FIFA 20 at E3 2019

FIFA 20 at E3 2019

Electronic Arts represented FIFA 20 on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 11am (Pacific time) at E3 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Here in this blog, we are covering all the latest news and information on FIFA 20 at E3 2019, including the link to the live streaming and the latest revealed contents.

Live streaming will be available on Jun 8 at 9.15am PDT time here at

June 8 – FIFA 20 at EA PLAY (Live Streaming)

Zone EA Play Live Streaming FIFA 20 Live Streaming
UK 5.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 7pm (Saturday, June 8)
Europe (CET) 6.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 8pm (Saturday, June 8)
US (CA) 9.15am (Saturday, June 8) 11am (Saturday, June 8)
US (NY) 12.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 2pm (Saturday, June 8)
Mexico 11.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 1pm (Saturday, June 8)
Brazil 1.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 3pm (Saturday, June 8)
India 9.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 11pm (Saturday, June 8)
UAE 8.15pm (Saturday, June 8) 10pm (Saturday, June 8)
Singapore / Hong Kong / Malaysia 12.15am (Sunday, June 9) 2am (Sunday, June 9)
Australia (Sydney) 2.15am (Sunday, June 9) 4am (Sunday, June 9)

This page will be updated with the latest news and information during the E3 show.

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