Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

FIFA 20 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 20?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 20. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 20?

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Note : FIFPlay is not related to EA Sports. We will only submit the results of this survey to FIFA PR and developers at Electronic Arts.

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42 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

  1. امسال ما رای میاریم شک نکنین لطفا تبلیغ کنین و با چند گوشی وارد کنین

  2. With a one african’s championshhip, between Egyptian or South Africa or Moroccan, or with five or six african team, Fifa 20 would be complete!!!!!!!

  3. Instead of voting for crap leagues like the UAE league or Iraqi. We should be voting for the full ukrainian league, Greek league and Czech league.

  4. Hello to Electronic Arts
    Please Bering in FIFA 20

    1_World Cup Clubs
    2_Asian Champions League
    3_South America Champions League
    4_Central And North America Champions League
    5_Africa Champions League
    6_Oceania Champions League

    Thank you

  5. Lotfan be league iran ray bedin
    Moteasefane keshvarhaye arabi pishtazan
    Hamin munde league emarat ba esme jaliye khalije arabi biyad to fifa

  6. سلام به همه ايرانيان
    تو همه چيز تحريميم
    بيايم اينجا راي بديم كه حداقل حرف بزنيم بعدا كه ما تونسستيم ليگ ايرانو وارد فيفا كنيم
    گرچه قيمت خريد بازي بالاس و نميتونيم تهيه كنيم

  7. Hi,ElectronicArts.
    Please Added FC Barcelona & Iranian League, In Fifa 20.
    Please Add.
    سلام به تمام کسانی که میان تو این سایت، امسال باید کاری کنیم الکترونیک آراز مجبور بشه بارسلونا و لیگ ایران رو لایسنس کنه لطفا همه مردم رای بدن ایندفعه دیگه شوخی نداریم

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