PES 2021 Wishlist

PES 2021

Write your wishlist for the next version of Pro Evo Soccer video-game, PES 2021. Show the Konami’s developers what you would like to see in PES 2021.

We will list all your submitted ideas and suggestions for the next version of Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven) here and will try to send them to PES developers at Konami Entertainment company.

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591 thoughts on “PES 2021 Wishlist

  1. totally change this unplayable gameplay, give us fast, more arrogant,crazy football full of madness, where player ratings, and forms bring change and difference, not that when you increase,and decrease a player’s ratings on a computer his game is still the same, and you put 99 balance 99 speed 99 strength, they will score a goal for you again, that’s ridiculous, if I have grades in defense like I have aliens, but they are stronger, faster, more dominant in the jump, you can’t make them press hard with a mistake, steal the ball and score a couple of easy goals , as well as from greater distances … First of all, work on the ratings, forms, that the game adapts to us, not us, we want different styles of play, different results, goals in the first minutes, but sometimes 2 in 90 for a turnaround !!! We want a wizard in the game, a difference between players dominant in possession, faster passing and changing rhythm, magical passing on the ground and in the air, dominant in jumping, volley shots, first touch, stolen balls, strong in a duel, the difference between fast and slow and running over and leaving behind, plus a faster run, more slips, stronger starts, exclusions, fun, laughs like before, thick and gatherings like when playing Champions League matches! And see which team fits best and the higher the rating, the better they work, not just the ratings in attack, midfield and defense !!! Introduce even better statistics, and the mileage of players, as well as the ability to put your pictures and change the main picture on the menu, and music and that would be wonderful, as well as registration of players, colleagues and friends, and all matches recorded, as history because it is impossible to have it on paper, and this is great to see the overall score, results and goal difference !!! Introduce more tournaments, and that we can make them, such as playing 4 players in the cup, as a semifinal, or 6 so that the draw decides who plays and who is waiting for the winners !!! Introduce qualifications for European and world championships, and possibility of duel e European and world all-star, and see simulators virtual soccer pro and rush footbal 2, perfect ideas, ball flow, running in front of and behind players, tracking the ball, false movements, entry of multiple players who drive the defense crazy, and beautiful and various offenses two legs, pull-ups, etc. Introduce the possibility of the goalkeeper coming to the attack at the break, especially if you need a goal and you have a break! Konami, you made the two most fun pes games 2006 and 2013, now we want something even better, not these non-playable games, automated that can’t change anything, and she decides what and how !!! and for us … please konami we never stopped believing! Take the knife out of our backs !!!

  2. Take us back to the days of pro evolution soccer 6, we don’t want this automated game, a game full of bugs, horrible passes, dribbles, moves, and a goal to fall when the game decides !!! Defensive players do not react to the balls that pass by them, and in the attack the players do not follow them, the movement is terrible, there is no difference between the players, and the characteristic clubs !!! These last three players, along with 2015 are the worst ever by far! We want a much better game, control of the game, pressing, take away the balls, pressure on one side, in advance, exclusions, different results, every game is a new crazy experience that will nail us to the screen, not this unplayable and hard !!! We want the possibility that the computer on the legend can be beaten, not that whatever is done, he scores a goal when he wants, he is always stronger and faster, and our balls are always inaccurate, and the controls especially dribbling and possession are terrible !!! Konami wakes up more and give us back the king!

  3. In recent years, the pes has become a game without a soul! the same goes hand in hand with the above problem, so comical situations arise, where trying to move one of the 5 players in the desired direction, you eventually fail, and the situation becomes comical and becomes very sad !!! This game is shared by at least 4 good patches, so that it might be playable, no progress has been seen in recent years, there is no difference, only it goes up … Konami switched the R 2 trigger to the right mushroom and thus eased the ball close, but it is far from any revolution and fine control of dribbling, and dodging players, and throwing through two softly without fast running, and in combination with the same !!! We have a new default camera that we can’t get used to, I won’t even mention the licenses, at least the major leagues and the Bundesliga license, not to mention the loss of the Champions League !!!? Give us more interesting commentators, who raise tensions, adrenaline, to provoke you even more when there is pressure, you receive a goal, scream, scream, and you enjoy when you score! live with us !!! The game is automated ratings and player forms are worth nothing and whatever you do, you can’t make a difference, pass two players turn around, keep a high pace of more than 70 percent possession, and invade one goal, raise dribble ratings, speed , jumps, shots and technique at 99, again you can’t score goals from a distance, steal the ball to score easy goals and achieve dominance in jumping, possession and duel !!! Please tell our dear konami to work on it, and to finally make a complete turn ! The dog on playstations 3 and 4 was a complete failure and debacle, and with playstation 5 we not only want to repair the king, but a totally new dimension in still dog simulator rush football 2 and virtual soccer pro, with a real sense of the game as before and where the ratings are and the forms of the players were worth it !!!

  4. – I want the pes 2020/2021 to have a referee
    – I want pes 2020/2021 there is a change in the weather

  5. I’m ashamed that I used to be like many heavy fans of this game, because I don’t want and, don’t like to play FIFA and I won’t go to it like 70 percent of people, but I won’t play and no matter how hard I try, I’ve been trying this live in recent years, hoping that it will be playful and nice, not a lot of mistakes and bugs, and that goes on and worse !!! Playstation 5 is your last chance to give us something real, different and new for a couple of years !!!

  6. we want real play and fun, not some nonsense because this has nothing to do with reality, that it is so hard to score a goal, and to fall hard !!! Watch the Champions League, how goals fall in which minutes, and always small clubs make a surprise! game like from playstations 1 and 2, or cancel the pes !!!

  7. * Add official support for full featured content mods (importing full CPKs), with support for *new* leagues, teams and players.

    This could lead to a very lucrative third party aftermarket. I envision a small country league selling their own CPK with their own officially licensed teams and players. Or even sunday league players sharing their own teams to have a laugh.

    This is the only thing I think is missing from this marvelous game.

  8. i hate this gameplay, a lot of people here encouraged me to write a comment otherwise i always just read and konami considers us fools ordinary !!! If the game is already retarded and has nothing to do with normal, where there is no nice passing, real magic balls, differences in players, powerful speedboats, who make problems, drive more fouls, where there is no fun, turnaround, tension, atmosphere, crazy commentator, real referee and it still doesn’t matter if you put a 60 or 98 long ball rating you can’t throw a player out with a perfect ball, also on the ground, and you put a speed of 98 passes, or 50 no difference, it can’t speed up the game, create tension, pressure on one branka doesn’t play so much about this misery !!! And with raising the ratings and ratings of players it is impossible to score a couple of goals from a distance, steal the ball, and win 3 games in a row of computers to the strongest, and when you reduce their player ratings the same and they do not give up playing the same hahahaha, it’s even worse everything! We have hated this dog for years !!!!! Konami, what are you doing to us? order this please konami !!!

  9. me and my friends who were heavy pro evoluton soccer before, we barely played fifa with them at the urging of friends, assuring us that it is better and more fun, and we agreed a long time ago and now fifa has become what a dog was before !!! it’s a lot more fun, better, more action, reversals, and the game in 4 also phenomenal pro evolution is long dead, and for the last three years it’s indescribably bad, even grades when you step up you can’t, pass a player, or dribble one on one, or make another pass to fight offenses, exclusions, and even the rapids go slower in one word, this is a shame! The reality is that sometimes you break a more famous 8 0, 6 0 sometimes a stronger player if those main players are in shape, and his, say, goalkeeper in poor and defense, so you sweep that game, or unpredictable things happen things and gets red, and with it another yellow! You try to do something as realistic and it has nothing to do with the relationship, because the reality is that every game, a new opponent is new and important are grades, form, and sometimes a little luck sometimes more !! ! In ufcu when you put 97 98 hit then it is a hit for a knockout, in basketball when you put 99 he hits a three 10/10, and this is an unrealistic, rigged game that always offers the same, and you can’t change anything, and you put the computer in the goalkeeper’s attack, and on the goal line he will beat you again and there is no difference in the players, or in the goalkeepers, or the characteristics of the clubs and the same … This is simply not playable, and sadly I ask you for this to come to an end, it is time for a turnaround, hopefully already in the empty year !!!

  10. change the complete gameplay … work on long balls, real fast plays, fine and magical passes, moves, dribbles, center shots, and head play!
    teamwork ratings in the game, and we want licenses, the Bundesliga in particular, and the Champions League under mandatory !!!

  11. Is it possible in these few years of this disaster, not football precision,
    and hit the player who runs first in the air,and then on the ground with a perfect ball, no it’s not !!!! There are always inaccurate passes, no fine dribbling without those tricks, but just nice turns and passes, no fast running, and a mix of fast running , then lightly mushroom left to right and dodge, plus a fake that is also not that good and it lacks something! Is it possible to hit a nice center kick, and score a nice goal from the floor with your head, or if the cross shot is strong with your head back to another player !? in recent years I don’t know which football is worse … please tell konami that we want real true football where 4 goals can fall in the first 20 minutes goal in the first minute, goals in the referee’s compensation, we want a smile, fun, turnaround, exclusions, but and a game where you can play 0 0 or 1 0, but also turn 0: 3, if you are a good player, not that you can’t break someone who sits down for the first time and asks what he adds and shoots with! We don’t want automated games !!! new console arrives, our heart is beating fast, give us a pes in the style of virtual soccer pro and rush footbal 2, with feelings of football, from playstation 1 and playstation 2, where the forms and ratings of players bring change and speed and everything to a higher level, that’s why slime, not this!!!Please tell konami!!!

    1. Pro evolution misses african leagues japan mexico league australia asian leagues leagues make the game more complete dont invest exclusivity mistake a lot Money and team only and very little offer stadium and legends with that money bring more leagues the game is missing

    2. Pro evolution should invest less exclusivity invest more realism a lot of stretcher carst are missing entering the field taking the injured player out the judge watching the arbitro video new stadium creator creating turmoil in the crowd

  12. Hey from a female English!!. Few leagues we need are the NWSL English women’s German & French women’s league’s!!. Give us female National teams!!. Male leagues we need are the Bundes League I & II EFL, English Championship so I can have my Sunderland!!. And add female National teams I need my England !!.

  13. I can’t wait for playstation 5 and new fifa, it will surely be like the experience with pro evolution soccer with playstation 1 and 2, and offer more than that, I think the pes is over for me forever, hopefully better, and everything will be worse than catastrophic passing, dribbling, horrible commentator, no fans, no atmosphere, with horrible online, with horrible commentator that doesn’t give tension, pressure, offers something crazy this is the bottom of the bottom and I’m afraid there is none of that … konami if after the old perfect games, with technology and wonderful achievements, and ideas like simulator pes virtual pro, and rush footbal 2, with beautiful turns, touches, player movements, passes, wonderful animation of violations, goalkeeper reactions, characteristics of players and clubs, and to evaluate and form players I can and must make changes, not give games, narcotics to offer this always the same, and not playful then I don’t know … I can’t wait if Konami could do it all, he would buy a FIFA and a pes for a great dog he would give 150 euros, but I’m afraid that game won’t be in my hand anymore God forbid you surprise me and please tell me that we are all expecting a playstation 5 and will you come to your senses … I clearly doubt the new generation is coming, I hope a new era is coming, but not for the worse !!!

  14. my wishes for pes 2021, are first of all to give us real space addictive gameplay, which makes us not turn off the console, and not one of which we have no desire or will to play, a game that is difficult to describe in words, a game that has in recent years never worse passes on the ground and in the air, there are no magic balls in space on the ground, and fast balls that play defense, and one-on-one outings with the goalkeeper, but also two on one, horrible players, as well as movement, offering, watching the game, I don’t know if there is one nice thing I would find on this song, it’s as irritating as the last ones to the point of pain, and the ratings and forms also can’t change anything, to put three players adding 98 technique and say 96 passing speed, you can’t speed up the game of threads, throw players into a matte position with a perfect ball, steal balls and score goals, with 99 balance, and strength, you can’t make a pass with great dribblers, open space even if you put on 98 or 99 dribbling, and also 99 players’ speed and you can’t so perfect one ball, leave the player slower in front of you, because the game is difficult that you can not play, and win to break a child of 8 years, let alone the computer on the legend!!!!Work on it all, and let the ratings and forms of players are valid as on the pes 2016 and 2017, Especially 2016 which was playable, and the ratings and forms gave changes, and the charm of the game … Work on the ratings, forms, give us more licenses, Champions League, Budesliga, more tournaments, online as it should be, and we hope even though we doubt that The next Pes we are expecting will bring changes. The Playstation 5 we are expecting will have its say, are you returning all these stabbed knives to our backs, and humiliation or are we embarking on a new winning era … please tell the conamy that time is more !!! this and hear the hopes of supplication!❤

  15. unfortunately heavy hearted I have to admit that the last couple of years, fifa light years ahead of pro evolution soccer, even though I argue with friends, and have always been committed to the pes, this last three years in particular, has nothing to do with the game! I don’t know how to describe this game, poor, sluggish, slow players, no dribbling like they have 200kg each, the passes are awful you, can’t play a perfect ball in the air like before, say in 2016 and 2017, when I finally hit a player who races alone I miss the ball and I can’t reach it, and they are always uncontrolled and inaccurate in a word of shame, also passing on the floor. The game is based on a fight, pushing, there is nothing nice in this game, and worst of all, how hard it is I put the whole middle ratings as a messi, and it doesn’t matter, again you can’t break the computer, push the ball through the crowd, get rid of the player with nice controls.

  16. Lots of non lisenced leagues.

    Retriment age to 36-42 in ML

    More manager cinematic stuff to ML

    3D beards and hair and more extreme (but still real life looking)

    Tattoos to edit player

    Injuries more and different looking cinematics to them

    Better snow! Take sample from the pitches at the notrhern matches

    More drama to ML

  17. Add more broadcasting packages and scoreboards.Thats all I want.Add Serie A,Ligue 1,Turkish Super League,Russian Premier Liga,Jupiler Pro League,Eredivisie,3F Superliga,Liga NOS and Ladbrokes Premiership scoreboards and broadcasting packages.FIFA has many and its good for realism.

  18. here are my wishes for a new pes, and that is to offer us something playful for years, and not a game like this full of inaccuracies, bad ideas, controls or we are crazy so this is a game for some professionals !!? We want a soft, nice liquid game with nice passes, dribbles, shots, where every game is for itself, where we enjoy playing, and everyone knows how to play well, until the better one comes, not this one where you can’t break anyone, not much weaker players, matches are hard, they claim , the players are armored vehicles, they move like a tank, and the grades and forms don’t change anything, it hurts the most, whenever you do or choose a phenomenally attacking team, you can’t score goals, or choose a top defense, and play your way, everything here there is also no difference and the worst thing is that the ratings are not valid, because they serve to improve the players as they deserve or raise the game, and speed to a higher level, and it always offers the same, to put three goalkeepers in the computer attack, they will score a goal, because the game is as retarded,as it has been for the last three years, and it can’t There is nothing to do with it, neither do these transfers mean you throw away the game or sell it … Please tell this konami to ask himself and offer us the right game for years, but also when it doesn’t suit us, that with transfers, grades, forms things change and it means something, that was the magic of this game as well … This game can be much better if you refine it, make it easier and work on it !!!

  19. My Wishlist to PES 2021:
    – Add referee at PES 2021 mobile
    – Add more stadiums at PES 2021 mobile
    – Add weather at PES 2021 mobile
    – Take back UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League licences
    – Add Indonesian League licence
    – Add Own Clubs at Master League
    – Use Unreal Engine for PES 2021
    – Add More team and league Licences
    – More Improvements for Become A Legend mode
    – Make Add League In Edit Menu
    – More Real Faces

  20. this game needs real space gameplay, as it was in the age of iss, or pro evolution 6 and 13 !!! nothing to play, score a couple of goals, impose the pace of the game, controls are awful, pass disasters as well as dribbling, passes, center shots, headers, headers to volley, and punches, head-to-head shifts, poor coordination, impossible to get out and take risks to take the ball, but also the ability to concede a goal, no reading of the game, pressing, stolen balls, easy goals, terrible movements, players do not follow the game, and besides the game is terrible and offers its mistakes and bugs, the worst they mean nothing to this poor anti-football game, and you can’t change anything, and then the passes are always too strong to choose the strongest players, and the players, goalkeepers and clubs don’t have their own characteristics, the game offers its own, instead of adapting to us, and everyone play your way of playing !!! Return the Champions League, license more leagues, we want a real online system, and teamwork scores of players and clubs!

  21. Assalamualaikum..

    Tolong dong kalo match itu di adain wasitnya.
    Sama bisa ganti ganti cuaca. Dan tolong untuk jersey nya di adain juga nama pemainnya.
    Dan tolong di adain juga tournament lawan computer. Jadi biar kaya di PlayStation.

    Konami tolong di pertimbangkan.
    Pasti nanti makin rame yang maen.

    Terima kasih. Wassalamu’alaikum..

  22. make the game like the old international sooccer pro, with a better referee, better pressing, stealing the ball, especially with the players in charge of it, and the difference between fast players, creative ones, who have balls with their eyes, and those who speed up the game, and fast with precise passes, and double passes, and plays destroy the defense. both sides, great dribbling, and a mix of dribbling without fast running, fine control but dribbling in speed, sudden changes of direction, that it is possible to leave two and three players behind, as is possible in real life, which will lead to more offenses, more yellows and playing one on one, to choose other yellows, opening the space, when you go out on the player, but also a great shot from greater distances when the defenses retreat and do not enter the block … we finally want a real game play, we don’t want this hard garbage, pushing, raping the game, and uncontrolled passing,and poor tracking of players from the background, and horrible movements !!! we want to see the differences between players in clubs, players, different goalkeeper animations, characteristics … We want a better referee, who doesn’t judge every ordinary foul, and those more often let go, we want more referees, and different commentators who give tension in the game, create crazy pressing, and shout goool as if it’s the end of the world !!!

  23. you overdid it with this gameplay, there are no nice controls, first touch, nice center shots and shots from volley, goals from a greater distance, top balls, and playing the goalkeeper to another player on an empty goal on the floor and air, like pes16, no gameplay like on pes 2006,and 2013 and this pes I’m afraid is sinking deeper and deeper !!!

  24. we were happy with the song of 2016 and 2017, it was very addictive football, and again we asked for more … the ratings were worth something and when they got stronger, you could hit the player with a long ball with perfect balls, throw the player into chances and score a goal, and pass one on one, strengthen the technique of kicking and strength, and score a couple of goals from greater distances, but also on strength, technique, dominance in jumping, duels, stealing the ball, and in many ways, and they had excellent control of the ball, and possession, also on the pes in 2017 but there was one bug, and a mistake, whatever you did and put ,a jump to 99,and boosted the defense you would always concede a goal with your head, and on a throw you didn’t, you couldn’t stop it, and there was that bug , but the games were at least addictive, especially in 2016
    these player ratings and forms meant something to the game, and could make a difference !!! And this today ??? ? Here, whatever you do can’t pass,a player one on one, or get rid of two pairs or more, with a messiah or make a brutal team, or put them all in shape, you can’t steal the ball, score a couple of goals, it’s done so there are no passes, it’s hard to score from a distance, even if you put 99 shot technique and 99 stroke strength, and body balance strength, again a lot of shots pass by the goal in clean shots or goalkeeper defense, so that you reduce his grades a bit again, and a lot more weaker player, manages to push back, and you lose balance, you had 97 balances or 60, I tried, and I laugh, I just watched the comments of others who agree … It’s just a carved error in the game, no wizards, fast precision balls, theft ball, strong pressing, easy goals, score knows nothing and worst of all, when the game is disgusting you still can not speed up the game of passing and play defense and play possession of 70.80 percent … and so I knew before you play under normal, and now we can’t, not even so miserable to the point of pain !!! If your game is slow, and you want faster and crazier games, you put the forms on the strongest on both sides, and that also means something, but this is a game disgusting to the point of pain, and you still can’t change anything … you can have c.ronaldo, messiah, neymar, pele, maradona and you need to score a single game 4,5 pieces or more, and break a couple of games in a row of no one, let alone the computer on the legend … ridiculous from the pes and konami which he fell, the bottom of the bottom .. .I hope that all this we are talking about will come to an end, because this is a shame I look at the pes 2018.2019 and 2020 standing there in the house, I had no will to play, as well as the pes in 2015 and now when the corona virus is in the gut, and let alone different..please send this konami to although I know you won’t, and make us fools.I hope that with playstation 5, a new era is coming!

  25. order konami to be ashamed of this antinogomet, uncontrolled, protracted without spells, nice passes, quick passes speeding up the game and tempo, and slowing down, ball control, fine dribbles, poor coordination, wrestling and pushing everything but real and atomic football! From people who once adored this football, they made us hate it !!! we can’t go one on one in the style of iniesta, or get rid of two in the middle, walk nicely into the crowd, and push through a nice ball ,, you can’t separate in the messiah style in the race, then change direction, and if the opposing player slows down so left to right like eels dodge !!! The players are awful, the hard ones don’t follow the game, and they move awfully !!! Why sometimes from a distance when we finally get a chance to shoot we fill up very much and the shot warms the goalkeeper instead of going hard! !! Why aren’t the ratings worth anything in this game, if I increase the shot to two players then I should be more precise, and not again to either miss a couple of times a nice opportunity goes right next to the goal, or the goalkeeper defends every time !!! Whatever you do you can’t do pass two, steal the ball, and not even beat the computer on the legend a couple of games in a row, and to strengthen yourself, and put three players less, they are always stronger, and you can’t beat them always push you, you lose balance you can’t push a nice ball, play is horrible !!! Konami is ashamed, I just wonder what awaits us in the coming years !!!

  26. for three years me and my colleagues, we don’t play this football at all, there are less and less people in tournaments, and interested horses, so what have you done with this game, and why do you do such hard, difficult, irritating games without beauty, softness, taste, without real top passes, precise, controlled quick throws, and great dribbling of tension, reversals and exclusions !!!

  27. give us control of dribbles, and nice player turns, like on a 2004 pes, without a fast run, and an atmosphere like 2014, gameplay like 2013, and scoring from great distances, like 2006 when adriano could rip the net apart! Insert fine manners of passing, dribbling, and player inputs, nice movements in space, in front of players, sudden top passes on the ground, and in the air when a player is racing, and the power of fast players like on a pes 2016! offer us much better player movement, fake movements, and running with more players, and distracting players, beautiful visual simulations and reactions of goalkeepers as in rush footbal 2 simulators, and virtual soccer pro offer us something new in the range of old football when the king was ahead all! We want to put our music on the main menu, it would be nice to give us the opportunity to put pictures and change your favorite club and player, and to have a history of results against colleagues and recorded all match results! , easy goals, fouls, one-on-one games, especially when the player is burdened with a yellow card, and we want a visible difference between players and clubs and that their main features come to the fore, means the difference in mileage, and offer us statistics on how much is who ran, it would also be a beautiful thing, and the difference between fast, slower, stronger players in a duel, superior in jump, and the difference and animation of the goalkeeper, here it is not known who drinks and who cries, and the worst is that the game is too hard, impossible to play and the games against the computer are always the same, you don’t have a lot of playing tournaments, leagues always if you win the computer, it will be 1 0 or you barely score a goal there is no ease, and on legend the computer is always stronger, fast shit motto, the basis would be that each game is for itself and that you can break one 6 0 and more, let it go in the wrong direction and you will be broken by a couple of differences, sometimes not this that you can not string a couple of wins in a piece, let alone them break and there is no charm, the game is full of bugs, errors and oriented that whatever you do it offers the same … tell konami that it’s totally stupid !!!

  28. we want a game like pes 2016, or gameplay like pes 21 demo, but with much better passes and dribbling !! License more leagues, especially the strongest leagues, and the Bundesliga !! Give us back the Champions League !!!

  29. we’ve been cursing the pes for the last two years, and this year the worst has arrived, where football is like the toughest game in the world, players move me at all, don’t run, don’t cross, they look like robots, and like veterans, with terrible additions, no magic, beautiful tying, balls with eyes, differences in player speed, without dribbling control, keeping the ball, real hard pressing, taking the ball, fast turn, just a disaster !!! give us back the damn game, where tactics are a great thing, and pushing, and building is the only thing worthwhile, but that player ratings, and forms are worth something, that it is possible to turn your back, play wonderfully and pass players, more goals from a distance we want, more severity , the passage of exclusion, tensions as in real football, not set up where he plays instead of his own, but where he wins with knowledge, experience and, depending on his forms and luck!

  30. turn off the pes if there will be such additions, heavy and hard, regardless of whether he adds messi or cheats, also difficult without precision control, difficult to climb, and not to mention dribbling, and the judge! Disaster in recent years !!!

  31. Inclusion of the AFC Asian Cup and all Asia national teams including Philippines etc

    Allowing the option to select the keeper to come up for corners, set-pieces, take throw-ins at will. Not just in the dying minutes of the game.

  32. look at a little bit of real football, and how goals fall in 500 ways, how actions are made, sides change, tempo, reversals happen, exclusions on both sides, goals fall in 90 plus minutes, from top actions, sometimes from mistakes, sometimes when you steal the ball , sometimes you make a suspension or two against the weakest player of a colleague, then you lose or barely get a point, watch the ball go when Manchester City and Barcelona play, you can score a goal when the defenses are all over the goalkeeper in the wing, not here where only goals fall from the counter , there is no crazy high pressing, you can’t steal the ball, speed up the ball, slow down the pace and control the game, provoke the player when you lead him out of your goalkeeper’s wing, you tire his players by holding the ball, excellent dribling control like a pes 2016, and 2017, 2006 ,and 2013, and not here where it is impossible to go one on one, the players are like they are 90 years old, and they all act equally, there is no power,and difference of players in the dominance of speed, strength, passing speed, passing techniques, balls with eyes, shots and precision from a greater distance, up close! There are no features in the game, we are all forced to play the same as the game suggests, which is computerized and always offers the same, and ratings and forms mean nothing, and you have the impression that whatever you always do the same, the computer is stronger and when you put a player on goal, or reduce the goalkeeper’s score, you strengthen yourself and again you can’t score 3 4 easy goals, steal the ball, raise the brutal pace, that he can’t get out of his half under such conditions 70 minutes, this is simply unbearable and hurts the most, because then how to do it when the game is full of bugs, mistakes and is made to do its thing and you have 20 players and a computer 10, you can’t beat them at the hardest level, and still against colleagues or otherwise everything is the same and the forms mean nothing, which used to give charm, not this that a better player can’t break a weaker one, it’s not my konami darling, every game is an opponent for itself! Someone plays harder, someone possesses someone with with quick offenses, attempts to parry weaker and if he has a cut, so his players are mostly in top form, and a much stronger player in weaker, so we play random forms, and when all good players of a similar class are all normal, please wake up, you sleep for years and kill us with this Please make this come to a standstill although I think honestly, that our wishes will not come true, and listen to them because if they haven’t figured it out yet then I don’t know anymore !? madness of tension, raising the pulse, and a real referee not this retarded as in the commentator, fans, atmosphere, passes, dribbles, and ratings and forms, no Champions League, which meant to us, no teamwork in the game, no Bundesliga, the difference between stronger and fast players, and differences between teams!

  33. Please prize in an online Match challenge game, each level is given a prize that is increasing as well, not just the same as each level. the first level is 25K GP and the next level It can’t be the same anymore, it must increase, maybe the prize levels are 50K GP and level 3 is prize 75K GP, like that, Thank you.

  34. this game lacks those brutal passes, the amazing one, and the wizard in the game, top shots from the crossbar to the goal, from great distances, goals from volleyball, lowering high players head to head, leg, and with the chest and return ball!

  35. we want a totally new gameplay in the range of pes 2006, and 2013, and even better and not go downhill for years! As for player ratings, take a look at how it goes in other games, in ufc or nba, and here whatever you do there is no differences, so if you put 99 punching techniques and 99 punching power, that player must give a goal or two from a distance such as Adriano 2006, the same goes for dribbling in some games, the same was difficult, but by changing the grades and form, you then it could and it depended on the mood of the players, and the position, and here it is not possible under anything! So I don’t know if it’s worse to play this difficult, hard, uncontrolled, inaccurate game, or even more irritating, whatever you do you can’t do Take a look at the old games we all loved on playstations 1 and 2, and pes simulators rush footbal 2, and virtual soccer pro, and take a look at these wonderful ideas, additions, looking for the ball in space on the ground, and in the air beautiful charms,and dribbling manners, passing turns, we want the difference between the players, return the ratings teamwork in the game, and that we can insert pictures, and music in the main menu! Give more tournaments to play, introduce qualifications for european and world, and all star match of europe and the world, and that we invite the players we want, and make football, tournament that can be played in the hall, work on the commentators who give tension to the game, these last years are a horror, as well as games in recent years, and the judge too, and we want the audience better cheering atmosphere, and more different weather, conditions and even slipping on snow , and in the rain if a player punches you twice, pushes you away, to lose balance, and the possibility of much stronger pressing, stealing the ball, and that two players in one action can get a yellow and red card, introduce war would be super interesting would bring tension, and we want more turnarounds, goals, action, change of pace, madness, tension, and exclusion! Now is the time we have been waiting for years❤

  36. Broadcast packages (not necesarly licensed, but different, and maybe squad presantation before ylthe match where you can see the actual players) for every competition, im sick of playing with the same scoreboard every single match.. and new intros..

  37. If it is the mobile version, I want you to be able to develop the club season for the game because it makes me more interested. And the fact that you create the handle to integrate the ability to play … not small … because you have to know that the convenience of the phone makes the user more optimal … instead of not always sitting with a giant TV and a PS … Everyone has a different choice but I guarantee … smartphones are now very popular … so you can think of creating a game console … with speed high resolution … the switch did a good job and brought fifa 20 to their machine … spending the same amount as a PS still makes users not hesitate … hope konami will c Advice for Sony to achieve soon … because it is technology in the near future … you can do it completely … I hope one day to buy a Sony handheld with terrible configuration can play PES on it … and the design is really eye-catching, cool down the switch, the price is what you do not think fear users are difficult to buy, not where … you sell to customers the convenience of things That’s important … Dear

  38. we want space gameplay like it hasn’t been since 2013, with great controlled passes, errors, but also amazing passes that throw in the chance, fast passes that play defense, double passes, not this inaccurate and whatever you do are too strong! Then drigling one on one not very difficult impossible, let alone pass two, make space, controlled by dribbling in speed, slowly lower the ball from the gas, and gently just left, right to enter without a fast run! and harder starts, exclusions, one-on-one play over a player under the burden of the other yellow, direct exclusions on both sides … Ratings and changing them mean nothing to this poor game and not only now but in recent years, where the game is playing its you can see the difference in the speed of the players, in the jump, in passes, speed of passing, precision, duel, jump, there is no difference, nor the characteristics of different clubs, all goalkeepers are the same, there is no teamwork rating and it is missing, so it’s great r! It is made stupid that the game is poor and automated, whatever you do always comes down to the same thing, there is no change, whatever you do, you will receive a couple of goals from the computer to the legend, no strong pressing, easy goals, and stealing the ball. opponent’s sweep, why if I’m stronger than him, and this is realistic and by changing the form and rating, the player is sluggish again and can’t pass this, be stronger, who’s kidding who here!?!? There’s no domination on one goal, to squeeze someone pressing almost the whole half, sometimes 70 minutes, and reverse or if you are defeated 0: 3 in the first game, and in the second game important players like messi and suarez are in great shape, and one mbappe does not make a difference in speed, and neymar in turning and dribble control! Give us back the game it used to be, it’s more time !!!

  39. 1. Change the gameplay, additions, dribbling, referees, commentators, passes, introduce the difference between players, clubs, ratings and that they, these forms mean in this game! madness, reversal, reality, and that adapts to us, not that she steals her own, and whatever you do is always the same, there is no charm and will to play !!!

  40. completely change the gameplay, especially in recent years, where when you put all the players in shape, or increase or decrease the score on the computer, you can’t pass the player, throw the player in front of the goalkeeper with a perfect ball, play defense and steal the ball. Comedy does not play comedy

  41. Konami saya mohon sangat sekali,
    1.hadirkan wasit didalam lapangan
    2.adakan seremonial saat memasuki lapangan
    3.adakan pergantian cuaca dan stadium
    4.dan tambah kan Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester united 2005 sesuai gaya rambut nya
    5. Adakan extra time dan penalti
    6. Tunjukkan saat pergantian pemain
    7.wasit harus adil dalam ngasih pelanggaran
    8.adakan setiap liga, walaupun hanya liga premier Inggris, Italia, dan Spain

    Saya sangat senang main PES mobile ini
    Dan itu yang saya harapkan , terimakasih banyak

  42. give us a pes like iss, pes 2006, 2013, and 2016 the last one that promised something. We don’t want impossible games, not playable without nice passing charms, without that last wonderful passing on the floor,and in the air!
    Like 06 and 13, and great balls in the air like a pes 16 and 17, and add a top return ball, playing defense, and the goalkeeper on an empty goal, and not only goals from counters, semi-counters and horrors as soon as your defense is a little more you receive a goal We want much stronger pressing and the possibility of taking the ball away!

  43. Pour la ligue des masters il faudrait mettre un mode créateur de stade comme ils ont pas toute les licences .
    Pour les transfert enlever la jauge en violet qui bloque la somme des transferts et les salaires .
    Pour les entrées des joueurs mettre a l’écrans le classement et celui des passeurs et buteurs .
    Pour l’ambiance des stades voir un mode créateur de tifo ou fumigène .
    Pour les fin de saison faire 3 ou 4 matchs amical ou tournois .
    Merci bonne continuation pour les progrés

  44. Semoga di PES 2021 ada Liga Indonesia dan wasit, pergantian cuaca dan stadion, ada extra time dan shoot penalty.

  45. *Konami should make Chants mod for Licensed Teams

    *Goal shouts of Fan can make again. Example ; in La Liga “Gooooool”,Turkish Super League “Goooooool”,in Premier League “Yeeeeaaaahhhh”. Like these.

    *Konami should make Stadiums for 4 Great Teams of Every Licensed Leagues

    *Physics are nice but can be better.

    *Konami should make Video Assistant Referee

    *The foul reaction of the players can be better.

    *Users can change Match Referee in General Settings Menu or like this…

    *Konami should make choreography for 4 Great Teams of Every Licensed Leagues

    *Derby Matchs should more moving. Example ; Some movements in Bench,Fans Reaction,Players Reaction and more… like Galatasaray-Fenerbahce,Barcelona-Real Madrid matchs….

    *Kids can go Seremony with Football Players pre-match

    and more features…
    These are small but things that will add visual feast to the game.PLEASE KONAMI PRODUCERS, Do what I say and what you can think of. Also consider what other friends say.

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