for player career mode

    Start as a semi pro youngster in player career mode

  2. 1- Create a team in career mode, uniform, budget, hire players for sure the community would love to have their own team
    2- a more realistic player career mode with more details with gold ball delivery, gold boot all delivered live to have a greater immersion.

  3. i would love to see a free roam mode kind of like the NBA 2k franchise has implemented into both player and manager career mode, More leagues, more stadiums, V.A.R international champions cup rights from pes

  4. I would like to see the following,

    1.Dutch second league.
    2. Able to change full kits
    3. Controlling youth teams in career mode.
    4. More competition from different clubs on the transfer market in career mode.
    5. Clubs who are offering players at your club for loan or transfer in career mode.
    6. Able to see full player statistics from other players during the season in career mode.

  5. That in race manager mode the bus of your club can be edited and that a kind of Libertadores cup is created and that you can edit the kits of the clubs with several options and with brands such as puma, adidas, nike, umbro etc, later in career player mode you can put tattoos on your player and more hair colors after you can customize boots

  6. more CONCACAF competitions and more club competitions like Club World Cup and the CONCACAF qualifiers for the World Cups

  7. -Add the Icons in career mode,for example:Maradona,Pele and Ronaldo(Brazilian)

    -Also keep Alex Hunter and Danny Williams in Career,even if the Journey is finished, and keep, making their rating higher and higher every game.

    -Also final request, make sure to program the players to talk,when your negotiating their contract.

  8. IN future FIFA20 it would be interesting if EA can put fifa street [email protected] freestyle.. The mode need 1 on 1, 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 ….freestyle battle.. n can be more interesting can be battle online with all online users… Also the character can be design by user such a kit(shoes,shirt, sponsor logo etc) … Just opinion.. we need something new right?. GAME ON… FOOTBALL FOR ALL..E-SPORTS…

  9. It would be really nice to have more realism in former players, to stop the time when we have the results of Golden Ball (Ballon D’or), POTM, etc.
    Additionally, we could have more possibilities when buying players or have them for loan (as an example: buying clause after loaning time is about to end with an special price or something like that). More realism, more licensed players’ face, wonder kids’ real face, etc.

  10. I hope FIFA 20 in career mode more realistic.

    Give us a space to edit player hair and beard also the kit design.Because the player will not be looked same for every year.


    a- Yes. For sure the manager press conference also can be like alex hunter. Having the dialog and q&a with the media.

    b- Dressing room atmosphere with the comment. To increase player winning mentality for sure.

  11. There should be free roaming in soccer parks where you move your player around and play online like nba 2k18.

    There should be panna missions on the streets and in trainings and currency should be collected.

  12. Please, add more detailed and especially long term statistics! You guys could cooperate with and/or Kicker. Or anybody else that has a huge database of statistics. That shouldnb’t be too difficult, but would definitely imporove the carreer mode!

    My ultimate dream would be a combined manager/FIFA game…but this will stay a dream forever. ūüôĀ

  13. I Would wish that EA Sports implement a Be a Referee Mode Where FIFA 20 Players can be a referee, Assistant or linesman. Or even VAR. This would be fun as people could control the game and interact with the players in different ways. I hope you look into this keenly, People would love it.

  14. Man sollte z.B. die Trikots bestimmen k√∂nnen und die Sponsors. Es sollte auch trainerwechsel geben weil es ja komisch ist wenn alle Trainer bei ihrem Club bleiben 15 Jahre. Au√üerdem sollte es mehr Nachrichten bei den News geben oder eine Kooperation mit dem Kicker oder der Sport Bild. Man sollte auch Privatleben haben und eine Familie wo auch die S√∂hne im Jugend Team spielen k√∂nnen. Es sollte auch jugendligen geben die mit dem hauptclubs verbunden werden und hochgezogen werden k√∂nnen. Man sollte auch gefeuert werden k√∂nnen und dann einfach auch mal gar nichts arbeiten m√ľssen und Spiele vom Computer gezockt angucken. Au√üerdem sollten die Spieler in talentsternen bewertet werden. Sie sollten erst ab 34 richtig abgewertet werden. Und auch alte Spieler k√∂nnen noch steigen wenn sie gut spielen. Man sollte bei den Simulationen sich mehr einmischen k√∂nnen.Und es man sollte die Infrastruktur verbessern k√∂nnen das dann bonusse wie mie mehr sponsoren bringt. Man sollte auch jugendcamps machen k√∂nnen. Es w√§re auch viel authentischer wenn es mehr Clips g√§be. Au√üerdem k√∂nnte ea auch immer so mini Patches machen mit realen spilertransfers. Ea k√∂nnte auch einfach den Fussball Manager zur√ľckbringen ,er w√ľrde sich so gut verkaufen. Danke f√ľrs Lesen.

    Automatically Translated:
    One should e.g. can determine the jerseys and the sponsors. It should also give coach change because it is funny if all coaches stay with their club 15 years. In addition, there should be more news in the news or a cooperation with the kicker or the Sport Bild. You should also have private life and a family where the sons in the youth team can play. There should also be youngsters who can be connected to the main club and pulled up. You should also be able to get fired and then just have to work at nothing and watch games played by the computer. In addition, the players should be valued in talent stars. They should be properly devalued only from 34. And even old players can still climb if they play well. One should be able to interfere more in the simulations. And it should be able to improve the infrastructure then bonuses how many sponsors brings. You should also be able to do youth camps. It would also be much more authentic if there were more clips. In addition, ea could always make mini patches with real spilertransfers. Ea could also just bring back the football manager, he would sell so well. Thank you for reading.

  15. In fifa 20, it would be great to have more gaming in the player’s career. Like in NBA 19. Have the opportunity to buy a house, a car, clothes for money. To be a story in a career of a player.

  16. Improve Career Mode by:

    First and foremost allow players to do CPU vs CPU sim or “manage” your club while you watch during Career Mode. I’d rather that sometimes than the current “sim match” mode. If you want to jump in during the sim match , then you can do that.
    Bring back Request funds during the transfer window
    Create a Club in Career Mode to use, recruit and grow
    German Regionalliga (4th division) , to equalize what is included in England. Many good clubs in the German 4th and it is a difficult promotional opportunity based on how it is set up. Link Reserve clubs in that 4th division to the main clubs (ie Bayern Munchen II, Werder Bremen II..etc) so that we can develop young talent more hands on.

  17. Est√°dio da luz(SL Benfica) e Est√°dio do Drag√£o (FC Porto).
    Série A Tim ,eredivisie e liga Nos licenciadas.
    UEFA. Nations league incluída e licenciada, mais faces pra Bundesliga, série A tim, ligue 1 e Liga Nos.
    Poder mudar no início da época a camisola, como designer, patrocínios etc e a nova competição que a uefa criou para 2020

  18. Cambiare il menu per la modifica delle squadre e dei giocatori. introdurre il vecchio creation center e modificare i giocatori esistenti dandogli ruoli specifici e aggiungendone secondari (es. nell’attuale modalit√† modifica giocatore non √® possibile assegnare il ruolo CC oppure AD o AT ecc. Inoltre vorrei poter modificare anche le squadre che non sono su licenza come ad esempio la serie B italiana.
    Eliminare quel bug in cui i CDC quando giochi contro in computer, sono titolari (es. formazione MILAN centrocampo: MONTOLIVO, BIGLIA e BAKAYOKO titolari (Bonaventura e Kessi√® sono CC e sono in panchina anche se sono pi√Ļ forti in quel ruolo).
    Introdurre la possibilit√† di modificare l’aspetto dell’allenatore nella modalit√† carriera.

    Automatically Translated:
    Change the menu for changing teams and players. introduce the old creation center and modify the existing players giving them specific roles and adding secondary ones (eg in the current player edit mode it is not possible to assign the CC or AD or AT role etc. I also would like to modify the teams that are not licensed such as the Italian B series.
    Eliminating that bug in which the CDC when playing against the computer, are holders (eg training MILAN midfield: MONTOLIVO, BIGLIA and BAKAYOKO holders (Bonaventura and Kessiè are CC and are on the bench even if they are stronger in that role).
    Introduce the possibility of changing the appearance of the coach in career mode.

  19. – I think whats missing in career mode is animations, its important to the player feels like “im inside this game, i feel a part of this game”.
    – Press conferences animations as well
    – Liga Nos Stadiums (Everyonde would like to play in Est√°dio da Luz)
    – Supporters real songs
    – Just like the costumization in alex hunter (tattoos and things like that) it would be a nice touch
    – And i think that the most wanted thing among manager career players is to play a career manager against your friends just like Football Manager does it would be a massive upgrade to the game, as big as Ultimate Team was a few years ago.

  20. Be a Ref
    Edit all the kits to your liking e.g colour , shirt sponsor , sleave sponsor , kit manufacturer
    Be the Physio treating your players injuries
    Be a linesman to know whether a player is off side
    Edit team managers to your liking and they can manage any team you want
    New International Teams Iran , Azerbaijan , Malta , Afghanistan , Syria , Venezuela , Pakistan , Iraq , Egypt ,China and Qatar
    Women’s Premier League Officially licensed
    The Journey 4 Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker compeat to earn the last place in Andy Butler’s England team squad and qualify for Euro 2020

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