FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 19 career mode? Which features should be added to FIFA 20 career mode?

Write your creative ideas for FIFA 20 Career mode here. Put down your suggestions and the features that you think it could improve the Career Mode in upcoming FIFA 20 game.

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483 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. I am interested that game allows to change the commentary team for every game,
    Because Playing with only one commentary team voices will become boring and repetitive after a while .
    I’m interested able to change the game commentary team for every games from Martin Tyler to Derek Rae and conversly like fifa 14

  2. Please make the career mode more realistic
    For example make the news and events and player forms and development more realistic and more involved with in the results and stats of the matches and make more details and hype about individual awards for players and add more hype and detail into the world cup games of the career mode and please add press conferences AND THE ABILITY TO UPDATE OR CREATE KITS

  3. Yes, there should be a career mode or it is (the game) based on football career. It is very good idea to play with your own name. In different leagues in the world . It can be online or offline it doesn’t matter but it should be in fifa 20.

  4. Manager Mode

    Let me haggle for more/less money based on expectations. If I ask for more money, I have greater expectations to meet, and have greater chance of being fired. Furthermore, let me use my prestige/accomplishments as ways to haggle for more money.

    Fan Relationships/Press Conferences/Ticket Prices
    Give me ways to interact with my fan base. Let me raise/lower ticket prices based on my popularity and team performance and attendance. This should also correspond with each club’s popularity and average club attendance. In other words, I should see the demand for ticket prices and total percent tickets sold. For instance, if I’m at 100% attendance, I can raise prices or even ask ownership to upgrade stadium. Whereas, if I’m at 50%, I’m losing money and will need to lower ticket prices to get butts back in seats.

    On loans, please let me discuss that players playing time and I want to see some players improve from a loan. Also, let me court players/agents inside/outside the window to build my relationship with them so they will want to sign for me.

    press/Ownership/Board Meetings
    Not only should there be press conferences, but I should have regular board/ownership meetings to discuss performance. This should impact if I get fired, if I get more money, if I can ask for upgrades, etc.

    Game mgmt:
    Before every game, I should have a team talk. At halftime, there should be another locker room talk. And there should be a post game talk.

    Player positions
    Give me an individual rating for a player on every position on the field. The more I play him there, especially if he’s in good form, the higher his rating is there. Ultimately, the player’s primary position is where his best rating is. So, if say, Messi is listed as a RW but I always play him at LW, therefore, is LW surpasses his RW, he then becomes a LW.


    Although, I love club soccer. International soccer will always be my first love. And, Career Mode completely neglects the international manager.

    My recommendations….

    1. Let you start off IMMEDIATELY with your international team of choice. Right at the start, as you are making your profile for the Manager, with name and all… ASK: do you want to play international? yes or No. if Yes, let you pick from there which nation you want to start with. I don’t want to save/reload 300x until I finally get my team. Just let me go ahead and start with them.

    2. Create a REALISTIC schedule. Include the WC Qualifiers and so forth. Maybe add the Copa Americas, Gold Cup, UEFA, etc, or at least some made up version of that. Maybe also allow me to pick who I want to play friendlies against. Or have some say in it.

    3. Add Youth Teams. Include u23 and u20 and maybe u17.

    4. Allow me a way to keep track of my player pool and their progress throughout the season. For instance, are they playing with their club team? What do I expect them to work on, and so forth. Allow me to talk to them.

    5. Include dual-nationality. For instance, a guy who isn’t cap tied but is eligible for more than one nation. Allow me to try and enter talks with him.

    6. Make the international performance impact my prestige rating as a manager.

  6. Youth Teams and Youth Scouting

    Personally, I find most exciting about Career Mode is bringing up young players into stars. Therefore, there needs to be Youth Teams included where the Club’s youth teams are included.

    Furthermore, as the Manager, I want to be involved with what’s going on; or at least have the option to do so.

    On Youth Scouting for created players…

    I’d like to see a total revamp.

    One, please stop giving every player the same name. It shouldn’t be hard to come up with some variations of top 100 first names and surnames of every country and make that formula. Simply, I’d like to see a little more realism in this department.

    Two, once or twice in a season or maybe throughout the season, there needs to be something akin to a global “Free Agent” list of potential players to recruit for the academy. Based on a club’s youth scout, the club will have better access to the premier youth players. On this point, it should be easier to sign domestic players to make it feel more of a “homegrown” feel to it. But there should be opportunity to sign international players, especially based on a club’s prestige level and reputation for developing young talent. Likewise, based on my the level of my scout, it should be easier to sign to sign the best prospects.

    Third, I would say that these created players can be in types of player categories, for instance, playmaker, speedster (please add a feature to look for players with speed), defender, etc. Which, they develop their stats when they’re signed. Yet, the main feature is based on a 5 star rating system (kind of like college football). For a 5 star recruit, these would be your kids who project to be global superstars (88-94 rating), 4 stars project is your elite prospects (85-90 rating), 3 stars your very good prospects (80-85 rating), 2 stars your above average prospects (70-85 rating), and 1 Star (60-80 rating). It should be hard to get 5 star recruits unless I really pay into that system; which once I do get 4-5 star recruits, these should be guys who really make an impact on my team and I feel pressured to play them, even if they’re still raw.

    Like any other game, ultimately, I want to become my character. My character in Career Mode is the Manager. So, we need personality and skill development. In the start, I’d like to see each manager given X amount of points (varies based on difficulty), that they can ‘level up’ with good performances, good press conferences, and so forth.

    Able to have better results on simulation. Also, impacts player’s chances of injuries. Also, negatively impacts opponents game readiness. And, reduces chance of tougher scheduling.

    Squad Flexibility
    Able to rotate and use players outside of their primary position with less chance of negative impact on player’s performance.

    Able to find buyers and loans for players, and attract better bids. Also, able to beat out bids from other teams when purchasing a player.

    Able to gather more information on players outside of club. And improve likelihood of finding top youth talents for youth academy.

    Talent Evaluation
    Able to better determine a player’s potential and decline. Also, improves youth scouting and chances of identifying top youth talent before their market value skyrockets.

    Able to earn recognition from players, fans, and owners, and improves chances that players, fans, and owners will become less frustrated with bad results. Note: Automatically increases or decreases with results. Also, certain clubs require certain prestige to start.

    Able to negotiate better budget for team and asking for more money throughout the season.

    Able to improve daily fitness, reduce injury risk, game readiness, team morale, and overall development of players.

    Able to improve player’s stamina and other physical attributes.

    Able to quickly return injured players and reduce chance of injury to players.

    Able to improve overall player’s mental awareness and game readiness.

    Game Management
    Able to perform consistently (game readiness) and execute game plans throughout matches with less chance of player errors.

    Team Chemistry
    Able to improve team morale and chemistry on the field. Positioning, movement off the ball, and passing improved. Note: Reduces chances of player errors with line-up changes.

    Youth Development
    Able to improve player’s potential, improve youth morale, and more quickly accelerate a youth player’s development. Also, increases chances of signing more talented youth prospects.

    Reserves Management
    Able to improve game readiness, fitness, development, and player morale of players who are not in the starting XI.

    Able to improve Goalkeeper’s overall skills. Improved player negotiations.

    Able to improve Defender’s overall skills. Improved player negotiations.

    Able to improve Midfielder’s overall skills. Improved player negotiations.

    Able to improve Forward’s overall skills. Improved player negotiations.

    Player Relationships
    Able to improve overall team morale, attract new players, and more successful player negotiations and press conferences.

    Fan Relationships
    Able to improve fan relationships which impacts budgeting, wages, ticket prices, performance evaluation, and prestige. Also improve press conferences.

    Organizational Relationship
    Able to improve relationship with organization which impacts negotiations with performance evaluations, budgeting, and requests for upgrades.

    Quick Study
    Able to more quickly advance coaching skills.

    +Better/more involved press conferences
    +Youth/Reserve Teams
    +Start out with preferred international team
    +Drastically improve international mode… add WC Qualifying, friendlies, Able to follow/talk with players, press conferences, youth teams, etc
    +Improve the Loan system. Players should actually improve on loans.
    +I would love it if FIFA would include the USL. It could even add a promotion/relegation within MLS.
    +Drastically improve the created players with a little bit of story behind them. Also, please stop naming them all the same. Ideally this should be done like a “Free Agent” list at the start of each season where you compete to sign the best youth players to your academy. And you want to have a good scout who will tell you who are the best prospects.

    Ultimately, please make Career Mode more fun. In truth, the match gameplay is fine with FIFA. But I have grown so bored with everything outside of the gameplay that it is no longer fun to play the game. Career Mode is the only thing I play, and I would like to see some drastic improvements made to make this feel much more dynamic, realistic, and fun experience.

  8. Estaría FASCINADO si pudiera poner el modo carrera offline multiplayer…dentro de la misma carrera 2 o mas jugadores, que cada uno pueda elegir una liga y equipo que quiera y que las otras personas hagan lo mismo…por lo menos acá en Argentina todo el mundo desea esa modalidad en el juego desde hace ya varios años y nunca lo toman en cuenta…por favor créanme que si lo hacen y ponen esa modalidad de juego van a crecer MUCHÍSIMO no solo en argentina si no en todo el mundo…hoy en día hay mas fanatismo en el modo offline que en el modo online, desde ya muchas gracias y espero una contestación algún día

  9. So easy… and Simple:
    1) In both manager and player modes: limited years of contract (from 1 to 5 years) – possibility or not to negotiate according to club interest and player. Manager or Player can leave 6 months before contract ends.
    2) Possibility to Change player position! From RM to RB after individual training with some weeks duration! From DC to MDC, from MDC to MC, etc… According to player’s attributes – should be easier for some players to achieve it or more difficult.
    3) Please create Youth teams! U23 & U19 leagues with national squads as well! Just a hint: João Félix transfer was 120M and he wasn’t considered at the beginning of Fifa19. Wake up! Let US start from that point also if we want (from the Youth teams)
    4) In Player carreer mode – let me have a margin to select my strengths and lower my weak aspects of my game – like it is now a lot of players start with the same attributes… And please let US start with 15/16 years old.
    5) Manager and Player Carreer mode – stop irrealistic transfers! Messi doesn’t want to play on Sport Lisboa e Benfica! Marcus Rashford won’t come to Benfica at the 1st season just because I have the Money! He can come on future seasons… If he doesn’t play at his club or if Benfica was 2 Times on the he Champions League final and Man Utd was weak on the last couple of years as an example…
    6) create something similar you did with Hunter In terms os personal life style – for the player and manager. Buy an appartment, a car, a cellphone, clothes, favourite people, Numbers of fans… All influenced by what you achieve and how you achieve it. Are you arrogant, selfish, good samaritano or Nice?
    7) the transfer option! My God! Can’t I loan a player and play an obligatory/optional clause at the end to buy him? Or vice-versa? So many aspects of real life business you forgot to had into the game.
    8) The most stupid “feature” In FiFa – I almost forgot – In player carreer mode I can ONLY be on the start 11 or not called to the match at all. So… The emotion of starting at the bench – going on and help my team doesn’t exist In football… Sorry – doesn’t exist In FIFA!!!! Such a stupid bug… Sorry… FEATURE …

    Don’t take me wrong but I play Fifa since ’94 and I’m still waiting for a “real” game. Please… At least the years of contract for player/manager must be set…
    Ultimate team os nothing to me. Its a pitty that you waste precious time on that mode, mainly because you don’t carro about who Started playing this game since the beginning. I imagine ‘Lil Pumps’ deveolping it. Só Nice to have “pink” hair… Come on… Really? Was that the importante add you were working on? Pleaseeeeeee….

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