FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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  1. Add the possibility of choosing the kit piece by piece!
    For example, home shirt, away shorts and home socks
    Another example: home shirt, home shorts and away socks


  2. Modo carreira jogador
    * Poder dá entrevistas
    * Temperamento no jeito de ser do jogador igual tem no The Journey

    Modo carreira Treinador

    * Dar entrevistas de imprensa pré e pós jogos, como no The Journey também
    * Poder assinar com patrocinadores influenciando no estado financeiro do clube
    * Poder fazer melhorias no estádio
    * Ter categorias de base mais realistas
    * Poder criar 1 uniforme a cada nova temporada

  3. 1 Novas Ligas. (Tendo Uma delas o Brasileirão Série A E B)

    2 Ter Novos Campeonatos: Fifa Club World Cup, Libertadores Cup And African Cup.

    3 Renovação no modo Carrer Manager And Carrer Player.

  4. 1 Novas Ligas. (Tendo Uma delas o Brasileirão Série A E B)

    2 Ter Novos Campeonatos: Fifa Club World Cup, Libertadores Cup And African Cup.

    3 Renovação no modo Carrer Manager And Carrer Player.

    1. 1 Novas Ligas. (Tendo Uma delas o Brasileirão Série A E B)

      2 Ter Novos Campeonatos: Fifa Club World Cup, Libertadores Cup And African Cup.

  5. Please add South African league. For the past years we’ve only had 2 teams in the game. Africa isn’t a wealthy place so getting the rights wouldn’t be too hard


  7. Improve Pro Clubs.

    1. More customisation for your virtual pro. For example tattoos which real life players have such as Nainggolan.

    2. A training arena for your club while you wait for other members. Abit like the practice arena now but were you can use your pro so you can practice set pieces.

    3. Possible points / coin system were you could get players for your team for example the likes of Cannavaro / Nesta / Maldini to improve your defence but only allow a max number of players your allowed.

    4. More customisation on the kit / crest creator.

  8. Doing a good job EA sports but top 5 things that i haven’t seen for 3 yrs of Fifa (Fifa 17-Fifa 19,)
    1.When creating player for the play station camera we should have a photograph and upload it in the face screen only for PS4
    2.Another type of House rules ‘Non players scoring’ Animals, Fans, ball boys, referees, coaches and wheather who can only score goals
    3.Created players team, In vreated players team we could name the team and we could edit the team
    4.Edit created players traits
    5. Shirt off celebration L2 ️(triangle) LT ️(triangle)
    These will be cool, plz pit these in the next fifa FIFA 20!!!

  9. There should be more trophies to unlock
    1. (Rainbow master) Do a rainbow flick over the goalkeeper (Rare)
    2. (Lucky player) Score a goal with 3 deflections (Rare)
    3. (Cleaner) slide tackle a goalie cleanly (Common)
    4. (Far away) score at the half of the field (Ultra Rare)
    5. (Pass too fast) score a goal with a pass (Very Rare)









  11. PLEASE some attention to african football
    I don’t understand how can you introduce some national teams like india and leave some teams full of stars like morocco or algeria
    For the clubs as well: why adding some weak South African teams and leave the big teams with high level and big history
    I was always wondering the fact that the stars of my national league (morocco) doesn’t appear in any video game until there retirement in some gulf Leagues

  12. Make career mode more realistic, it gets boring to always win with every team you can imagine.
    Also add Portugal and holland second division.
    Finally add world club competition.

  13. Career Mode
    Can be starting career mode with real manager like starting the career with Pep but you cannot change the coach philosophy.
    1.Realistic transfer window – specific for any team idea of buying player such as Real Madrid only looking at top form player or high potential player and willing to spend a lot of money in the transfer.
    -The team only buy a player to replace their weak position of the team example, Chelsea sold Hazard then the club should be buying one new player for replacing him.
    -Sold the best player if team is relegation or miss CL in the other hand you can buy a lot new faces when you get promoted or buy a big name player when your team achieved a high target like winning CL or finishing at CL qualifying place
    -you can get player on cheap if they have a bad form, unhappy or facing an out of contact
    2.Manager simulation – when you play a sim match, you can play it without control the player by yourself by simulating the gameplay and you can change the tactics during the match for showing your tactical skills.
    3.before the season start, you need to confirm the final 25 player who will be playing for the team which includes homegrown player rule to make the transfers more realistic example, if I sell homegrown player, I need to replace him by buying a new homegrown player or promoting you homegrown youth. So the homegrown player in their own league will cost more money to the team from the same league
    4.player training
    -you can train a new position to the player such as turning David Luiz from CB to CDM and make CDM be his main position for me
    5.promotion/relegation team
    -the overall player of promotion team should be increasing depend on their form if he is your top goal scorer the rating should be increase more than 1 maximum is 6 or 7 maybe. For relaxation team, they should’ve faced decreasing overall player rating to keep balance on the lower league
    and giving more new face to get promotion next season tactics and instruction
    Add styles of playing such as playing though the middle(short passing), playing at the frank(more cross or cut back), set up from the back, one man player like Hazard, regista role, leadership impact.making your own tactics philosophy by creating your prefer tactics before the game and can be changing during the game
    7.young player needs to have more stamina

  14. In Career mode, instead of being able to choose what ever team you want to begin your Career with, make us play a few practice matches against other young generated players. This can be graded and then various teams around the world can bid for you to play for their team. It would make it feel more real and you would really have to play hard to earn a bigger pay day and represent a better team!!

  15. I only have one request I have been waiting for years of seeing my team on FIFA can you add the Scottish championship to the new FIFA 20

  16. Ref getting somethings wrong and why is the offside decision always bang on never wrong either way. It happens in real life I mean even a toe offside and its called. Var should be Introduced in the appropriate leagues which would require some wrong decisions and even then not every wrong decision should be sorted with var just the clear and obvious ones.
    I’d be fine with this just being implemented on career mode as I understand the fut players get very serious about that mode. I personally only play career mode and feel its needs a massive overhaul in general.

  17. Some suggestions nobody else has said…

    Editing Players:
    -Be able to change a players nationality( make ronaldo English and make him play for England)
    That would be epic!

    -Seriously just add a bunch of National teams(Korea Republic,Croatia,Iran and so on) I know there’s like a FIFA20 national team vote but these teams really deserve to be in the game(I mean India is in the game but Croatia isn’t?)
    I’m sure adding national teams is easier than adding leagues.

    -The ability to dive
    -kick or push a player

  18. Majority of the people already pinched in great ideas, esp the referee mode which I’ve been thinking about since FIFA 19.. You guys added house rules in FIFA 19, which had various game modes and fans enjoyed that. Why not add a referee mode where one player can be the ref while the other players play a normal match. The ref gets to decide when to give a red/yellow card even if it’s a “simple tackle” or just no card at all? It would be something FIFA fans could enjoy I believe. This mode can be added in the house rules tab I guess
    Not to forget the VAR system which almost everyone has demanded since it’s introduction in football. However, it should be in specific game modes like tournaments, uefa etc.
    I’m sure with these options EA market will profit more than before because fans will go crazy..

  19. One of the things i did forget to mention i really do hope fifa u sort this boca juniors mess out i miss there stadium on the game the fact they are called buneos aires just adds to the embarrassment u might as well not evem have them on the game but hope u can sort this get them back on with there stadium

    Also id love to see the womens super league it feels like since u debuted womens national teams nothing in the womens game has been added at all and also its frustrating we cant actually select a real manager in career mode rather than a custom manager and also i know i doubt u will put serie a stadiums in game as u only got license in the game in the last one but its crazy that Napoli continue to do well in serie a and there stadium still hasnt made it in the game we should surely get there stadium until u add the rest of the serie a stadium they are regular now in champions league and deserve more praise and same could argue with the like of PSV and Fc Porto there needs to be more variety of stadiums especially ones from countrties u havent added like the netherlands league portuguese league or turkish league

  20. The game in your excence is very good!
    But bugs, kick of glith, moments and manipulation of results in the competitive mode of the game is the worst thing that can exist in a game.
    Excluding this and letting the game be FAIR would make FIFA20 the best of all!

  21. In cup matches, give away fans larger allocations: for example if a team is playing away to Chelsea in the cup, a lot of the time their fans will get the whole stand behind the goals at Stamford Bridge instead of just the little corner they usually get.

    Also, if it’s getting near the end of a match, or if a team is losing, you should be able to see the fans leaving early, or if the team is having a poor season, have smaller crowds and if the season is better, have larger crowds.

  22. Fifa Ideas:

    There are several things that I wish to be added to EA Sports Fifa20



    When a player gets injured now they lay on the ground, get up, when they don’t have the ball they act fine but as soon as they get the ball there injured again. EA, please fix this and add doctors to career mode and such that if you’re an owner (ill get into this later) you can hire. A better doctor will heal your players faster and offer more options for treatment but you will have to pay them more. Sometimes a strecher should be required or you see the player walk off the field and sitting on the bench. You should also have multiple options to treat players like when they have a back injury you can choose to have them get surgery and it will fix the problem but they will be out longer or just get a massage and a cortisone shot and they are not out that long but it may be a bigger issue in the long term.


    Where the heck is it? The bench should be more visible during substitutions and throw-ins. Also, when making a substitution, the player coming onto the field needs to be at the 4th official instead of just appearing out of thin air when the other player comes off.


    The fans should be dressed differently for weather conditions and also leave the stadium if their team is losing. Also, the games are always “sold out” which is completely unrealistic. If their team is winning you should see like the fans doing a wave or something cool. If the team is losing a lot there should be fewer fans in the stadium. Fans should be chanting different things, etc

    -Career Mode
    Just needs a fresh new look. The youth academy system needs to work better and the press conferences and emails should be more interactive. You should be able to have multiple responses to any questions from the media or emails and your personality changes depending on how you answer (like the journey)
    -You should be able to train your entire youth team
    -argue with refs, players, and managers
    -5 training slots if you simulate, unlimited if you actually play the training
    -all teams should have a “B” team that you can control and loan players too
    -players get in trouble for parting or being late to training
    -give pep talks to players after games and at halftime
    -speak to players before subbing on
    -post-match interviews
    -Dialogue with players about a new contract, transfer requests – multi-choice answer

    New Game Additions
-Argue With The Ref
I think that in any game mode your player should be able to go up to the ref and argue the call and see if the decision changes if the ref thinks that he has made the correct call then you may be shown a yellow card.

 Referees in the game should have access to the new VARs (video assistant referee) to get help. A lot of the calls are wrong and that’s fine since its more realistic but they need to review and change some of them. To get the VAR (i know this sorta unrealistic but, the player can press like X (on Xbox) during a pause in play to argue with the refs and ask for VAR. If VAR is used you see the ref going to look at the play.

    -New Leagues and Natl teams
    add USL (US 2nd Divison)
    and more national teams

    New Game Modes

    -Be the ref 
Completely new game mode! You can ref other online games, do a ref career mode, and more! You have to make the right call otherwise you’ll get fired. You get paid more based on how you do. Do you wanna be an assistant or the center referee. The VAR? You can go up in levels and eventually find yourself reffing the world cup final.

    It would just be simple controls, like on Xbox:
X = Blow The whistle for a free kick/penalty then the direction B/A
    Y = Get help from the Var
LB = Red Card RB = Yellow Card
B = Make a throw in symbol right A = Make a throw in symbol left

    -Women’s Modes 
The Same as normal but women instead of men. Should be available in manager and player careers and UT. More fun and fair.

    -Natl Team Career Mode
Why can’t you just start as a national team manager? You could have been a really great coach who left coaching for Liverpool to coach the US natl team. Almost all natl team coaches coach only the Natl Team when they do and don’t work part-time at FC Barca (what my career is with Barca and Portugal?).
    -we also need CONCACAF champions league & the Gold Cup

    -Owner Career
    You can own a franchise, make big decisions and so on. (sorta like madden but better) You should be able to build a new stadium, hire medical staff and fire your coach. but also control your academy and live your own personal life. (go to meeting, buy a house, etc).
    -argue with your manager
    -change jerseys and sponsors
    -new/expand stadium
    -change ticket pricing
    -start new team from scratch (expansion team in MLS?)

    Fifa 20 should be available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows, OS, IOS and maybe more. The more accessible the better.

  23. Please bring back sponsors in career mode example if I am managing Barcelona I should be able to get sponsored by Chevrolet or Samsung and if I am a player I should be sponsored by either Nike Adidas or Puma

  24. please add new faces that sergio aguero skin we had that for years and i’m helping you guy so you don’t get outsold by pes because pes has the aguero face so please update more faces please

  25. Make an option in pro clubs that you can purchase to improve your pro clubs player.

    Its an under used section by EA to improve consumer use with a big following for that section and some users like myself only play it for that, as despute attempts to improve AI, its still no where near close to the real thing with ridiculous movement every second. Ultimate Team isn’t bad but its always limited for 1v1. Football is not a 1v1 game and clubs shows this with some players useless in attack but great in defence or vise versa despite the ability to change your players traits.

    The problem with pro clubs player ratings is that most play the competitive leagues which require the use of friendlies mode which does not record any stats, I don’t know if this shows up in your data collection how many games are played in this mode? Your pro player rating does not improve in this mode and I cannot be bothered bashing put 100s of games in other modes to get my pro rating up to a decent standard. Make an option to make micro purchases such as this and you will instantly bring yourself additional income from 1000s of players. I saw one guy pay someone £80 to play on their account and get the rating up. The person only got the rating up 2 points overall too.

    A section to create and run leagues and cups could be considered but would take a bit effort I admit but most of these competitive run websites are given money by the players to organise it and bring other features. VFL and VPG are two website examples. Money could be earned if EA put their thinking caps on and took a percentage to offer leagues and cups that collated all the player stats etc over the season for players signed up to that league. Some sort of fee could be implemented to add leagues and cups to whoever runs it to make small gains. That idea may be harder to implement but the consumer happiness would go up tenfold.

    Pro clubs offer that opportunity at least with the better organised teams which is getting bigger every season with mutiple websites dedicated to Fifa pro clubs – a market that EA could do so much more with to earn themselves money and improve consumer enjoyment/loyalty.

  26. I want qatar national squad
    I want malaysian leagues
    More improve fans chants
    Soundtracks bts,boy in luv

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