FIFA 20 at gamescom 2019

FIFA 20 at Gamescom 2019

EA Live Show at gamescom is expected to be held on 20 August in Cologne, Germany. EA will be showing new gameplay, live matches, and a few surprises of their products including FIFA 20 and FIFA Mobile at Gamescom EA Live Show on Aug 20 at 6:30pm CET / 9:30am PDT which you can watch live online.

Here we have all the details of the show and the guide on how and when to watch this EA Live Show from the gamescom for you.

EA Live Show at Gamescom 2019

The live streaming of EA show at Gamescom will be available here. Check out the schedule below – The timing to be confirmed soon.

How to Watch?

To watch EA LIVE SHOW from Gamescom 2019, just come to this page on August 21 at 6.30pm CET, we will have the streaming video here.

EA Live Show Timings

Find out what time EA Live Show is streaming depending on your local time zone.

Zone Date & Time
Europe (Central) Tue 20 Aug – 6.30 pm
UK & Portugal Mon 20 Aug – 5.30 pm
America (PST) Mon 20 Aug – 9.30 am
US (NY) Mon 20 Aug – 12.30 pm
Singapore / Hong Kong Tue 21 Aug – 00.30 am
Japan / South Korea Tue 21 Aug – 1.30 am
Australia Tue 21 Aug – 2.30 am
UAE Mon 21 Aug – 8.30 pm


Here is a list of our predictions on FIFA 20 and FIFA Mobile content and assets that EA might reveal during the Gamescom 2019 in Cologne:

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