FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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402 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. 1.More realistic interview
    2. When u sign a player the presentation should be like them holding up the shirt in the stadium or something like how real Madrid invalids a player
    3. Making your own clubs to play as in career mode and make them some kits and logo and building a stadium and starting in a the lower leagues and working your way up

  2. 1) the manager can change player’s position (if he fits to that position if not training him to fit perfectly) for examble sergi roberto from RB to CM to fit in manager’s plans.
    2) (for the game in general) realistic faces like arthur, de jong, joao felix etc…..
    3) sacking managers and looking for replacement (it doesn’t have to be me).. for examble barcelona sacked valverde they approched me and I declined.. so they turned their attention to other managers by offering them contracts.
    I think that the first one and the third one would make a huge diffrence to this game it would make it so realistic.

  3. You can coach a womens national team
    For player career you can control your lifestyle
    You can change the brand and kit every season
    When players enter the stadium of the bus with their things
    Shows the locker room where they put on their soccer boots
    You can create your own soccer boot

  4. They should let us start the career mode with kits, teams, and players from the 90s onwards, revive the legends in the career mode! cause otherwise we start in 2020 and by 2025 the players we know are retired.

  5. Create a new career mode named Sporting/Technical Director Career so that one can be a bridge between manager and owners in a club that he/she plays the Mode in.

    For Manager Career, here are my following suggestions:
    1. Bring back sponsorships and Visual Sim which enables us to switch tactics and make substitutions during a match, which were present in FIFA 07.
    2. More leagues such as the Brazilian league to be licensed.
    3. Youth leagues for football clubs, e.g. U23 and U18 Leagues.
    4. Enable youth player playing in the youth leagues to be promoted to the senior teams.
    5. Bring back player ratings to maximum 98 or 99.
    6. More extensive scouting of players.
    7. Financial takeovers of clubs.
    8. Customisation of kits every season.
    9. Manager movement between clubs.
    10. Enable a club to offer player when bidding for your player(s).
    11. Enable swap of more than one of your players when buying new player(s).
    12. Enable potential of loaned players to be affected, depending on the number of appearances and how well he plays for the loan club.
    13. Team talks before and after matches.
    14. Dynamic training sessions, dynamic weather and dynamic tactics, e.g. tiki Taka, gegenpressing.
    15. Allow more custom facial features.
    16. Better salary package for managers.
    17. Open contract talks for managers.

    Player Career:
    When player retires, give player option to take up coaching badges or work way up technical director role.

  6. Your comments …They should introduce more cut scenes into the manager, player manager and the player career mode, e.g. when the player wins the balon d’or or the fifa world best player of the year. When the you buy a top player into your team, player presentation in the media room or the stadium.

  7. The improvements EA can do in Career Mode are endless, some that stands out for me are two:

    1- Kit customization, once before the start of the new season, preferably for all the clubs in the major leagues, with the player being able to customize the kits of the club he’s in charge of, and the AI generating sensible ones for the rest.If not possible,then at least the kits of the club the player is in charge of.

    2- Implement retired legends, world class players, and others to be found as youth while scouting..It would be much more exciting to keep on playing Career Mode going through season 7/8+ when you have a young Zidane, Maradona, Ronaldinho coming up through your club’s or other’s youth academies..

  8. More save slots. More financial takeovers have different money amounts for those. Create center for kits and stadium upgrades. Also have real managers that you can also pick like Klopp mourinho etc. More teams added to rest of world if you can’t add the whole league at least try to get the top clubs.

  9. -Create club, kits and stadium
    -Control of youth academy
    -Managers change clubs
    -Adjusting certain players release clause after few seasons
    -Cinematics with players
    -Have more youth scouts
    -Being able to sign volta players

  10. – Make loaning out players affect their potential, based on their match ratings and appearances for the club they’ve been loaned to.
    – Add more financial takeovers so you can take smaller clubs to stardom.

  11. Fix training add drills, give us more variation in scouted player types e.g hybrids physically strong x defensive minded this is a must the player types are too simple and not realistic. If u can’t recreate real players what’s the point in having a scouting system

  12. Please EA,Please EA,the Regens and youth players please give them name that the commentators know,it make no sense my best player who became ” ONE OF THE WORLD’S BEST” is not known when he is in possessions of the kills the mood of the game,makes no sense.the players should not be having those long names that is not known.or create a system where we can edit the players name.please EA i know your focus is elsewhere, us career modes lovers needs this.

  13. I think in career mode there has to be a president who always suggests you a player in the transfer phase and then you can decide if you want him or you refuse him

  14. Manager mode where you only watch your team and shout instructions make changes to tactics etc while on the sideline, talking to player before and after games, be able to loan players out after just signing them, loan to buy options, ask for more transfer funds!!!! I’ve played every fifa to date and we’ve had most of these features in the past why remove them ?? Also player face scan updates should be added to the career you’ve already started ! CAREER MODE!! CAREER MODE!!! CAREER MODE!!!

  15. İn the same time you choose Steam as a manager and your friend choose another team 5 team five manager in the same manager çareler will get excited the gamers
    Also when a team came you to buy yiyor player you could be want a player from the other managers team

    1. Sürely İ like and think your idea Hane aksi sold many and Gamers pike it
      Offline career will ve in the same career 5 or 6 gram will ve chosen very Excited

    2. 1) I think a multiplayer, drop in, drop out career mode has been ling overdue

      2) Something I’ve wanted for years is the feature of live season from FIFA 11 where absolutely every, score, goal scorer, yellow card and assist, form and result is on a constant downloadable feed from real life tables and competitions, this way if we so choose we can take our career mode from the very latest game week or competition from real life in our games, I know it is maybe too late to make it into FIFA 20 now but Imo its been a glaringly obvious addition at would massively help career mode thrive.

  16. I would like lovely create my jersey every new season, create my stadium and logo of the club. Please make it in fifa20.

    1. please make the leagues competitive. E.g when using a big team on career mode you want to challenge for the league with big teams not all those small teams. Make the game more realistic and when facing big teams you want them to use their best squad at all times.

  17. -Create your own coach with skills
    -that one has an influence on the infrastructure marketing and own youth work in your Club (Coach career)
    -own youth teams
    -create a Club stadium or jersey (coach career)
    -Discussing with the board in the training career about own goals and goals of the boards ( Coach career)
    – player career with story
    -new better press conference maybe as well as in pes (Player Career and Coach carrer)
    -better job security from the perspective of the fans and the board (Coach career)
    – Player press conference
    -As a coach private with the players talk about their performance and morality so you can improve sympathy points to players or worsen them ( Coach career)
    -create your own press conference and create fan clubs (Coach carrer)
    -Preparation tournament, training camp, and training days (entire team) create yourself (Coach carrer)
    -create friendship games ( Coach carrer)
    -before and after the match team talk (coach address)
    -press conference with own answer possibility with player and training career
    – play and have influence as a coach on your own youth teams youth league (u14 u15 u16 u17 u18 u19 u20 u21)
    -influence on the infrastructure of a club (scouting department, training ground medicine department, youth department, fitness department)
    -upgrade or create a stadium (Coach carrer)
    -determine ticket prices (stadium)
    – fanshop so jersey scarves logo moto enhance or create
    -choose jersey, main and next to sponsor yourself
    -before and after the game an analysis to the game whether it was good or bad and what you can do better
    -influence your private life with a player or coaching career and decide for yourself
    -positions training for example i want to learn the timo werner the position zom or the van dijk zdm learns or the de jong defense learning learns so the player could learn new positions
    -as a coach or player watching simulation live in the stadium
    – repetition of other games in the career watching for example real plays against barca and then you can watch the repetition and you can watch his own play repetition
    -audience number determines the performance of a team and the table placement
    -more storage space and realistic transfers
    -at play career communication with player trainer and board

    I hope EA read this through and you like my wishes and ideas and hopefully they will be considered too fifa 20 Many Thanks

  18. We should be able to create our own club in the game to use for career mode, kick off mode, and any other game mode

  19. You should be able to free roam in your house after completing a game and they should add events like celebrating with your team after winning the league or a cup final.

  20. Much more new players should get created – so few players left after stock players retire
    Players should want to leave more or demand higher salaries etc, should be influenced by their agent more
    Players should get injured more, unrealistic how seldom they get injured
    Board should make it much more difficult like selling players behind your back or cutting off finances etc
    Should be more difficult to sign players – other clubs accepting offers or players wanting to come to your club
    Should have stats on reserve team matches or advice from assistant manager on how young players are progressing- too easy to tell who will become good or not

  21. Dear EA,

    Please improve the player career mode.
    It is totally unreal and absurd that there is no duration of a contract or renewals.
    we also have to finally add new faces, hair, skin tones to be able to personify as we want our character and not look like a generic one.

  22. Most important thing for managers is training. It would be so good if you can click on the date in calendar and create your own training, for example play rondo, or play 11v11, or shooting training, or individiual training like now. Also between seasons it would be nice if we can arrange friendly games besides those tournaments. Press conferences also need to be fixed. In game it would be nice if player could react to referee decisons, like if I think it is no foul I react agresively and get yellow card or something like that.

  23. ●Customize your own manager(like be a player carrer mode when you can do your own player)

    ●Option to start managing with youth teams(Real Madrid B team…Spain u-17…)

    ●Players from young academy just need to have better faces(improve the hairuts, bears and maybe add tatoos like in the yourney

    ●Changing Sponzorship(Fly Emirates,Etihad Airways…)

    ●Your manager can have a contract(So before you start managing a team there should be saying for how much years you will be signing for them lets say 2 years.After 2 years the club can renew you contract or let you leave the club based on how your team did the objectives

  24. Creating own club, stadium, yersey etc.
    Sponsor contracts.
    More clubs in the rest of the world teams.
    Live press conference.
    Talking to players to motivate them in halftime.
    Buy out clause in loan negotiations.

  25. Seria muy bueno q agregaran nuevas ligas a sudamerica como la uruguaya paraguaya boliviana peruana venezolana y la ecuatoriana.Despues de eso podrian crear las copas de sudamerica la libertadores o sudamericana si estan licensiadas mejor y si no por lo menos crear un sistema de ligas mejor armado en sudamerica.tambien segundas ligas para darle relismo y eviten centrarse solo en europa porq es cierto q son las mejores ligas pero hay mucho paises mas


  27. More cinematics !!!!
    Like include players arriving with headsets and their lil bags and stuff
    And also before they walk out onto the pitch
    I almost forgot also little training sessions not the arena like cinematic warms ups where the commentators talk about who is on form and who is not confident and who has something to prove and stuff
    Make it passionate

  28. Shirt sponsors please!!!!
    I want a career where after five in game years I can Change from Chevrolet to jeep
    And jeep will give ideas for new Jersey designs every season still including the clubs original colour like red for man u
    Blue for city
    You get the point
    Please please please

  29. Add at least one club from each country around the world , the league winner for example

    Add the official Fifa competitions such as Fifa Clubs / AFC CAF competitions for clubs and national teams to make it more realistic

    Give the coach the option to be either national team coach or club manager

    Make a two tabs to be beginner manager or expertise and Categorize the level of clubs to be selected accordingly… and let the player become a good manager in a real way

    The fifa ranking for national teams and clubs

    Add all national teams teams

  30. You can create your own kit and soccer boots for next season in career mode
    Shows when they enter the arena with the bus and get off

  31. Me gustaría que existiera una sección del equipo juvenil en el que se pueda ver cómo van progresando los jóvenes, quien es el goleador y así para que te des una idea de cómo van creciendo los canteranos.

    También que se pueda entrenar a los jugadores para cambiarles la posición, por ejemplo de MD a DFD.

    Me gustaría también que podamos elegir contra quien jugar los partidos amistosos de preparación tanto del equipo como de la selección.

    Que podamos diseñar los uniformes de los equipos a partir de la segunda temporada.

    Que se pueda volver a pedir dinero alequipo para fichajes.

    Que existan más opciones de comentarios en la rueda de prensa

    Que hayan varias opciones de comentaristas en el idioma: Español México

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