FIFA 20 Wishlist

FIFA 20 Wishlist

Your Wishlist for FIFA 20

Write your wishlist and ideas for FIFA 20 here. Write about the features that you think could be important for upcoming EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. Put down your constructive ideas that could change the game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down here.

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203 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Wishlist

  1. they must add an option to put tattoos on players in career mode.
    Eliminate those balls and ugly football shoes that I think they have been since the first fifa started. nobody uses those articles.
    Modify the arbitrator all the time charge faults that do not exist.
    they can also add stretchers or the stretcher cart that enters to take the injured player.
    Go back to include the game face

  2. Primera división Peru,
    los árbitros cobran faltas que no existen
    Copa libertadores
    Mundial De clubes
    copa america

    1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. La copa libertadores seria una gran fuente de jugadores para contratar, para aquellos como yo que jugamos modo carrera en ligas europeas
      Defensor Sporting
      Sporting Cristal
      Independiente del valle
      Equipos venezolanos
      Cerro porteno

      Seria grandioso poder contratar jugadores de esos equipos para ligas europeas.

      Automatically Translated:
      I agree with you. The Copa Libertadores would be a great source of players to hire, for those like me who play career mode in European leagues
      Sporting Defender
      Sporting Cristal
      Independent of the valley
      Venezuelan teams
      Cerro porteno

      It would be great to be able to hire players from those teams for European leagues.

  3. Hello

    I would love for the Camp Nou and its centenary shirt to come back

    I would like the retro t-shirts to come back and say the last name and number, as in the last fifas.

    in career mode, you could choose the selection and they will evaluate you to see if they hire you.
    in the part of transfers, that the free agents do not easily sign you, that it is more complicated.

    The Club World Cup appears, even if it is generic.

    Concacaf selections made a knockout against Conmebol

    in the uniforms the porters will bring 2, and that the uniforms could be combined; T-shirt and shorts for local and visitor.

    more cinematics in the transfer, different chants, different celebrations when one is a champion

    that the icons could appear as players or coaches

    that the disk version can bring Latin Spanish and Spanish

    thank you very much, hopefully some can be fulfilled



    me encantaría que regresara el Camp Nou y su playera del centenario

    quisiera que regresaran también las playeras retro y que dijeran apellido y numero, como en los fifas pasados.

    en el modo carrera, que pudieras escoger a la selección y que ellos te evalúen para ver si te contratan.
    en la parte de traspasos, que los agentes libres no fácilmente te firmen, que sea mas complicado.

    aparezca el mundial de clubes, aunque sea genérico.

    las selecciones de concacaf hicieran eliminatoria contra Conmebol

    en los uniformes los porteros trajeran 2, y que se pudiera combinar los uniformes; playera y shorts de local y visitante.

    mas cinematics en los traspaso, diferentes canticos, deferentes celebraciones cuando se es campeón

    que los iconos pudieran aparecer como jugadores o entrenadores

    que la versión de disco pueda traer el español latino y el castellano

    muchas gracias, ojala alguna se pueda cumplir


  4. New rest of the world teams
    1. PFC Ludogorets
    2. Maccabi Tel Aviv F.C.
    3. FC Aktobe
    4. Al Ahly SC
    5. Persepolis F.C.

    New faces
    1. Luis Suarez
    2. Sergio Aguero
    3. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

  5. There should be we can make tattoos in fifa 20 when we make our own character in fifa 20
    Type of tattoos:
    Neck tattoos
    Right arm tattoots
    Left arm tattoos
    More aggrssion

  6. Hello,

    As a super fan of fifa series of products. I keep buying your new product every year. There is an upsetting problem which I haven’t found any innovations about career mode.
    In player mode, we can’t decide our players’ behavior, for instance, we cannot transfer to a new club by ourselves. The salary is useless, the agents never existed. This mode is unimaginably boring.

    In career mode, we need something innovative.

  7. If you look at the Next Generation 2018 The Guardian article with the top young footballers in the world, we can get an idea of the type of plyers we can get from having a U21 / reserve league.



  8. * Add U21 teams at least for All 4 english divisions and top european clubs.

    * Add Youth european champions league

    *I may sound redundant, but EA should add cinematic mode from the journey into career mode, for both Manager and player mode.

  9. *Get copa libertadores license: It will be interesting to see legendary teams such as: Penarol and Danubio from Uruguay, Sporting Cristal y Alianza Lima from Peru, Bolivar and Strongest from Bolivia, Barcelona and Emelec from Ecuador and many others. Also, it will be a great resource for European clubs to find the next south american gem.

    *Add African and Asian Clubs Champion League. This can be a great resource as well for european clubs to find gems in those continents, and bring them to play at the highest european level.

    * Send scouts to watch a game of a player that is being scouted, and provide data from that game. Customize the data that you will like to see and the amount of games that you want to scout the player. Also, get real footage / videos from the player being scouted.

  10. Why don’t u put from each country 3 famous teams and everyone will be happy please u guys don’t forget African teams like champions of Africa ( Esperance sportive Tunis ) (Ahly FC) , (Wydad Casablanca ) I think those teams better than so many Teams are now in FIFA

    1. *Get license for copa libertadores
      *Get license for African and Asian club champions tournaments

      The two request above, cover top clubs from non european clubs.



  11. *FA cup live draw: One of the best tournaments in the world, definitely has to be the FA cup. The live draw on SKY sports tv gives it a great touch of suspense. EA must add a full live FA cup draw.

    *Add “The Journey” cinematic mode to career mode. The realism of the journey could add a more realistic gameplay to career mode.

    * First team vs reserve games im between the week to get the team in form for the weekend game.

    *Players coming out of the bus before the game for every premier league, championship, league one, and league two game. Also add real scenarios to the entrance, for example cottage houses when team get off the bus when palying at Fulham.

    *Add all real stadiums for championship, league one, and league two teams. England has the best competitions in the world, so deserves special treats like this. In “road to glory” mode, allow in career mode to budget an expansion fo your stadium.

    *Add original training grounds on career mode.

    *Allow more customization of the looks of a manager, for example more modern clothing, shirts, shoes etc.

    * Add English National League with real stadiums

    *Please have all players with a picture on their profile. It is very anoying to have players without a picture.

    *Get full license of brasielerao: Brasilearao has tons of players that will be great to feed team playing european competitions. It will be nice to bring Rodrigo Goes to Manchester City before the UCL, or Pedro Guillerme joining PSG to replace Edison Cavani. There are so many players than can play at the highest levels on this league.

    *Better and more interactive before game videos. Also, please make them customizable, so you can actually direct your players on how to interact before the whistle.

    *Before game and half time dressing room action. Let the manager use a customizable conversation at halftime, to motivate his team after trailing the game. Make it interactive and real time.

    *Make transfer negotiations with voices and not only comments. This will give it a more realistic aspect.

    *Add VAR

    * Make dressing room tunels like real life ones .

    Thanks Feel free to email me for questions


  12. I would rally like to see more new crowd animations. Fans leaving when their team is losing by a lot. Show Fans entering the stadium and exiting when game starts and ends. We need kid fans. Be realistic in fifa like when a low team plays the stadium should look half empty. And we need to see coaches assistants like for example medical, asissiting coach, and more. And it would be cool if they added like a car when players get injured and can’t walk. I would like to see more leagues too second division teams in all leagues if they have some. And before party’s when the game is about to start in a final they party outside the stadium. I think that would be cool

  13. If FIFA could make some classic teams or players be downloadable/purchased from the store to use in Kick Off. How amazing would it be play a kick off game with Brazil 2006 or to finally get Gerrard and Lampard to play well together in England’s Golden Era. Or the original Galacticos with Classic Zidane!

    1. Eric Cantona (France)
    2. Zinedine Zidane (France)
    3. Francesco Totti (Italy)
    4. Alfredo Di Stefano (Spain / Argentina)
    5. Kaka (Brazil)
    6. Bobby Charlton (England)
    7. Gerd Müller (Germany)
    8. Garrincha (Brazil)
    9. Romario (Brazil)
    10. Rivaldo (Brazil)
    11. Zico (Brazil)
    12. Just Fontaine (France)
    13. Ladislav Kubala (Hungary / Spain / Czech Republic)
    14. Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)
    15. Josef Bican (Austria / Czech Republic)

  15. Scusate so che non dovrei dirlo però ci terrei se aggiungereste non una sola lega ma più leghe tipo la lega italiana Pro cosi sarebbe bello portare le squadre fino in serie A grazie, thanks

  16. New positions
    -Winger Left or Right
    -Wing back Left or Right
    – Midfielder Centre (NOT centre attacking midfielder)

    Messaging back to
    -Coach (player career mode)
    -Other soccer players in your team (Player career mode)
    -Soccer players and other coaches (Manager Career mode)

    -Retirement celebration
    -Coach retirement celebration

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